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    Thank you for the chapters

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    1803 not working

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      Yeah, and the comments on 1805 are closed.

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    Thanks for the chapters

  5. Dmorgs   •  

    1803 isn’t working, saying the page I’m looking for can’t be found

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    1803 is not working :’(

    • Starface (Xxx)   •  

      Life must be cruel, for Lin Feng. :),’ Why would you spoil the plot.

  7. Lordcro   •  

    “Cruel Cosmic Teasing Energies” when you have 2 chapters on hand but can’t read them because you are missing the one before them.

    • Jeroenie   •  

      Last time a chapter was missing I read the autotranslated one, it took me nearly an hour to grasp the meaning of those autotranslated scriptures. I’m still contemplating if I should confine myself to such a despicable method again. :/

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    ERROR: 1803 can not be loaded

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    1803 cant be found!!! Nooooo!!!

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    One of the chapters were missing, ohh shitt i’m dying…

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    I know it was said before, but chapter 1803 is missing ??

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    Will it take them 24h again?

  14. ItsEmotional   •  

    “Kirtash” please, i dont see why you are complaining about 1 day. its aldready more than we normally would get. getting 5-6daily chapters / 40chapters a week is more than 90% of the translators do. you should be grateful and not bitching about needing to wait 3-4 or even 24hours extra for the chapters, when normally you’d wait a week

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      Well other translators don’t get 3000$ for their work

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        It’s actually $11k, not $3k.

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      @ItsEmotional Nothing wrong with asking right? And this guy above has a point anyhow. Yes it is free, but there are also people who paid for it.

      • Tenchiraw   •  

        @Kirtash To be fair, those that support on patron have all these translated chapters already so this doesn’t affect them. I understand people are passionate about this LN but you are getting a free service.. Gain some self awareness and cut them some slack

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      13600$ usd/month. I think at that amount, it’s okay to ask for it to not be delayed?

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        Do you pay? I don’t think so. So don’t complain

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      Pipe down Emo, you’re savaging someone who was completely right to ask a simple question and wasn’t bitching, which is exactly what you were doing at him. You are the aggressor in this situation and you look bad because of it, like a slavering fanboy jumping at shadows. Kirtash made no complaints or attacks on the translators and I haven’t seen anyone that ever has. Chill out.

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    1803 is fixed now.

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    Trashtalk, when you think of it they are not delayed. the ones who actually pay that money, get them on time. and us who get them for free dont have them “delayed”, they were right on time, or well. around the same time they have been uploaded for the past 5days, give or take 30minutes. Wan shi, Love it how you translate my name from “ItsEmotional” to “Emo”. are you trying to seem smart or what? besides, he didnt make a downright complaint. but its rather clear from what he asked that it wasnt meant in a “questioning” way. but in the end, none of us will know in which way did he mean “will it take 24hours again” besides he himself. and i dont really see how this makes me look bad? im stating something that should be obvious to anyone who has passed the age of 15. granted, i did do it in an “aggressive” way. but should i care for being aggressive about it? i for damn sure do not.

  17. Lin Feng Fan   •  

    Heaven Grace Tree, Interesting. It would be amazing if LF steals one from Ji Chang with the help of His Demonic Territory.

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