1. distophic   •  

    No the site still isn’t working properly.

    • OddManOut   •     Author

      I’ve seen one or two error signs pop up as well. But, it’s working well enough for me to post all these chapters without one problem. I did mention to NotSane that things aren’t quite right still

      • distophic   •  

        All I get is error 500s

  2. Feng   •  

    OddManOut unfortunately nothing is loading. Can you move the chapters back to Patreon?

  3. Belkar   •  

    Thank you for all the chapters!

  4. Jah UniT   •  

    tbh i got no clue about websites overload or design n shit, but i did notice that the 500 issues stopped right after announcing the chapters would be on patreon, and now that they are back here the problems have begun again..server overload? coincidence? pls enlighten me if im talking nonsense

  5. PhSavatage   •  

    Was able to finish reading all chapters…thank you.

  6. Marek   •  

    Thanks for the chapters!!

  7. Hello world!   •  

    Will the extra chapters for patreon be posted today?

    • Hello world!   •  

      I mean extra 4 chapters.

    • supriadi   •  

      it’s already posted, today we get 6 chapter and the remaining 6 chapter will post tomorrow, and it make total 27 chapter this week…

  8. rahmanrazy   •  

    Nice. Keep up the go work

  9. Donald Allen   •  

    I’m confused. When extra chapters post will 6 more chapters be added to patreon post as well

    • Giongi   •  

      Read the previous posts.. someone already explained this.

  10. Floopa   •  

    thanks for the chapters, but one question, why do you say sometimes zun level emperor? isn’t emperor rank different than zun?

    • Jah UniT   •  

      yeah this has confused me multiple times now. when an emperor was first mentioned, it sounded like the level after zun that ppl from a small country dont rly know of, like a myth. now it seems like its just a high lvl zun cultivator? idk

      • OddManOut   •     Author

        I’m the editor… And it also confuses me. At the moment, I believe that an Emperor is both a high level zun-cultivator and whatever is above a zun-cultivator

        • Jah UniT   •  

          seems fair, could argue that all emperors are not equals, just like every other rank.

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