1. JyuViole   •  

    Thank youu

    • Aladanor   •     Author

      congraz to 800 comments ^^

      • Hmph   •  

        Daily dose pls

  2. w1z4rD   •  

    Thank you for the hardwork.

  3. Bruhhhh   •  

    I just realized now that ji chang is dead, what is gonna happen to his ancient godly wood tree?


      The tree went back?

      • David   •  

        It would be pretty cool if the tree went to lin feng and made him even more of a badass

        • DickyPoppins   •  

          He already has the best one. How much more could a chump one help?

          • David   •  

            Hey any help is better then no help. It could even help the people in his small world since the best one probably would not do it. Also another 100 drops of that sap would be great for his friends and family. It could make anyone stronger even if the tree is not as good as the one feng has

            • DickyPoppins   •  

              I was actually just thinking of that sap too. It does soooo much for people. He could just drain it boosting and healing his whole squad.

              • Dmorgs   •  

                I would love it if he used the sap on his family and friends in his small world then on the main core members of tiantai plus on his fellow disciples and teacher. Then help out Lang Ye and Jun Mo Zi. Helpfully every one becomes a high level emperor.

  4. Hmph   •  

    Daily dose pls

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