1. iqqy chan   •  

    Yeaaa thanks. Been pressing on the refresh button every half an hour. Finally it out. Thanks.

  2. Colby Schiller   •  

    Is there anyway to link not sane’s patrion account to this website? I like reading here over patrion.

  3. Kamui7   •  

    Thank you very much, very grateful

  4. Rafalsy   •  

    Waiting for lin feng break through

  5. Krasuss   •  

    The sky has fallen. Whaiting for repairs.

  6. japher   •  

    No update today? 🙁

    • Aladanor   •     Author

      yeah no chaps today…. 😉

  7. Dut   •  

    12:00am ph time. Goodnight f5 sect time to sleep.

  8. Sorethumb   •  

    Arghhhhh.. the waiting… Make me so stressful

  9. japher   •  

    @Aladanor… hope no problem with today’s chapters, we are dying of anxiousness.. please let us know whats up if to keep waiting.. thanks for understanding.. 🙂

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