PMG Chapter 2390-95

Chapter 2390: Ju Shen Kui Shan

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The four members of the Giant Gods Clan raised their heads and gazed into the distance. There was a fight going on.

“Third Uncle, should we continue getting points?”

“Let’s see… one of them is extremely strong, he controls slow strength. He can make people move very slowly. You’re not very fast, so if he uses that on you, he’ll kill you easily,” replied the giant.

“Our clan’s strength is incredible, we can break his slowness strength!” said the other one. He looked enthusiastic.

“Wait. His attacks are too fast, too. Such people are too strong. Maybe they’re not from our world!” whispered the third uncle.

“Do you think there are other worlds, third brother?” asked the middle-aged giant next to him.

“I do. Why wouldn’t I? Cultivators can create their own worlds when they break through to the Huang Qi layer, and when they become legendary gods, they don’t create small worlds anymore, they create great worlds! In the ancient times, there were several gods, not just one, so maybe our world is connected to other worlds. That’s precisely why I want to find the gods’ traces, to understand those things. Who controls the world, or the worlds? Eight hundred years have passed, I think that our world is not the main one. There must be a bigger world than ours.”

“How mysterious. Unless we become gods, we won’t be able to understand those things. If we became gods, we could make great worlds, too!”

“Third Uncle, I want to go and try!” said one of them. He started running, followed by thunder.

“That little boy, Yan! He’s not patient! Let’s go with him. We’re the only four members of the Giant Gods Clan left. None of us can die,” They flashed after him. Their size didn’t influence their speed. They instantly appeared behind Ju Shen Yan.

“Eh?” Lin Feng was destroying a cultivator, demon strength emerging from his fingers. Then, he stopped and glanced around. He was stupefied when he saw the members of the Giant Gods Clan. Those people looked so strange, like ancient gods, and incredibly strong. In their third eyes, the Word STARLIT was written which meant they represented the Starlit Grave.

The Starlit Sky Shrine was the Fortune Shrine in the ancient days!

Apart from those four giants, more people appeared around them, all with an incredible Qi. They looked extraordinary. Many people were surprised when they saw the giants, but most of them were looking at Lin Feng. He had killed a few people just before this. He was very strong, and probably had a lot of points!

“Come here!” said someone. His figure flickered and he landed on the top of a mountain. He said to the giants, “You’re too strong, you can’t attack Half-Saints.”

That guy’s Qi was powerful. He looked extremely strong.

“Godly Imprint King Body!” Lin Feng was startled to see another Godly Imprint King Body! But this guy was a Saint, so it was incomparable.

“We won’t attack. We don’t attack people who are weaker than us. Of course, don’t kill our little one there,” said Ju Shen Kui Shan.

“So, if your little one loses, he can’t die; but if he wins, he can kill, what kind of rule is that?” said the one who had a Godly Imprint King Body, smiling coldly.

“We have no choice. We have to protect our species. We’re almost extinct. Since you want fair battles, you and me, let’s fight!” said Ju Shen Kui Shan, flashing forwards and releasing terrifying lights. He looked like an ancient god, dignified and majestic. His Qi was overwhelming.

Stars appeared in the vault of Heaven and condensed. The atmosphere became oppressive. Lin Feng had the feeling he was going to suffocate.

“High-level Saint!” Lin Feng was astonished. The difference was impressive. If Lin Feng tried to fight against that giant, he’d die instantly!

The ground exploded, the explosions so loud that people’s ears hurt. Ju Shen Kui Shan raised his gigantic hand and thrust towards the one who had the Godly Imprint King Body. That gigantic hand contained star strength and illuminated everything with glittering lights.

“How strong!” The people around were astonished. Was that a Celestial Dao Saint’s technique containing Star Celestial Dao?

“Hmph!” the one who had the Godly Imprint King Body grunted coldly. He released brilliant lights, and the dark atmosphere of the night grew even more dazzling. Gigantic ancient imprints shot towards the massive hand.

“Those ancient imprints are made of dao strength, but since he’s a saint, his attacks are real. That means his energies have returned to the source, so he’s using real gold, which is perfect in terms of both offense and defense.” Lin Feng’s heart was shaking. These high-level Saints’ attacks were terrifying. They had really become a part of nature!

Back in the days, Lin Feng had learned the Nine Heavy Waves. It was one of the simplest attacks, but if a high-level Saint who understood gold strength used it, then the Nine Heavy Waves would be made of gold and truly awesome. With Celestial Dao, attacks were much, much more powerful…

Qin Shan used lots of attacks, but his favorite ones were oppressive attacks. He liked to oppress and crush people. His Ancient Holy Techniques contained oppressive attacks which could flatten the sky!

Lin Feng’s purest strength was God strength. Gold, wood, water, speed, slowing, and so on were all pure kinds of strength. With his God strength, Lin Feng could control all sorts of strength, or at least understand them. He had been able to understand speed and slow strength that way. He also understood Hell strength now, which was a kind of death strength. He could create many different Saint’s techniques now!

The high-level Saint who had the Godly Imprint King Body had an incredible defense, but he still didn’t manage to protect himself from the giant’s hand. His ancient imprints exploded, and the gigantic hand continued moving forwards. An endless number of stars illuminated everything

“Eh?” The cultivator with the Godly Imprint King Body was amazed. Millions of godly imprints appeared around him.

“Sky Shaking Imprints! Die!” shouted the cultivator furiously. An endless number of Godly imprints blotted out the sky. The earth was trembling.

Terrifying explosions hammered the air. The crowd retreated swiftly. Everybody had the impression the earth and sky were going to collapse. How amazing!

