PMG Chapter 2263

Chapter 2263: Waking Up – Destruction of the Sky

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Lin Feng didn’t know how much time he had spent in the cave. His hair and beard were really, really long, and he was covered with dust. He looked much more mature.

His golden godly awareness palace was dazzling and lofty. In his dream, he had managed to create the real godly awareness palace. It had become a Great Imperial godly awareness palace. His physical strength had been improved by the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree. During these years, he had improved in every aspect. Without the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree, he would have needed many more years to become that strong.

His celestial book spirit was dazzling. He absorbed all the spirits he had ever absorbed and transformed them into his own strength. His spirit and his spirit’s world were becoming better and better. Lin Feng didn’t need to control it anymore, it was an independent world. During these years, his millions of clones had developed that world.

“The Sky Palace, what’s the date tonight?” remembered Lin Feng. He came back to his senses.

“My Dao is going to be complete.” said Lin Feng without paying attention, as if he didn’t know what was going on.

Lin Feng’s celestial book spirit trembled. Dark lightning filled the air around him, as if his spirit were about to explode. Dark lightning started bombarding him. It looked like Judgement Day around him. Finally, his celestial book exploded and turned into a world, and only that world was left.

Lin Feng didn’t look perturbed. His spirit’s world was trembling, people inside raised their heads and saw terrifying dark lightning across the sky.

Tang You You was in Xue Yue, and when she saw the dark thunders, she looked terrified. Luckily, those were ancient forbidden lightnings, so they weren’t destructive. It was just Qi contained in that world; otherwise, such a powerful Qi could have destroyed that world if it had been part of an attack.

At the same time, in the outside world of Purple Clouds, the sky started breaking. Many people raised their heads and started trembling. The sky was breaking in Purple Clouds?! There was no sky anymore in Purple Clouds!

What kind of strength had provoked that?

In a distant mountain, an old man was seated in a chair and suddenly stood up. He was bent, and soon started shaking, and then rose into the air like a spiritual being.

“Am I dreaming?” His son was speechless. The sky was broken? His father had risen up into the air, what was going on? Were Heaven and Earth on the verge of collapse?

The old man gazed into the distance and saw pitch-black forbidden lights. He realized something, and his face changed drastically.

“The prophecy, the legends, in the old days, it’s happening…?” whispered the old man. He suddenly disappeared from where he was. He wanted to see what was going to happen.

Throughout Purple Clouds, many hidden strong cultivators raised their heads, all thinking the same thought. The sky was going to change!

In the Fire Shrine, someone who protected the entrance trembled. His face paled; he was staring at the sky, where forbidden lights were flashing in Purple Clouds and the sky was broken…

“Something big is going to happen, oh no…” He started running and disappeared. After a short time, many people reappeared at his post. Everybody looked at Purple Clouds, they all grimaced, including the leader of the Fire Shrine.

“Pfew… we’ve been fooled…” whispered the leader of the Fire Shrine. Then, he said, “Go to Purple Clouds. If you find the one who attracted the forbidden energy, kill him! Do all you can to find out who among the top ten cultivators of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds went to Purple Clouds!”

“Yes sir!” everybody nodded. Some people headed to Purple Clouds, some people asked around, some people went to other Shrines.

At the same time, the other Shrines also realized what was going on.

In the Fortune Shrine, the Diviner was up in the starlit sky. He could see the forbidden lightning, and smiled. He wouldn’t have thought that the forbidden lightning would cause such damage to lower-class worlds.

Next to him were a few people, including the leader of the Fortune Shrine. He said to the Diviner, telepathically, “Go and tell him to hide. He can’t appear.”

“I understand,” the Diviner nodded. He left immediately. He went to find Lin Feng’s clone, who was in the archive room.

“From now on, the Shrines are all on alert.” said the leader of the Fortune Shrine calmly. Everybody around nodded. Actually, most of them were uninformed, completely in the dark. They didn’t know about the Destiny Wheel, and they didn’t know about Lin Feng.

Lin Feng had the impression he had been dreaming for a thousand years. He slowly opened his eyes. Even though he had dreamt, everything had felt so real. Obviously, he knew what had happened. He also knew that his Dao was going be unlimited soon. There would be no restrictions anymore. However, the last step would be gigantic!

He stood up and looked at himself, smiling wryly. Sword energy filled the air, and cut his hair and shaved his beard. Fire and water appeared around him; hot water cleaned his body. He looked normal and clean once again.

But very quickly, he also changed his face. The Diviner had warned him that nobody could know he was in Purple Clouds. Luckily, only the Celestial Master of the Seven Nights knew about him, but he was dead already. The others didn’t know who he was, and the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts’ territory was a forbidden area.

The lights of the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree gradually disappeared. Lin Feng smiled. He would bring the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree back to Godly Wood Valley at some point. It had helped him a lot already.

But what is my cultivation level? What is that mysterious Dao?, thought Lin Feng. He finally understood what a Forbidden Body without a cultivation level meant; actually, he just had different levels from other people.

Lin Feng walked out of the cave in which he had spent a few years. Behind him, the cave exploded and rumbling sounds spread out as the mountain collapsed. He didn’t leave a single thread of Qi inside.

He headed back to Purple Clouds. The sky had already reappeared here. However, many people were still shocked about what had happened. Some terrifyingly strong cultivators had come and were looking for something. People were really scared. The outsiders had been looking for someone for half a year already!

Those days, Lin Feng spent some time in a small city. He went to a small restaurant there and chatted and drank alcohol with other guests. When the restaurant closed, he went back to the village, watching the sunset above the mountain. He had an ordinary, peaceful, and tranquil life there.

Time passed. Many people in the Shrines were furious, but because nobody found him, the Shrines didn’t start fighting. All the Shrines were looking for the top ten cultivators of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, with orders to kill them if anyone saw them!

This time, someone who had a Forbidden Body was in the world and he had to be killed, no matter what! The situation was different from a thousand years before!!

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