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    sigh some links dont work.. page not found

  3. Jah UniT   •  

    works now! nvm! gg

  4. Catz0r   •  

    Thank you

  5. Obsidianking   •  

    Damn it another whole day until we find out who shen yu represents, any ideas? The old man who healed him and gave him the masks seems likely hopefully

    • DNangel   •  

      If you read the machine translations, you will have the idea who he is ?

  6. aiki   •  

    Qi Yu Chen’s heard was pounding as he noticed that Lin Feng’s force was increasing.

    ya im thinking the same thing the that the guy is the old man and grandfather of that girl

    • aiki   •  

      or maybe the death guy from the small world for the death seeds

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    Thanks for the chapters

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