1. Lin Wushang   β€’  

    Love you Aladanor

  2. Icecream   β€’  

    OMG! How cruel of you! What about our biological clock? Baam! I’m dead! Overdosed… πŸ˜‰

  3. David   β€’  

    This is both the most awesome thing to happen today and the biggest torture for tomorrow!

    • Aladanor   β€’     Author

      thats why i asked over 200 ppl wanted it only about 30 were against it

      • David   β€’  

        Its cool dont worry about it. I dont use discord anyway so i would not realky be affecting things.

      • Nge-feng   β€’  

        Can we vote to release all remaining chapters to 2500 today🀣🀣🀣

        It’s okay for me not to release any chapter tomorrow if you granted it.😘😘

        • David   β€’  

          Dude i would vote against that. This is on of the few LN being translated thats consistent. If it takes them a couple of more weeks or months ill be happy to be able to keep on reading it. If they just dump everything in one go it will be boring as fuck!

        • Aladanor   β€’     Author

          no chapters till we reach 2500? ok i will consider waiting with the releases πŸ˜›

          • Lin Wushang   β€’  

            Please don’t Aladanor.. πŸ˜…

          • David rozobrinez   β€’  

            NO! just give us the normal amount you have been doing. Dont give us extras and dont short change us. Just stay consistent please

  4. zamurai88   β€’  

    Ouuuch…. I want to be excited for Lin Fng’s progress tomorrow. πŸ™

  5. rick   β€’  

    Hmm.. Alad, will i see more episodes today!?

    • Hmph   β€’  

      no chaps for today? 🐩🐩🐩

  6. Nemesis   β€’  

    We want our daily doses..

    • Krasuss   β€’  

      Double chapters yesterday…. what you want more? Greddy low emperors.

      • Neto   β€’  

        I want to know what I am going to read when this is completely translated in less than two months.

        Thanks for all the hard work!

  7. Chaos King Saint   β€’  

    This was an earth trampling and heaven shaking blow. But it takes a long time to replenish the releasing cosmic energies.

  8. David Saputra   β€’  

    Depends on the timezone. It’s all relative. What timezone is Aladanor in?

  9. Mr. Fahrenheit   β€’  

    okay .. next release will be 12 chapters .. ^_^

    • Aladanor   β€’     Author


      • Mr. Fahrenheit   β€’  

        just hoping ^_^ ..

  10. Santiago   β€’  

    Is it me or is everyone else checking this website every hour!!

    • Aladanor   β€’     Author

      its just you don’t worry

      • Qiong qi   β€’  

        Not only him!! Also me😨😨😨

        • Mr. Fahrenheit   β€’  

          Well i do check it every 10 mins haha..

  11. Cdubaldo   β€’  

    How about just the 6 regular Sunday chapters now? πŸ˜‰

    • DickyPoppins   β€’  

      5 regular Sunday chapters. Wish it was 6 though.

  12. Dark Crow   β€’  

    Are we still getting the regular Sunday Chapters, Your Excellency?

  13. Supernatural Golden Crow   β€’  

    Please post the next chapters I’ll even be your demon puppet if you do

  14. Qiong qi   β€’  

    please need chap today.. my day will not be complete without it😭😭😭

    • Aladanor   β€’     Author

      cool so i can make your uncomplete for eternety? very tempting!

  15. Great Ape Emperor   β€’  

    Any updates for today?

  16. Nge-feng   β€’  

    This is new time release chapters “later”…

  17. eastern   β€’  

    actually i already refresh since yesterday non stop every hour lol

  18. Late Update Saint King   β€’  


  19. japher   β€’  

    This type of waiting is certainly not good for my heart…❀❀❀

  20. Big Yellow   β€’  

    Waiting is an annoying thing

  21. Great Oriental Greenfinch Roc   β€’  

    Chapters please your exelency I’ll give you the three lives scripture if you release then

  22. DJRX   β€’  

    my page refresh Dao is getting better and better

  23. Belkar   β€’  

    Thank you for the chapters!

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