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  3. Nightnight   •  

    Wow ty

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    Yay ! So early ni the morning! Tks! ?

  5. Crayon   •  

    wow what a nice morning….

  6. Catz0r   •  

    Thank youuuu!!!!!

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    Thanks for the chapters

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    Thank you for the chapters.

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  10. aiki   •  

    anyone know what lin feng did with that chick that he put in his tower as a hostage

    • Crayon   •  

      I think the last time I saw her brothers where when the emperors assassin attacked…. I think he said something about her sister… I could be mistaken….

  11. Demise   •  

    Anyone remember what he did with the demon flute he obtained ?

    • aiki   •  

      i think he used that flute once or twice so far old might know

  12. Lomthep   •  

    Anyone know who are the 2 at the top of zun qi realm ? Hou qing lin and ?

    • LowerEmperor   •  

      Mu Chen but he was actually Emperor Shi

      • Lomthep   •  

        Mu chen isn’t in the zun realm he was an emperor already before comming to the great world

        • Lin Wushang   •  

          Tian chi

  13. aiki   •  

    tain chi i think was the other one

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