“Gold, earth! He understands two sorts of basic strength, does he want to understand the five elements?” many people murmured while moving backwards. That cultivator’s millions of imprints would be even more terrifying if he understood the five elements!

Lin Feng was watching the battle, it was an incredible sight when high-level Saints fought. He remembered when Tian Ruo Jian had fought back then. Tian Ruo Jian controlled a special kind of strength, like he could modify space and time. He had nearly killed Qiong Lin!

At this moment, these two cultivators gave him a similar impression, so he took advantage of the opportunity to watch carefully and learn. Who knows? Maybe it would help him improve his God strength.

“You can’t defeat me,” said Ju Shen Kui Shan, standing there with his hands clasped behind him. He looked at the man who had the Godly Imprint King Body and said, “You can go. I will not kill you. I don’t kill people who are weaker than me, as I told you.”

How aggressive!, thought the crowd. The millions of stars around him seemed to be a shield for him. His Saint’s attacks were definitely overpowered!

The cultivator who had the Godly Imprint King Body was startled. Even though what the giant said wasn’t very pleasant to hear, he also knew that the giant could have killed him.

“There are nine big guys at the top of the nine territories. I hope you won’t go against your promise, Giant Gods Clan,” said the one with the Godly Imprint King Body. He swiftly disappeared.

“Giant Gods Clan?” Lin Feng was astonished, he had never heard of them. Even though Lin Feng didn’t know much about the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, he had read many books and he had never read about the Giant Gods Clan.

“You, me, let’s fight!” Ju Shen Yan said to Lin Feng!

Chapter 2391: Historical Remains

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Lin Feng looked at Ju Shen Yan. Even though the members of the Giant Gods Clan were extremely strong, Ju Shen Yan was just a half-Saint, and didn’t really pose a threat to him. When Lin Feng had just become a Saint, he could easily kill those Fire Shrine’s Saints, and now he was much stronger.

“Attack!” said Lin Feng to Ju Shen Yan indifferently. He looked perfectly calm and serene.

Ju Shen Yan flew up in the air. Stars floated around him and formed constellations, crackling and shattering as they did. He grew in size, and seemed as heavy as a mountain.

Ju Shen Yan then flashed forwards and raised one foot, as if he wanted to crush Lin Feng. His speed was impressive, despite his size.

Lin Feng raised his head and watched the incoming foot. Not only did he not retreat, he moved forwards while condensing God strength in his fist. Energies crackled and ruptured.

His gigantic foot held back, Ju Shen Yan was astonished, what an incredible physical strength!

Ju Shen Yan raised his hand, starlight flashing around it, and stretched it out towards Lin Feng, his fist contained terrifyingly explosive strength.

The members of the Giant Gods Clan all use that strength Saint’s technique, thought Lin Feng. Suddenly, he released slow strength all around himself. The atmosphere undulated, and everything around him became slower.

When an attack slowed down, it also had less impact. The faster an arrow reached its target, the greater chance it had to pierce through the target’s skin. But if it arrived extremely slowly, it had no effect, and couldn’t pierce through.

Of course, Ju Shen Yan didn’t shoot an arrow, and he still had an incredible strength. He released even more strength, fissures appearing in the space around him, thunder rumbling around his fist. The space around them exploded. After breaking some of the slow strength, he sped up again.

As expected, when an attack reaches a certain level, even slow strength is limited. Against a high-level Saint, my slow strength would be completely useless, thought Lin Feng. Ju Shen Yan was extremely strong, so Lin Feng’s slow strength was less effective against him. He wasn’t an ordinary half-Saint, he also had incredible fighting abilities, just like Lin Feng, and his defense was incredible, too. Lin Feng wondered how many years had he spent in here. Did the Giant have more points than him?

Lin Feng didn’t use a Saint’s Weapon. He had killed many low-level Saints with his Great Demon Halberd of Desolation and God’s Sword. Now, he wanted to rely on his own strength to defeat Ju Shen Yan.

When Lin Feng saw Ju Shen Yan’s attack, he realized his enemy’s attacks were incredible. Lin Feng could carry out all sorts of attacks thanks to his God strength, but at that moment, he had the impression his Saint’s techniques weren’t sufficient against Ju Shen Yan. He could see that his own attacks hadn’t reached the peak of perfection. Against someone like Ju Shen Yan, he needed to carry out perfect attacks.

Weapon Master Bing is a perfectionist, he helped me make the God’s Sword, which contains five different sorts of incredible strength. But even without a Saint’s Weapon, I can also use those kinds of strength!, thought Lin Feng. He released dazzling sword lights, which seemed able to cut anything.

Swords were like gods; they were destructive, they could destroy anything.

Lin Feng had created his Ruler’s Sword technique, but now, he had the impression he needed to improve it. He had the impression putting all sorts of strength in a sword wasn’t something good, it just made it impure. Swords were neutral, they had no type.

Who said nobody could understand Dao using swords? A sword is pure, a Sword can be a god, a sword can be Dao itself!, thought Lin Feng, releasing a terrifying sharp Qi, like a hand of God. It contained a deadly power. It had absolutely no strength, it was just a pure sword.

The sword seemed to be a pure element of Celestial Dao. It was as if Celestial Dao could be replaced with sword strength!

That’s a real God’s Sword, thought Lin Feng. Then he flashed forwards, peerless sword lights flashing in his hand. Not only was it sharp, but it was also extremely fast, a dangerous attack!

Lin Feng’s hand started destroying the stars in his path. It collided with the gigantic hand, there was a metallic grinding, and his hand pierced through it like a knife through butter and continued moving towards Ju Shen Yan. Lin Feng was a sword!

