PMG Chapter 2378-84

Chapter 2378: Great Battle Against Qiong Yu!

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In the desolate, gloomy, and scorching hot cave, the two figures kept flickering. After a very long time, Qiong Yu decided that they were far enough from the entrance and stopped. He turned around and looked at Lin Feng coldly as his fire spear appeared in his hand.

Very quickly, Lin Feng landed in front of him, holding his God’s sword.

“Before fighting, could you please tell me who you are?” Qiong Yu asked. He didn’t underestimate or despise Lin Feng. He had seen how terrifying his sword attacks were!

“Lin Feng!” Lin Feng didn’t hide his real identity. It wasn’t necessary anymore. The Diviner had even started killing people from the Fire Shrine, and threatened to start a war. Either the Fortune Shrine or the Fire Shrine would collapse!

“Lin Feng who ranked first at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.” Qiong Yu was surprised. He wasn’t surprised to learn that the person in front of him was Lin Feng, he was surprised to see how strong he had become. Qiong Yu didn’t know much about Lin Feng. Not all the members of the Shrines knew everything about Lin Feng, Qiong Yu had only heard that amongst the top ten cultivators of the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, one of them might have a Forbidden Body and therefore the Shrines wanted to kill him. However, Qiong Yu didn’t really believe in the legends related to the Forbidden people. Could a Forbidden person really trigger a Shrines’ Dusk War?

The Shrines had already reached a certain level of strength, how come they hadn’t managed to destroy someone who had a Forbidden Body? But now Qiong Yu was facing Lin Feng, and felt some admiration for him. Not such a long time had passed since the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Back then Lin Feng was only a cultivator of the top of the Huang Qi layer, and now he had become a Saint, how impressive!

Qiong Yu’s Qi was becoming more and more intense. He said coldly, “The Godly Grave will become your grave. You should feel honored!”

A light beam emerged from Qiong Yu’s hand, a drop of blood appeared and turned into a dazzling fire armor, fusing with Qiong Yu’s skin. Lin Feng was extremely strong, and Qiong Yu preferred being cautious, Lin Feng had a terrifying Saint’s Weapon, so with this armor, Qiong Yu felt completely safe.

“I see. You’re really important in the Fire Shrine,” said Lin Feng to Qiong Yu. He wasn’t surprised that Qiong Yu had several Saint’s Weapons. The fire spear was for attacks and the armor was for defense, a complete set.

Qiong Yu moved towards Lin Feng. This time, he looked much more solemn and serious. Each time he took a step, Celestial Dao flew up and he condensed it. He was going to use a Saint’s technique!

Lin Feng looked unruffled. His robe was fluttering in the fiery wind. He didn’t take Qiong Yu into his own world immediately, Qiong Yu couldn’t escape anymore anyway, so why not have a real fight against him? Lin Feng wanted to try using his God’s sword.

Qiong Yu lifted his spear and condensed even more Celestial Dao. Around him, several vortexes appeared and turned into spears.

“Die!” shouted Qiong Yu explosively. An endless number of black spears moved towards Lin Feng instantly, turning into fire tornados.

Lin Feng took a step forwards and released God strength.

Lin Feng’s sword thrust forwards and released absorbing strength which turned into a vortex. It absorbed the spears one after another. Lin Feng’s sword was like a black hole absorbing everything in its way.

The sword had turned into a black hole which sucked in the spears. Lin Feng was trying out the absorbing strength of his sword!

The spear Qiong Yu was holding shook with his fury, and he shouted out. Three thousand spears appeared and condensed into a single gigantic spear. It shot straight towards the black hole. Small fire dragons appeared and danced around the spear as they roared out.

The black hole started trembling, Lin Feng took a few steps backwards as he cast a deployment spell. The atmosphere became golden. Empty space strength started intertwining. Lin Feng could cast deployment spells instantly with the power of his mind. He also condensed God strength into his deployment spells.

“Hmph!” Qiong Yu grunted coldly. He stabbed his spear into the ground, and the deployment spell on the ground started cracking. He didn’t want to give Lin Feng time to cast a deployment spell. However, the deployment spell reappeared instantly. He wasn’t as fast as Lin Feng!

Lin Feng slowly walked forwards, an illusion appeared, and everything became dark around his opponent. However, in the darkness, there was a deadly sword shooting towards him. He started to get a bit worried.

“Burn!” shouted Qiong Yu. Flames of fury appeared in his eyes.

Lin Feng’s sword penetrated into the ocean of flames, piercing through and reappearing on the other side. Lin Feng frowned; it was as if his sword had pierced through nothing, through emptiness.

“It can’t be!” Suddenly, he felt danger. He saw a pair of eyes filled with flames and closed his eyes. His eyes had just started burning painfully.

Qiong Yu also reappeared, lights dispersing around him. He was having a hard time too. His armor had shattered, forcing him to use an illusion to become immaterial and his eyes to release fire to protect himself.

“Destroy!” said Qiong Yu, pointing at Lin Feng. A terrifying Saint’s strength condensed and shot towards Lin Feng’s third eye. Lin Feng countered with a terrifying death strength. They weren’t that close to one another, but Lin Feng could sense how scary those energies were.

At that moment, Lin Feng had the impression he could die instantly!

However, he closed his eyes and remained completely calm. His sword was shooting forwards and he could not recall it, and he couldn’t dodge, either. He could only use one kind of strength to dodge.

“Great Empty Space Technique!” Lin Feng started entering an empty space, at the same time, he released Qi towards Qiong Yu’s head, the invisible and intangible Qi penetrated into Qiong Yu’s skull.

At that moment, the only thing Qiong Yu wanted to do was kill Lin Feng. “It’s over,” he said, pointing at Lin Feng. He charged forwards and smiled coldly, as if he had found something. He had to kill this guy!

“Eh?” Qiong Yu frowned. He realized there was something wrong!

“Sword intent? How is that possible?” Qiong Yu was astonished. “Impossible!”

However, Qiong Yu retreated as quickly as he could, but it was too late. Lin Feng’s hand suddenly moved towards his head, and he had no time to stop him.

“No!…” The destructive hand was becoming bigger and bigger in his field of vision. It was impossible, but the hand still reached him. His soul shook violently, and his body went numb.

