PMG Chapter 2385-89

Chapter 2835: Traveling and Killing!

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According to legends, the nine Graves of the Godly Grave were created by nine gods. According to other legends, the Godly Grave was a place where they rested in peace. But no matter what the truth was, what was sure was that the nine Graves were ancient places and were named after the nine Shrines of the ancient times: The Fire Grave, Dazzling Gold Grave, Earth Grave, Ice and Snow Grave, Life Grave, Empty Space Grave, Starlit Grave, Countless Grave, and Time Grave.

The members of the Shrines which still existed went to the areas which corresponded to their own Shrine. The Fire Shrine’s members went to the Fire Grave, the members of the Empty Space Shrine went to the Empty Space area.

People who weren’t members of Shrines chose Graves which corresponded to what they were looking for.

The nine Graves were particular and contained all sorts of Qi. Their borders were in constant flux.

The nine Graves were circular and all had a common border. From that common border, they could access all other Graves, but that place was also very dangerous. Nobody dared stay there for too long, except for a few extremely Saints. The reason was that that area was the best place to win points, and it was also the best place to go to the other Graves.


At night in the Godly Grave, there was a moon, too. The Graves and the common border were peaceful.

Someone gazed into the distance.

According to the map, after that forest will be the border area. I’ve heard it is a chaotic area where there are many extremely strong Saints. They all like to go there to get points, thought Lin Feng. The Fire Grave was gigantic. It took Lin Feng seven days to arrive at his present location. He had also learned a lot about the Godly Grave on his way, which is why he had decided to go to the chaotic border area.

At that moment, Lin Feng’s cultivation level was clearly visible: he was a Half-Saint. That way, extremely strong Saints wouldn’t try to kill him because it would be pointless, they wouldn’t get any points by killing him.

Lin Feng moved further along. It was almost impossible to hear his steps. His perceptions were acute, he could easily sense the movements of the grass and the trees. Nothing could escape his perceptions.

Even if no Saint attacks me, I have to be very careful, thought Lin Feng. Therefore, he walked slowly and silently.

“There’s someone!” Lin Feng sensed that someone had appeared behind him. The word FIRE was written on that person’s third eye. He was from this Grave. The man didn’t pose a threat to Lin Feng, so he continued walking.

“What a strange tree!” Lin Feng noticed a gigantic tree with many branches and leaves. It was extremely thick. In that unpopulated area, the tree had grown without being disturbed. Its Qi was extremely heavy. It was such a thick tree that a drop of water couldn’t have passed through its branches.

Lin Feng walked up to the foot of the tree and stopped, he remained motionless, he could sense something.

Suddenly, the temperature dropped drastically, as if the earth and sky had been about to freeze. Lin Feng had the impression his blood and soul were going to freeze, that chill came from someone’s soul, it seemed.

“There’s someone.” Lin Feng’s eyes suddenly flared with light, he condensed God strength in his eyes and glanced around. An illusion was moving towards Lin Feng extremely quickly. That person suddenly stopped and their expression suddenly changed for some reason.

Lin Feng couldn’t miss that opportunity. He suddenly flew up, raised his hands, and millions of death stamps emerged from his fingers. They slammed into his attacker, whose face turned grey as he died.

Drops of liquid fell onto Lin Feng. Lin Feng didn’t notice in particular, but he had a bad premonition.

More drops fell from the tree. Lin Feng suddenly attacked it.

The gigantic tree exploded, however, at the same time, millions of drops fell onto Lin Feng. The leaves of the tree released a dangerously sharp sword energy, blotting out the sky and covering the earth as well.  It turned into millions of swords as a figure emerged from the tree and released vines towards Lin Feng. They were very close, Lin Feng couldn’t dodge, and the vines constricted him.

“The mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind.”

(TL Note: idiom from Daoist classic Zhuangzi, it means that a short-sighted person is completely ignorant to imminent danger in his pursuit of quick gains, for more info: )

Lin Feng was astonished. The Saint he had killed had ended up in a tragic way, but he hadn’t sensed that there was a powerful cultivator in the tree. Lin Feng sensed that the drops of liquid were powerful, their purpose was to crush his internal organs. Luckily, he had only absorbed a few drops. The one hiding in the tree had hidden his Qi a moment before. And the drops of liquid were deadly like time bombs.

The tree man wanted to kill them both at the same time to get more points. He could have attacked one of them individually, but he was patient.

A sharp sword made of tree parts shot towards Lin Feng’s third eye.

