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    omg omg drags :DD thanks for all of your team and patrons 😀

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  3. DickyPoppins   •  

    Thanks, it’s getting to a real fun part again.

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    Error 500.

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    OMG man. You guys are great. Thank you so much.

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    Omg. Thank that i m off work tomorrow… It s gonna be one hell night of reading. U the best thx donator sama

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    Woooo let’s gooooo.

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    The best moment ever

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    Cliff hanger! Can’t wait for tomorrow’s chapters!

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    Straight Fire!

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    so amazing chapters…thanks patreon

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    It’s request to oddman
    Can you post the chapters few hours early because when you post them that’s post midnight in my region. Pls

  16. Marek   •  

    Am I missing something or there were just the bonus chapters without the regular chapters? Not nagging just curious ^_^

    And thanks for the hard work!!!

    • Adie   •  

      Yes, today just bonus chapter, reguler chapter will be post tomorrow, and this week we will get 35 reguler chapter, 4 chapter already posted on sunday and 31 remaining will be post starting tomorrow..

    • Lomthep   •  

      I was asking myself the same ??

    • Ra   •  

      31 chapter left until next week so they said in the last post 7/8 chapter a day. so more fun this week

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    Thanks for the chapters

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    Isn’t this christmas a little to early? Lmao ty for the chapters!

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    The real question is what is the next goal at because we’ve already reached $7,500.

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    Next goal: 10k for 40 bonus chapters 😀 (maybe?)

    • Giongi   •  

      nah more like 14k 40 bonus chapters. i gues 10k will be next goal for raise of weekly chapters.

      Though i cannot imagine the speed of translation! Totally insane.. really no other words

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    $7200=39 chapters a week?
    $8800=47 chapters a week plus 30 chap? Hehehe just guessing.

    Thank you so much patrons and all the staffs! God bless us all and Lets have a good health always ?⭐?????

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