A terrifying strength hit him with the force of a landslide and the power of a tidal wave. Happily, Lin Feng didn’t want to kill him, he wanted to make him unable to fight. Qiong Yu sensed his internal organs explode, and coughed blood. Finally, he couldn’t hold on anymore, and collapsed.

“Was it an illusion?” whispered Qiong Yu, as if he had realized something.

Lin Feng looked at Qiong Yu. How dangerous. A moment before, he had created a dream using illusion strength which corresponded to what Qiong Yu wanted to see. However, Qiong Yu wanted to kill him so badly, so it was difficult to resist!

Lin Feng looked at his chest. There was blood, but it was worth it. Capturing Qiong Yu was the most important thing in the world, for his son, Zhe Tian!

“But now…” Lin Feng looked around and remembered that he was in the Godly Grave, one of the seven forbidden territories!


Chapter 2379: Forbidden territory – Godly Grave

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In Tian Yan City, when Lin Feng captured Qiong Yu, his clone whispered to the Diviner, “I have captured Qiong Yu.”

“Good!” said the Diviner. He was happy. His real body was in Blood Great Imperial City slaughtering people. It was all worth it. He had helped Lin Feng seize an opportunity to capture Qiong Yu. That way, the Fire Shrine wouldn’t act so recklessly, and Zhe Tian would be safe.

“I captured Qiong Yu, will you release him now?” asked the Diviner to the members of the Fire Shrine. The members of the Fire Shrine were stunned. They took out jade talismans and called Qiong Yu quickly. As expected, he wasn’t reachable. Their expressions changed drastically.

“Fortune Shrine, how sly!”

“We’re not as shameless as you, at least,” the Diviner replied pitilessly.

“Well, you captured Qiong Yu in the grave, how do we exchange people now?”

“Release him for me for now,” said Lin Feng indifferently. He walked forwards and said to the members of the Fire Shrine, “I captured Qiong Yu. He’s with my real body. You release Zhe Tian, I stay here. That way, you can keep things under control.”

“You? What if you give up your real body?” asked a strong cultivator of the Fire Shrine coldly, sounding skeptical.

Lin Feng released Qi into the air and then raised his fist, punching out. He said, “My clones are extremely powerful too, you think I’d give up one of my powerful clones just to kill Qiong Yu? I don’t care about him at all.”

The members of the Fire Shrine frowned, trying to see if Lin Feng was telling the truth or not. Lin Feng said, “No need to think of a solution. If you act recklessly again, I won’t trust you anymore. I’ll give up my son and I’ll kill Qiong Yu.”

The members of the Fire Shrine looked pensive. Was giving up a clone worth saving Zhe Tian?

“Alright, let’s do the exchange,” said a Saint of the Fire Shrine at that moment.

Lin Feng looked at him and said, “Alright, I’m coming, release Zhe Tian.”

Lin Feng’s clone walked towards the Saint of the Fire Shrine. As long as his clone was there, the Fire Shrine would wait because his real body had Qiong Yu.

The Fire Shrine released Zhe Tian. Zhe Tian slowly walked forwards, when they passed next to each other, Zhe Tian said to Lin Feng telepathically, “Father, let’s escape together.”

“We’re in Tian Yan City!” replied Lin Feng, “Don’t worry. It’s only a clone. They won’t do anything to me. You go back, go and see your mother.”

Zhe Tian’s eyes were red, but he nodded and said, “Father, I will definitely become extremely strong!”

“Go!” said Lin Feng calmly. He slapped Zhe Tian’s shoulder. The Fire Shrine didn’t do anything dodgy.

When Zhe Tian went back. The Diviner said, “We’re off.”

Their figures flickered. The Saints of the Fire Shrine glanced after them coldly. The Diviner sensed a terrifying Qi surrounding him. A few people appeared in front of him in the sky, staring at him coldly.

Something appeared in the Diviner’s hand; dazzling lights surrounded them and the vault of heaven absorbed them. They turned into illusions and disappeared, leaving Tian Yan City. They had gotten prepared.

After the Diviner and the others left, the cultivator of the Fire Shrine said, “As expected, he prepared a teleportation scepter.”

“Get ready to fight. The Fortune Shrine doesn’t fear a war, the Fire Shrine doesn’t either,” said an old man indifferently. Then they disappeared. That simple sentence could determine the fate of an entire generation.


Lin Feng didn’t control the situation. His strength was limited. There were many things he couldn’t control. He knew that when he had entered the Godly Grave already. He didn’t even know how to get out of the Godly Grave.

Lin Feng’s figure flickered. The landscapes were desolate because everything was burning there. Anything that could survive in there was a precious treasure.

“There’s someone!” At that moment, Lin Feng saw a figure. The man was lying on the ground, injured.

Lin Feng flashed forwards and landed next to the man. He was a Saint Emperor at the top of the Sheng Di Layer. In the outside world, apart from Saints, such cultivators were already strong. Most of the time, only Saints had the opportunity to meet other Saints. Saints were too mysterious.

A powerful life strength penetrated into the man’s body as Lin Feng helped him recover. The person said, “Thank you very much, Master.”

“How long have you been in the Godly Grave?” asked Lin Feng.

“How long?” That person looked confused. He was struggling to remember.

“I forgot, hundreds of years, I guess,” the man said sorrowfully. Back then, he was powerful and influential in the outside world, and now he had been stuck in there for hundreds of years. What had he gone through in there?

“What is there in the Godly Grave?” asked Lin Feng.

That person looked pensive. In the past, he used to think there were opportunities, he had thought he’d find historical remains. Then he had realized people were fighting everywhere inside. In the past he thought there weren’t many Saints, and only then he had realized he didn’t know much about the world.

He was at the top of the Sheng Di Layer and kept being humiliated in there, he could do nothing but drift and live without purpose. Nobody respected him.

He looked at Lin Feng, he looked desperate and replied, “Battles!”

“Battles?” asked Lin Feng surprised, “What do you mean?”

“I don’t know either, people just wander around and fight. There are nine exits, all of them correspond to nine ancient spiritual beings. There are battlefields and historical remains. The Godly Grave is a place to fight. And regarding the historical remains, I’ve never found any, and I’ve never heard of any.”

He lowered his head and finished hoarsely, “I want to leave this evil place.”

“Why haven’t I seen anyone?” asked Lin Feng, “And what is this, the word ‘FIRE’ is written on your third eye?”

