1. Skater23481   •  


  2. Catz0r   •  

    Chapters not working

  3. evenmanin   •  

    lin feng provoked the god again didnt he?
    ps: we need our daily dose or PMG help……..

  4. David   •  

    Well this sucks! The site is back but we cant read anything lol oh well Thank you for fixing the site at least.

  5. the demonic immortal emperor   •  

    Where’s the chapter?

  6. Al   •  

    No chapters linked. . guys. Anyways thanks, WE will still wait

  7. ANGEL   •  

    No chapters linked

  8. KryzJ   •  

    totallyinsanedatabaseerrors.com :v

    • Stonemason   •  


  9. Vesper   •  

    Still empty damn gods why you guys forsake us

  10. JyuViole   •  

    Did the totallyinsane abandon us too like gods abandong lin feng? ?

  11. Icecream   •  

    Sorry guys, but I can read the chapters fine…Thanks for the chapters!

  12. Tang ina you   •  

    Go to the discord the ch 1704-1715 there are ok

  13. aiki   •  

    the people running discord are becomeing real assholes getting to the point where the novel isnt worth it

    • Tang ina you   •  

      So you’re telling that oddmanout is an asshole?

      • aiki   •  

        ya and aladanor

        • Keraton   •  

          Good thing calling others assholes with no base whatsoever. At least tell us why they are assholes. Odd hardly ever replies, because he takes care of only handful of discord tabs. You got blocked on discord for spamming and you call people who punished you for your idiocy assholes. Congrats hypocrite.

          • aiki   •  

            i didnt get blocked
            and i didnt spam so take your head out your butt before you say something

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