PMG Chapter 2269

Chapter 2269: I’ll Keep You As A Slave

Edited by RED


Everybody had moved far away from the Ice-Moon Lake. The atmosphere was explosive, and the battles were deadly, nobody dared stay there.

Lin Feng didn’t even look at the Heaven Clan’s members; the Ancient Holy Clans of the Vast Celestial Ancient City were too weak. Even if the Heaven Clan had a Saint Emperor, it didn’t matter because he was alone. Three of Lin Feng’s Protectors who were Celestial Imperial Beasts could join hands and easily defeat an ordinary Saint Emperor like the one from the Heaven Clan. Even some of the Celestial Emperors of the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan were terrifying.

Therefore, the Heaven Clan didn’t frighten Lin Feng. Lin Feng was standing on the edge of the Ice-Moon Lake. He looked at the beautiful woman, Empress Xi, and the Nine Netherworlds Emperor was like her shadow.

“Without you, the Moon Palace can’t exist,” Lin Feng said to Empress Xi calmly. He released Qi in a great pulse.

The Nine Netherworlds Emperor jumped in front of Empress Xi without hesitation.

“Good Heavens, the Nine Netherworlds Emperor. Back in the days, we were a bit famous. We’ve both died once, and now, here we meet again. Let’s see who’s become stronger between you and me,” said Yan Di calmly. They had both died in the past, especially the Nine Netherworlds Emperor. Without the Rebirth Scriptures, he would just be a thread of consciousness.

The Nine Netherworlds Emperor looked at Yan Di, the Source of the Nine Netherworlds appeared in his eyes. He started singing the Nine Netherworlds Song, soundwaves surrounded Yan Di.

A huge sun appeared behind Yan Di, dazzling and scorching hot. The Nine Netherworlds strength started burning.

The Nine Netherworlds Emperor and Yan Di moved towards each other. The water of the Ice-Moon Lake churned beneath them. Very quickly, only Lin Feng and Empress Xi were left on the ground.

“Empress Xi, you stole my wife. I’ll keep you as a slave, it will be deep love between you and me,” said Lin Feng evenly.

Empress Xi’s face shifted. A cold Qi filled the air around her, emotionless Dao power, and moved towards Lin Feng. This bastard dared say he wanted to keep her as a slave for deep love?

“Show me if you’re strong enough to talk to me,” said Empress Xi coldly. She flashed away, and emotionless strength swept out. Lin Feng sensed her emotionless strength, and suddenly felt ice-cold.

Empress Xi accelerated, landing in front of Lin Feng. Her emotionless strength turned into a terrifying sword. She wanted to cut apart Lin Feng’s body and soul, freeze him so hard his blood stopped flowing.

Lin Feng’s godly awareness started intertwining. A dazzling golden light flashed. Lin Feng stretched out his hand, also releasing a sharp sword. Their strength collided and exploded.

Empress Xi disappeared and after that, the crowd saw many Empress Xi’s shadows everywhere. How beautiful…

Lin Feng glanced at them, and the atmosphere around them changed, the Fortune City illusion came down again.

Lin Feng walked forwards, the strength of the ten thousand things of creation turned into Life and Death Dao. His Dao strength fused together with his forbidden strength and surrounded everything. There were cracking sounds as Empress Xi’s shadows broke apart one after another. Only her real body was left. She was so beautiful, but at that moment, the death energies had corroded her body.

His Death Dao has reached the maximum level, he also controls a terrifying kind of destructive strength, thought Empress Xi, shaking. How was that possible? How had Lin Feng become so strong? She was a genius, too! She was extremely strong back then when Lin Feng was young and weak, how had he surpassed her?

“You hate me that much?” Empress Xi asked Lin Feng. She sighed, her emotionless strength disappeared.

Lin Feng frowned. Empress Xi said calmly, “My two clones are your wives. They’ve seen you grow up, however, we had no choice but to be enemies. You know how I feel?”

Lin Feng was astonished as he stared at Empress Xi. Xin Ye and Qiu Yue Xin were his wives, they loved him, and Empress Xi had always sensed it. Lin Feng hadn’t known that.

Empress Xi slowly descended to the ground. Suddenly, Lin Feng saw Xin Ye and Qiu Yue Xin, two illusions.

