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    Thanks a lot!

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    Thanks for the chapter, though the errors on the site are killing me x.x

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    OddManOut you say 27 ha ha but maybe tomorow we will be at 6400 ans so 35 chapter =) anyway thanks for the chapter and hard work hope we will get at 6400 =) =) hop the nexte goal will not be too far mm i think it will be around 7 200$ for 39 chapter but in fact impossible to know it will be not sane and the traductor team who will decide we will see good night =)

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    Thanks for the newest chapters!!!!!

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    Can ibecome a patreon for only a month?

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      yes, but you have to remember to cancel before the next month.

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        Ok thanks. I’ll try to help to breach that $6400 mark and give us the 20 bonus chapter ?

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    so eager for the 20 bonus chapter! 😀

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    Hello everyone, i just registered for patreon. But i have no idea how it works. Will i get updates everyday too? I have read already the chapters that i have accessed on to. Will i wait for a month to have access on new chapters?

    Sorry for asking and thanks to those who answer.

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