1. diedoutnow   •  

    thx for the chapters as always i appreciated your work.

  2. Justroxx   •  

    Around what hour will the patrons be updated ?

    • OddManOut   •     Author

      I’m almost done scheduling all the chapters for this week on this site. Then, I’ll go to patreon and get them! sorry for the wait

      • Justroxx   •  

        No problem, just asking. Keep the good work 😉

  3. Ar33   •  


  4. GREATSAGE   •  

    Oh wow this novel has already reach 942. To be honest if you just translated other novel and not this shit, with how godly your speed is you can have a no. 1 novel in novelupdates

    • dream   •  

      LOL, you said this novel is shit, but why you’re here, if you don’t like this novel, just go and read other novel, they are translate this novel not to become no.1, but because they are likes this novel and want to share their likes with other…

  5. lin feng   •  

    thanks for the hard work bruv . good read .

  6. Floopa   •  

    thank you so much for your hard work!!!!

  7. Highhouse shadow   •  

    I started reading the beginning of the month and now just got here. But I want more. Thanks again I love this novel.

    • Diedoutnow   •  

      Welcome my Friend to the Lin Feng adicts

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