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  2. sdf   •  

    Nice man

  3. joie   •  


  4. Lin Wushang   •  


  5. Jack Cool   •  

    Thanks for the chapters

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  8. aiki   •  

    how come lin feng didnt ask for a zun level cultivation technique for fire from yan di

    • Aron   •  

      I think he is creating his own skills now, so he tries to use less skill from others, except some of his demonic skills..

      But I wonder when he will inject free energies in his sword, because until now he didn’t, but Yan Di could help him easy with this..he could also upgrade his Burning Cosmic Sun Skill with Yan Di’s flame, but he didn’t do it..
      So beats me what he thinks..

  9. golgo   •  

    Yan Di is back!

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