The word was written on the man’s forehead, dimly discernible and containing a particular Qi.

“Continue straight ahead, there’s a battlefield. You’ll understand. The word FIRE is the spiritual being’s signature, anyone who goes there get his third eye signed. It proves you are one of the Fire God’s people,” explained the man.

Lin Feng frowned. Signature? And what did he mean with battlefields? What kind of place was the Godly Grave?

Lin Feng had been to the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell. It was an elaborate place with palaces, demon kings, demons, etc. Was the Godly Grave really only a grave for spiritual beings, or gods?

Lin Feng guessed that the forbidden territories all had mysteries. To the people who controlled those places, they probably weren’t mysterious, however.

Lin Feng understood that in this world, when reaching a certain level, there were no problems anymore, the forbidden territories weren’t mysteries in the eyes of such people.

“Bring me there,” said Lin Feng. The man shook his head quickly. “Master, I don’t want to go back there.”

“I’ll protect you,” said Lin Feng.

That cultivator forced himself to nod with a sigh, “Alright. Straight away the whole time.”

Lin Feng took the man and flew in that direction!


Chapter 2380: Have the Gods Really Vanished?

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Lin Feng took the Saint Emperor forwards. They quickly arrived at the top of a mountain and stopped. Lin Feng gazed into the distance.

There was a gigantic valley below, in which there was indeed a battlefield. Smoke kept rising up in the air, and there were caves and fortresses everywhere, with tents scattered between. Many people were sitting around, looking confused. There was an invisible and intangible Qi around them which indicated they had been fighting for a very long time.

In the sky was a gigantic curtain of fire. Lin Feng was still far from all this, but he could sense an enormous amount of strength. That strength wanted to pierce through his third eye, leaving him no choice.

“How come there are so many Saint Emperors?” asked Lin Feng. Those people all seemed to be Saint Emperors.

“They’re like me. After they came in, they weren’t able to leave. Even though I’ve been here for a long time, many people have been here for much, much longer than me. Some of them have been here for ten thousand or even a hundred thousand years. The most incredible thing I’ve seen here was seven generations of people who met in here, they were from the same clan and surprisingly they all met in here. You know, at our level, if we don’t get killed, we almost never die,” the man replied. It reminded him of the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell, generations of people entering the forbidden territories and getting stuck inside.

“Since it’s a battlefield, it must be to death, right? Why are there so many people?” asked Lin Feng.

“The FIRE word in people’s third eyes is a gift offered by the spiritual being to protect people before dying. Even if their body is destroyed, they can use body capture to come back to life. Saints have incredible healing abilities. I have personally died twice; once I was saved and brought back to life, and once I stole a body using body capture.”

That person looked sad and devastated, he had no way to live. He had become a puppet, only death could save him.

“According to legends, there are spiritual beings’ historical remains in the Godly Grave, but there’s only a battlefield here? How come? What is the purpose?” Lin Feng didn’t understand.

“Lies. Everything is a lie in the Continent of the Nine Clouds,” said the man firmly. “I’ve heard many things I would have never dared believe in the past. For example, people who manage to leave usually find historical remains, and the spiritual beings allow them to leave. Many people who come here are strong fighters, and they can make the spiritual beings disappear, but do spiritual beings really disappear? The spiritual beings who made the Shrines, are they alive or not? Are there only peerless Saints who controlled Shrines?”

“You think that the spiritual beings still exist?” asked Lin Feng.

“I also used to think that the spiritual beings, or gods if you wish, had disappeared. But since I’ve been here, I’m sure that the nine gods still exist. Otherwise the existence of the Godly Grave wouldn’t be justified. Those people, or deities, despise us. They use us like chess pieces. They look down at us from the sky. The Godly Grave is a forbidden territory for us; for them, it’s a game!”

He looked terrified, desperate, panic-stricken, and terrifyingly sad. He put his hands on his head and shouted furiously, “No, no…”

“What’s going on?” asked Lin Feng frowning. His informer went into a frenzy, writhing in pain.

“The word in his third eye!” Lin Feng was astonished. The word in his third eye started burning, then it grew large enough to surround his body.

“No!…” the cultivator screamed, and began to burn.

Lin Feng pulled a long face, and moved forwards. Ice surrounded the man, but it was useless. He burned down to ash and finally, only the gigantic word ‘FIRE’ was left behind.

“He’s dead.” Lin Feng was grim. They were chatting about the gods, and suddenly that person had begun to burn. How mysterious. Lin Feng raised his head and looked up at the sky. Did gods really exist?

According to legends, there had been a great war in the ancient times, and the gods had vanished. Was it all a lie?

Was everything about the Godly Grave a lie, too?

Lin Feng looked at the ashes and bowed. “If I hadn’t taken you back, you wouldn’t have died. I just didn’t know.”

Lin Feng turned around and gazed into the distance. Someone came out of a fortress. He had big eyes, but looked remarkably dignified. He sensed something and looked back at Lin Feng. However, he didn’t look surprised; it was just another person who had come to the Godly Grave.

It was normal. Many people came here.

“Since you’re here, come down. There is no exit,” said that person. Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled. He had no option, he jumped forwards.

Lin Feng walked slowly through the valley. However, when he landed on the ground, an invisible and intangible strength crashed onto his third eye. The word “FIRE” appeared there, just like the one on the man who had just died.

“Is it really a god’s signature?” murmured Lin Feng. If there was no god, what was the explanation? No wonder the man had suspected they were still gods after having spent such a long time here.

Lin Feng walked past a middle-aged man. The man looked at Lin Feng and said, “From now on, obey me. If you disobey, you’ll die.”

That middle-aged man was a low-level Saint. Lin Feng’s cultivation level was always blurry in other people’s eyes. He looked ordinary.

“What do I need to do?” asked Lin Feng. He didn’t show how strong he was. He needed to understand what kind of place the Godly Grave was, and he needed to get pieces of information from other people.

“Nothing. Just stay with them. If there’s anything to do, I’ll tell you,” said the middle-aged man indifferently. In the distance was an army of cultivators.

Lin Feng nodded and walked over to them. Those people looked at Lin Feng apathetically, totally expressionless.

“Another unlucky person,” a woman sighed. Lin Feng turned around and looked at her. She was wearing black clothes. She didn’t look beautiful, she looked just normal, clean, and simple.

