1. Daff   •  

    Terima kasih kakak

  2. Al   •  

    Great guys.keep go on.

  3. Ar33   •  


  4. zamurai88   •  

    Great story! Thanks for the updated chapters everyday! ?

  5. Nayeli   •  

    Where are the patron chapters?

  6. KenZ   •  

    Thank you for the chapters!

    • WildZick   •  

      Thought same thing. If someone knows wtf is that enlighten us please!

  7. Indonesian   •  

    Thanks kakak..

  8. DickyPoppins   •  

    Well they called him an Imperial Kalpa, someone hated by the heavens. Since breaking into the Haung layer has energies pierce the sky, maybe they are still in a small world, and someone with Kalpa strength is a mortal enemy of the strong people on the other side. Kalpa strength seems like a derivative of cosmic strength.

  9. Felipe   •  

    when are we getting the patrons chapeters?

    • tovy tavares   •  

      when the kalpa strength from the head is going on the keyboard to write the next episode.

      hold up

      hey hey to

      the next episode..

      sorry for this and that

  10. DamDam   •  

    Can i ask something about why LF is important to empress xi n demon emperor while they make yue xin / xin ye want to kill him? Does xin ye n yue xin actually empress Xi?

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