Ju Shen Yan was astonished, his face stiffened. What a sharp sword! Lin Feng’s attack was astonishing!

“The Giant Gods Clan has never lost in close combat!” proclaimed Ju Shen Yan coldly. Millions of stars appeared behind him, he looked like a Star God as he shouted furiously. The millions of stars condensed as he raised his fist, now full of star strength, and then he punched towards Lin Feng. His fist looked like a shooting star, trailing fires and explosive power. His strength was incredible and oppressive.

“Crushing Meteorite!” shouted Ju Shen Yan furiously. Lin Feng’s sword crashed onto the meteorite fist straight on, energies clashed like hammers striking. The meteorite broke apart and the sword continued moving forwards, but stars kept attacking Lin Feng at the same time. Lin Feng was trembling, but his attack was probably going to be enough, it was still very fast-

The meteorite was destroyed, and Lin Feng’s sword reached Ju Shen Yan. At that moment, the Giant disappeared. Ju Shen Kui Shan had acted and dragged him away so Lin Feng’s sword struck nothing. Ju Shen Yan looked astonished, his body covered with cold sweat.

“He destroyed my Crushing Meteorite attack with his sword!” Ju Shen Yan felt ashamed.

“There are many geniuses in the world. His sword attack was incredible, quite beautiful. It was a very pure sword attack,” said Ju Shen Kui Shan indifferently. “Not to mention your Crushing Meteorite attack isn’t very powerful yet, you need to improve it. Someday, if you master it, you’ll be able to destroy billions of meteorites, you’ll be like a terrifying god.”

“Alright,” sighed Ju Shen Yan. He looked over at Lin Feng and said, “You are extremely strong. I feel ashamed of being inferior.

“Your attacks are extremely powerful too, I understood how to create such a sword thanks to you,” replied Lin Feng diplomatically. His sword strength disappeared and he smiled. He looked like an ordinary person at that moment. If he hadn’t come up with such a sword, Ju Shen Yan would have killed him already!

“You just created it?” Ju Shen Yan was astonished, “How strong! Your comprehension abilities are much better than mine. I always use spells I’ve practiced for a very long time. You just created it, and you still broke my attack!”

“That was just luck,” Lin Feng smiled. The people around were speechless. These two guys were weird…

As the two were chatting, an incredible and ominous oppressive strength filled the air. It felt like an ancient strength.

“Eh?” Ju Shen Kui Shan looked stunned. He raised his head and saw millions of stars in the sky, beautiful and dazzling, rotating above them. The sky looked like a painting at that moment.

“How beautiful. But what is going on?” wondered Lin Feng. Lin Feng had the impression he was flying in the middle of the Milky Way. Was it an illusion?

“What’s going on? Where are we?” asked someone suddenly. Their hearts started pounding. They realized that they were now in the sky, in the middle of the stars. The mountain ranges around them had disappeared.

“Historical remains, we found historical remains. Gods’ historical remains!” exclaimed someone in a shaking voice.

“Those are definitely divinities’ historical remains. Huge! Are they as big as the whole Godly Grave? Only gods could create such things.”

Lin Feng’s heart was racing. Were they in historical remains? At this moment, the sky looked like a painting, very mysterious. The whole Godly Grave was a historical site?

“We’re in a star-studded sky, it represents a star god, which means we succeeded in the Starlit Area. That’s why the historical remains of the Starlit Area appeared. The others haven’t appeared yet.”

“We passed the challenge of the Starlit Area then! Finally. As expected, star strength is enigmatic and unfathomable, but also very strong. The members of the Fortune Shrine all enter the Godly Grave through the Starlit Area.” Many voices could be heard there.

Some people seemed to be in a trance, one of them had long messy hair, he looked as if he had gone into a frenzy, he raised his head to the skies and shouted furiously, “Finally, the divinities’ historical remains have appeared! I’ve been in here for 180,000 years, but there aren’t enough cultivators of the same level in the Godly Grave for me to fight, so I would have been stuck in here forever because of my cultivation level! But now historical remains have appeared!”

Lin Feng heard that voice, it was probably a peerless cultivator, and since there weren’t many peerless cultivators there, it was difficult to find opponents to fight against and win points. Winning enough points was one way to leave the Godly Grave, seeing the historical remains was apparently another one.


Chapter 2392: Gods’ Traces

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Everybody was shaking. Some people slowly entered the star-studded sky. The stars illuminated everybody.

Many people were wondering whether the historical side was one unique area, or several? Was this place really the Starlit Area historical site? If they had won in another area, would they have ended up in another historical site? The Godly Grave was divided into nine areas, were there nine historical sites?

How had that historical site been triggered?

It was like the concept of god could explain everything. Who had created the world? Who was strong enough to create such things?

Some figures started moving, If that place contained gods’ historical remains, it meant that there were opportunities to obtain things. They couldn’t miss such opportunities!

“If you pass the challenge of the Starlit Area, then the Star God’s historical site appears and everybody is dragged inside, but it means that the people of the Starlit Area have no advantage. But many people who enter the Godly Grave through the Starlit Area control star strength, maybe this area is the best for them?” mused Lin Feng. He slowly took flight and started flying around.

How spectacular, how beautiful, he thought as he flew higher up. Being able to see the stars from so close up was spectacular. They looked so close and so far at the same time.

“What are stars? What is this world?” he wondered suddenly. In his previous life, habitable stars were worlds, but what were stars in this world?

He moved towards a star, wanting to see what there was there, could he get close enough? He realized that he couldn’t. He could see things on that star though; it was like an animated picture scroll, showing cities with people living there, it seemed like an independent world.