Lin Feng smiled and sat down next to her. She was a bit surprised, but she smiled and said, “Where are you from?”

“Northwest Area,” said Lin Feng smiling.

“Northwest Area? You’re from the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds then. It’s not far from the Fire Shrine. No wonder you came through the fire door,” said the woman smiling. She stretched her hand and said, “Lin Yi.”

“Lin!” Lin Feng’s heart twitched, but he shook her hand and smiled, “Mu Feng.”

“By the way, Lin Yi, you said I’m from the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, but are there people here from other places, then?” asked Lin Feng. He was curious.

“I don’t know. I’ve only been here for a dozen years. I’ve talked to some people, but some of them are from places I’ve never heard of, and I don’t know whether they were from the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds or not.”

“You’ve been here for a short time too, then. What’s going on with the battles? Who are we fighting? And why?” asked Lin Feng. There had to be a reason to fight. The one who had died had told Lin Feng the gods were just playing a game…

“For merit and to open the gods’ historical remains, but we are just cannon fodder,” said Lin Yi smiled sadly. People around looked at her, all looking devastated. What a tragedy to be there!

Chapter 2381: Invasion

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“Merit? Open the historical remains?” Lin Feng didn’t understand what Lin Yi meant. Were there really historical remains there? Did they even need to open them?

“What merit? And has anyone ever seen the historical remains?” asked Lin Feng to Lin Yi.

“When we enter the Godly Grave, depending on the entrance you use to enter, a different word is put into your third eye. When you enter through the fire entrance, the word FIRE appears in your third eye which means we represent the fire spiritual being, or fire god. When people enter through the other entrances, the same happens to them; a word appears in their third eye and indicates which spiritual being they represent. When we kill people from other armies, we steal other spiritual beings’ achievements, like points!

“Regarding the historical remains, I’ve heard some old people say that we’ll never see them personally,” Lin Yi smiled sadly. She had already resigned herself. There was nothing else to do, anyway.

“Cultivators of the Di Qi layer are under the orders of the Saints. Since we are not as strong as Saints, we are just cannon fodder on the battlefield. When Saints are killed, the killers they get more points, it seems. Of course, only Saints who have been in here for a long time know what things are actually like.”

“Alright.” Lin Feng nodded. They needed military merits, or points, to open the historical remains, it seemed. Lin Feng now wondered… who benefited from the victories? Only the one in charge of the specific grave? Or the whole army, too?

“Killing other people is getting more and more difficult, because everybody knows how to protect their points. They don’t let their people die. Each time armies start fighting, some people are in charge of the corpses, and don’t let you steal points,” continued Lin Yi.

They heard some steps behind them. Lin Feng and Lin Yi turned around. A woman had arrived. She looked heroic and valiant, graceful, elegant, and charming, truly noble. She glanced over the crowd and especially at Lin Feng and Lin Yi.

“What’s your name?” the woman asked Lin Feng.

“She’s the Blood Saint’s daughter, she’s in charge of us most of the time. She has an explosive temper. Don’t infuriate her,” Lin Yi warned Lin Feng.

“Mu Feng!” replied Lin Feng.

“You, stand up.” said the woman aggressively, pointing at Lin Feng. Lin Feng was surprised. He wasn’t used to people talking to him that way, but he wasn’t like in the past. He didn’t have such a bad temper anymore, he was like pale clouds and a gentle breeze. He didn’t want to confront her directly right now. At least, he first wanted to understand what was going on in the Godly Grave and how to leave. He also wanted to understand what the point of the battles between the nine spiritual beings was. Were the gods really playing a game?

“Take out your jade talisman,” said the woman said to Lin Feng. He took it out and they exchanged their contact details.

“Lin Yi, go and show him around so that he gets familiar with the area,” said the woman, before turning around and leaving.

Lin Yi and some other people stood up and said to Lin Feng, “Let’s go then. We’ll go and scout.”

“Scout for what?” asked Lin Feng.

“It’s a war. We need to scout and gather intelligence. Otherwise, the enemies will kill us easily without us even knowing how. It’s very dangerous here!” said Lin Yi. The group of people headed out.

“Mu Feng, let me give you a map of the area. We’re on the edge of the Fire Grave here,” said Lin Yi, transmitting a map to Lin Feng using her godly awareness.

“How desolate. Are there really historical remains here?” said Lin Feng. He had the feeling there was nothing here.

“If there are no historical remains, why would there be so many people, including Saints?” interjected someone. They were four people, two men in addition to Lin Feng and Lin Yi. They looked cold, their eyes empty and hopeless.

“In front of us is an area where people often hide, but our enemies usually don’t hide that far,” said Lin Yi. They all released their godly awareness and inspected the mountain range.

“There’s nobody,” whispered Lin Yi, “But even if we can’t see anyone with our godly awareness, we have to be careful. Many people have incredible hiding abilities. However, the probability of seeing an enemy here is not high.”

Lin Feng frowned because he could sense life with his godly awareness.

As expected, Lin Yi was right, some people are hiding here. I can only sense some dimly discernible life energy. Lin Yi can’t sense anything, it’s not unusual, thought Lin Feng. Lin Yi was a bit careless because she was too close to their base, convinced there was no enemy this far out.

Very quickly, they crossed the area, but Lin Feng didn’t say anything about what he had sensed. He wanted to cross the area and see if those people who were hiding would come out at some point.

“How fast.” At that moment, Lin Feng was startled, as the thread of life energy he had sensed moved extremely fast, and nobody had noticed it. If he hadn’t been staring at it the whole time, he wouldn’t have noticed it, either!

Lin Feng ignored the enemy and continued moving forwards. After a short time, they arrived in a vast area, and Lin Feng sensed some people’s Qi.

I think something is going to happen, thought Lin Feng. As expected, when Lin Feng arrived at the beginning of a valley, he said to Lin Yi, “That’s enough for today, isn’t it? Let’s go back.”

Lin Yi was surprised, go back? How could things be so easy?

“We’re scouting. There are enemies on our territory, how could we go back?” said Lin Yi.

If we don’t go back, we might never go back…, thought Lin Feng. He whispered, “There is a great danger awaiting us here, let’s go back.”

