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    Thanks is for the chapter

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    Spicy 😘

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    Funny how lin feng has started cultivating at age 15, has been cultivating for 50 years, and is not older than 30-40 years.. Wow.. Fascinating

    • Okutsuko   β€’  

      In chapter 2297, Lin Feng must be between 70 and 80 years old. When the Snow Clan offered him the challenge, he was already in his forties. I don’t think there are too many mistakes about his age

      • Macaak   β€’  

        A few chapters ago i read that he was between 30-40 years old. And i know as well as you do that he’s supposed to be double that age atleast.

        • Cmj2303   β€’  

          I put him at 50 to 60 personally. I thought he came to the great world when he was early 20s

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    my eyes already hurts . its already past 12 and still no release

    • Aladanor   β€’     Author

      then go to sleep man

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        why late again, i usually read 4 light novels and among them this is only one which keeps on releasing most irregularly… moment of taking a long beak from this shit has arrived

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          I think that it’s pretty unreasonable that you think this way when we are consistently getting chapters everyday. I don’t know where you read other novels but I personally don’t know any other novel translation that’s pumping out 40 chapters a week. I am happy that we are still getting to read this amazing story and Aladanor is doing a good job in my opinion.

        • Aladanor   β€’     Author

          So you want to tell me you would rather drive constantly with 20km/h then driving sometimes 30km/h and sometimes 50km/h? because its more consitent but slower?

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            Yeah right i totally second ExceedS (I’m talking about other novels like these on novelupdates), but please don’t give me crappy examples such as comparing with driving πŸ˜‚, if you think you are doing fine job it’s good and I’ve nothing to say(40 per week is really appreciable) but since I’m the one waiting for release and wasting my time through constant checking i said what I got into mind. So i think no one here is obliged to prove anything to another

            • Aladanor   β€’     Author

              then what is the point for your request of more consistency?
              We had a lot of trouble with the website because of an overload and with a little bit of random times and a wide timeframe its been pretty easy to upload recently. A few weeks ago i could try to upload and needed to reload at least 3 times when it was “okay” and more than 20 times to not working at all sometimes, if you want consistency read it at a fixed time for example the chapter from the 18th on the 19th then you have a consistency with very few flaws!

              • VSVR   β€’  

                point in my request for consistency, please don’t take things for granted(i don’t see any such point mentioned by me, i only asked “why late” as i want to know if there’s any reason like you just said about ‘technical problems’ related to uploading or something and i’d expect such answers not some “kmph” speed related ones) , I’m not foolish enough to request anything here as this platform as a single request does’nt count for translator as there are many people here in case of an idea it’s a different story entirely.
                And finally :- ” if you want consistency read it at a fixed time for example the chapter from the 18th on the 19th then you have a consistency with very few flaws! ”
                i don’t know what to say regarding this “free” and “brilliant” advice except you sound like hypocritic. just because we don’t know what you’re going through does’nt mean you can talk as you like

                • Aladanor   β€’     Author

                  There are of course reasons why i can’t upload it at the same time every day. I could set the upload time and all that stuff but honestly i don’t see any reason to do so. Yesterday was my train an hour late because some train in front of us had a crash with some car, but all that is just part of the reason. The most important thing was i don’t want to be under the pressure of uploading a chapter at a certain time and i also don’t want some ppl to tell me i should or i am late and “late” is a bad word to describe near deadline chapter(late would be after deadline and early would be in front of the timeframe). And yes i could spend a lot of time setting upload times and shedule all that stuff once a week….but there are problems with that 1. to much extra work 2. there will be a lot of mistakes if i do that because of 47times a week and i am sure i will be confused at some point and make a mistake 3. i won’t be as active checking for comments which will lead to a few hundred comments to look through witch is also not the coolest thing in wordpress checking from time to time is much easier
                  And it may be that your wording with others are consitent and we “aren’t” is there any translation site that uploads as much as we do? I guess your other novels are more like 1-2 a week or month thats why i think its not really comparable.

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