1. MZKM   •  

    Wonder how he’s gonna become a peerless cultivator in less than 300 chapters. We are probably gonna have huge time skip(s).

    • moody   •  

      what do you mean? theres only 300 chapters left

      • DickyPoppins   •  

        He means the story was ended and there are only 300 chapters left to be translated.

      • Giongi   •  

        The novel is already completely finished. there are 2500 in total

      • DickyPoppins   •  

        Honestly, unless the Great World was another small world they’re starting to run out of stronger areas. Not to mention there really seem to be a limited amount of Di layer peoples in each tribe. Lin Feng would kill everyone below the Saint (peerless) level outside of the center of Godly Clouds City.

  2. w1z4rD   •  

    ‘ve been waiting for the updates.
    Thank you whole-heartedly.

  3. Waqas   •  

    Thnaks alot for your continuous hard work and dedication.

  4. Kiki   •  

    Thank you. Cant wait for the next chapter. Shout out for the awaome translators..

  5. Dracula   •  

    So guys any recommendation?
    So far Ive read
    1.Peerless Martial god
    2. Versatile Mage

    Any novel like these two?

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