Lin Feng turned around and started retreating. The two men frowned; Lin Yi was surprised, but she decided to trust Lin Feng and followed him. At the same time, she said telepathically, “Did anything happen?”

“I sensed lots of life Qi,” said Lin Feng.

“Impossible,” Lin Yi’s face stiffened, “We’re good at scouting, especially when it comes to sensing strength, and we sensed nothing at all.”

“They use Saint’s Weapons to hide their Qi,” replied Lin Feng.

Lin Yi’s face stiffened, “If that’s the case, we need to go back and report it to the superiors. We need to leave if the situation is dangerous.

“Invaders?” asked Lin Feng.

“Enemies don’t come here to scout. If they’re really here, it’s to invade us. We need to hurry up and head back.” Lin Yi accelerated. The enemies remained discreet, but Lin Feng noticed that they had changed their positions. They had gotten closer to the palace.

“How many people do we have? How many Saints?” asked Lin Feng.

“There are three Saints, the strongest one is the Blood Saint,” replied Lin Yi.

“Since we have Saints, why don’t the Saints of the other side attack directly? Why do they need to use armies? It seems troublesome,” said Lin Feng. He didn’t understand. The Saints could destroy all the Saint Emperors as they wished.

“Saints don’t care about Saint Emperors, especially since there are so many of them. Killing Saints to get points is too difficult,” replied Lin Yi.

“If it were me, I wouldn’t kill them,” said Lin Feng, smiling indifferently.

When they arrived back to the palace, the Blood Saint’s daughter was surprised. She asked, “How come you’re back already?”

“Mu Feng said he sensed lots of life Qi which was getting closer and closer to our palace,” said one of the two men. Lin Feng frowned. They had made him bear the responsibility, no matter what happened, nobody would blame them.

“And you didn’t sense anything?” asked the woman.

“No.” said the two, shaking their heads.

“What about you, Lin Yi?” asked the woman.

“I…” Lin Yi’s face stiffened. “I didn’t either, but I believe Mu Feng.”

“You have acute perceptions and you haven’t sensed anything, he has just arrived and you believe him?” said the woman coldly. She looked at Lin Feng, a fire whip appeared and lashed towards Lin Feng.

Lin Feng released Qi, but Lin Yi said to him telepathically, “Don’t try to resist.”

Lin Feng stopped, and the whip crashed onto his body. His clothes were torn apart instantly, but he didn’t move at all, he just glanced at her coldly. If Lin Yi hadn’t told him anything, he would have killed her.

“I’ll forgive you this time. If you do something like that again, I’ll kill you.” said the woman coldly, staring at Lin Feng.

You’re right, I’ll forgive you this time too, thought Lin Feng. She would see after the enemy arrived, and understand. Then, Lin Feng would settle accounts with her regarding those whiplashes.

Of course, those whiplashes didn’t injure Lin Feng at all. Otherwise, he would have already done something!

“What do the battles look like here?” Lin Feng gazing into the distance. They were soon going to fight!


Chapter 2382: You Want To Die!

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The Blood Saint’s daughter left, looking angry. After she left, Lin Feng said to Lin Yi, “Leave with me.”

Lin Yi was startled. Leave? In the Godly Grave, Saint Emperors who didn’t stay with a Saint usually died in tragic conditions. Only some terrifyingly Saints dared travel alone in here. They killed as many people as they could and got points alone. According to legends, those who managed to do that had opportunities to leave.

According to legends, the spiritual beings were the gods of this world. They remained at the top of the world forever. They were the ones who had created the world, the Continent of the Nine Clouds, the Shrines, everything. There were many legends about gods. Everybody wanted to see the gods and their historical remains.

“Mu Feng, you’re new here, you don’t know much, but traveling alone in the Godly Grave is too dangerous,” replied Lin Yi.

“Trust me!” said Lin Feng smiling at Lin Yi. When she saw his smile, she was astonished. This guy was so mysterious. She suddenly remembered that Lin Feng had sensed the presence of enemies, but how?

“You really want to leave?” asked Lin Yi.

“We’ll leave when we’re done here. I need to do some things here. But first, let’s get away from the crowd,” said Lin Feng.

She looked at him and nodded, “Alright. So many years have passed and I couldn’t break through in here. Maybe I have a problem, maybe my life is just useless here. I can gamble this time. Mu Feng, I’ll stay with you.”

“Let’s go!” said Lin Feng. Their figures flickered. Even though they were under the Blood Saint’s orders, nobody prevented them from moving around.

Very quickly, they arrived at the top of a mountain and gazed into the distance. They didn’t hurry to leave. Lin Feng said, “Those people will arrive soon.”

Lin Yi looked at Lin Feng. He looked completely composed, and even when the Blood Saint’s daughter flogged him, he looked unruffled, as if he didn’t care. He didn’t take her seriously.

Maybe I was wrong?, thought Lin Yi suddenly. She couldn’t see Lin Feng’s cultivation level. It seemed like he was at the same cultivation level as her, but at the same time, she couldn’t be sure.

“Could it be…” Lin Yi’s mouth twitched. Could it be that Mu Feng was a Saint?


Time passed, the air was calm. However, Lin Feng sensed that something strange was happening. His eyes glittered. He said, “They’re here.”

“Eh?” Lin Yi gazed into the distance. Were they there?

Far away, a few people flew up. The Blood Saint’s eyes shone. Two other Saints appeared next to him.

“Who are you?” shouted the Blood Saint coldly. His voice spread far away, and was as explosive as thunder. However, a million li away, a curtain of light appeared. The atmosphere was sealed!

“Some people are invading us?” At that moment, everybody understood. When people invaded someone else’s area, they sealed it first. Otherwise, other forces would come and try to steal their points while they were busy fighting!

Suddenly, a terrifying Qi filled the air. People flew up. It was a terrifying army. The members of the Fire Grave realized that only when they got closer.

“They’re using Saint’s Weapons to hide their Qi!” swore the Blood Saint. He shouted coldly, “You didn’t go and scout?!” shouted the Blood Saint furiously.

His daughter pulled a long face. She looked at her army, looking for Lin Feng. He had been right!

“How is that possible?” She couldn’t find him, and she couldn’t see Lin Yi either.

She didn’t have time to think though. A terrifying strength suddenly covered the whole area.

“Everybody protect your own self. We’re encircled!” said the Blood Saint when he sensed the immense Qi. They had no choice but protect themselves this time. The enemies had a good strategy, and wanted to kill them!

