1. Sam tong   •  

    Good job

  2. Dmorgs   •  

    Thanks for the chapters

  3. Al   •  


  4. w1z4rD   •  

    Thank you very much

  5. Dmorgs   •  

    I was wondering if Lin Feng can use his swords, I know you aren’t allowed to use imperial weapons but he is a sword cultivator so shouldn’t it be okay? I know he doesn’t use them anymore for a stupid reason (he use use his swords techniques without his swords) but wouldn’t his swords techniques be stronger if he used them. I also want him to completely subdue the demon sword and maybe somehow combine it with the bloodthirsty sword and his Tian jie sword as well. Making one extremely strong sword. Also what happened to his techniques that he learned from his spirt. I really liked that black fire that turned everything into ashes and that black flower of death. I thought he could always make them stronger as he got stronger since he learned from his spirt that is literally a cheat code.

    • Mug Feng   •  

      Demon sword is gone Wu Tian Jians sword absorbed them.

    • David   •  

      Dude i think he did that a long time ago. Not merge it with his other swords but he did tame it. Also that was a zun level weapon i think. He has a way better sword now

    • Duan Feng   •  

      He can also reforge his tian sword since he knows weaponry

    • DickyPoppins   •  

      I don’t remember what chapter, but he got other skills that were stronger than the black hell fire he made himself. I can’t wait for him to start using the cultivation techniques and fighting ones he developed in the first test.

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    Thank you for chapers!

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