He saw a picture of a child, he was in a mansion house practicing cultivation. His father and mother protected him and watched him practice, day after day. It was beautiful. After that, a figure appeared in the sky above the palace, and the parents hid their child. When he came out, he noticed many corpses, including his parents’ corpses. It wasn’t a happy story, it was a cruel one.

“What do these stories mean?” he wondered. He continued flying. After a short time, he arrived in front of another star. There was an animated picture scroll on it too’ there was a hero, it was a child in a beast tribe. He was the chief’s leader, and quite talented; he left the tribe, he became stronger, he went back home after becoming famous. That story was nice, but very short, what was going to happen afterwards?

There were many scrolls like that on the stars, each star had a different one. Lin Feng was watching and flying at the same time. Also, he was flying higher and higher.

“I can’t go any higher,” said a voice at that moment. Lin Feng raised his head and saw someone who couldn’t go any higher.

“Eh?” Lin Feng was surprised. He continued rising higher and higher. He flew past that person and continued. There were many people who were much higher than him…

“Your Excellency,” said someone at that moment. Lin Feng saw someone smiling approach him. Lin Feng looked at him coldly.

“This place is strange, we could explore together,” said that person smiling at Lin Feng.

“I’m not interested,” said Lin Feng coldly.

“What a pity,” said that person regretfully. “Freeze!” Ice-cold energies surrounded Lin Feng, crackling as they formed ice. The atmosphere froze around the man, and an iceberg appeared. That person smiled at Lin Feng coldly, “You failed to appreciate my kindness!”

He moved towards Lin Feng and raised his hand. The gigantic iceberg flew towards Lin Feng, it was extremely heavy.

Crackling sounds spread in the air. Lin Feng’s eyes became pitch-black and he said, “Slow!” A mysterious strength appeared around Lin Feng.

He could make everything slow down around him. The iceberg slowed down too, so Lin Feng dodged it easily. The strong cultivator was moving much slower, too, and grimaced in alarm.

“Die!” Millions of death stamps appeared and surrounded the man. He was moving very slowly, so he couldn’t compete with Lin Feng anymore. Lin Feng raised his hand and pointed at his enemy, hell death strength surged towards him.

Lin Feng’s figure flickered; he raised his hand and aimed at the man’s head. Death strength penetrated into his enemy’s skull and corroded his life.

“You attacked me for points?” asked Lin Feng coldly.

“Release me and I’ll tell you.”

“Die,” said Lin Feng releasing even more death strength. The man’s facial expression changed drastically and he said, “Your Excellency, why kill me? I just wanted points. I can’t fly higher up. Many people can. I think it’s because I don’t have enough points. Please spare my life.”

That person had gone through lots of hardships in life to become so strong, dying now would have been such a pity since he was a Saint. He hoped Lin Feng would spare his life.

“Die!” said Lin Feng. His eyes were filled with murder. He killed his enemy and stole his points, and let their body fell down from the sky. It was a Saint’s body, but it was of no importance to Lin Feng.

“So you need enough points to fly higher up… So points are useful before the historical remains appear, and inside too!” he murmured. Lin Feng raised his head. People had started fighting when they realized they needed more points to rise higher up in the sky, they had no choice. The higher they were, the more terrifying the battles were.

That gigantic star-studded sky looked like an ancient road. Lin Feng rose up and up, looking at the top from the bottom felt different from looking at the bottom from the top.

“Third Uncle, look, over there…” Not far from Lin Feng, Ju Shen Yan pointed at the sky, he was showing something to Ju Shen Kui Shan.

“I see. That pattern looks like a head,” said Ju Shen Kui Shan. Lin Feng was stupefied. He hadn’t looked carefully but when he heard Ju Shen Kui Shan, he looked carefully at the top and he noticed that some stars formed a pattern. Up above, there was a gigantic head, it looked like the head of a beast.

“It’s an ox’s head,” he noticed. That ox was staring at them, his two eyes looked like dazzling stars. His mouth looked like a constellation. How big! It was difficult to imagine its size…

“According to legends, the god who created the Giant Gods Clan had a pet, and that pet was an ox,” said Ju Shen Kui Shan. The three people with him were startled.

“Third Uncle, you mean that this world was created by our ancestor?” asked Ju Shen Yan. His heart was pounding. Had they found their ancestor’s traces?

“I didn’t say that. It’s a legend in our clan. According to the legend, our ancestor was an ordinary person, a cultivator’s child who raised an ox. Many people humiliated him, so he did all he could to become stronger. He started practicing cultivation, and he became stronger and stronger.

“But he still loved his ox. They started practicing cultivation together. The ox became strong enough to turn into a human too, but continued following his master. In the end, our ancestor stood at the top of the world and created our clan. that’s why we’re so big and so strong; he wanted to make us as strong as oxen,” said Ju Shen Kui Shan calmly.

Ju Shen Yan and the others were surprised. Ju Shen Yan said, “I’ve never heard of that legend.”

“Such a long time has passed, we can’t verify whether the legend is true or not. We avoid telling our descendants those stories now. We don’t need to transmit legends which can’t be verified,” said Ju Shen Kui Shan.

“Let’s continue on and see.” The few people continued rising, and soon arrived under the ox. At that moment, a dazzling beam of light streaked across the sky. They couldn’t open their eyes, those two stars really were eyes.

“It’s really a godly historical site!” said someone. That gigantic ox was alive!


Chapter 2393: God’s Exam

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“That’s…” Lin Feng was speechless. A cosmic beast! All those picture scrolls and stars were a beast? What was that beast’s cultivation level?

