PMG Chapter 2309

Chapter 2309: Strong Cultivators from Everywhere

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The crowd watched Mo Zheng atop the flagpole: a genius from the Hell Shrine, his Qi was extraordinary.

Many strong cultivators had come to Mo Jia’s Battle Stage. They had come to exchange views on cultivation, including many people from other Shrines, some people from Holy Sage Ruler Clans, and some people just to watch.

“Huo Shang, if you want to fight, just fight, talking is useless. I’ll be happy to devour you alive,” said Aolie proudly. His eyes were filled with flames. He was a fire dragon, and Huo Shang was a disciple of the Fire Shrine. Aolie wanted to see how powerful Huo Shang’s fire was.

“Let’s do it then, let’s fight!” said Huo Shang agreeably. He jumped onto Mo Jia’s Battle Stage, fire surrounding his body instantly. Huo Xing Zi also walked onto the battle stage.

“Haha, Aoxu, let’s go,” said Aolie to Aoxu. Aolie landed opposite them and said, “Huo Xing Zi has the same cultivation level as you, he’s yours.”

Aoxu nodded. Back in the day, when Mo Zheng had first appeared in the outside world, he was already a high-level Imperial Beast in the Animal Supreme World. Now, many years had passed, and he was already a Celestial Imperial Beast. His cultivation level seemed very stable, and his fighting abilities were probably incredible. He was a real dragon, so he had an inherent talent.

“Anyone else want to play? Come here. We’re not here to kill, we’re here to exchange views, for real!” said Aolie. Someone groaned coldly. It was the Empty Space Shrine’s strong cultivator, he jumped onto the battle stage.

Di Jiang smiled and said, “Jing Xiao, let’s go and have some fun?”

Xue Jing Xiao muttered to himself irresolutely. Last time, in the Snow Clan, he had suffered a crushing defeat against Lin Feng. At the same time, the Snow Clan’s reputation had been crushed. One of their monarchs had died, two had been taken away… he was the last one left. It was a tragedy, he had to fight to regain face!

He nodded and jumped onto the battle stage. There were so many strong cultivators on Mo Jia’s Battle Stage.

“I want to have some fun too!” said Gu Xuan Feng. He was from the Demon Shrine, he had come with Mo Fu. During the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, he had tried to kill Lin Feng, who had strength at the top of the Huang Qi layer. Now, he was like Huo Xing Zi; he had broken through to the Tian Di layer. Even though he had become a Celestial Emperor a short time before, he was a cultivator from a Shrine, and very strong.

The people next to Lin Feng seemed excited and eager to try. Lin Feng smiled and said, “No rush. We’ll see afterwards.”

Lin Feng had brought Qing Hai’s roc and the others. He had also brought some Celestial Imperial Beasts from the army the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts had given to him. They were all extremely strong. They wanted to compare themselves with the geniuses of this world, it was normal.

The strong cultivators on the Mo Jia’s Battle Stage already started fighting. The battle stage was on fire.

There were powerful blood lights around Aoxu. Dao power kept assaulting his opponent, trying to crush him. At the same time, some illusionary blood dragons bared fangs and brandished claws as they attacked!

Huo Xing Zi grunted coldly. He took out a fire mace and attacked the dragons, which made them roar furiously before they started burning.

“Die!” shouted Aoxu, punching out in his opponent’s direction. Huo Xing Zi was startled, his fire mace instantly disappearing. He swallowed and released more fire which surrounded him. A fireball appeared in his hand.

“Break!” Dragon chants spread in the air. The dragon’s powers were explosive, immediately destroying the fireball. Aoxu was staring at his opponent, shooting blood lights towards him. But Huo Xing Zi stood steadfast and the fire in his hand grew more and more intense.

Blood dragons raced towards him. The crowd couldn’t see Huo Xing Zi at all anymore. He disappeared inside all those blood dragons. Suddenly, fingers emerged from the blood lights, fire pierced through them; some blood dragons were instantly destroyed, the others started burning and disappeared. In the end, only some blood dragon’s claws reached him.