“Illusion!” shouted Lin Feng coldly. The atmosphere around them changed. Lin Feng was still constricted in vines, but he was in a different world now.

Lin Feng spat out a sharp sword and tore apart the tree. The enemy flashed towards him and raised his fist. The vines turned into sharp wires which tried to pierce through Lin Feng’s skin. Millions of water drops fell towards Lin Feng.

“Illusion!” Lin Feng shouted angrily again. An illusion appeared inside his illusion, then he fused dream and illusion strength together with a deployment spell. His opponent now had the impression he was fighting against two Lin Fengs, one who was still wrapped up in vines, and the other one was flying towards him. He didn’t understand what was happening.

“Celestial Constriction!” shouted the Saint coldly. Celestial Dao appeared above the tree, and millions of vines appeared and descended from the sky, they surrounding the two Lin Fengs.

This guy is a wood cultivator, and his cultivation is similar to a Life Shrine cultivator. But the members of the Life Shrine try to save people, whereas this one is an assassin; he tries to kill people without being noticed. He’s very dangerous!

“What an incredible strength!” said Lin Feng. If this Saint dared hide here, it meant he was incredible strong. The one Lin Feng had killed was strong, too, but, he had died.

“I’ll kill you even in illusions!” stated the cultivator coldly. Two extremely sharp empty space wooden spears descended from the sky and lunged towards the two Lin Fengs. Instantly, the illusions broke apart and the real world reappeared.

“His illusion is broken, is he dead?” The man glanced around, but couldn’t see Lin Feng’s corpse.

“Oh no!” His expression changed drastically. He sensed danger coming from behind, a sword moved towards him silently without him noticing, even as it penetrated into his head and third eye.

“Sorry, we’re still in an illusion,” said Lin Feng indifferently. The real world reappeared for real; it was nighttime, and that person’s third eye was bleeding. He looked stunned, he didn’t even know how he had died. He had spent eight thousand years in here, hiding and hunting, he had won so many points, and now he was dead. His points went to his killer!

His Word moved to Lin Feng’s third eye. Lin Feng sensed an incredible strength flowing through him.

“You don’t just win a fixed amount of points, you also get your enemies’ points!” he mused. Of course, when people died, the points they had accumulated had to go somewhere, so when they were killed, their killers actually got them. Most people couldn’t kill cultivators like the tree guy, only people extraordinarily strong like Lin Feng could.

After collecting the tree guy’s Word, Lin Feng stole the Word of the other cultivator he had just killed. That man also had many points, but he had died even more tragically. Lin Feng could hear some sounds around, and he knew that many people were hiding in the darkness. After having seen his fight, many of them walked away.

If I kill low-level Saints, how many points will I get?, he wondered

Initially, Lin Feng didn’t intend to kill Saints in the Godly Grave. He wanted to seal them in his small world and use them. But after he had heard about the rules, he had changed his strategy, mostly because he wanted to get points. He wanted to see if he’d be able to make historical remains appear. He was convinced he’d succeed!

Lin Feng continued hearing sounds around him, and he felt even more enthusiastic. He continued walking towards the edge of the central area, the most chaotic place, where there were many Saints!


Chapter 2386: Pāramitā

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The night was gloomy. One step and one could die anytime.

Lin Feng was walking slowly. He gradually drew closer to the border area and finally arrived. The night was eerily silent and scary. The area was gigantic though, and some people might be fighting in the distance, but he couldn’t sense their presence.

“Surprisingly, some people set up camps here. I wonder if there are traps, too,” he observed, glancing around. There were many tents. He continued walking and saw a mountain range. It was a hilly area, there were many places were to hide. Even though Lin Feng had good hiding abilities, he didn’t hide, because he wanted people to see him, he wanted to fight. He wanted people to believe he was prey, and that way, he’d find his own prey. Even though hiding and killing people without getting noticed was safer, it also took too much time. Lin Feng didn’t want to stay in this place for hundreds of years or more like the people he had met. He didn’t even dare think about such an eventuality.

Lin Feng wanted to get points as quickly as possible and find the historical remains!

But even though Lin Feng didn’t hide, nobody attacked him. The first reason was that the area was extremely vast, so people were hiding everywhere. The second reason was that when there was a fight, many Saints came out. So, before an actual battle burst out, nobody was willing to show themselves, unless they were sure they could kill their opponent in one strike, just like the tree guy who had thought he could kill two people at once.


Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the moon, seeing a black shadow there. A cultivator was running, he was being chased by something.

After that, Lin Feng saw a few cultivators behind him, streaking across the sky.