Those eyes are impressive, thought Lin Feng, staring at those eyes. It was like they could make someone go insane.

“1,300,000 years! Finally, you managed to pass the test of the Starlit Area, and now you’re here in front of me,” said a voice at that moment. It was impossible to tell where it came from!

Nobody said anything. They just stared at the old ox.

1,300,000 years, what a long time…, thought Lin Feng.

“I hope that this time, someone will manage to make this star-studded sky disappear forever, don’t disappoint me,” the old ox sighed. So many years had passed, it had been such a long time, waiting for such a long time had caused him much suffering.

“Master, I’m a descendent of the Giant Gods Clan, may I ask you if you know our ancestor?” Ju Shen Kui Shan asked the old ox.

“Oh?” the ox looked surprised, and replied to Ju Shen Kui Shan, “You’re a descendent of the Giant Gods Clan? My master created the Giant Gods Clan in the ancient times during one of his lives, indeed.”

“It’s real!” The members of the Giant Gods Clan were astonished; the legend almost nobody believed was true!

Surprisingly, the Giant Gods Clan had been created by that ox’s master. How incredible! Only gods could create such wonders!

“Your master is a god?” asked Ju Shen Kui Shan. He was a high-level Saint, and very nervous. He couldn’t wait to hear the ox’s reply.

“God?!” the ox said. “Of course, he’s one of the strongest gods!”

There were gods?! Gods really existed! At that moment, people’s hearts were pounding. Finally, they had an answer: gods existed, and at this moment, they were in a god’s historical site and were talking to a god’s servant, the old ox!

“Is he still alive?!” asked Ju Shen Kui Shan nervously.

Everybody wanted to know if gods were still alive!

“I think so. He should be,” murmured the ox. People’s hearts twitched… he wasn’t sure. Nobody could be sure if the gods still existed. Maybe they had disappeared. This historical site… was just historical.

“Is our ancestor still alive in the form he used to create our clan?” asked Ju Shen Kui Shan.

The old ox sighed. Some stars were shaking. “Let’s not talk about that right now. The star-studded sky is vast, there are many historical remains, you can continue rising. There are also some humans’ historical remains. You can go and explore. If you’re lucky, you’ll find many things. But in some worlds, many people aren’t as strong as you, you aren’t allowed to kill them.”

“The stars are all worlds!” The crowd was astonished, and they understood something; gods could create as many worlds as they wished, they were real gods.

In front of gods, Saints were like tiny little insects. Gods were the strongest beings in the world!

“Of course, you can also continue flying up and up and you’ll be able to take the test my master created back then. If you pass the exam, you’ll be rewarded; but if you fail, you might die. Now, it’s up to you. If you want to continue flying up, you can fly into my mouth and continue rising,” said the old ox.

They had two options: continue flying up, they would be able to obtain more, and it wasn’t dangerous, or they could also take the god’s exam, but it could be extremely dangerous, and they could die.

Only people who had enough points could choose. Without enough points, people couldn’t continue rising. But people who were already this high were all extremely strong.

Many people had been stuck in here for many years, there were more people who were stuck in here than people who could leave, so the number of strong cultivators accumulated with time.

“Third Uncle, we’ll go and take the exam, right?” Ju Shen Yan asked Ju Shen Kui Shan.

“Of course, we have to try!” replied Ju Shen Kui Shan.

“Let’s go,” said Ju Shen Kui Shan. Then they entered the ox’s mouth, starlight shone down, and they disappeared.

“They disappeared, they’re going to take the exam!” The crowd was astonished, and many people decided to go and take the exam. They were Saints, they had all taken risks to become strong in their lives. Now they had the opportunity to become stronger, how could they miss it? Saints were determined and didn’t fear death. Everybody that could entered the ox’s mouth.

“Saints are wise and determined.” whispered Lin Feng. He also entered the ox’s mouth, and lights surrounded him.

“Hey?” whispered the old ox, he was surprised. “You have no cultivation level?” he asked. “Could it be that…”

“That Qi is extremely powerful, you’re a very strong cultivator who has just become a Saint.” The lights continued surrounding Lin Feng and he disappeared.

“Starry sky ancient road.” When Lin Feng reappeared, there was an ancient starry road in front of him. There were dozens of Saints there, all of them were half-Saints.

“People of the same level take the exam together?” asked Lin Feng. So people of the same level had to take the exam together. It wouldn’t have been fair if they had been grouped with weaker or stronger people.

“Since you decided to sit the exam, you can’t give up anymore. Walk to the end of this path. When you get there, it means you passed. If you think you can’t pass, you can retrace your steps to avoid dying, but you’ll forget everything you saw today,” said a voice.

The crowd was startled. If they couldn’t pass the exam, they weren’t qualified to know what happened there, and they would lose their memories. How cruel!

“Alright, you can go now,” said a voice.

Nobody left. They didn’t know what awaited them. What was this god’s exam going to be like? They had to be very careful.

“What’s your name?” Ju Shen Yan asked Lin Feng.

“Mu Feng,” said Lin Feng. If there were people from Shrines around, they would know who Lin Feng was. He had to use another name to avoid trouble.

“Mu Feng, this god’s exam will probably be very complicated, let’s join hands?” said Ju Shen Yan. He had fought against Lin Feng, he knew he was very strong.

Lin Feng didn’t find that strange. There were many people there, joining hands with other people was normal. There was no rule which stipulated joining hands was forbidden, the only task was to reach the end of the road.

“Alright,” Lin Feng nodded. Even though he was self-confident, it was a god’s exam! Having a friend would be harmless, especially if anyone attacked them.

