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    finally..thx for the chapts

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    Thanks for the chapters!

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    Take care your self .dnt mind other reader only knows how to complain. If they can wait is not pmg problem. Take a rest god bless.

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    Thanks Aladanor for the great work. Sorry about your stressful weekend. Hand in there!

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    I wish you have a stressless week ahead of you. Just pray to god to have a great week.

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    Thank you so much, you did a great job, I do really thank you.

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    thank you I’ve been waiting for this ?

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    Thank you.

    Ignore people that complain about timing. Anyone that has been following any translated novel or manga for a while knows these things take time. If releases were like Hunter x Hunter then they can bitch.

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    Wow wtf? You are doing awesome! Who complains??? Yoi have been promtly delivering as you promised!!!

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    Aladanor, you are doing a good job. It does not matter what time you upload the chapters, the fact that you spent all your time doing these chapters instead of something else shiws your dedication. Thank you foe your hardwork.

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    Thanks for great chapter. Take care yourself bro.
    Keep it up

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    Good job! I hope those who are complaining soon understand that you have your own life. Thanks for the chapters!! Wish you good health

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    Thanks for the chapters. It’s a thankless job. First of all thanks for uploading L the chapters every single day. To those that put the team down for late posting, shame on you. We are getting this for free at the expense of their own time. Pls spare a though for them. If you can translate, then by all help them.. Else just be thankful and enjoy the chapters.

    The time of uploading was always meant as a guide. He has no contract obligation to load it by the time as well. Give the team a break. And cheers them for the hard work please.

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