Lin Feng suddenly turned into a beam of light and disappeared from there.

After Lin Feng left, something moved on the ground where he was standing a few seconds before. An earth illusion appeared; a man was lying on the ground there now. He looked after Lin Feng angrily; he had just gotten ready to attack, and now his plan had failed!

“You’re lucky,” hissed the Saint coldly, and he fused together with the ground again.

“How fast.” Lin Feng continued flying quickly. He realized that these enemies were extremely fast. He managed to catch up and noticed that the one in the front was wearing black clothes, so it was difficult to see him at night. If the moon hadn’t silhouetted him, Lin Feng wouldn’t have noticed him.

Those who were chasing him had black wings, and were as fast as lightning. They kept getting closer and closer to the one in the front.

Finally, the escapee stopped at the top of a mountain. There was nowhere to hide there, so nobody could attack by surprise. He turned around and looked at those who were chasing him coldly.

“It’s him.” Lin Feng was astonished. It was him again!!!

The escapee was Chu Chun Qiu! Back then, he had been to the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell and he had come out alive somehow. Then Lin Feng had seen him in the Canonization Area. There, Chu Chun Qiu, Saint Emperor Freeze, and Lin Feng had managed to reach the Canonization Mountain.

After that, they had chosen different paths. Saint Emperor Freeze had decided to apply the rules of nature to his own body to return to the source, and then had become a Saint. Chu Chun Qiu had decided to go against the Celestial Dao. He didn’t believe in the powers of the skies, yet he had become a Saint, too.

Lin Feng had continued on his God path. He had put distance between the Celestial Dao of the outside world and his own life.

A long time had passed, and Lin Feng had ended up in the Godly Grave by following Qiong Yu. Now Chu Chun Qiu was here, too. Did Chu Chun Qiu intend to go to all the forbidden territories? He had been to Ganges Time forbidden territory, then to Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell, and now he was in the Godly Grave.

Chu Chun Qiu suddenly turned around and looked at Lin Feng. He looked evil and terrifying, like a demonic warlord. He had decided to go against the will of Heaven to become a Saint, so he was definitely terrifying strong.

Lin Feng guessed that Chu Chun Qiu recognized him from the look in his eyes.

What is he hiding? He’s so mysterious, thought Lin Feng. He had turned into Mu Feng, but Chu Chun Qiu could still recognize him. However, Chu Chun Qiu then looked at his pursuers again and said, “Celestial Roc Clan, I want your Wills!”

A strong wind started blowing as the Saints in front of him opened their wings. Their wings were as sharp as swords and contained Celestial Dao.

Suddenly, lights flashed and fused together with Celestial Dao; the Saints understood speed Dao. Their speed was incredible, their attacks ruthless. After breaking through to the Sheng Layer, they had understood Celestial Dao and their speed Dao had become Speed Celestial Dao, it had reached the peak of perfection. They moved invisibly fast.

A terrifying sound spread in the air, as if extremely sharp energies were lacerating Chu Chun Qiu. However, only his clothes turned to pieces. They raised their heads and saw Chu Chun Qiu standing in the air, like a warlord who despised the whole world.

“A Celestial Roc can lacerate the atmosphere,” said Chu Chun Qiu coldly. He raised his hand and released a terrifyingly explosive intent. His Celestial Dao swept out and carried everything away, before turning into a vortex.

More lights flashed, the Celestial Rocs could cut the air, but that wasn’t enough against Chu Chun Qiu. He shouted furiously, “Come out!”

His energies could destroy Celestial Dao. A Celestial Roc appeared, screaming angrily.

Chu Chun Qiu’s Will penetrated into his third eye. A vortex appeared around his hand, and he absorbed his enemy.

“Chaotic Celestial Dao!” Lin Feng frowned. The Saint had turned into a celestial roc and had used a teleportation technique, hiding in the Celestial Dao. However, Chu Chun Qiu could make Celestial Dao go chaotic and had absorbed him after he lost control.

Going against the will of Heaven to become a Saint was extremely complicated, but Chu Chun Qiu had done it. His fighting abilities were impressive, even greater than cultivators who had returned to the source by submitting to the Celestial Dao. At the same cultivation level, he was stronger!

“Die!” The others joined hands. However, Chu Chun Qiu’s intent was too powerful and could sweep everything away. His vitality and willpower were explosive. Finally, he absorbed all of them at once!

After that, Chu Chun Qiu looked at Lin Feng, Lin Feng looked back at him, too.

Lin Feng flashed towards Chu Chun Qiu, but Chu Chun Qiu flashed backwards and just looked at him.

