PMG Chapter 1869

Chapter 1869: Powerful Life and Death

“Oh no!” The other emperors were astonished. Lin Feng could defeat a medium-level Hell emperor! And his nine-headed dragon was absorbing the man’s strength!

“Die!” the trapped man shouted furiously, and a pitch-black demon appeared. However, Lin Feng stretched out his hand and a destructive black lotus appeared.

Lin Feng threw the black lotus at his opponent, and it crashed against him. At the same time, Lin Feng moved back.

Destructive black fire strength exploded. The atmosphere suddenly looked like Purgatory. A horrible shriek spread in the air as the man turned grey, black, and was then reduced to ashes.

The men around were completely astonished. They had come to that place bearing goodwill, and now that guy had died. They realized that Lin Feng hadn’t just broken through to the Huang Qi layer, he had broken through to the Huang Qi layer a long time before. He was extremely strong.

“Who are you?” they asked Lin Feng icily.

“Five groups are fighting over this place, who could I be?” asked Lin Feng smiling coldly.

They glanced at one another and said, “We know everyone from the groups. Which group do you belong to?”

“Great Imperial Song City,” said Lin Feng calmly. He slowly turned around and moved to the peak of the mountain which had exploded.

He released sword intent and waved his hands. Suddenly, the top of the mountain was shorn flat. Lin Feng jumped onto the flat land and looked back at them. “I’m waiting for you here. You can come anytime.”

Their eyes glittered. They glanced at one another. This guy was enigmatic and unfathomable. They didn’t know how strong he really was. Maybe Great Imperial Song City had some trump cards. They didn’t want to risk their lives.

Very quickly, they retreated. Lin Feng was still seated there cross-legged. Three thousand great deployment spells appeared in his brain, and among them, one was a life and death deployment spell. He needed to use both death and life strength to cast that deployment spell.

Lin Feng started studying it using his Celestial Evolution Holy Scriptures. He could imitate spells better that way.

Lin Feng understood life and death strength extremely well. If he managed to cast the great life and death deployment spell, his attacks would be even more explosive.

A few hours later, a green and black pattern began appearing around Lin Feng. It was thrumming with life and death energies. The pattern landed on the ground, where Lin Feng bombarded it with deployment marks. The marks stuck to the pattern, which seemed to be alive. After a short time, the whole mountain was surrounded by dazzling black and green marks.

“The birth of the ten thousand things of creation, filled with vitality!” whispered Lin Feng. Suddenly, the gigantic pattern disappeared from the mountain. Where there was life energy, trees started growing at visible speed. After a short time, life Qi emerged from them.

Many people sensed those energies and raised their heads. Everything was green on the mountain and contained incredible life strength. It was a spectacular and beautiful scenery in this fiery land.


In the distance, a group of strong cultivators moved in that direction. These people were from one of the ten cities of Hell, Taishan City. They had heard that someone from Great Imperial Song City was there and that he was quite strong. Those people wanted to kill him.

During the last battle, they had ambushed Great Imperial Song City’s cultivators. Only Wang Zhuo and another strong cultivator had managed to escape. And now here there was another cultivator. If they managed to kill these last few people, then Great Imperial Song City would have no hope anymore.

The group of strong cultivators from Taishan City was composed of a dozen medium-level Hell emperors. They were incredibly strong.

“Where is the guy?” asked one of them indifferently.

The one who had just left looked back at the mountain and was astonished. When he had left, Lin Feng had decapitated the mountain, and now it was full of trees and life strength.

“There!” said the man, pointing at the peak Lin Feng was on. “That guy understand life and death cosmic energies. He can kill death cultivators with life strength!”

“Let’s go!” ordered the leader of the group.

They arrived quickly at the mountain. He landed onto the peak and walked up to Lin Feng. “This guy is a low-level emperor and he killed a medium-level Hell emperor?”

“Maybe he’s using a technique to hide his cultivation level. He is a medium-level emperor already.”

“Alright,” the leader acknowledged. He looked at Lin Feng and said, “The leader of the medium-level Hell emperors of Great Imperial Song City is Wang Zhuo, who are you? You don’t seem to be listening to him. You should join Taishan City’s army. I will help you. You will become a strong member of the army and you will not die.”

Lin Feng slowly opened his eyes. Even though those people were cruel and violent, they were also straightforward. Even though Lin Feng had killed one of their medium-level Hell emperors, they still wanted to recruit him.

“You are dead already,” Lin Feng smiled indifferently.

That person was startled, but he smiled coldly and said, “During the last battle, the only ones who managed to escape on the side of Great Imperial Song City were Wang Zhuo and another person. With you, that means three people. Besides, even if you’re strong, you can’t defeat all of us together. Do you think Wang Zhuo and his friend will come and save you? Dream on!”

Lin Feng smiled coldly. That person rose up into the air and his energies spread out. In the blink of an eye, all the green trees turned black and died, and then they disappeared. A black pattern appeared, containing an endless amount of death energy. Those people’s expressions changed drastically.

“Deployment spell!” They were shocked as they realized how much danger they were in.

“Let’s go!” shouted one of them. They rose into the air and started leaving.

“Die!” said Lin Feng. Instantly, the atmosphere became pitch-black and destructive death energies were everywhere.

The life and death deployment spell turned the world into a deadly realm of darkness. The cultivators continued flying away desperately, but death invaded their bodies and their eyes closed. Then they started falling down from the sky one after another.

It smelled like death.

When Lin Feng was still a cultivator of the Zun Qi layer, he had used cosmic energies to cast deployment spells, and had managed to create shattering deployment spells that could easily kill low-level emperors. He could even pose a threat to medium-level emperors. Now, Lin Feng understood life and death cosmic energies really well. In the blink of an eye, using the life and death deployment spell, he could either give birth to the ten thousand things of creation or destroy them.

The two energies were extremely complementary.

The destructive death energies disappeared. Lin Feng walked around slowly. He took all the precious items from the corpses.

Those people were strong cultivators from Taishan City, they were all heroes. Their treasures were probably incredible. Lin Feng couldn’t give them up.

At that moment, in the distance, in a palace, someone’s face was deathly pale. When coming to that place, his friends and he had exchanged threads of godly awareness in order not to lose one another. Now he realized that many of those people’s threads had disappeared, which meant they were dead.

“Which group did that?!” He was furious. Did Great Imperial Song City have more strong cultivators? Had they been ambushed?

He couldn’t imagine that one person had done that!

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