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    Guys can you pls answer my question there’s something that i don’t understand.
    Mister Xiao saying that Lin Feng is in his twenties, how come he’s only twenties when his brother is already 17. I think if remember correctly the 1st time Lin Feng met his brother he’s already 28 years old and his brother(Lin Wu Shan) is 2 years old. And there’s another thing his 1st time he met Xiao Ya, Xiao Ya age is 7-8 and his age at that time is 17-18, there’s a 10 years gap. Mister Xiao and Lin Feng said that she’s an adult so i think she’s already at twenties. If i estimate i don’t know if it’s correct the age of Lin Feng (43), Meng Qi (42-43), Xiao Ya (32-33), Lin Wu Shang (17-18).

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