“Chu Chun Qiu, we’ve been trying to have a proper battle for a long time, why avoid it?” shouted Lin Feng extremely loudly.

“It’s not the right time. We’re not supposed to fight now,” replied Chu Chun Qiu, continuing to withdraw. He maintained a certain distance between them.

“When is the right time, then?” Lin Feng asked suspiciously.

“You will know at the right time,” said Chu Chun Qiu coolly. “Heaven and Earth shall have the absolute power. All the Devas will be stepped upon. The world of mortals shall be rejected. The ultimate one and the ten thousand transformations of the world can change within a moment of thought.”

Chu Chun Qiu disappeared in the darkness. A black hole appeared, he absorbed his own self and vanished. Only a thread of dangerous Qi remained behind.

Since Chu Chun Qiu had started rising during the Pathfinder Day of the Imperial Ranking List, he had started changing, Lin Feng had the impression Chu Chun Qiu was very mysterious, as if he had learned some incredible secrets.


The sky gradually became brighter, nobody attacked Lin Feng by surprised. Many people had seen how strong Chu Chun Qiu was, and they had also seen that he had refused to fight Lin Feng, which meant Lin Feng was also very dangerous.

Apart from Chu Chun Qiu, there was somebody else Lin Feng knew. That one had participated in the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds and had ranked better than Chu Chun Qiu, coming in second: Kong Ming!

Kong Ming was in that chaotic area, with eighteen Sakyamunis behind him. They were all incredibly strong, they had all came from the Buddha Shrine.

Kong Ming was fighting against some people. He was surrounded by Buddha images. He looked like a death god, his attacks containing a terrifying life Buddha strength. The eighteen Sakyamunis behind him were standing there and protecting him, they didn’t get involved in the battle. They were there to assist him. They were much stronger than Kong Ming, at least low-level Saints. Among them were three high-level Saints. That kind of army was terrifying, and nobody was willing to offend them. They had just come to protect Kong Ming, though.

The battle ended very quickly, Kong Ming obtained more points. He looked expressionless and continued walking ahead slowly. He had come to the Godly Grave for one reason only: a spiritual being in the Countless area had talked to him and activated godly historical remains, apparently, they were in the Pāramitā area!

(Translator’s Note: Paramita is the realm above life and death)


Chapter 2387: Understanding Slowness

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Chu Chun Qiu departed, and Lin Feng continued looking for people to fight. He bumped into a Saint who understood ice and snow strength. Lin Feng killed him in one sword strike. Half-Saints were too weak for him. He accumulated more and more points.


The autumn wind blew, dead leaves floated around.

There were seasons in the Godly Grave too. Lin Feng had already been in the Godly Grave for six months. He had been hunting points, and accumulated a lot. The energy in his third eye was becoming more and more stable. However, he still hadn’t seen a spiritual being.

Lin Feng was fighting against a Saint in the Empty Space Grave. Lin Feng raised his hand and released millions of death stamps which turned into death spears. The air became dark and dull, filled with Death intent.

The Saint against whom he was fighting wanted to use empty space strength to dodge, but the death stamps turned into Celestial Dao and destroyed everything in their path. The death stamps in their spear forms pierced through his body, it felt like billions of needles were stabbing him. He died and his points were drawn into Lin Feng’s third eye.

After that, Lin Feng continued moving around quickly. It was the Empty Space Grave; he was on hostile territory, an invader. If the Saints of the Empty Space area saw him, they’d do their best to kill him. They would try and prevent him from obtaining more points.

Empty space strength flared up, Lin Feng sensed that the atmosphere around him was trembling.

Someone is watching me, thought Lin Feng. He was very careful in there. He wanted to steal some points and then leave to avoid being surrounded, but at that moment, some Saint was watching him. He didn’t hurry to attack though. He wanted other cultivators to come and surround Lin Feng.

“You’re from the Fire Grave, I’ve been watching you for three months. You have killed a Saint at least every day, and you kill them cruelly. This time, I will show you,” proclaimed a voice, telling everybody that Lin Feng was there.

Lin Feng cloned himself and moved in all directions.

“Destroy!” Celestial Dao descended. An explosive empty space strength bombarded the area and destroyed clones one after another. Only Lin Feng’s real body remained and he continued fleeing. But he couldn’t hide from those who had gathered.

“There’s a cultivator in the darkness.” Lin Feng frowned.

“This time, because of you, I am going to join hands with a few extremely powerful Saints. You won’t be able to escape even through the air,” said the voice again. He had already assessed Lin Feng’s ability to escape.