“Everybody, my name is Mu Kui, let’s move forwards together. We can all join hands in case of danger!” said a strong cultivator at that moment. Everybody agreed and they started moving forwards on the path. They saw a star in front of them, they had to cross it to move forwards.

“There are people on the star,” said someone flying. A dozen people were flying towards the star.

“There are so many strong cultivators, how come?” asked someone, surprised. There was a terrifying army on that star.

“Oh no, we can’t fly across! We can’t cross it.”

Lin Feng realized that, as they got closer to the star, the energies became more and more oppressive.

“Those people aren’t flying, the atmosphere of the star must be sealed. We have to get down to cross it,” said someone. They descended from the sky. Very quickly, a terrifying strength surrounded them. They saw many, many people looking at them. Those people didn’t look like humans, they didn’t look like ordinary humans either… they looked like dead souls or puppets, evil and terrifyingly strong!


Chapter 2394: Cooperation

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“They’re all Saints. Even though they don’t seem alive, they must be as strong as Saints. There are Saints everywhere, how are we supposed to get through?” said Mu Kui, pulling a long face. If the terrifying cultivators on the ground surrounded them, they’d all die!

“We can get many points here, but we’re only Half-Saints and our fighting abilities are limited. This place is restricted, we can’t fly. We can easily get encircled, how can we cross that ocean of strong cultivators?”

“This exam is too difficult, and it’s only the first part.”

It was difficult, but it was a god’s exam, how could it be easy?

“Everybody, take out your Saint’s Weapons. The old ox didn’t say we couldn’t use weapons, we have only one option, slaughter them and move forwards, we can’t stop at all, even for a second. We have to kill and kill and kill,” said Lin Feng. Everybody nodded. They all took out their Saint’s Weapons, knowing Lin Feng was right. They couldn’t stop, they had to kill!

But killing their way through would be extremely difficult. Nobody could imagine how hard it would be. Their bodies stiffened as they thought about it.

“We have no other option. Everybody, let’s gather, we need a strong formation, we can form a few small groups and alternate to help one another. Everybody talk about what they’re better at, defense or offense,” said Mu Kui. At this moment, they had to cooperate fully. Nobody could get through alone.

“So me, I practice wood cultivation, it’s one of the most basic elements. I can oppress people. It’s useful in battles,” said Mu Kui.

“I practice illusion cultivation, but in a long battle, my cultivation is limited.”

“I practice water cultivation, one of the most basic elements as well, my defense is great, at the same cultivation level, most people can’t pierce through my defense.”

Everybody told what their strength was, they had to join hands.

“Both my defensive and offensive abilities are great, and I can fight over extended periods,” said Ju Shen Yan. “But I can’t fight forever, so we’ll have to switch now and then.”

“I control slow and fast strength, I can help everyone,” said Lin Feng.

After everybody talked, Mu Kui said, “We’re forty-two people. We can form two groups of twenty-one people. As we move forwards, one group has to be in the front while the other one can rest in the back. After every round, we switch positions. If anyone dies, someone has to replace them.”

“Alright, perfect.”

“If we make two groups of twenty-one, ten people have to be in the front to attack, eight people can stay behind to protect them, while three people assist. Someone can control, for example me, one other can fight on the sides. Mu Feng, you can do that, then someone who controls life strength can assist. We need someone with a powerful life technique, but only one,” said Mu Kui.

“I also control life strength. I can do that,” said Lin Feng.

“Good, not only do you control slow and fast strength, but you also control life strength, you can play two people’s roles. Let’s divide now,” said Mu Kui. He probably had a very high position in his clan because he understood military strategies really well. The force was perfectly balanced this way.

They managed to organize very quickly. The first group would fight, the second would follow and recover.

“Alright, get onto Nie Wang’s warship. The second group can rest on the boat, but don’t relax your vigilance, anything could happen! First group, get ready,” said Mu Kui. With so many people, it was easy to make mistakes, so rigor and organization were essential. He also understood control strength, so he’d be able to control the boat too. Lin Feng and Mu Kui were in charge of leading the way.

“Let’s go.”

“Get ready to fight!”

They all looked grim. The boat moved forwards; they couldn’t fly, so the boat had to be at ground level too, but it was still terrifyingly fast, they all turned into a broad beam of light.

We’re getting closer. The energies are increasing!, thought the crowd. Some people already appeared in front of them.


The first one who attacked was Ju Shen Yan. He raised his gigantic hand, stars flashed and bombarded someone, who exploded. At the same time, some strong cultivators behind him also released terrifying attacks.

How strong. When many Saints attack at the same time, it’s awesome!, thought Lin Feng. But the puppets in front of them also looked daunting…

Terrifying Celestial Dao surged towards them. They were all shaking.

Dozens of blood spears shot towards the crowd as fast as lightning. The army of Saint puppets looked real, how was that possible?

“Slow!” said Lin Feng. Instantly, the blood spears slowed down, an arrow streaked across the sky and struck down a spear. A strong cultivator next to Lin Feng had a bow and arrows, it was a powerful Saint’s weapon. They had to be careful; if all the Saint puppets blocked them at the same time, it would be very bad luck. Now, they could only press forwards with indomitable will.

Everything happened extremely quickly. As soon as they killed puppets, they were already far beyond them.

“Until now, we haven’t faced real danger, let’s hope it’ll continue,” said Mu Kui.

“It’s not that easy, we have to continue and press on without letup. That’s how we made it here, but the star is really vast. We have to continue. We don’t know what awaits us,” said Lin Feng.

Mu Kui nodded, “You’re right, brother. It’s going to last for a long time. We haven’t seen anything yet.”