People were panic-stricken. The Blood Saint had told the crowd to protect themselves, which meant they weren’t strong enough.

“Father!” said the Blood Saint’s daughter, she pulled a long face. If they were encircled, it meant they were doomed!

“The only way to escape is to break the seal!” said the Blood Saint to his daughter, as a terrifying strength surrounded her.

“Father.” The Blood Saint’s daughter was shocked. She saw a terrifying oppressive strength surround the Blood Saint. A Saint slowly arrived. She knew that the Blood Saint was protecting her, but she couldn’t stay next to him.

“Mu Feng.” said Lin Yi. She was astonished. Their enemies had really come, like Lin Feng had said.

Lin Feng looked at Lin Yi inquiringly. She said, “The area is sealed. We’re stuck here. The sealed area is gigantic.”

“Let’s go and see.” She looked at him, turned around, and saw the battle had already started. Very quickly, the members of the Fire Grave started getting slaughtered. They couldn’t win, and didn’t stand a chance, since the Blood Saint had given up directly.

“Without planning and without a strategy, the battle could only end up tragically,” said Lin Yi when she saw the Saints of the Fire Grave getting slaughtered. It was the first time she had seen such a terrifying massacre. She had seen many battles, she had seen many people die, and many enemies steal points, but today, the Fire Grave’s members were just getting slaughtered.

When cultivators died, the enemies took the fire signatures the members of the Fire Grave had in their third eyes, those were the points.

How macabre. They look like bloodthirsty demons, thought Lin Feng, glancing at the action. The members of the Fire Grave were running in all directions. Some people ran towards Lin Feng and Lin Yi.

Those people just glanced at them but didn’t stop, they continued running away. They had to protect themselves first. However, when they arrived at the edge of the territory, they couldn’t break the seal.

The Blood Saint’s daughter also escaped. When she saw Lin Feng and Lin Yi, she said coldly, “Bastard, you knew that the enemies were invading our territory, why didn’t you insist!”

Lin Yi was amused. The woman had refused to believe him, and now she was releasing her anger on him.

The Blood Saint’s daughter released a terrifying Qi and took out her whip again. It turned into a fire snake and lashed out at a terrifying speed.

“Be careful!” said Lin Yi. However, at that moment, the Blood Saint’s daughter was astonished; Lin Feng had grabbed the whip, and it instantly stopped moving.

“You…” the Blood Saint’s daughter pulled a long face.

Lin Feng used a little bit of strength to pull it out of her hand. Then, he flogged her violently. Her clothes were instantly torn apart.

Lin Feng was expressionless. He flogged her again. The lash of the whip surrounded her neck and he dragged her towards him, looking at her in an icily disdainful way without saying anything.

She felt so humiliated her face had turned deathly pale.

How come he’s so strong?, thought the Blood Saint’s daughter. Even though she felt humiliated, she could sense he was terrifyingly strong. Lin Feng didn’t need to make the slightest exertion against her, a mere Saint Emperor. She couldn’t do anything against him.

“Insolent!” shouted someone furiously at that moment. When the Blood Saint saw that Lin Feng had captured his daughter, he released a powerful Qi towards him. But his opponent also attacked him at that moment, so he didn’t have time to react.

“Go and kill him.” shouted the Blood Saint to his two partners. One of them left the battle, flying towards Lin Feng. He was a Half-Saint. He looked angry and released a formidable energy.

“You really want to die!” shouted that person furiously. He released Celestial Dao; Lin Feng sensed an explosive fire Celestial Dao surround him. It wasn’t pleasant.

The man punched out in Lin Feng’s direction.

“No!” Lin Yi pulled a long face. Saints were too terrifying. She looked at Lin Feng; he was still standing there, and when the Saint’s fist bombarded his body, he didn’t move, as if he had been waiting to die.

The powerful fist smashed into Lin Feng. The Blood Saint’s daughter smiled coldly. “How reckless! Lin Yi, you also want to die!”

However, at that moment, the Saint’s expression changed. The atmosphere around him distorted, and he couldn’t control the strength around his fist.

Lin Feng pointed at him, and a sharp sword emerged from his finger. With his God strength, he was an expert in close combat. Blood appeared on that cultivator’s head. His eyes were wide open, he couldn’t believe his eyes.

The Blood Saint’s daughter was astonished too. Finally, she looked truly frightened.


Chapter 2383: War’s Prologue

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Lin Feng looked at him, as a mysterious strength emerged from his opponent’s third eye. It was like that strength was trying to protect his soul.

“That kind of strength!” Lin Feng sensed its power.

“Lin Yi, can you steal points from people of the same Grave as you?” asked Lin Feng.

“You can’t!” replied Lin Yi. She was trembling. She hadn’t thought Lin Feng would be so strong to the extent that he could easily kill a Saint.

“Alright,” Lin Feng nodded. His God strength replaced Celestial Dao, he released swords which pierced through his opponent’s third eye, destroying his last defense, and he died.

The Blood Saint’s daughter’s face was ghastly. She had the impression Lin Feng was a demon. He could easily kill Saints, and she had flogged him before!?

Lin Feng studied the battle, and said to the Blood Saint’s daughter, “You father is not strong enough, the enemies are much stronger. But if he’s lucky, he can escape alone.”

The Blood Saint’s daughter whispered, “You’re so strong, can you save those people? They were your comrades, and the intruders will kill everyone, they will not spare your life.”

Lin Feng looked at her and smiled evilly, “You think a lot.”

At that moment, the two men who had gone scouting with Lin Yi and Lin Feng ran towards Lin Feng. When they realized that Lin Feng was extremely strong, they hoped Lin Feng would protect them.

“Save us!” said the two, looking at Lin Feng. They both looked desperate. But Lin Feng looked at them apathetically, as if he didn’t care about them.

“That’s your problem. Piss off!” said Lin Feng coldly. The two stopped, they looking desperate and devastated.

“If you don’t save us, you’re going to die, too. After they kill us, it’ll be your turn,” said one of them, staring at Lin Feng coldly.

“Die!” said Lin Feng. His voice carried death strength, the man’s face turned grey, and an enemy behind killed him and stole his Word.