“Wind!” Lin Feng moved like a tornado. He swept across the ground like a leaf in a hurricane. He moved towards the border area, not towards the depths of the Empty Space area. The border area was very dangerous, he could get encircled there, but in the depths of the Empty Space area, it was even worse. The Saints of the Empty Space area were joining hands!

A gigantic tree was destroyed, a terrifying empty space strength chased after him. Lin Feng’s heart twitched. There were at least three low-level Saints chasing him.

“You can’t escape!” the voice declared. Celestial Dao descended from the sky. Suddenly, marks appeared and started intertwining. A terrifying empty space cage appeared on the ground. Lin Feng suddenly stopped. He was in the gigantic cage. In front of him, someone was slowly walking towards him, and entered the cage.

On his left and above him, two other cultivators arrived as well. There were three cultivators around him!

“Are you a low-level Saint or a Half-Saint? If you’re a low-level Saint, you’re a low-level Saint who pretends to be a Half-Saint to kill Half-Saints, you must not have obtained many points. You slaughtered our Half-Saints, I can’t tolerate that. You’re too insolent!” declared the cultivator above him coldly.

“And I’m a Half-Saint and you’re three low-level Saints, you don’t think that’s insolent?” asked Lin Feng coldly.

“However, we can’t be sure you’re really a Half-Saint. Even if you’re really a Half-Saint, your fighting abilities are incredible, you will just kill off my comrades. Not many Saints come to the Godly Grave, the Empty Space Grave is just a small area. Therefore, we’ll kill you anyway. We can’t let you act like that here.”

“Since you say so, why do you waste time talking? Just act!” said Lin Feng indifferently. Sword lights flashed. God’s Sword appeared in Lin Feng’s hand.

He flashed towards a low-level Saint, surrounded by God strength. A vortex appeared around his sword, dust and sand flying around and disappearing in the vortex.

The hurricane grew larger and larger. Many small vortexes appeared around the sword. It absorbed all the Qi around.

“A Saint’s technique, that sword is connected to his Saint’s technique. It contains a powerful intent!” The three Saints were astonished. That Saint’s technique was absolutely dreadful. It absorbed everything around it!

The three low-level Saints were astonished. The vortexes were growing more and more dangerous. If they condensed together, their absorbing power would become even more unstoppable!

At that moment, Lin Feng was the world around him, he was a god. His strength was increasing constantly.

The three low-level Saints released golden empty space strength, reality began to bend. A celestial curtain appeared and turned into sharp dazzling swords. If they attacked at the same time, their attack was going to be impressive.

One of them jumped into empty space and disappeared, the other one released empty space cages and fused together with them, turning into a Celestial cage which could oppress everything. The atmosphere was ready to explode.

However, Lin Feng seemed unaffected, continuing to move forwards. He had no choice, he had to kill someone to avoid being the victim of a group attack, he didn’t know whether these three people had that power or not.

Finally, Lin Feng flashed forwards and attacked. At the same time, his opponent’s empty space swords shot towards him. It was as if that attack could have killed dozens of Saints at once.

“Slash!” Lin Feng was still condensing strength in his sword, but he didn’t attack.

The attacks of the other two also arrived. Cages oppressed him as the other one reappeared, holding an empty space hammer which arced towards Lin Feng’s head. It looked extremely heavy.

Lin Feng’s eyes closed, he was God in his world. He could clearly sense the hammer, the swords, and the cages. Maybe he could destroy those three attacks if he released his own attack at the perfect time, but that way, his sword attack wouldn’t be as powerful, and would be destroyed too. At the same time, he would miss the opportunity to attack one of them. He was already surrounded, so the situation was dangerous.

Lin Feng had to act like he was an outsider; he had to observe the battle from every point of view. He had to be omniscient, like a god.

Ruo Xie uses slowness strength in such conditions. At my cultivation level and with my God strength, I’m strong, but speed strength is important too. Since I’m the god of my own body, I should use God speed, and slowness strength, thought Lin Feng. He was focused and could understand cultivation from all sorts of perspectives.

Speed and slowness is a kind of intent, I have an absolute control over my own attacks. I can’t really influence my enemies’ attacks, but since I can use my God strength in the outside world, there’s nothing impossible, thought Lin Feng.

Chu Chun Qiu went against the will of Heaven, against Nature. I don’t follow the will of Heaven, but I don’t go against it, either! I am just my own God, I control everything!

Lin Feng opened his eyes and said, “Slow!”