“Luckily we have many people. Imagine if only one or a few people had decided to take the exam, it would have been even more dangerous,” said Nie Wang. Nie Wang wasn’t fighting, because Lin Feng could play the role of two people, so Nie Wang drove the boat. His new role was to pay attention and try to drive through places where there were fewer blockers.

“It’s going to be difficult though. We’re using too much energy, we won’t be able to hold on very long like that,” murmured Lin Feng. Those who were in charge of attacking couldn’t stop for even a millisecond. They were probably going to be exhausted quickly.

“That’s why we have to switch every round,” said Mu Kui, “Yu Lin’s nine broadswords are incredible, his attacks become more and more powerful. A single Half-Saint can’t really stop those attacks.”

“They’re extremely powerful, indeed,” agreed Lin Feng. Yu Lin was a middle-aged man wielding nine swords, his fighting abilities were incredible.

The boat continued moving forwards, everything was fine, but the group was already exhausted.

“There are many strong cultivators there, should we switch?” asked Nie Wang.

“There are only a few, let’s kill them!” replied someone.

“Alright.” Nie Wang nodded. However, at that moment, there was a rumble, and the ground started trembling.

“A strong cultivator who controls earth strength, be careful!” said Yu Lin, while attacking with his nine broadswords. The ground rolled in waves like seawater, spewing dust into the air. The boat pierced through the cloud of dust, but walls appeared out of the ground to block them.

“Attack!” shouted a strong cultivator. A gigantic hand was moving towards them.

“Slow!” An arrow moved towards the hand and destroyed it. The cultivator who had the bow and arrows was called Liao Feng.

In the distance, a strong cultivator raced towards them. Mu Kui was surprised.

“Quick, quick, we can’t let him stop us or slow us down!” said Mu Kui. At the same time, he released vines which blotted out the sky and moved towards the enemy to constrict him.

“Oh no, the boat is going to lose its balance!” They had the impression the boat was going to turn over. Nie Wang could barely control it. A terrifying strength was pushing the boat.

Someone was attacking the boat, but it was a medium-level Saint’s Weapon. Destroying it wasn’t easy, but making it roll over was possible.

A gigantic blood-red hand descended from the sky towards Lin Feng.

“Oh no, we’re going to get stuck!” thought Lin Feng. They couldn’t get stuck here!

“Imprison!” Lin Feng’s eyes became pitch-black and a cage of darkness appeared, Lin Feng shot forwards. They had to solve the issue as soon as possible!

He took out his Great Demon Halberd of Desolation and suddenly moved towards the wall in front of him as fast as lightning. The wall exploded, and at the same time, he crushed someone’s head with his Great Demon Halberd of Desolation.

“Stay in formation!” Mu Kui was very nervous; he looked like a creature with three heads and six arms, and had released an incredible quantity of vines to attack the puppets all around. It was like he was sweeping the battlefield.

“Come here quickly!” shouted Nie Wang. He could control the boat again! Everybody jumped onto it again; Lin Feng continued destroying puppets with his Great Demon Halberd of Desolation while retreating to the boat. He glanced at the puppets with his pitch-black eyes. Many puppets started casting illusion spells, but he quickly destroyed them.

The boat accelerated and opened up the way.

“Wait for me!” shouted someone furiously. Someone was stuck behind. He hadn’t had time to jump back to the boat.

“Accelerate, we can’t wait!” shouted some people coldly. Nie Wang had no choice, he was under too much pressure.

That cultivator saw the boat disappear in the distance. Millions of Saint puppets jumped onto him, and he drowned in an ocean of monsters. He was doomed!


Chapter 2395: Star Gate

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Nie Wang was extremely vigilant. It was difficult to move forwards, there were many strong cultivators. It was very dangerous. They couldn’t waste time. However, even if they moved as fast as they could, time passed quickly. They had already spent three months there. Everybody was exhausted and they had the impression it was never going to end.

They couldn’t see the end of this world. Every day, they switched positions, even people who were resting couldn’t really rest and recover because they had to be vigilant at all times. Out of the forty-two people they had at the beginning, only thirty-four remained.

Apart from their boat, there were other strong cultivators behind them. They had come to that star afterwards, and they also had a Saint’s Weapon which enabled them to fly. It was a smaller boat, there weren’t many people on it. However, their Qi was terrifying. Chu Chun Qiu and Kong Ming were on that boat, too.

The most incredible thing was that that boat was surrounded by dazzling Buddha’s lights, 108 dazzling golden blades floated around the boat and blood kept splashing around them. That boat wasn’t only a means of transportation, it was also a sharp weapon. It was much better than Lin Feng and the others’ boat, and the cultivators on it were much more relaxed.

Nie Wang was at the front of the boat, he was getting impatient, “It’s still not over.”

“This world is too big.”

At that moment, they heard a shout. They looked in the front and were stunned.

“We’re doomed,” said Nie Wang. His face turned deathly pale. Then, he made the boat turn around and they fled. However, in front of them there were still many enemies. They were surrounded.

“We can’t break free!” Nie Wang pulled a long face. Everybody was scared. There were too many enemies. There were even more enemies than when they had arrived. How could they get through?

“What to do?” asked someone.

“We have to continue, move forwards and kill them. It’s an exam, we have no choice. We could also go back, the old ox said we would live,” whispered Mu Kui.

“We have to pass the exam. We won’t have such an opportunity ever again,” said a woman with unswerving determination. Her name was Xiao Yin, she was extremely strong and controlled water, fire, and soundwave strength. She had a very deep understanding of those energies, and with Celestial Dao, her attacks were terrifying.

