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    Thanks g

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    Thank you Aladanor. But can you please consider posting sometimes earlyer and sometimes later in the time of posting? You go like 80-90% near the deadline of posting time. It’s almost like a fixed time for posting. Don’t be mad, keep up the good work and love ya.

    • Jeroenie   •  

      no, it’s a ‘random’ time covering 6 hours. it being in the last 2 hour 99% of the time is just our bad luck.

    • Aladanor   •     Author

      80-90% where do you get your numbers? And what is near the deadline? is 12 near the deadline? for me that near the deadline would be lets say a hour before deadline at most and thats really not the case.

      • Krasuss   •  

        Like i said don’t be mad. I love you and you guys are doing great work. I wasn’t complaining about it just stating a fact. Most of the time is in the 1 hour before deadline.

        • Giongi   •  

          He’s not mad, he’s asking for more information.

        • Free Lo Ader   •  

          We freeloaders dun have the right to demand! ??

      • Li   •  

        Jeroenie is somewhat right. The chapters are supposed to be released 8am to 2pm in UTC time. I’m in Eastern Time Zone and the deadline is 10am. Most of the times the chapters are released ~9:30. I think this is what Jeroenie was referring to.

        • jeroenie   •  

          yes, when i think of a random time between … and … i expect a random time that can have the majority shifted to the latter part. but atm i waste checking for new chapters every hour. just change the random time from 12pm to 14pm and sometimes suprise us with release in the morning.

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    timing isn’t a problem for me. just grateful you guys are doing the translation. one thing that could be better though is to bring back the chapter numbers for the links in these posts. some times i’m not done reading the 5/6 chapters and had to close my app.. i’d remember the chapter number i’m on but it gets confusing when all i see are “first”, “second”, “third”, etc. not a big deal if you want to keep it this way though..

    • DNangel   •  

      Same sentiment with me actually. This new poster likes to change everything.

      • M1gHTy   •  

        He likes complaining and throwing out his toys when you even suggest criticism.

      • LJustin   •  

        I agree. All improvements are changes but not all changes are improvements. Also, if it’s not broken don’t fix it.

        Regarding the time issue, you blew it today man. Are you sick or something? (disease, ailment or hung over?)

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    Thanks for the chapters

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    Thank you and just keep posting in a random time. If you post in a fixed time, it would be hard to access the server due to high traffic.

    • david   •  

      Disclaimer: I don’t mind the random time, just my thoughts on the “reducing server load” argument..

      I don’t get this kind of thinking though.. the people who waits or wants to read as soon as it’s posted will keep checking and refreshing the page for hours creating more load on the server unnecessarily. especially when it’s posted close to the end of the time frame.. when random posting times are done, it’s usually to increase traffic (people keep checking if it’s up already) which means more view on the ads, increasing income. But there’s no ad here so I don’t see the point.

      • Aladanor   •     Author

        simply refreshing is not that taxing for the server. Requesting new stuff is when you just refresh its mostly a simple check if there is anything new and if there is the data will be transfered so it does make sense. Caching would reduce the load by a lot too but thats also a thing i have no idea and probably no permissions to do on this wordpress site. And yes ads would be a great idea but thats also a thing notsane has to decide and manage.

        • lalalalalalz   •  

          just have all chapters in one link

          • Aladanor   •     Author

            can’t do that. I asked for it but it was rejected

            • LJustin   •  

              You were rejected because it will reduce web traffic and the boss doesn’t like that which is understandable. Again, if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.

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    Congrats on the BIG milestone 😀 and thank you for the chapter 🙂

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    Thanks for the chapters! Honestly you guys are one of the best translation groups and I find it mind boggling how you are getting any complaints with the massive workload you manage to accomplish. Congrats on 2k and keep up the awesome job!

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    Thankyou for the hardwork and congrates for achieving 2000 episodes landmark keep up the good work?????

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    Just 500 more.

    • gabriel   •  

      is it set to finish at 2,500 chapters!? I hope not!!….it has so much potential to easily go to 3,000 chapters!!

      • Giongi   •  

        The novel is already completed! It is indeed 2500 chapters

      • w1z4rD   •  

        U can check thru novelupdates. Stated there, it is 2500 chapters.

  11. gabriel   •  

    I must say, y’all do a great work and thank you so much for all the amazing chapters!! congrats on the 2,000 ch milestone!! I hope there is enough material for 2,000 more hahaha

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    Congrats for the 2000 chapters.
    wish you all the best, and keep healthy.

  13. Demise   •  

    without spoiling too much… anyone know if we will see the diviner again? in these last 500 chapters

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