1. Lito Origo   •  

    The post looks a little broken.

  2. Lee   •  

    For those who don’t understand web programming, just copy the contents inside the quotes(excluding the quotes) then paste them as the address(the place you right the website name).

    • RebelTheEditor   •  

      wtf does that have to do with web programming?? trying to look smart are we? fail!

      • Lito Origo   •  

        The original post had a broken link due to bad html syntax. He was trying to help.

        By the time you seen his post and replied, it was fixed.

  3. agil   •  

    ahooy !

  4. Lee   •  

    That ended fast. Was so happy reading then bam the end just hit me.

  5. iqqy chan   •  

    Thanks for the chapters 😊

  6. Richard   •  

    Oh no..2400 chplapters already. Its going end soon.

    Thx for the chapters.

  7. Jarrod   •  

    Thanks for the chapters

  8. Agil   •  

    Im always wonder ini this godly Grace arc, of u enter, u stuck cant go out, the only way to out is do the rest like Lin feng do, when u success then u become super and if fail u back in godly grave stuck… Dat mean the dragon prince who with linfeng before is super super strong :0

  9. Kamui7   •  

    Thanks for the chapters, you are some Peerless Saints …

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