Very quickly, a few people were standing before Lin Feng and looking at him. They didn’t dare get close, and eventually withdrew. That guy could kill Saints, he was dangerous, they would wait until the Saints battled to deal with him.

The Blood Saint was fighting fiercely. The area around him was empty, and people didn’t dare get too close. The other Saint of the Fire Grave was surrounded by two Saints. The Fire Grave was going to suffer a crushing defeat.

How tragic, thought Lin Feng when he saw all those corpses. People were getting crushed, one after another.

A strong Qi surrounded Lin Feng. It was the man who had been fighting against the Saint Lin Feng had killed a moment before. Lin Feng had kind of helped him get rid of an enemy. He was inspecting Lin Feng, but he didn’t seem like he wanted to attack. He had seen how scary Lin Feng was a moment before.

“You father is going to die soon,” said Lin Feng. The Blood Saint was looking weaker and weaker.

“Lin Yi, in those people’s third eyes, there’s the word GOLD, are they from the Dazzling Gold Shrine?” inquired Lin Feng.

“I don’t know. The nine groups of the Godly Grave are named after the nine Shrines of the ancient world. According to legends, nine gods created them. This place seems to be a kind of game for them, like a chess game. I don’t know whether the current Shrines have joined hands with them or not, now. Nobody knows, I think. I don’t believe the current Shrines cooperate with them, though. Many people who come to the forbidden territories are Shrines’ members, and what’s certain is that the Fire Shrine’s members usually come through the fire entrance.”

“I understand,” said Lin Feng nodded. The other battles were already over. The Saints looked at Lin Feng and the others and drew closer, especially the three Saint invaders. On the Fire Grave’s side, only the Blood Saint and Lin Feng were left. Lin Yi and the Blood Saint’s daughter were useless now.

“You don’t intend to let me off?” Lin Feng said to the Saints.

The three Saints remained silent.

“Alright!” said Lin Feng. A sword appeared in his hand, brilliant and ready. An ice-cold Qi filled the air.

“Be careful!” said the Saint who had been watching Lin Feng just now.

A dazzling empty space strength surged over them.

“Deployment spell!” A Saint flashed and destroyed the deployment spell. The air hummed, and the sword moved towards him. It contained pure speed strength.

“How fast!” The man looked glum. An ancient golden shield appeared in front of him and he retreated, the sword suddenly turned around and shot towards the two other Saints in an eyeblink.

“Piss off!” shouted one of the Saints. A five-colored golden vortex appeared and surrounded the sword, but empty space lights illuminated everyone and turned into a great empty space cage.

Lin Feng slowly walked towards them as if he were taking a stroll. The golden cage in front of him disappeared, and a figure appeared. Lin Feng put his finger on the man’s third eye, at the same time releasing penetrating strength. The golden signature felt strange under his finger. Anyway, Lin Feng wanted to kill the enemy and steal his Word.

“Destroy!” said Lin Feng. His opponent collapsed and died. The strength of the Word washed into Lin Feng’s third eye, and he suddenly felt stronger.

“How strange!” Lin Feng sighed. Was that thing really a god’s signature? If not, what was it?

Lin Feng continued walking forwards and stealing Words. The Blood Saint’s daughter saw people die one after another in astonishment. She even felt ridiculous. She had told Lin Feng “You want to die!”, as if she could have killed him easy. Lin Feng could kill her in one glance, he was a real demon king! He was destroying the complete army of the intruders alone!

Lin Yi’s heart was also pounding. Lin Feng was too strong! At his level, against those people who were much weaker than him, he didn’t even need to battle anymore, it wasn’t a battle. He was just slaughtering people in his way.

The golden curtain opened, and figure appeared in front of Lin Feng. It was a Saint. Lin Feng asked, “Why do we need to steal people’s points?”

He sounded indifferent, natural and at ease. However, that made him look all the more terrifying. The Saint’s mouth twitched. He didn’t want to fight against Lin Feng. They had tried to invade this place, and because of one person the result was tragic.

“I don’t know!” said the Saint, grimacing. Lin Feng stretched out his hand and pointed at him with one finger. A God’s sword emerged from his finger; it was astonishingly fast, having reached the peak of perfection. His whole hand was a sword.

That Saint had no time to react. His third eye broke apart and Lin Feng stole his Word. Another Saint was dead.

The Blood Saint’s daughter felt completely numb. She had provoked him a few times, and now she saw all these Saints die in front of her, it made her tremble.

For Lin Feng, all this looked normal. He looked totally calm and indifferent.

Lin Feng walked past the corpse, then killed the two other Saints because all they could tell him when he asked for more details was, “I don’t know.”

When the deployment spells disappeared, the Blood Saint’s daughter and Lin Yi couldn’t see anyone anymore. They only saw the Blood Saint still fighting, and he looked exhausted. Lin Feng had destroyed all the others!

Lin Feng looked at that fight and walked in their direction. He needed to know the secret of the Grave to leave. In the outside world, a bloody battle had started between the Fortune Shrine and the Fire Shrine. A group of people from the Fortune Shrine had been slaughtered by the Fire Shrine.

It didn’t look very dramatic, but the consequences would be real. It would push the conflict to another level!


Chapter 2384: Traveling Alone

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Lin Feng interrupted the Blood Saint’s battle. The two of them looked at Lin Feng coldly.

“You killed my people!” shouted the old man who was fighting against the Blood Saint. He had a long beard, thick eyebrows, and looked dignified and majestic. He controlled gold strength and his gold strength had reached the peak of perfection. His attacks were powerful and his defense was incredible, he was only a bit slow. If Lin Feng hadn’t distracted him a moment before by killing his comrades, he would have already killed the Blood Saint.

Lin Feng stood in the air and asked them both, “Why do we need to steal people’s points?”

“I will tell you. When you have enough points, they turn into historical remains. If a person wins enough point on an individual basis, then they can personally receive the gods’ teachings,” said the old man with the thick eyebrows.

“Everybody believes in the gods here.” Lin Feng was stunned.

The old man continued, “The gods decide the rules. If you kill people of the same level, you get more points, that’s why Saints don’t kill Saint Emperors. We don’t get enough points that way. It’s why we make our Saint Emperors fight against Saint Emperors. You just killed many people, but you probably didn’t get many points for the Fire Grave. You just slaughtered Saint Emperors, and that was actually against the rules.”

