PMG Chapter 2320

Chapter 2320: Invitation Letter

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After his battle against Qiong Hai Ya, Lin Feng went back to the World Clan. He tried to contact Qing Feng, but it was useless. Qing Feng was isolated from the rest of the world. After that, Lin Feng learned that the one who had made the Void Phoenix Clan call all their members using the Phoenix Blood Talisman the other day was Qiong Hai Ya.

Now, Qiong Hai Ya went to the Void Phoenix Clan, he wanted to finalize the marriage alliance with them. Lin Feng felt great pressure. Qiong Hai Ya wasn’t Huo Xing Zi. His name was Qiong, he had a very high social status in the Fire Shrine…

And he couldn’t contact Qing Feng…

“Daimon” received an invitation letter.

Lin Feng read the letter and was stupefied.

“This material is extremely precious and durable,” mused Lin Feng with a smile. He looked at the name of the sender. “Mu Shan Zi.”

That name contained a particular Qi.

“Who’s Mu Shan Zi?” wondered Lin Feng. He had never heard the name, and he wasn’t very familiar with the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. He hadn’t lived here his entire life. There were people who had been here for millions of years already, it was nothing in comparison with those people.

He didn’t know Mu Shan Zi.

“I’ve checked. He’s from the Thousand Ancient Dust Mountains Clan. He’s also a strong cultivator of the Dazzling Gold Shrine. A hundred years ago, he became a Saint Emperor. His Dao is at the maximum level, he is at the top of the Sheng Di Layer. He hasn’t shown up for a while, but many people think he’s going to try and become a Saint now.”

“A Saint Emperor who has no enemy at the same level?” mused Lin Feng. The expression “who had no enemy at the same level” was extremely relative at such high levels and in such places as the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

“Yes, he’s among the strongest Saint Emperors of the Imperial Court, there aren’t many people like him,” said the strong cultivator next to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng nodded, “So Mu Shan Zi is at the top of the Sheng Di Layer, what about Qiong Hai Ya?”

“Some people have different fighting abilities at that level. It depends whether their Dao has reached the maximum level or not. You, for example, your Dao is at the maximum level, so when you reach the top of the Sheng Di Layer, you’ll be much stronger than many people. Therefore, to become a Saint Emperor who has no enemy at the same cultivation level, you also need to fight a lot. You need to fight people who are already cultivators with no enemy at the level of the Sheng Di Layer. From what I know, Qiong Hai Ya hasn’t reached such a level yet.”

“Qiong Hai Ya hasn’t reached that level.” Lin Feng’s eyes glittered. The criteria to become a Saint Emperor who had no enemy at the same cultivation level was very high. But in any case, being a Saint Emperor was already great, they didn’t have many enemies anymore.

Mu Shan Zi had reached the top of the Sheng Di layer…

“Why does he want to see me?” Lin Feng smiled. He invited Lin Feng to come to his dusky mountain. Many other strong cultivators were going to be there, apparently. He had invited other people…

“Even though you showed up only twice in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, you drew many people’s attention. It’s not surprising that he invited you,” said the World Clan’s strong cultivator.

Lin Feng asked, “Do you know why he invited people?”

“I think it’s related to the forbidden territories,” replied the old man. Lin Feng was surprised and glanced at him. The World Clan knew more than he had imagined. Had the World Clan’s decision to come to the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds been sudden, or did they have other motives?

Lin Feng would understand soon enough. He was excited to progress on the path of cultivation. He had killed a Saint Emperor of the Fire Shrine in front of everybody the previous time, many people had been amazed.

“Forbidden territory!” whispered Lin Feng. He didn’t know too much about the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, but he knew about the seven forbidden territories. He had read books about them in the Forbidden territory. He knew that Chu Chun Qiu had been to the Animal World’s forbidden territory. He was probably very strong already.

“If I go, I will probably see many cultivators of the top of the Sheng Di layer,” smiled Lin Feng.

The old man nodded, “Mu Shan Zi sent that invitation letter to people who have the same social status, there will be many strong cultivators from Shrines. There will also be people who are very core disciples too. If you go, you will see some extraordinary people.”

“Ten Thousand Dusk Mountains, Mu Shan…” repeated Lin Feng. Then, he nodded and said, “I’ll go.”

“I can’t wait to see you become a peerless cultivator. If you become a Saint Emperor, you’ll become incredible and such things won’t be difficult for you anymore,” sighed the old man.

Lin Feng had nothing to say. He still had to complete his small world. He had to improve his god level, his god Dao. He had to understand his own strength a bit better. He might already be similar to Saint Emperors.

Actually, as the old man had said, many people in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds received the invitation letter. But they were different from Lin Feng. They could contact one another and travel freely in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Many people from everywhere started traveling in the direction of the Dazzling Gold Shrine.


Lin Feng also left for the mountain. It was the first time he had traveled so far in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. His clone usually stayed in the Fortune Shrine all the time since the Shrines wanted to kill him.

“Little boy, among the seven forbidden territories, three of them are in the Supreme Animal World. There are many dangerous historical remains there. You’ve been in the Dragon Clan for such a long time, do you know about the three forbidden territories of the Supreme Animal World?” Lin Feng asked Aomo.

“The three forbidden territories of the Supreme Animal World are really dangerous: Ganges Time, Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell, and the Mythological Animal Mausoleum. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be called forbidden territories. However, the most mysterious one is Ganges Time. It’s an infinite ocean of light. It was where the Time Shrine’s holy place was back in the ancient times. Only a few people have managed to cross it. I’ve heard of a Saint Emperor who had no enemy at the same cultivation level who surprisingly died outside of Ganges Time.”

“Ganges Time. The Time Shrine!” Lin Feng was stunned. The Diviner had told him about those. The Shrines had very long histories. He had read many books about the Shrines, too. The Time Shrine was one of the oldest Shrines, like the Countless Shrine. The Countless Shrine had become the Buddha Shrine, and the Time Shrine had disappeared.

“So many people have died in the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell. There are many things we can’t imagine inside. Many people who have been there came out completely insane,” said Aomo, “Regarding Mythological Animal Mausoleum, even though it’s a forbidden territory, the Supreme Animal World doesn’t want people to go there because it’s a sanctuary for beasts. Many ancient beasts are buried there. Many beasts revere it too much to go there.”

“Alright,” Lin Feng nodded. The Supreme Animal World wanted to protect that sacred place.

“Who are the strongest clans in the Supreme Animal World?” asked Lin Feng.

“The Dragon Clan is one of the strongest clans. The Godly Phoenix Clan, the Unicorn Clan, and so on. Of course, there are some mysterious clans who are terrifyingly strong. In the future, we can go the Supreme Animal World together, and I’ll show you,” said Aomo excitedly. Lin Feng grinned. In the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, there were some terrifyingly strong beasts, especially in the Shrines, but the Supreme Animal World had the best ones.

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    Chapter 2296: Lin Feng laughed, “I’ve understood a lot. I progress quickly. Regarding my cultivation level, you can regard me as a Saint Emperor.”

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      Regard him as a saint emperor not that he is one. Technically he is still a high level one not even a great emperor. With his forbidden body he has no actual level, thats why he says godly level.

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