1. DjokoKunYT   •  

    Thanks for early release
    All hail peerless aladanor

  2. Lin Wushang   •  

    Thank you for the chapters

  3. shulian   •  

    My man 👉🏼

  4. Belkar   •  

    Thank you for the chapters!

    I finally caught up again, now I have to wait. :'(

    • macaak   •  

      I know the feeling. I havent read any chapters for a week, and then i read 40 at once, what a blast 😉 and now i’m waiting

  5. jed   •  

    Haven’t been able to comment for a while, thanks a ton Aladanor!!

  6. DickyPoppins   •  


  7. Dut   •  

    So sad no chapters for today.. its 1:18am here in ph +8:00 timezone..mornight philippines..

    • xoxo   •  

      its du30’s fault. lol

      • Cmj2303   •  

        Is there an announcement? Just checking so I know not to expect anything today.

    • Duan Feng   •  

      Lol, it’s 2:18am now in PH. Usually it updates every 10pm but since the author wants it to be anytime just on the same day all we need to do is to skip for a day as well. Urgh.

  8. Crayon   •  

    yoo Lin Feng told me to tell y’all if no chapter today…. “Enjoy the day outside with your love ones if you don’t have love ones go out and enjoy Mother Nature she has the magic touch to help you relax”…..

    • David   •  

      Unless Lin Feng is willing to give us the Mega millions numbers i will keep on refreshing the page even if it crashes

  9. Rafalsy   •  

    Its okay, to perfect our readings dao we must first have to keep our patient and then train our mind to keep refreshing.

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