“So the gods told you the rules personally? Nobody told me anything about rules,” said Lin Feng, smiling coldly.

“Hmph! I’ve been here for a very long time, I know better than you! It’s for the balance, to avoid that extremely strong people slaughtering everyone else. Saints don’t go to enemies’ territories to slaughter weaker cultivators, otherwise the Saints of the other side could also go and slaughter the Saint Emperors on the other side. That would be useless and the historical remains would never appear,” said the old man coldly, “There are nine supreme cultivators at the head of the graves. Even if they control everything, they don’t fight, they just let everything happen according to the rules.”

“Lin Feng, that’s true, Saints never attack Saint Emperors, or really rarely. That’s why Saint Emperors are just cannon fodder, because there are too many of them. According to the rules, we do have to kill a sufficient number of Saint Emperors to open the historical remains. There aren’t many Saints, but they can only fight against other Saints, and killing Saints isn’t as easy. As you become stronger, it gets more complicated to kill them” Lin Yi told Lin Feng telepathically.

Lin Feng believed in the gods more and more. Those rules created a real balance; Saint Emperors were cannon fodder, the nine supreme entities controlled everything, but never fought because there weren’t many people who had the same cultivation level as them. One person killing billions easily was useless. Only killing a sufficient number of people of the same level was rewarding.

“If your cultivation level is the same as mine, a low-level Saint, and you kill everyone, you will get very few points: first because it’s against the rules, and second, you will probably die.” The old man and the Blood Saint released their Qi to surround Lin Feng.

“Very few?” Lin Feng was surprised. When he had killed the Saints, he had sensed an incredible strength, was that ‘a few’? Were there really rules here? But then, since he was at the God level, what was his cultivation level?

If he had to compare himself with normal cultivators, he could be compared to a low-level Saint, but his cultivation and his techniques were completely different from other people’s. He could easily destroy Half-Saints, his fighting abilities were at least a rank higher. Relying on various methods, he could compete with low-level Saints. With terrifying Saint’s Weapons, his fighting abilities were even scarier.

So, he was probably considered a Half-Saint, and in terms of fighting abilities, a low-level Saint. That was the particularity of his cultivation, his own God level.

To Lin Feng, it was probably the last cultivation level he would have. It also meant one thing: nothing was impossible for him anymore. He had to study, and he would gradually become stronger and stronger. His strength had no limit.

“Pathetic,” said Lin Feng. The old man and the Blood Saint were startled, watching Lin Feng coldly. They were pathetic?

“I’ve been here for a short time and you tell me there are rules, and since there are rules, why don’t you let Saint Emperors travel alone? You are Saints and you abuse your power to control them. You don’t go and fight against enemies alone because you are incompetent. You know you can’t kill people of the same cultivation level. But that way, even if someday you had enough points and the historical remains appeared, there would be many Saints there, what would you do then?” said Lin Feng calmly. “You know what would happen, but because you are incompetent, you try to protect your lives by using other people. You are just afraid and weak.”

The old man’s face stiffened. Lin Feng’s words were like a knife stabbing his heart.

“So what? When you come into the Godly Grave, you can never go out. Even if you don’t die here, even if people in the outside world see that your jade talisman isn’t broken, they don’t know this place is just like a prison. If you’re not strong enough, how can you travel alone? How can you kill so many strong opponents? Do you know how dangerous this place is?” challenged the old man coldly.

“So, you admit there are stronger cultivators?” said Lin Feng. The old man was surprised and said, “Of course, but it doesn’t mean you are one of them!”

Lin Feng stretched out his hand and a god sword appeared. He flew up and an extremely heavy energy descended from the sky.

His sword was as heavy as a gigantic axe, containing overwhelming energy. He struck the seal, and cracks appeared, breaking sounds spread out. The sword streaked across the sky again, and shattered the seal!

“When you face people who terrifyingly strong and whose cultivation level is much higher than yours, you feel weak. You have the impression you will never be as strong as them, you find them mysterious. But those people used to be weak, too. Everyone goes through the same things, independent of your cultivation level, it’s a universal rule. All in all, we are all ordinary people who have different levels and different lives.”

Lin Feng turned around and looked at the Blood Saint and the old man. When he wasn’t a Saint, he used to think Saints were incredible, he used to think of them as gods. Now, he realized that being a Saint wasn’t such a big deal after all.

“When you’re weak, you cower. When you have strong beliefs, you persevere, and then someday you become strong enough, and when you reach a certain level, if you stop believing, you stop breaking through. You are Saints, it proves that you used to be extremely determined in the past. But now…”

Lin Feng stopped talking. He was muttering to himself. Even if there were gods in this world, Lin Feng could definitely become as strong as them, he could become a real God. He was still extremely determined.

“Lin Yi, let’s go,” Lin Feng said to her. Lin Yi had heard everything. She was astonished, she had the impression Lin Feng and her belonged to two different worlds, that she would never be able to catch up with him.

Lin Yi nodded, and Lin Feng took her away. The Blood Saint and the old man didn’t prevent them from leaving. Lin Feng’s voice was still resonating in their heads.

After a very long time, the old man sighed and looked at them in the horizon, saying “I’ve been in the Godly Grave for seventy thousand years. Back in the days, I used to be extremely determined, I was young. I used to hope it would never change.”

At that moment, the old man’s heart was filled with admiration. He hoped Lin Feng would continue being determined.


“There’s a building here. I’ll put you there, they will take care of you, alright?” said Lin Feng to Lin Yi. Lin Yi suddenly looked low-spirited, sad, and disappointed.

“Alright,” Lin Yi agreed. She was extremely weak compared to Lin Feng.

They both flew in the sky. Someone flew up to meet them, he sensed a terrifying Qi and said to Lin Feng, “What do you want here?”

“Her home was destroyed. I have to go. Can your people take care of her?” asked Lin Feng. His Qi was overwhelming and filled the air.

The man nodded, “Alright, I’ll find a place for her!”

“I’m off!” said Lin Feng leaving. Lin Yi gazed into the distance, she didn’t want to be away from Lin Feng. She admired him so much.

“Where is he going?” asked that Saint to Lin Yi.

“He’s going to other places to get points, alone!” whispered Lin Yi. The Saint was astonished and started trembling. Lin Yi continued walking away; she didn’t need to ask Lin Feng, she knew what he wanted to do!

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