A mysterious Celestial Dao intent surrounded the area, and everything slowed down. Of course, Lin Feng had just comprehended that kind of strength, he couldn’t make them slow down like some cultivators who were familiar with it. A master of slowing could make everything around them stop.

But it was enough!


Chapter 2388: Understanding Speed

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In dangerous circumstances, a small difference could make a huge difference, especially at such cultivation levels.

If Lin Feng understood speed and slow Celestial Dao, it would be great, but that wasn’t the case. He was already a Saint and he suddenly understood Slow intent, which he fused together with his own God Celestial Dao. As his enemies drew closer, they also moved slower. However, when a cultivator controlled slow strength to the extreme, it wasn’t slow strength anymore, it became time strength!

Lin Feng had just thought of that, and that made the situation dangerous for the enemies.

He glanced at them, suddenly turning around, and his God’s sword suddenly cut towards the one who had the hammer.

“You!” That cultivator was astonished. Even though they were slower, they still controlled their attacks. His hammer disappeared and turned into empty space lights around him. He suddenly became indistinct as if he were about to disappear. But Lin Feng’s sword was extremely fast and contained absorbing strength, so it started absorbing Celestial Dao.

The Saint’s figure began to warp as the sword appeared in front of him, and the absorbing strength sucked him in. Lin Feng didn’t try to get his Word, his God’s sword absorbed the man entirely. The sword hummed harshly, and Lin Feng continued attacking. His Slow intent disappeared, a terrifying amount of sharp empty space sword moved towards him and the empty space cage continued oppressing him.

“Get back!” warned that cultivator frantically. However, his friend was already too close, and couldn’t move back.

He waved his hand, and his empty space cages continued oppressing Lin Feng. In front of him, the cages sealed the area to prevent Lin Feng’s swords from driving forwards. Musical crackling sounds greeted that effort, the cages shattered and he was hurled back.

“Slow!” A terrifying slow strength filled the air, and everything slowed down.

“Die!” said that Saint, annoyed. Lin Feng stayed focused, his sword wasn’t affected at all. His God strength surrounded the man.

The man raised his hand, and Celestial Dao deployment marks appeared and started interweaving. They turned into a beautiful pattern. Lin Feng put his fingers on the pattern and his sword smashed into it hard. His opponent felt the danger, but Lin Feng moved fast, even faster than a moment before. His sword even seemed to contain speed strength. They couldn’t follow him with their eyes.

The man glared at him, staring, scared he’d miss something.

“Die!” spat the man when Lin Feng appeared in front of him. He spat out a golden strength directly at Lin Feng. Since Lin Feng was moving towards him so fast, he couldn’t dodge.

“Slow!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. They were very close to one another, so his enemy’s attack instantly slowed down!

“Slow, slow, slow!” said Lin Feng. He released God Celestial Dao, looking like a peerless god in that instant. The enemy’s golden energies slowed down, but they were still very fast. Lin Feng released deployment lights, which surrounded the empty space strength.

Lin Feng’s third eye crackled, blood dripped down. The golden strength arrived in front of him.

“Die!” Lin Feng’s sword swept out as he released slowness energy all around himself. It was like time was about to stop.

Dazzling lights surrounded Lin Feng, and he disappeared. The golden strength punched through, but Lin Feng wasn’t there anymore.

“No!…” Lin Feng’s enemy wasn’t as lucky. God’s Sword pierced through his head and killed him, before returning to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng’s third eye was bleeding, but he quickly recovered. His life strength was incredible. The golden attack which had injured him had been truly formidable. If he had reacted a little bit slower, he would have died!

As expected, against any low-level Saint, I have to be extremely careful. I have my God’s Sword, but other people also have precious items. That golden attack was a powerful golden lightning, an item he could use anytime. If I hadn’t reacted fast enough, I would be dead already…

Actually, he had been very lucky. If he hadn’t understood slow and speed strength during that battle, he couldn’t have won. Even though he could also use the Great Empty Space Technique to disappear, it would not have been enough against the enemy’s precious item, the gold lightning.

Lin Feng turned around to fight against the last one, but that man had already started escaping when he saw Lin Feng kill his comrade. He knew that if he didn’t escape, Lin Feng would kill him. He also guessed that if Lin Feng had not understood slow and speed strength at the last minute, they would have had a chance, but now it was too late!

Lin Feng heard more whistling sounds, and reacted instantly. His figure flickered, and he left the Empty Space Grave. If too many extremely strong Saints surrounded him, he wouldn’t stand a chance!