“We have to kill them and continue,” said someone else. People felt even more motivated after what Xiao Yin had said.

“Alright, let’s kill then,” said Nie Wang. His arrow streaked across the sky, energies rolled in waves around them. His arrow whistled furiously before it pierced through someone’s head.

The boat continued moving forwards while destroying enemies. Their souls were shaking.

The destructive Saint’s attacks blotted out the sky and covered the earth. People raised their heads… it looked like the end of times.

“I hope we’ll be lucky,” said Yu Lin. He jumped off the boat, his nine blades rotating around him and emitting dazzling lights.

“Let’s go,” said Lin Feng and Ju Shen Yan. Ju Shen Yan’s emitted crackling and spluttering as star lights emerged from his body. He was an ancient giant bathing in starlight. He raised his hand, he was so tall, it was as if he had tried to grab the moon.

“Slow!” said Lin Feng, releasing powerful slowing energies. He raised his Great Demon Halberd of Desolation, looking like an ancient demon king. After they attacked the enemies around them, the space around them was filled with corpses. However, someone exploded next to them, their only fate when someone was exhausted.

“Stop!” said someone coldly. A cultivator in golden clothes raised his finger and the atmosphere around slowed down, it was as if everything had been about to stop around him. He disappeared, teleporting himself away.

“Celestal Void cultivator, bastard,” shouted someone furiously. That cultivator had a Saint’s Weapon which could stop everything around him and he hadn’t used it before. Now he had used it to save his own life, he didn’t care about the others.

But everybody had their own trump cards, they all had all sorts of Saint’s Weapons, many people didn’t want to show all of them. Liao Feng also had a terrifying weapon, his arrows were murderous. He could almost destroy the sky with them.

Lin Feng’s God’s sword was floating above his head. He looked like a death god. Everything became slow around them.

Ju Shen Yan took out two gigantic star hammers. They contained star strength which filled the air. Lin Feng was impressed.

“Go!” said Lin Feng coldly. The ground was trembling as Ju Shen Yan flashed forwards. He attacked the puppets with his hammers and each time, small stars exploded all around. They managed to create a small hole in the wall of enemies in front of them.

“I’ll do left and front, you do front and right!” said Lin Feng attacking the enemies on his left with his God’s sword. A vortex of absorbing strength appeared, he wanted to try and absorb his foes. At the same time, he also released slow strength to slow them down. They couldn’t stop hm!

Those puppets are Saints, but they’re luckily stupid, otherwise, we wouldn’t have a single chance, thought Lin Feng. He continued attacking them with his Great Demon Halberd of Desolation. He was moving flicker-quick, beheading them right and left.

He also released a golden deployment spell. A light curtain appeared. He made some of them enter his deployment spell.

“What a great deployment spell.” Ju Shen Yan looked enthusiastic. That way there would be much less pressure. The gigantic hammer streaked across the sky and smashed apart another puppet’s head.

“Follow me, don’t leave the deployment spell,” said Lin Feng. The deployment spell stayed around him, slow strength also stayed around him.

Ju Shen Yan looked even more enthusiastic, “How strong! Mu Feng, you’re a real genius, your slow strength makes things much easier, nobody can compete with us this way.”

Indeed, Lin Feng’s abilities were beneficial for the whole crowd, but Lin Feng was also using up lots of strength. The enemies’ attacks couldn’t really reach his deployment spell. But keeping the deployment spell up and running while releasing slow strength the whole time was exhausting too!

There are still so many, it’s endless!, he thought. How annoying! He stayed focused-

On the side, an enemy broke the deployment spell. Lin Feng knew it, the absorbing strength of his God’s sword surrounded him.

“Piss off!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. Whistling sounds spread in the air, and deployment marks started intertwining again, sealing the breach.


Three days passed, and Lin Feng was exhausted, he had a terrible headache. Even if he was a Saint, fighting constantly for days and days without stopping was exhausting. Only people who had special abilities or precious treasures could survive, and Saints continued dying.

“We’re there, finally! There’s nothing over there.” shouted Ju Shen Yan happily. Finally!

That guy, he’s fun, thought Lin Feng with a weary smile. He was also very happy, though. Finally, they were out. Ju Shen Yan and Lin Feng had killed many enemies together, and used lots of energy. They were both incredible cultivators. No wonder Ju Shen Yan was a god’s descendent. Lin Feng was thinking that if Ju Shen Yan hadn’t been there to help, it would have been much more difficult.

“Go!” shouted Lin Feng. This time, he moved like the wind and destroyed cultivators with his God’s sword.

“My sword and my sword techniques are divine,” said Lin Feng. His Ruler’s Sword seemed unstoppable!

“Haha! How awesome,” said Ju Shen Yan. He sounded excited. Finally, they had arrived on the edge of the star! They continued walking onto the ancient path, turned around and saw the millions of puppets. But it was already over for them, they had succeeded.

“Mu Feng, you’re too strong! If we hadn’t joined hands, it would have been difficult,” Ju Shen Yan said to Lin Feng.

“We’re both in the same boat.” They both laughed. Lin Feng said, “Let’s go. Let’s see what the next exam is.”

“Alright,” Ju Shen Yan nodded. They continued on. There were many stars in front of them, and no exit. After a short time, Ju Shen Yan and Lin Feng stopped. In front of them, there were a large number of star gates. Some star gates were bright, some weren’t.

“Some people arrived before us, it seems, but only four,” said Ju Shen Yan. He glanced at a bright gate and walked towards it, “Mu Feng, it’s the second test. Let’s go.”

He crossed the bright star gate and disappeared.

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