PMG Chapter 1213

Chapter 1213: Amazing Ba Huang

Countless strong cultivators from Ba Huang were going to the border between the western part of Ba Huang and the northern part of Ba Huang. The battle between the two young men from Tiantai and Tian Long Divine Castle would be a rising point for one of them.

Although slow, the news spread that Lin Feng had also seen the Diviner in Fortune City. The crowd guessed that maybe the Diviner had told Lin Feng he’d become an emperor too, but they were just guessing. Only Lin Feng and those who were there knew what the Diviner had told him.

Lin Feng and Qiu Yue Xin had already become the most dazzling cultivators in the northern part of Ba Huang.

Soon after, in the western part of Ba Huang, news spread that Long Teng had broken through to the Zun Qi layer and that ten days later, he would meet Lin Feng on Qi Tian Shan Mountain to fight.

Tiantai was particularly and strangely calm. Did Tiantai have no confidence? Did they think they were going to lose that battle?

Lin Feng from Tiantai, with the strength of the seventh Tian Qi layer, had defeated a Zun cultivator from Tian Long Divine Castle and astonished everyone in the northern part of Ba Huang.

Three days after, many people had already arrived in Qi Tian Shan. Some of those people were riding dragon-driven carriages and they looked both majestic and domineering.

“Boom boom boom!” the carriages arrived at the top of Qi Tian Shan’s mountain. Dust flew around and rumbling sounds trembled in the ground. They looked like incredible warriors. Then, a carriage exploded and Long Teng appeared.

Long Teng was wearing a red dragon robe and he looked particularly majestic and domineering. He was seven days early, so he looked in Tiantai’s direction.

“In seven days, I’ll cut your head and stick it at the top of Qi Tian Shan’s mountain!” said Long Teng, whose voice spread all around in the region. He wanted to humiliate Tiantai with that sentence.

Lin Feng wouldn’t have the opportunity to become stronger, he was going to die!

During those seven days, a myriad of people arrived. Long Teng was sitting cross-legged,, his Qi kept changing. Now, he had the Qi of a dragon. In the past, he used his physical strength to modify his body, but now he was much stronger and actually knew how to transform. He just had to roar once and he could make the ground shake violently.

At that moment, Long Teng was at the top of the main mountain range in Qi Tian Shan. There were seats and one young man who looked particularly extraordinary appeared. Even though he looked extraordinary, his seat wasn’t at the front or anything, he just stood there, looking ordinary.

It was the most outstanding young man from the Sunset Pavilion, Bai Qiu Luo.

“Bai Qiu Luo has also broken through to the Zun Qi layer.” thought many people amazed. After Fortune City, those who had seen the Diviner were all becoming strong. In less than a year, many of the ten strongest cultivators were already breaking through to the Zun Qi layer, which proved they weren’t any weaker than Long Teng.

“Bai Qiu Luo practices ten thousand transformation abstruse energies, I wonder who’s stronger between him and Long Teng!” thought many people. Long Teng was rising, maybe he wasn’t an exception, with his personality and aggressiveness, he was standing at the front. Tut what about the girl with the celestial body and the one with the phoenix body?

What about Jun Mo Xi who had the imperial immortal body? Hadn’t the list of the ten strongest cultivators of the province changed?

“Qiu Yue Xin is here too! She’s so beautiful!” the crowd saw a girl who was standing there looking indifferent, but very beautiful. Qiu Yue Xin was even more beautiful now than in the past. As the rumors said, she had also broken through to the Zun Qi layer.

“Fu Hei is here too!” One of the ten strongest cultivators of the province.

But Fu Hei didn’t look happy, his face was extremely dark. A short time after Fu Hei arrived, a Taoist monk had bullied him, but then he stopped paying attention to Fu Hei and started paying attention to Long Teng instead.

“Little bastard, that guy has become strong, I wonder how strong you’ve become!” thought the Taoist monk. Lin Feng couldn’t be much weaker than Long Teng now, right!?

“What a beautiful woman. I’ve never seen such a beautiful woman in my life.” said someone gazing into the distance. There was a woman smiling in a resplendent way, making it difficult to look elsewhere.

“Yi Ren Lei, her Kamadhatu – the Six Heavens of Desire and Passion skill has become even stronger. We can’t even look at her, otherwise, we’ll go insane.” thought some weaker cultivators. They couldn’t stop looking at her though, one of the four most beautiful women of the province..

“So many strong cultivators came, even some of the ten strongest cultivators of the province!” thought the crowd amazed. So many people were interested in Long Teng?

They didn’t know that most of them hadn’t come for Long Teng, but for Lin Feng because the Diviner had predicted the best future for Lin Feng. How strong was he going to be?

Such a great battle could also influence any of them.

In a small village not far from Qi Tian Shan, people had their heads raised and were looking at the top of Qi Tian Shan’s highest peak. There they could see the best, young disciple of Tian Long Divine Castle. Alone, he could easily destroy their village.

“Master, that’s the strongest young man of Tian Long Divine Castle, right?” asked Ye Xue when she saw that aggressive looking man in the horizon. They had been afraid that someone would come again, so they had been hiding the whole time. Thus, they hadn’t heard much about the outside world. Recently, many strong cultivators had appeared not far from their village and they were terrified. Later, they had learnt that there would be a battle between the two most outstanding young men of Tian Long Divine Castle and Tiantai.

“Very strong, he could easily destroy our village. It’s a Zun cultivator, and a very strong one at that.” said the master nodding.

“His opponent must be extremely strong too. It will be a genius from Tiantai, I wonder if he looks as aggressive.” said Ye Xue.

“Maybe he’s a delicate young man instead.” whispered the master. He had heard that Long Teng’s opponent was called Lin Feng, of course, he couldn’t be sure that it was the Lin Feng they knew.

“A delicate young man.” Ye Xue laughed and said, “How’s that possible? Such strong young men can’t be delicate, they must be extremely aggressive, brutal and violent like those people last time!”

“Sigh!” the master sighed, smiled and said, “You forgot that the one who killed them was a delicate young man!”

Everybody couldn’t wait to see the young man from Tiantai arrive.

The winner of that battle would amaze the whole province!

In the distance, a sword soon arrived and it was moving towards Qi Tian Shan while emitting actue whistling sounds.

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