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  1. zack   •  

    love the new style

  2. hue   •  

    “Chapter 17: Lin Feng’s musical ambition”

    Best title ever.

  3. ashreadsmanga   •  

    Very nice! and yeah, chapter 17’s title is simply hilarious 🙂

  4. Bleep   •  

    It gets exciting and when you expect another chapter to come it’s not there for you

  5. Akashi   •  

    Good job on the title issue, I have a suggestion for you- Make a glossary for characters, location, spirits, and other issues it would be really informative and helpful to you and us and will avoid confusion between characters.

    • LikyLiky<3   •     Author

      There should be a glossary in one of the tabs and should have been updated but not all info on there.

      • Akashi   •  

        I did see that but its not much of a informative, can you guys make it so that the viewers can update the page and increase its content?

      • EmpressTiamat   •  

        All the next chapter links from chapter 796 aren’t working on mobile. I have no clue if they work on PC.

        • OddManOut   •  

          I update next chapter links every week but only so. So, at most they will be missing their next chapter links for that week. Tomorrow, if there are any sponsored chapters, I’ll add the links in after those.

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  7. MoshGoss Meng   •  

    Dear Goddess Bunny,

    I hope you are well and I hope you come back soon !

    We miss your chapter, but we miss you and your answer as much !

    Have a nice rest, we are waiting for you ♥

    With all my affection and positive thoughts,


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  9. LostinTranslations   •  

    Im not used to getting cliffs cause the chapters come like 10 at a time

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  11. Lady°   •  

    I would like to suggest to put a next button in every page.

    • Ziiltch   •  

      There is, just scroll down past the ads

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  13. devilsadvocate6   •  

    happy new year and thanks, this is cool, just stumbled upon this

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  15. devilsadvocate6   •  

    was just wondering the pic of the girl in the top right of the background of the site is not Menq Qing right? or just something random?

  16. Dhanasekar   •  

    Please update the index regularly

  17. Mark reynolds   •  

    Next chapter plssss..,such a nce story,,: ?

  18. Bob   •  

    Not in any way trying to be an ass but was just wondering if there are going to be any chapters this weekend, should i donate now or next weekend

    • LikyLiky<3   •     Author

      You can donate anytime the queue will just fill up and we try our best to lower it when we have time but chapters come fairly often.

  19. baksosolomajang   •  

    Just came here just now from wuxiaworld, was kinda suprised that the chapters were already this many. Decided to read it. Thx a ton for doing this project 🙂

  20. GZKA   •  

    are you accepting money in exchange for pics at all

    • notsaneinthebrain   •  

      No lololol made me giggle

  21. Foot   •  

    Is there going to be a slave day today?

  22. mrnoobhunterx   •  

    When are chapters 400+ starting to get out? The last update was half a month ago.

    • LikyLiky<3   •     Author

      I didn’t update yet. I’ll do it tomorrow when I have time.

  23. Can't wiag   •  

    Guys what’s happening? Why is there no new chap in month?

    • LikyLiky<3   •     Author

      I’m not too sure but I think not sane is working on it after her break.

      • Joe   •  

        Thanks for the response! a great series. even if she doesnt wanna continue translating it due to IRL issues im sure people would understand and another translator would pick this up

      • joeymets22   •  

        Do you know when the next chapter is coming out it has been a while since the last chapter.
        Sorry for asking.

  24. Zazabon   •  

    i’m waiting !! Lin Feng is needed in my life afterall!!

  25. godslayer   •  

    Well that’s a little pervy… but yeah its been a long while since i’ve read this novel.
    Missing Ming Qing in my life ;D.

  26. lord5th   •  

    wohoho it’s been a month and we got 30 chapters a week total of 120 chapters.. ooh i feel dizzy save me notsane i am going to be insane… my drugs where are my drugs

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    Please put an update ??????

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    YEAH…!!!!! BTW you are awesome ….

  29. Zero   •  

    love the story!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. patrick   •  

    don’t know what is happening, but I just hope the translator overcomes whatever he is going through and is then able to continue with his wonderful translation, cos am getting really bored and I can’t wait to start seeing new chapters of OMG………… ????

  31. Showme   •  

    What is wrong with the page layout? Did it get changed? It looks horrible now as it won’t display like it used to

    • LikyLiky<3   •     Author

      I have no idea what happened. I have messaged notsane and waiting for her to get back on it.

      • Blackguy   •  

        Bro the the link for 903 shows down also the index also dosent show some link,i hope you guyz can fix it .Thank You

        • Blackguy   •  

          Ahh n th link to903 is working probably my error

  32. SevenGates   •  

    Hey, really love the work you’ve been doing.

  33. Mark   •  

    Thanks for capitules.

  34. i have a request can boss of the wbesite add naxta and previous buttons on top of the chapters in mobile version it will help us readers a lot

  35. Hans   •  

    When will the next update for the index be?

    • OddManOut   •  

      lol, it’s not that far behind now you know 😛 I may look into it this week

      • Hans   •  

        K, thanks

      • Moose   •  

        Hey, the index is really, really behind. Please look into it.

        • OddManOut   •  

          Liky Liky 😀

  36. Storyteller   •  

    I believe you’re doing a WONDERFUL job translating the story in a sensible and readable manner. Especially since Chinese has a really strange sentence structure (strange to us at least) . So well done, Insane! I really appreciate it!

