PMG Chapter 1337

Chapter 1337: Insane Battle

“Dao He is dead!” the crowd was astonished, their hearts were pounding.

How powerful, explosive, aggressive. One punch and Lin Feng had destroyed Dao He.

“What happened?” thought the crowd. Lin Feng had shouted and Dao He stopped moving. Was that demonic strength?

Lin Feng didn’t even glance at Dao He’s corpse. He landed in front of the crowd and said aggressively, “Who else can kill me easily? I’m waiting.”

Nobody said anything. All those who had criticized Lin Feng a moment before remained silent. Dao He had broken through to the third Zun Qi layer and with his abstruse energies, he could easily kill ordinary cultivators of the fifth Zun Qi layer. Unfortunately for him, Lin Feng was far from ordinary.
Lin Feng’s punch hadn’t only killed Dao He, it had destroyed many people’s confidence. Had Yi Ren Lei chosen a random man as a boyfriend?

“How come you all look so upset? You were chatting happily a moment before!” said Lin Feng.

“Mu Feng, the banquet was organized for you and Yi Ren Lei, please have a seat. Let’s chat and enjoy ourselves.” said a cultivator of the fourth Zun Qi layer. He was sitting not far from the sixth prince, meaning the prince trusted him.

Lin Feng’s strength had ruined their plans. They initially wanted to humiliate Yi Ren Lei and him, but now they couldn’t anymore.

“For me?” said Lin Feng, smiling coldly. He turned his head and looked at Yi Ren Lei with his pitch-black eyes, “My love, do you believe them?”

“My love, do you think I’m stupid?” asked Yi Ren Lei, smirking.

Lin Feng turned again and looked at the one who just talked, “My girlfriend is saying that you are trying to humiliate us.”

That guy became petrified. He thought he’d manage to calm down Lin Feng, but it seemed like Lin Feng and Yi Ren Lei had come to cause them trouble.

Lin Feng slowly walked towards that guy, each of his steps sufficed to explode the ground beneath him. He was condensing the natural force of the Earth and sky as he walked. Weaker cultivators started breathing even faster, their blood hurt.

“Bump!” the sixth prince violently slammed his glass on the table. He looked furious.


“Boom boom boom!” an incredible amount of Qi rose up in the air. The young men who were on the side of the ice emperor all stood up, releasing ice-cold energies. Lin Feng stopped after he was surrounded by those ice energies.

“So that’s the kind of ceremony you organized for my boyfriend?” said Yi Ren Lei, smiling indifferently. All those men were Zun cultivators, the strongest one had broken through to the fifth Zun Qi layer. It is important to note that if a young man of the fifth Zun Qi layer was allowed to sit there, it meant that he was extraordinarily strong, at least as strong as a cultivator of the sixth Zun Qi layer, maybe even stronger.

“You saw that Mu Feng wasn’t happy to be with us, you can’t blame us for this.” said the sixth prince, acting like he didn’t care about their game anymore.

“My love, sing a song for them.” said Lin Feng. Yi Ren Lei nodded and sat down, cross-legged in the air. She took out a zither and rested it on her legs.

She started playing and singing, the soundwaves surrounded thm, creating illusions.

Lin Feng’s eyes became even darker and his demonic intent became even scarier. Yi Ren Lei’s six desires demon song could make his demonic intent even stronger.

“Boom boom!” ice-cold energies surrounded Lin Feng’s body, but Lin Feng continued walking. Sounds like shattering glass sounded as the ice around him broke apart.

He took out his scepter and released cursing energies.

“No wonder Dao He said he didn’t want to use holy weapons!” thought the crowd.

Many people’s determination was already being affected. Lin Feng continued walking forwards and said, “Soul Cursing!”

“Demon destruction territory!” Lin Feng released a dark territory. After breaking through to the Zun Qi layer, cultivators up to the third Zun Qi layer would have their strength sealed and restrained.

“Spirit!” shouted someone furiously. Some people realized they had to attack before it was too late.

The space was suddenly filled with ice energies, snowflakes started falling inside the demon territory. None of those people had studied ancient scriptures, so they didn’t know what territory strength was. They only knew how to use the strength of their blood and spirits.

“Die!” shouted someone furiously. He wanted to make Lin Feng freeze. His multi-colored spirit started attacking Lin Feng.

“Lalala… roar…” terrifying blood Qi rose to the skies as dragons chanted. Lin Feng’s blood was extremely powerful, so much so that dragons would chant just when he invoked his blood strength. However, Lin Feng didn’t release his spirit, he was still acting as a black mage. His dragon spirit belonged to Lin Feng. Even in the Ice and Snow Empire, he had to keep some secrets.

He only invoked his blood strength and it was enough to suffocate people. With that powerful blood strength, was he from an imperial family?

Lin Feng jumped forwards and roared. Demonic energies whistled, dragons chanted, his energies rose to the skies together. Cultivators of the first and second Zun Qi layer coughed up blood, cultivators of the third Zun Qi layer groaned with pain. They finally couldn’t stand the cursing energies, the six desires song, and the demonic song.

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