1. Lucifer   •  

    Thanks !

  2. MOON   •  


  3. ged   •  

    Was going crazy! Thanks!

  4. agil   •  

    Ahoy captain!

  5. iqqy chan   •  

    Thanks so much for the chapters.

  6. Rif_Q   •  

    Maybe aladanor really sleepy because affected by dream dao.. but you got 6 chaps anyway

    • Icecream   •  

      It’s not the first time 😉

  7. warlord   •  

    whats official time of release? It’s been very random last few days.
    anyway, thanks for the GOOD and frequent work…

    • DickyPoppins   •  

      Have you not noticed the post Alad pinned at the top saying he’ll do it whenever he gets to it?

  8. Kingley   •  

    What does the 34/40 mean?

    • Teek   •  

      34/40 chapters for the week so 6 to go

      • Kingley   •  

        Oh okay. Thank you so much Teek!!

    • Shink   •  

      They release 40 chapters for week, Sunday 5/40, Monday 10/40, Tuesday 16/40, Wednesday 22/40, Thursday 28/40, Friday 34/40 & Saturday 40/40. That way it’s complete. And the same for all the weeks.

      • Kingley   •  

        Thanks Shink!! I appreciate it. That was helpful.

  9. Krasuss   •  

    How come pinned post say sometimes early sometimes late but the last 4 days always late.

    • Yan Yu ping shen   •  

      It was super early a couple days ago, he’s just spicing up the posting times, don’t worry. As long as I get it today I’m happy 😎

      • David   •  

        Im getting scared he will forget and we will not get any today and the normal number tomorrow!

        • Neto   •  

          I guess he has a life and like to go out. We should wait patiently until his hangover is finished or he wake up or something like that.

    • DaoOfTitties   •  

      So true. I have been pass my bed time the whole week. It’s like telling me “Just wait for tomorrow coz you’re just waiting for nothing”.

    • Aladanor   •     Author

      because i posted them early for 3-4 days and then later just to see how it goes and i get complains that its always late thats why i can only consider early is late and late is late and within timeframe is still out of timeframe. ppl complain they won’t stop no matter what you do and i will post daily thats all i will promise and all

  10. Moon   •  

    Well none today looks like see u guys on the double tomoz

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