1. Lin Wushang   •  

    Thank you for the chapters

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  5. KenZ   •  

    So lin feng is officially an emperor lol but the other cosmic energies he uses arent accepted by the Gods yet? Just life and death?

    • David   •  

      I may be bullshiting here but maybe due to his special body he has to do so in a specific order in order to be considered a true emperor. Like what the dude with world strength energies tried to become? Like a special kind of emperor? IDK its just my wish lol

      • KenZ   •  

        True. I just want him to officially become an emperor. But why does the hell cultivators call him a low level emperor after he “broke” through? Is it because they can officially see it on Lin Fengs cultivation that he has become a low level emperor otherwise he would still be called a zun cultivator?

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