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    nice it’s early again

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    F5 sect!

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    Nice man

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    Guerrilla tactics, keep changing posting time to confuse your ennemies 😉

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    Thank you so much guys..

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    Thank you! 🙂

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    Thanks for the early r8 time updating

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    Thanx for the chapters

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    i can feel the energies of the F5 Sect

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      haha… I’m the same. I thought they were releasing the chapters at 9am Central US time since they are at Pacific time but maybe I’m wrong..

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      Yes… I have been checking the homepage for 2 hours already. In the excitement I ended up reading 1343 again !!@!!

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        Once in the excitement i read all the chaps …wait is hard fellow brothers XD

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          lets play a game then, until the admins post the new chapter. List all the abstruse energies controlled by lin feng by now:

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            Lets start by order or strength

            1.Dumpling abstruse energy

          • Schnillet   •  

            Empty space

            Did miss any?

          • anon6757   •  

            Cliffhanger abstruse energies Level 9

          • Skoda   •  

            Chick Magnet Abstruce energies level 999 @ that haha

      • Hi Shin   •  

        Looks like a plan.

        Wind abstruse
        Thunder abstruse
        Space abstruse
        Swore abstruse

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        • Demise   •  

          Desolate abstruse energy

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    Curse abstruse 😀

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      Fire ?

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    Sex Desire!! 😛

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    borrring i want new chapterssssssss plllzzzzzzzzzzzz

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      Where’s emperor Yu ?

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    non-stop shooting abstruse energies

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    the first time after i read the post about releases being earlier the chapters came out 5 hours ago, its getting later every day.

    but atleast i can use my freetime refreshing the page instead of my sleeptime c:

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      Ikr the most productive way to use your time ?

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    what level are you now in refresh abstruse energy?

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      Was About to post that haha Xd lvl 7 atleast
      Also gained n/troubleshooting intent as well XD

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      i am now an emperor

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    I think I’m already a great emperor level in F5 abstruse. Huhu. I just went out of the bar and f*** the vietnamese fast for 2 rounds, so i can read the updates before i sleep. I should have follow lin feng’s style and let her moan until 5am or atleast until the updates are ready. Shhhhhhh


    Quick question for all of the fans of cultivation based novels.I would like the opinions of others.Who do you guys think is a stronger MC Lin Feng who is the MC of Peerless Martial God or Chu Feng MC of Martial God Asura

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