“You studied the Three Lives Scriptures, you must know that what they’ve experienced, I experienced too. I don’t want to be your enemy, you know?” Empress Xi said to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng nodded, he sensed that she had feelings.

Empress Xi looked at Lin Feng’s face, he had the impression she was his wife, too.

At that moment, Lin Feng’s heart softened. He almost forgot he hated her.

However, at that moment, he sensed danger. A deadly emotionless strength shot towards him, like a sharp sword. However, he could still see love in her eyes… something was wrong.

“Emotion Dao.” Lin Feng was astonished, Empress Xi knew both emotionless and emotion Dao!

A terrifying emotionless strength crashed onto Lin Feng’s body. But Empress Xi’s face suddenly changed, because she realized that Lin Feng’s body was extremely hard. Her energies couldn’t pierce through his skin.

Lin Feng had condensed gold cosmic energies!

“When did you study gold type cosmic energies?” Empress Xi’s face stiffened. She thought she understood Lin Feng’s cultivation because Qiu Yue Xin had always been with him. She knew his weaknesses!

Therefore, she had given up Emotionless Dao and had studied Emotion Dao. Initially, it wasn’t on purpose, it was because she really loved him.

Lin Feng was sane and determined. He could still sense her emotions, but they were fake.

Because of that, she had had the opportunity to attack. Even if the strength hadn’t destroyed him, as long as it could pierce through him, that would have been fine, but it hadn’t.

Gold cosmic energies were almost indestructible, but why did Lin Feng know gold cosmic energies?

“I understand the cosmic energies of the five elements,” said Lin Feng calmly. His hands grabbed Empress Xi, and he hugged her. He released overwhelming destructive death strength and forbidden strength, which penetrated into her body.

Empress Xi’s face was frozen. She didn’t dare move.

“Let me go!” she cried out. She never thought she’d fail so miserably. Lin Feng’s physical strength and gold type strength were just too incredible. She couldn’t injure him at all!

Lin Feng was tightly hugging her. Empress Xi released a massive Emotionless intent.

Lin Feng firmly held her, smiling, and said, “Indeed, Xin Ye and Yue Xin are my wives. Tell me, what can I do regarding the connection you have to them?”

Empress Xi’s face slightly changed. She looked at Lin Feng’s smile, she had the impression she was going insane, she struggled to get away.

“You’re so beautiful, you’ll be my love slave, how nice!” said Lin Feng with a smile. He started kissing Empress Xi’s mouth. She was petrified, her face all pale. Her eyes rolled helplessly.

“You’ll die!” she shouted furiously. She released a terrifying Qi, but Lin Feng countered with a massive death strength which brought her come back to her senses. She had made a mistake, she had released emotion strength, it was too late to regret.

“You know about everything that happened between my wives and me. I will keep you as a love slave,” said Lin Feng, smiling heartlessly.

Empress Xi was scared to death. She whispered, “Try and dare.”

“Why wouldn’t I dare?” said Lin Feng, “You’ll become my love slave. That way, you won’t be able to make my wives leave me, because you’ll stand by me like a good girl.”

“If you dare touch me, I’ll kill you!” said Empress Xi, releasing more and more emotionless Qi.

“Will you feel like leaving me then, though?” Lin Feng asked coldly, “I’ll first take you to my world. I will do exactly what I said.”

After that, they appeared in another world…


In the outside world, the Nine Netherworlds Emperor and Yan Di were fighting. The Nine Netherworlds Emperor could still oppress Yan Di, but he was worried about Empress Xi. He looked at the Fortune City illusion and said, “Destroy the illusion!”

The strong cultivators of the Moon Palace rushed over. However, the strong cultivators of the Animal World and the Celestial Evolution Holy Clan could stop them. They surrounded them, but at that moment, the illusion disappeared.

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        What ever happen to the phrase: “Achieving Enlightenment” lol.

        • Jah UniT   •  

          he said that to take suspicion off of him..the older he says he is, the less impressive he appears to be

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      There are a LOT of retcons in this story on the part of poor writing and planning by the original author. Such as them saying Zun Qi cultivators no longer have the normal sub-layers to their cultivation (1-9), which turned out to be Emperors and above, instead.

      Also being told that to break through to Emperor one has to ‘make Dao fall from the sky and fuse with your body’, by an Emperor who hadn’t even started to understand Dao, let alone crap falling from the sky.

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