“I’m getting close to the border area.” Lin Feng didn’t dare fly, sticking to the ground. He didn’t want people to notice him. He sensed some explosive Qi behind him, and knew that some people were looking for him.

Escape!, he thought, accelerating. He had come to the Empty Space area to steal points, and had drawn people’s attention even though he proceeded with the greatest care. He had ended up encircled. Now, he had to flee!

Finally, Lin Feng arrived in the border area, but didn’t stop until he found a mountain dwelling to hide in. He cast a great deployment spell outside of the cave to protect himself.

He needed to practice cultivation!

Lin Feng sat down cross-legged and closed his eyes. Very quickly, he was in his own world.

Lin Feng could control everything in his own world. In his body’s world, he was the Celestial Dao, he was God!

Many trees appeared around Lin Feng and emitted rustling sounds. Leaves floated in the wind.

“Slow!” Suddenly, his entire world became slower. The leaves in the wind slowed down, too. With the power of his mind, his world could slow down in the blink of an eye.

As expected, in my world, I can do whatever I want! If I take enemies into my world, I’ll have the advantage. No matter where they go, they won’t be able to escape from the slow strength. In the outside world, I can control the space around me, so if people get really close, they will slow down a lot, too…”

Of course, Celestial Dao intent also had its limits. If Lin Feng’s opponent was too powerful, like a high-level Saint, his slow strength wouldn’t be very useful. But then again, such cases were rare. Lin Feng was very good in terms of speed, too.

“Since I understand slow strength, I can also understand speed strength. If I manage to understand both really well, it’ll propel my fighting abilities to the next level,” he mused to himself. His eyes were still closed, he was focused.

“A moment ago, I was fighting against three people, and I had the impression it was difficult for me to dodge their attack. Then I understood slow strength, but how to study speed?” whispered Lin Feng. Tree leaves were still floating around him, very slowly. He could make them move very slowly, but what did he have to do to make them move extremely quickly?

Lin Feng was thinking. He normally used wind strength and empty space strength to make his sword attacks faster. Fast meant powerful attacks for him. “When a small stone falls on your head from a short distance you don’t feel anything, but when it falls down from a significant height, then it hurts, it can even pierce through your skin and injure you, to the extent that it can kill some people.” That was fast!

But how to make something fast? Lin Feng was thinking deeply!


Chapter 2389: Giant Gods Clan

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Time didn’t stop because of one person. Time rolled on, and two months passed. Lin Feng was still studying, still in his own world. He practiced a lot, his speed had increased a lot. His attacks were faster, but it wasn’t the kind of speed he was trying to achieve.

He didn’t want to make things faster using wind or empty space strength, or agility techniques, or intent. It wasn’t Celestial Dao intent, either.

Maybe I’m looking in the wrong direction. When I fought against those three people, they attacked me, I wanted to slow them down. Their attacks were quick, but then everything became clear. Accordingly, I managed to react quickly, but that’s a consequence of the slow strength. Speed and slowing constitute a kind of Dao, he thought. He was trying to calm down. He was in his world and gazed off into the distance.

In the sky, clouds appeared and slowly drifted along.

“Slow!” Suddenly, the whole became slower, including the clouds in the sky.

“What if that was the world’s real speed?” thought Lin Feng suddenly. He was the God of his world, he could decide everything. He could also set the speed of his world!

The real speed before… was faster than the slowed down one.

Fastness and slowness were not absolute, they were relative. The concept was very simple!

“Fast!” said Lin Feng, smiling excitedly. Suddenly, the clouds drifted faster, moving at their original speed again, and then even faster.

Everything I tried before was useless!, thought Lin Feng, laughing at himself. “Sometimes, when you don’t understand something, you look in the wrong direction. It’s like when you’re walking; if you choose the wrong direction, you can walk further and further, you’ll be exhausted, but you won’t find the right way. All you have to do is turn around and find the right way!”

That rule actually applied to everything in the world!

“Now, I have God strength, which allows me to create Saint’s attacks. I also understand speed and slowing. Even if I don’t use Saint’s Weapons, I should be able to kill low-level Saints easily. If I manage to improve my God strength, I’ll become even stronger!”

Lin Feng was feeling impatient at that moment. His fighting abilities were already great, if he managed to break through, he’d become even more terrifying. Each level was like another world. If he could make his God strength increase, it would be perfect.

But he couldn’t control that. He had to let nature take its course. When conditions were ripe, success was naturally achieved!