  37. Xyna   •  

    Though i learnt Chinese since young, I can barely translate it as most of the words used are so difficult. Wish I could help to translate but all i can do is only infer on whats actually going on but not the exacts words thats supposed to be

  38. CZG   •  

    SO let me get this straight the last chapter is 808, everything on this website needs to be updated. All of the chapters not in the middle or the end does not work and clicking onto the latest chapter 809 does not work either! Please get this resolved major fans don’t want to be disappointed!

    • OddManOut   •  

      I don’t understand here, I just checked the last 15 links (including 809) and all of them took me to the right chapters. I haven’t seen any other concerns posted about this so I currently believe that this is a technical issue on your end?

  39. Anthony   •  

    Why can’t I read ch 811? Please help I’ve become addicted to this story.

    • OddManOut   •  

      That’s because it hasn’t been released yet. Best to wait to try until then or attend patreon!

  40. JS   •  

    The links from 581 onwards don’t seem to be working for me.

    • me7062a   •  

      Same here. I’m accessing through an iPhone Safari browser, and all links 581 forwards are blacked out, no actual hyperlink in there.

      I read all of them using the “next” button nuahahahaha

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    All links past 600 don’t work or are not available

  42. AssholeOfTheWeek   •  

    820 Chapters in a little under 2 weeks… I need more…

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    Finally i fixed. Ty

  44. supriadi   •  

    yes, i caught up the latest released chapter…

  45. Edy Prayitno   •  

    I’m so addicted…
    But yesterday the chapter that I can read stopped at chapter 877…
    I do not know how to get the next chapter…
    Please help…
    Thx much

    • Jule   •  

      I was on 855. Where did you get 866 and 877?

      • edy prayitno   •  

        Now, I’ve finished at 900


        Look the chapter list below, recent update

  46. Sk   •  

    hey, where can i find first chapters? i want to start reading this novel but i cant since index starts at 26. 1-25 doesnt work 🙁

      • Sk   •  

        lol … ok. thanks for link.
        Could the webmaster put links to next and last at the top too? its pain without them + could you put both top and bottom links inside the entry-content? i use the reading view in my browsers and all the page outside of the entrycontent doesnt show in it. I belive that many ppl would like it. this novel has alot more chapters to go and having this 2 things added would be HUGE

        • OddManOut   •  

          I think NotSane asked her computer person and either didn’t hear back or it would cost too much. I’ll ask her

  47. Sk   •  

    oh and btw
    this website spouts ton of 500 errors one after another. sometimes i cant get inside in few minutes. ( the 500 is internal error of server mostly when there are to many ppl trying to get inside )

    • OddManOut   •  

      I have had this constantly. Is it only when you access the index?

      • Sk   •  

        no, i get 500 randomly trying to get on this website. No matter what link i choose. even going on home.
        It seems like the server is of low quality and cant take it or the website is too popular

        • OddManOut   •  

          Okay, you’re the first reader so far with this complaint, but it has been happening to NotSane and I. We were under the impression that it was just us having issues. I notified NotSane and she will have her tech person look into it.

  48. AspiringSectNoob   •  

    okay great novel terrible connection problems or website problems no idea. Followed the link above started from chapter 1 – lost most of my time on error 500 while trying to go to the next chapter. But I was patient as most of the time it only took not more than 2-3 minutes to load the next chapter – it was annoying but it was better than nothing. However I`m trying to load chapter 85 for more than 20 minutes now and nothing. Is there a mirror page or smth ? This is killing all the joy I have from reading the novel 🙁 I like it, I enjoy the style it was translated in – saw some terrible google translations online this is not one of them. So I really want to enjoy the story and the work that the team put into this. If there is some trick to avoiding the 500 error/page not loading please advice this outer disciple 😀

    Tried under Edge on my laptop and while I`m not using it I was reading it under chrome on my phone – both places got error 500 constantly – be it wifi , or celluar/mobile data.

    • Lito Origo   •  

      I guessing you’ve noticed but it’s mainly site /host errors.I’ve waited up to a day for its too resolve. You’ll also notice that at the end of some chapters, when you press the next chapter link it’ll send you to a different novels chapter. You’ll have to go back to this page and use the link from here or manually type the address.

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    Why doesnt the index take u anywhere when u click on the numbers?

  50. William Diaz   •  

    i’ve been asking myself a little while ago now and sorry if this is an irritable question, is the index update dead?

    • OddManOut   •  

      Hey, I agree, it would be super nice to have it updated. Over a month ago I was told that we would be updating the site. I still haven’t heard back about that, but I know it would be fruitless to update the index just to have to redo it after the site update! Again, super sorry it hasn’t been updated for so long now!

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    Please by all means fix the index. I left this series for a long time and i wanna catch up but i can’t access chapter 580s after.

    This is a good piece of art that i wish to appreciate and i would be very thankful if u guys make this easier to read.


    • Aladanor   •  

      I’m glad you like the novel. About the index…. I know its broken for a long time and i just took over the posting and managing the site (posting watching the comments) There will be hopefully soon a new site and everything should become better. Until then we can only endure it. 🙂
      Thanks for your understanding. 🙂

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    How many volumes are the chapters divided in?

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