Peerless Martial God Chapters 2276-2280

Translator: Workaholic
Editor: Red
Proofreader: Catz0r


First Chapter
Second Chapter
Third Chapter
Fourth Chapter
Fifth Chapter

There you go an “early” chapter mark this post because i know if i post 2-3 days after 2pm utc some will complain its ALWAYS later never once was it early not ONCE. Well there you go btw i am more motivated to go against the masses than going with the flow so your screaming will only hurt you more in the end 🙂
(BTW comments against it are a good counter part and may result in earlier posts :P)


  1. Husam   •  

    thanks for chapters but it will be good to be consistent if possible. so if u want to post it late then post it always late, if u wanna post it early then post it always early. I know sometimes it may not be possible to have a consistent time.

    btw, how come this post has only 5 chapters?

    • agil   •  


    • Icecream   •  


    • Asa   •  

      well it always 5 5 6 6 6 6 6 chapter so 40
      are you new here ? :/

      • Husam   •  

        thanks for clarifying

    • Aladanor   •     Author

      do the math with 40 chaps a week and i doubt that always late will work

      • Jah UniT   •  

        damn! i hate early releases! its always early, why not late! /s

        thanks for the chaps ;p

      • Husam   •  

        I actually didnt know about 40 chaps a week.

        thanks for info.

    • Crayons   •  

      what’s 5+5+5+5+5+5+5+5=??????

  2. agil   •  

    early chapter! wooot wooot!
    thx !!

  3. Emperor95   •  

    Im fine as long as everyday were available. Thank you very much.

  4. Teisen   •  

    lol who cares when the chapters come. i wish other novel had that nice update pace ^^

  5. Asa   •  

    u guys should be thankfull with 40/week lel
    you must see most 2 or 3 / week then gone for a few month lul

  6. Frying Pan Sect   •  

    I don’t give a flying fuck about upload times.
    Just feed me my daily dose and we’re all fine.


    Thanks for the early release Aldanor

  8. sleepy   •  

    awesome! Just fell out of bed and chapters are on time for lunch *q*

  9. petty kid   •  

    thank you for the release oh grand great ultimate aladanor

  10. Ling1212   •  

    Thanks for the posts. It’s the best that I can read it everyday. I don’t really care whether it’s early or late post. Thanks for ur hardwork.

  11. darren   •  

    You can piss off. Don’t give a shit when it comes out.

  12. DjokoKunYT   •  

    This is what always on my mind
    Who do you think you are?
    Asking for consistency
    Post this post that
    Are u even a patreon??
    If u reading for free here
    U supposed to be thankful and just wait
    Imagine if they gotten tired if this sh*t and byebye linfeng
    Screw off , this site doesnt need impatient

  13. waiting dao strength   •  

    wtf, why so early? are you insane? i hope you post the following chapters at 6 pm UTC…

  14. Drimiter   •  

    I hate early chapters, because they are so….. early and finished in a blink….

  15. Yan Yu Ping Shen   •  

    Luckily im EST so either way, ill get my chaps at some point when i’m awake. when i get them doesn’t matter much.
    Thanks for translating! 👉😎👉

  16. kid   •  

    Hahaha.. Thx for the consistency’s of releasing the chapters everyday. Whether is late or early is okay by me.
    The for all your (team) hard work.

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