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    Thank you for the chapters

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      Try Reading them.
      @ Aladnor Could you please fix it?

      • Aladanor   •     Author

        its fixed now!

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    Chapters error

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    wrong chapters…

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    Troll Cosmic Lv9 kek.

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    The uploader did not check the content after posting

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    The chapters are all mixed up..

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    And the chapters will get updated tomorrow…Brace yourself

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    Chapter f@cking repeated error by human!!!!
    Get some coffe bitch

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      sry was my first time posting. so no repeated error! and i don’t drink “coffe”

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      Dude, be nicer to the people posting the chapters. We, as community, will not accept this behavior.

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      I agree too with Li : be more nicer with the people…
      This error was easy to get around with just a little bit of goodwill
      No need to insultate anybody…

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      which group do you belong? you dare talk like that to our Elder?

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      Bro dont be rude or else you will bring destruction towards your sect.

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        Hahah yeah your right bro, or else will come to his house and destroy his house lol.. hahah

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    I know they said it already but I wanna be part of it so “its the wrong chapter”

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    GO TO chapter 1835 and CLICK ON NEXT CHAPTER over there

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    Just change the chapter number the chapter is already up but they give the wrong indirect link.

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    Thank you

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    Dont be rude dude or else Lin Feng will come to your house and in a blink of an eye your house will gone and you will be cripple..be nice to the author this novel 😉 hihi

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