1. Jah UniT   •  

    thank you

  2. Daff   •  


  3. sdf   •  

    Thanks man

  4. LJustin   •  

    The links for 1911 and 1914 redirect to 1900, fix captain?

    • Redwall   •  

      Yes this happened to me aswell

  5. Jeeem   •  

    How much more time we will wait till you post chapters in patreon? Thanks. Don’t the exact deadline time. Our time is now 7:41PM. Thank you

    • Gene   •  

      I was wondering the same the chapters for patrons are usually there by now. Actually should have been there 3 hrs ago

      • Jeeemai   •  

        Yes. Kinda upsetting tho. We usually get chapters earlier. Should’ve read all chapters before going to work. But now, I need to wait till duty is done.

  6. Julio Feng   •  

    Nooooo! Why is it still not uploaded? Hahaha! dang!

  7. Gene28   •  

    This is why competition is a good thing. It make service and product better. If there is only one supplier that supplier can do whatever they want, have an inferior product over charge make mistakes without any consequences because they are the only game in town.

    • Aladanor   •     Author

      competition CAN be a good thing but CAN be the enemy of free content.

  8. hey its me :3   •  

    1 hr more ?

  9. zamurai88   •  

    We can wait.. I am thinking that they are practicing how to post it right.. Because every other day.. The links went to wrong chapters..

    • DickyPoppins   •  

      If ya manually change the URL it always goes to the right place. Switching up one or two numbers isn’t too difficult. That hick up is def preferable to when it’s not posted at all. The one time that happened so far though was fixed in about half an hour which was awesome.

  10. kid   •  

    1 minute before deadline upload promise..

    • DickyPoppins   •  

      The liessssssss, I strike you with cursing strength

    • Anon   •  

      It is now 2:03pm UTC..where are my chapters? ☹

  11. KoruSensei   •  

    Aladanor — the window has been breached! Will there be riots and carnage in the streets?! Probably just me going outside and kicking the trash can and crying into my breakfast… *sigh*

    I need you PMG new chapters-sama…

  12. Rahmat   •  


  13. Krasuss   •  

    Roaaaarrrr. What happened Allan. I might track you and find you and give me the chapters in advance.
    Just kidding lol 🙂 wake up man and post chapters

  14. Li   •  

    Chapters pls!!!

  15. CM   •  

    This guy changes everything before it was consistent now he’s taking it for granted time management my friend.. time management..
    If you can’t post it on time inform us ahead

  16. DNangel   •  

    Yeah I really doubted it when he said in his announcement that he will post it at random hours, only means no consistency on posting times. Why can’t you schedule it like what Odd did before?

    • Aladanor   •     Author

      I like your comment! posting the chapters daily since the day i started, got once late, and get blamed for not being trustworthy and not consitant and what not else. Little suggestion: If you want your chapters early and consistent try patreon, they get there chapters mostly in time.

      • Krasuss   •  

        Good one Aladanor. Don’t put it to the hearth. There will always be haters no matter what you do. Just keep up the good work.

  17. Jeeemai   •  

    Lin Feng

    • waiting dao strength   •  


    • Aladanor   •     Author

      I have no idea mister snake

  18. Richard   •  

    Thnkyou for the chapts…looool

  19. VSVR   •  

    Made to wait this much but still we’ll be getting 5 chapters i think, no need to post inconsistently, atleast choose the last hours in daily free time to post it consistently . Please

    • john   •  

      I agree

  20. zamurai88   •  

    I think he is experimenting to how to post it right. We can just wait for the daily chapters. Just come back every hour here.

  21. Hackjustice   •  

    Where is the next chapters? ?

  22. CM   •  

    Make compensation release more chapter

  23. Nemesis   •  

    Where is Lin feng?????Come out or I will crush tiantai…

  24. NoMandarin   •  

    Why is everyone so impatient? It is not like you guys are even paying for the translation and uploading of the chapters. You are all just reading it for free so just wait for it dammit.

    • VSVR   •  

      Typical fan character so can’t help it and it’s not like paying is the only way to express concern

    • Nemesis   •  

      Insolence…What do you know you ignorant brat.Your grandfather here will teach you a leeson.

      • NoMandarin   •  

        Sure, don’t die of old age before the lesson even starts, old fogey

        • Nemesis   •  

          Don’t even think about running..This is your funeral

  25. Skoda   •  

    Patience peasants

  26. Scott   •  

    I miss Odd. Btw Sleep is the answer. When I wake up hope there’s a new chapter

  27. Emperor Kong Ming   •  

    Guys check out our discord channel, Aladanor already posted the scheduled chapters there. Just click the link below that says “Join the Discord” and once you’ve joined the channel navigate to #pmg-release. Cheers!

  28. Nge-feng   •  

    Tomorrow will be 10 chapters at once
    And late interest fee 2 chapters so it will become 12 chapters tomorrow

    • Starface (Xxx)   •  

      i hope your joking… because he already got 5 chapters up… and those two extra chapters woulds spoil the waiting time. Just consistent 5 chapters a day and no serious complaints.

      Sorry Aladanor, I just say random things I notice. I do like that usually your release times are before I even wake up. And if not, I just look forward to reading when it is posted.

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