Lin Feng left his world and took a deep breath. Speed and slowing were different from all the other kinds of strength he had studied before. It was a complement to his cultivation, and could influence his attacks, and weaken his enemies. Slowing and speeding up could be considered one concept, and by studying that one concept, his strength had increased a lot.

He had brought his fighting abilities to the next level. If he had to fight against the three low-level Saints again, he would crush them in the blink of an eye, they would not pose a threat to him anymore at all.

“I don’t know how many points I have, but how many more will I need before receiving a spiritual being’s instructions?” he wondered. He removed his deployment spell and left the cave, glancing up at the move.

Lin Feng suddenly felt paralyzed. A powerful empty space strength surrounded him. The atmosphere around him seemed to be frozen, he could barely move.

A person in black clothes appeared in front of him. He had noticed that someone had cast a deployment spell on that cave. Therefore, he hadn’t tried to go in, he had just waited. He had been waiting for two months, and finally, Lin Feng was out.

He wanted to kill Lin Feng in one strike!

Lin Feng knew that a strong empty space attack was constricting him. The empty space strength contained Celestial Dao. He saw a hand moving towards his head. Lin Feng grunted coldly; if that hand hit his head, his skull would explode.

“God!” Lin Feng released God strength around himself. No Celestial Dao could pierce through it. He could use his God strength around himself. His enemy was a Half-Saint, but his Celestial Dao was useless against Lin Feng. Actually, Lin Feng could kill him easily, but he didn’t; he waited for the hand to get closer and said, “Slow!”

The hand slowed down. His enemy’s expression changed.

“Faster, faster…” How come his attack was so slow? His hand attack was moving at one-fifth of its normal speed. How scary! It was getting dangerous for him now!

“Slow!” Lin Feng’s God Celestial Dao moved, he wanted to see how much he could slow down the attacker. Nothing the man did could escape from Lin Feng’s perceptions. That Half-Saint wanting to fight against him came down to committing suicide!

“It’s even slower, how is that possible!” The man’s face paled as he drew closer to Lin Feng. They were three meters away from one another, it was nothing. In normal times, he would have needed a millisecond to reach Lin Feng, but at that moment, he was as slow a snail. It would take him twenty minutes to move over three meters!

“Please spare my life, Master!” shouted Lin Feng’s opponent. He couldn’t die, he was going to die!

How could Lin Feng spare his life?

“It’s over,” said Lin Feng. He pointed a finger at the man and millions of death stamps shot out. He also condensed God Death strength inside them.

“Fast!” said Lin Feng, and his attack moved even faster. The man was already grey, and died instantly.

Lin Feng had won more points easily. His figure flickered. He flew up into the night sky. The moon was out, and it was a bit cold. Lin Feng rose up into the clouds. He landed at the top of a mountain where people could easily see him.

He had become much stronger, he could easily kill Half-Saints. He didn’t need to hide in the border area. He was waiting for opponents now.

Since he needed many points to receive the spiritual beings’ instructions, he wanted to obtain points quickly. Nobody could do so like him. He appeared to be a Half-Saint, but he was much, much stronger than Half-Saints. Low-level Saints weren’t interested in him because killing Half-Saints didn’t bring them many points.


There were a few gigantic figures sitting in front of a mountain dwelling. The shortest ones were 260 cm tall. The tallest ones were over three meters. They looked incredible and terrifying. Their Qi was powerful and ancient.

“Eight hundred years, we’ve been here for such a long time. We’re the the four last cultivators of the Giant Gods Clan left. Even though we have many points, we still haven’t found a way to access the historical remains. How long will we have to wait here?” sighed one of the giants. They had been in here for eight hundred years already. Back then, there were thirteen of them. They were all Saints, now they were only four, the others had died. They had been careless. They had realized there were too many Saints in this place. Some of the other prisoners had been there for thousands and even dozens of thousands of years.

“Third uncle, do gods exist?” asked a relatively young one. “Are there really historical remains?” He didn’t understand, he had the impression that the legends about the divinities were lies. Why didn’t they appear?

“In our world’s books, it said that there were gods in the ancient times, gods’ descendants created our clan. We’ll definitely find them,” said another giant. He had faith.

“Maybe. Gods watch us all the time, but they don’t appear and we can’t find them, why? We have to find them,” said another one. He didn’t understand.

“Why?” said the giant. According to legends, gods had created that world and controlled everyone, they were supreme beings. They didn’t show up because they wanted people to continue looking for them, if people were that determined, then they would be determined on the path of cultivation as well, that was the reason why. Otherwise, if gods showed up, cultivators would stop progressing at a certain cultivation level.

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