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    Thanks for the chapter Aladanor

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    Thanks for the chapters..Does anyone know other novels like this I have already read WDQK,Battle through the havens,Douluo Dalu etc..Martial World still reading Please suggest them..If anybody knows..But please don’t suggest novels like MARTIAL GOD ASURA..It’s a complete trash..

    • RebelTheEditor   •  

      lol why do you say MGA is trash?

      • Nemesis   •  

        In truth in this novel their is no concept..the story is so repetitive that it becomes too boring..The writer is so childlike that the way he writes it is just like a simpleton…Never uses any logic while its written..This is the worst one I have read till now..

    • Jallmeister   •  

      Against the gods is really good tho.. I would recommend you to read that one.

    • That1Guy   •  

      Peerless Battle Spirit
      Tales of Demons and Gods
      The King’s Avatar (This one is a video game, but it really good)

      The first two a lot of people have read these but I always add them because I have run in to people that haven’t heard of them so…

      • Ijiw   •  

        Tales of demon and god release 1 chapter/ month. I dont suggest u to read it. Even this is not bad, but do u want to wait 12 chapter a year? Not recommended..

        • Nemesis   •  

          Well said..Even though I start reading it from manga.. The pace in which the novel goes it’s actually like tortoise..No hard feelings guys..novel should be going steady..never too fast nor slow..And the way it explains it’s not boring it’s just the way it should be..But I will wait for it to finish before starting again..

        • That1Guy   •  

          Yeah… That is the main problem for TDG. The author should spend more time on releasing TDG chapters. I like TDG better than his other series Star Martial God Technique, not that SMGT isn’t good, its just the ending

          Anyways, I think It’s a great read though, but you may want to let if finish first; which may take ten to twenty years lol

  14. Mr. Fahrenheit   •  

    i think “Star Martial God Technique” is a good one.

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