1. Jah Unit   •  

    thank you

  2. Ble   •  

    Hello, where is the link to donate? Could you email me directly.

      • Salout   •  

        i dont understand how patreon works? if for example i donated $5 i have acess to all the chapters/post that were there before? or i need to donate to unlock every post of chapters?

        • Aladanor   •     Author

          I never used patreon before either and I am new to it too, so I am not sure if thats really right:
          if you pay $5(in a month) you get access to all patreons only, $1 and $5 posts. $1 contains 6 chapter each week $5 contains 35 chapter so you could read 41 chapter each week for that one month

          • Giongi   •  

            isn’t 1$ access to 1 chapter in the beginning of the week in advance? So at the end of the week you have same amount of chapters as others. 40

            and 5 $ is then 1 chapter in advance every day or at the end of the week? so 41 per week?

            *Depending on how I read your post, you say the same.

  3. Icecream   •  

    Thanks a lot!

  4. hey its me :3   •  

    woah too early thank you very much!

  5. VSVR   •  

    Thanks for early release, it made worth for keeping on checking for releases ?

  6. Dmorgs   •  

    Thanks for the chapters and early release. Keep doing your thing and don’t worry about people complaining about the late release yesterday. It’s all good as long as you keep releasing the minimum 5 chapters per day.

  7. Chaotic King Emperor   •  

    Thank you

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