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    Hadoh …😅

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    Thank you for the chapters!

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    Thanks for the chapters

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    Thank you for the chapters 😀

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    Very surprising, the uploader is.

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    Thanks for releasing them early Today I Really needed that I was really bored today

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    Bro plzz update the next few chapters as soon as possible

    • Aladanor   â€¢     Author

      So you wish for a late release today? Ok I think i can arange that 🙂

      • Max   â€¢  

        Noooo 🙂
        But do as it suits you the best, and thanks for the hard work

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        Nooooo 😭😂

        • Aladanor   â€¢     Author

          Yeeeeeees 😮

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        Not fun

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        Ohh its so funny!
        Do what you want, its not as if we r paying that our words will make any difference.

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        Let the cliff hanger begins!

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        Please your exellency save me some face and dont listen to my foolish brother here

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        He doesn’t speak for all of uf Aladanor, keep up the good work

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        … Are you punishing the rest of us over one impatient person?

        • Aladanor   â€¢     Author

          in same way yes and in another not. I just take it as suggestions and I will still make it random and tbh i don’t really like posting it that late because then i get complains about the site is down again.

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      Why you requested for early release man.. zzz

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    Alanador you sadist

    • Aladanor   â€¢     Author

      Maybe 😉

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    Lin’s lil bro about to see the beat down his big bro is capable of 🤩🤩

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    I agree

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      He dares label himself as the mighty “Author” of the universe? AUDACIOUS!!!

      But seriously though, it’s already 2 hours past my bedtime and this is usually the time I finish reading. I miss grandpa Odd.

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    Aladanor you should probably focus on your job and instead of the comment thread.

  13. Wowee   â€¢  

    Aladanor you should probably focus on your job instead of the comment thread.

    • Aladanor   â€¢     Author

      yes i should ^^

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    Ignore the trolls, release whenever you are ready, the salty speakers dont speak for me

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