PMG Chapter 2350-2360

Hello there I uploaded Saturdays and Sundays chaps! They will be posted again on the new site and have currently no Next chapter link on them Sorry for the inconvenients.

And FYI i don’t have access to the new site it only showes me various errors and I still wait till its fixed or the ddos attack ended or whatever really happens to the new site.

You should keep this open since most of them are missing there next chapter link!



  1. Icecream   •  

    Thank you so much!

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  4. David   •  

    Thank you!

  5. iqqy chan   •  

    Wow splendid. Thanks so much. Worth my sunday.

  6. mockingj   •  

    Many thanks! More power to your team!

    those chapter were way better than avengers fighting thanos! 🙂

  7. Ronel   •  

    Thank you fir daily update.i’m always amazed in every chapter released…

  8. ace   •  

    damn im good for the next few days…

  9. Lin Feng Fan   •  

    GANGES TIME! I want Time Shrine’s Technique

  10. MJ   •  

    Control.. must.. not.. read.. ALL.. in.. one.. go… MUST.. hold…ba.. FUCK I FINISHED!! ARRRGG!!!

  11. Kenneth White   •  

    Now, that was action packed! Thank.

  12. ace   •  

    is there a release today and tomorrow as well? 😀

  13. Conanmori   •  

    New site not working again I just read chapter 2361 then I can’t access again

    • Qin Nan   •  

      Rest of the chapters haven,t been released yet….. only 2361 has been released … i guess it sort of test to see if new site is stable to release rest of the chapters

      • Cmj2303   •  

        It’s probably because 2361 should have originally been part of Sundays releases according to the schedule. They typically 5 chaps on Sunday and Monday then 6 the rest of the week. For this Saturday and Sunday he released 10 chapters instead of the usual 11.

        • Lin Feng Fan   •  

          U R wrong! 11 chapters were released on sunday 2350-2360 here u have to count 2350 also

  14. Shink   •  

    I am not from the future, but I always knew this day would come. New page(site) always f….k everything up. PMG is almost getting to an end. I suggest to finish the work (pmg) here and later continue the others works in the new site.

    • Qin Nan   •  

      I completely agree with this opinion lets complete PMG on this

  15. Moonskie   •  

    Can you post the link of chap 2361?

  16. Non   •  

    Is it only me or did we miss one days chapters entirely. By my reckoning there were no chapters posted for 28th.

    Anyway the moderators are doing a great job. They are prompt to respond and keep us updated while busy in their everyday lives.

    • Nichpett   •  

      It was a double release on Saturday. So nothing was released Sunday

      • Non   •  

        See there was a release on 25th. None on 26th. Then a double of 27th on the 28th? Or something like that.

        • Neto   •  

          The missing chapters were posted on the new site, unfortunately the site is down so you need to wait for the new site unless they repost them here

    • Chahat   •  

      Yes. I agree with you. Only 1 chapter has been released on Monday, 29th October.

      Let us hope that by end of Tuesday we will get the balance 10 or 11 chapters.

  17. David   •  

    So no chapters today. Great. 😢😭😭😭😭

  18. Nemesis   •  

    Yeah it seems so but why don’t you guys post the new chapters here if it doesn’t work in the new website..Atlest try uploading new chapters in the new website if it’s stable if not please don’t even try it..

  19. cdubaldo   •  

    new site is up and so is this one. Do we still get today’s chapters?

    • Iqqy Chan   •  

      Only 1 chapter release on the new site.

      • Late Update Saint King   •  

        Aladanor might have messed up or the DDos messed things up while uploading.
        Not sure how the infrastructure of the new site works.

  20. shulian   •  

    Are you going to cripple my cultivation? :,,,(

    • ace   •  

      it seems that way..

  21. xionitto   •  

    wow ~~~
    i want study cursed dao ^.^

  22. japher   •  

    Some updates please Aladanor, is the site still having problem?

  23. Jaime   •  

    No new updates? My dao is going wild! Please let us know when are we getting another chapter..

  24. David   •  

    Yo Aladanor any news?

  25. Lijoy   •  

    On discord, Aladanor has said that the new chapters will be put on the new website only, once the site is up.

    • David   •  

      So never

      • iqqy chan   •  


    • David   •  

      Are the chapters on discord? If so i may have to join if they are

  26. Nemesis   •  

    So that means he is not thinking about the mases…And doing what he likes..If the new website takes one month to get going then will the chapters have to wait for a month..I think the best outcome is posting in the old loyal website instead of the new one..That’s what the translators should think about..

    • RieFu   •  

      If it takes 1 month then we can read till chapter 2500 🤣

    • DNangel   •  

      Well it means they only care for the money and not us freeloaders. They don’t realized that it’s us who keeps their website alive because of the traffic we generate daily.

  27. Sainterclause   •  

    keep calm and die slowly, gzzz when the new chapters release? no chapters since yesterday hmmm

  28. Duan Feng   •  

    What if alanador post the missing chapters on discord? I think that will be a great idea tho.

  29. ace   •  

    My patience Dao reached the celestial stage already..

  30. MUka FENGen   •  

    Maybe couse this series going to end … Its delay so ….. (Fill the blank)

  31. xoxo   •  

    -this series is ending
    -no more $ from donors
    -no new series
    -this site is not even flagged as secured by chrome XD
    -no update

    +they have a new site
    +new site is partially working(someone flucked up or something lols)

    idk how this business works but its not looking great if you ask me.

  32. Jape   •  

    Hey guys, we all are disappointed, and want to read the chapters, but let’s be patient. I know the translating team is working to resolve the issue. They have always provided us with great service. So let’s give them a little credit and the benefit of the doubt. At least now we will be able to binge read chapters for awhile 🙂

    • David   •  

      I would not be as aggravated as i am if there was a post say “sorry both sites are down for now sorry” but we have no news. The last thing they said was that they would post here not the new site. But hey nothing here! So yeah

      • Zamurai66   •  

        Aladanor said he will post them once he can access the new website. So just give the man some time.

        • David   •  

          Are the chapters on discord? I have abstained from getting a discord account for a long time but may make one if the chapters are there

          • Lijoy Alexander   •  

            No. He has told he’ll post them on the new site only. Will have to wait and see.

  33. Al   •  

    Be patient guys.. light will come.

  34. Ice   •  

    1. If u guys wanna know why the chapters are delayed, join Discord.
    2. Alad is getting a lot of crap from people over there when it is not even his fault. Little wonder he don’t want to appear here if he gets more of the same. And the reason why he can’t post any update here is he cant access the damn websites.
    3. Accusing them of trying to get people to sign up for Patreon by delaying the chapters is just downright rude.
    4. We are reading these chapters for FREE. As far as I am concerned, it means the translators can do whatever they like. They don’t owe any of us anything and whining about how they missed the release date/times doesn’t change that fact.

    • Moldovaz   •  


    • iqqy chan   •  

      Well said bro 👍👍👍

    • Conanmori   •  

      Well you are right then see you next month guys.

    • Chaos King Saint   •  

      Can you please add me on discord

  35. vlt houty   •  

    Well if you guys in a hurry why don’t you translate it and share it

  36. Dut   •  

    Weird my comments are not appearing

    • Duan Feng   •  

      Weird karin kasi! HAHAHA

      • Conanmori   •  

        MA’s weird ka kasi English yung thread nag tatagalog ka.

        • dut   •  

          promise ayaw tlaga ma post comment ko.

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