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Chapter 2396: Seven Years

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Lin Feng also entered a portal. Lights surrounded his body and he appeared somewhere else. In front of him was a figure. The person was standing there calmly. He didn’t react to Lin Feng, because actually it was not a person, but a painting of a person.

“He looks so real!” murmured Lin Feng, impressed at the sight.

The man-painting in front of him was wearing a star robe. He whispered, “Cultivating one’s mind consists in retrieving one’s true self. The strongest cultivators in the world control everything. Dao is like nature. When you understand Dao, you can transcend worldliness, you can break free from the chiliocosm of the Great Tao. The biggest…”

Lin Feng listened to that illusory voice, it sounded like a teacher giving a class.

“According to legends, when peerless cultivators give classes, many incredible and almost peerless cultivators listen to them. My clone has been in the Fortune Shrine for such a long time, and I’ve only heard one peerless Saint talk about Dao. This cultivator in front of me is fascinating, though. He talks slowly but that way I remember everything he says,” whispered Lin Feng. The cultivator was extremely strong. Was he a god?

He was wearing a star robe and as he talked, he kept moving his hands. He continued talking about Dao.

“Celestial Dao is mysterious and difficult to understand, especially for me since my cultivation is different from everybody else. I practice cultivation in a completely different way,” whispered Lin Feng, staring at the painted cultivator. He had spent much time with the Diviner, and he had also read many books. He knew lots of things, but he also knew that his cultivation was completely different from other people.

But maybe everything would be the same in the end? Lin Feng continued listening to the strong cultivator. He was captivated.

This time, the exam’s goal was to test their comprehension abilities.

The first test was about strength, but it was also about what people owned. Those who were lucky or had precious items had an advantage. This time, those things were useless.

“Celestial Dao. He understands stars Celestial Dao. His strength is composed of stars coupled with Celestial Dao, so he controls the stars, analyzed Lin Feng. He was captivated and focused. He didn’t know why, but he was staring at the cultivator.

I have my own world. I can control all sorts of strength. I understand so many of them: life, death, fast, slow, the five elements, cursing strength, and so on… I can also make any kind of strength fuse together with my own Celestial Dao, it’s how I can create seasons in my world and trigger them whenever I want. It means that in my world, I am already a low-level Saint. That’s also why I can kill low-level Saints in the outside world. Killing them in my own world is extremely easy. In the outside world, I should be a Half-Saint, but my body is special, thought Lin Feng.


Time passed. Four months later, someone slowly came out on the other side of a star. It was a woman.

How strange. I spent only four months in here, and now I’m a low-level Saint. I’ve spent years in this world, now I just spent four months in here and I became a low-level Saint. How great!, thought Xiao Yin.

She bowed before the star and said, “Thank you very much, Master, for showing me the path to enlightenment.”

Xiao Yin understood that without that extremely strong cultivator, she would have never been able to progress so quickly. Of course, she had progressed because she had great comprehensive abilities, too, that’s why she had broken through in only four months. She was extremely happy.

At the level of Saints, breaking through was something extremely difficult, as the distance between the different layers was as far apart as Heaven and Earth. Some people never managed to break through, and were stuck at the same cultivation level for a long time. Many people understood Celestial Dao and then became Saints, but many of them never managed to fuse their own strength together with Celestial Dao. Now, she had managed to overcome that incredible difficulty.

To transcended worldliness and attain holiness… In other words, to become a Saint, people had to understand Celestial Dao. Then, they could create Saint’s attacks using Celestial Dao. But Saints at that level only had a very basic knowledge of Celestial Dao, so they couldn’t use it in an optimal way. That was why they were called Half-Saints.

Low-level Saints could finally make their strength fuse together with Celestial Dao. They really started becoming one with Celestial Dao. It was also why low-level Saints’ attacks were much, much more powerful than Half-Saints’ attacks. Low-level Saints could easily destroy Half-Saints, but there were some strange people, like Lin Feng. In his own world, he was already a low-level Saint, that’s why his attacks were as powerful as low-level Saints’ attacks.

Xiao Yin slowly walked forwards. She was wondering what the next exams would be like. She had already passed two tests, and was a bit nervous. What would happen if she passed all the exams?

During the second exam, she had suddenly understood something and become a low-level Saint. It had definitely been worth it!


Three years later, someone else came out. It was Ju Shen Yan. He burst into laughter and condensed star strength.

“Haha, awesome! Is it a reward from my ancestor?” shouted Ju Shen Yan. It felt awesome. He had been stuck at that cultivation level for three thousand years, and now he had finally broken through. He raised his head and released star strength.

“I’ll be able to carry out even more explosive attacks in the future!” His heart was pounding. He said, “I wonder whether Brother Mu Feng has come out or not. He should be fine though! Right, I’ll continue and see what the next test is.”