The two attacks collided. the blood lights surrounded Huo Xing Zi’s fire. Both opponents collided, then they were both forced away. When they stopped moving, there was blood on Aoxu’s fist, and flames had appeared around him. Huo Xing Zi was trembling and covered with blood. Aoxu’s attack was so explosive, he had the impression he had nearly died!

At that kind of cultivation level, people have to control themselves not to use their full strength, they only use a little bit of strength. Nobody knows how strong a cultivator is, but themselves, thought Lin Feng. Saints could kill the strongest great emperors in the blink of an eye with the power of their minds. Even the Fire Shrine’s Saint had died easily because the Diviner was too strong.

“Huo Shang, come and try,” challenged Aolie, stepping forwards. The battle stage trembled. Huo Shang’s eyes were filled with flames.

At that moment, a wind carried a cold Qi, like the battle stage was about to freeze: Ice King intent filled the air. That person was much stronger than Aoxu and Huo Xing Zi!

“Snow Clan, Xue Jing Xiao! I’ve wanted to exchange views with the dragons of the Supreme Animal World’s Dragon Clan for a long time,” said Xue Jing Xiao calmly. Fire and ice were antagonist kinds of strengths, and they were both beasts!

“Same here, let’s see how strong a King of the Snow Clan can be!” returned Aolie evenly. They started fighting. It was a great battle, too. Fire and ice kept colliding as they invaded the battle stage. Their battle was quite dangerous; when Aolie and Xue Jing Xiao moved away from one another, they were both injured. They both had similar strength!

“Xue Jing Xiao has a king-type body and is from the Snow Clan. Aolie is from the Dragon Clan and a terrifying genius. They are both terrifying geniuses,” the onlookers commented.

“You’re extremely strong. Your fighting abilities are incredible. Anyone else want to try?” said Aolie indifferently.

Dazzling golden lights flashed. The Empty Space Shrine’s strong cultivator jumped in front of Aolie. Instantly, Aolie had the impression he was in a cage, and shouted furiously. His opponent looked like an illusion and was teleporting. His strength surged towards Aolie.

“Brilliant! Who else wants to fight? Come!” said someone. At that moment, Heze’s mahoraga jumped up and landed on the battle stage. He was already a Celestial Emperor, he had broken through to the Tian Di layer a short time before.

“Where are you from?” said Gu Xuan Feng coldly, releasing demon energies. He started running towards the mahoraga. Each time he took a step, explosive demon strength surrounded the mahoraga. Gu Xuan Feng then released some pitch-black demon punches.

The mahoraga transformed and threw himself at Xuan Feng, still spitting venom. Gu Xuan Feng sensed the strength of the smelly poison. It was dangerous!

“What a strange mahoraga, but he’s super strong!” cheered the crowd. The people around Lin Feng jumped onto the battle stage and shouted, “Who wants to fight?!”

“My turn!” said a cultivator of the top of the Di Qi layer, throwing himself at Qing Hai’s roc. Nobody chose opponents weaker than them, everybody wanted to fight against someone stronger.

Some strong cultivators from the Shrines were fighting, too!

“Those people’s fighting abilities are incredible. Beasts or people, they’re all very strong!” cheered the crowd. They were a bit surprised, because there was a group of people they didn’t know. They weren’t from the Shrines, and those from the Supreme Animal World didn’t know them, either. How come they had appeared so suddenly? Which group were they from?

Many people looked at Lin Feng. He was wearing a World robe, his hair was fluttering in the wind, his Qi only dimly discernible. They could sense that he was terrifyingly strong, otherwise, he wouldn’t have come with such strong cultivators.

In the distance, two people appeared. When Huo Xing Zi saw them, he was stunned. “Why are they here?”

Qing Feng and Jing. They had come to watch the battles.

Lin Feng looked over at them. He looked on calmly; he knew they were going to be here.

The Demon Shrine had organized this event, Lin Feng was going to take advantage of it. He slowly walked over to Jing and Qing Feng. Many strong cultivators watched him. He looked imposing and awe-inspiring.

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