Lin Feng was still calmly standing behind the strong cultivator. He was whispering at the same pace as him. His voice resonated along with the strong cultivator’s voice, as if he had become a part of him. Everything around him had turned pitch-black. The atmosphere was filled with death strength. This time, he wasn’t in his own world, he was outside.

Next to the death strength, there was life strength. There was also fire strength, demon strength, and more, all sorts of strength. He was talking and his voice was resonating at the same pace as the Celestial Dao.

Lin Feng had made great efforts to achieve all this. He was focused, happy to have such an opportunity. He wanted to succeed in the outside world, not just in his own world. Now, he understood more and more things which would help him in the future, even in terms of God strength.

“Cultivating the mind consists of retrieving one’s true self. At the highest cultivation level, you can control the world…” whispered Lin Feng. He imagined what life would be like in the future, where he wouldn’t need to use Saint’s Weapons to kill low-level Saints anymore.


Time passed. In the Godly Grave, five or ten years, was a very short time. The Star Area was a historical site. Five years, six years, passed in the blink of an eye. Lin Feng finally came out. He had passed the exam. Actually, he could have come out much earlier, but he was happy to listen to the teacher. That was such an incredible opportunity.

Lin Feng stood on the starry path. He looked happy, relaxed, and light-hearted. If anyone had been there, they would have been able to determine Lin Feng’s cultivation level instantly: low-level Saint!

“Seven years have passed. Seven years…” thought Lin Feng with a sigh. Time passed too fast at such cultivation levels.

Actually, he was already quite fast, many people needed ten thousand years, or even a hundred thousand years, to become true Saints!

“No wonder some people say it gets more and more difficult with time!” Laughed Lin Feng. People often got stuck at the same cultivation level for thousands and thousands of years. Younger people who were more talented than them then caught up with them, and the younger people became stronger than older people.

There were many, many examples of such cultivators. The worst thing for them was when some older people disdained others because they were stronger, and then time passed and those people caught up with them.

“Now, in the outside world, I’m a low-level Saint! I understand many sorts of basic strength, I fused them together with Celestial Dao. Even though I don’t have an advanced understanding, killing low-level Saints is now extremely easy for me. However, it’s still going to be difficult to kill low-level Saints who have an advanced understanding, or who have incredibly powerful Saint’s techniques, they can still be difficult opponents.” Lin Feng understood many sorts of strength, but if someone understood one sort of strength better than him, then he’d still be under pressure. Of course, in the future, he would continue studying and would thus be able to avoid such situations.

“I wonder what the next test will be like.” He continued walking forwards.


Chapter 2397: God’s Beast

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Lin Feng continued walking along the path. The light of the stars continued shining down on him. Lin Feng raised his head and whispered, “Is that the god’s world?”

A grave was a place where dead people were put. Was it a grave? Why were people who had enough points the only ones allowed in here? Was there anything in particular?

After some time, Lin Feng saw some people he knew: Ju Shen Yan and Xiao Yin!

“Ju Shen Yan!” shouted Lin Feng.

Ju Shen Yan turned around and smiled, “Mu Feng, you also passed the second test.”

“Yes.” Lin Feng nodded and looked at Ju Shen Yan and Xiao Yin. There were nine figures in front of them, all of them beasts.

“What’s that?” asked Lin Feng. Was that the third test?

“The third test. That god is really sly. The test is really very, very difficult. Becoming a low-level Saint was difficult, but this test is even more difficult. Those beasts are the nine beasts the gods rode back in the days, they are all low-level Saints, and terrifyingly strong. We just broke through; how could we fight against them? All those who fought against those beasts ended up in tragic conditions in the last few years,” Ju Shen Yan told Lin Feng. “It’s very difficult. It’s driving me nuts.”

When Lin Feng heard Ju Shen Yan, he was startled. Those beasts were all low-level Saints, and Ju Shen Yan was complaining, which meant those beasts were really terrifyingly strong. The gods had raised them!

“You’re incompetent and ignorant, like a frog in a well. Do you know what awaits you if you pass the exam? But you’re here and taking this exam now,” said a voice. It was a beast, its third eye flared with light. He looked evil and he looked at Ju Shen Yan in a disdainfully.

This was his master’s exam, if they all passed, then… unfortunately, he was just his master’s pet, he couldn’t take the exam, he wasn’t qualified. But even that way, he had to take his role seriously and try to fail people. Those two people had arrived early, but they hadn’t taken risks. Otherwise, the beasts would have already killed them.

“You’re a beast, watch your words! Don’t talk to me that way, I’m a god’s descendent! I’m a member of the Giant Gods Clan!” shouted Ju Shen Yan furiously. During those years, the beasts had kept making fun of him, which annoyed him a lot.

“Descendent? All the gods have many, many, many descendents. Even if you’re really a god’s descendent, you must be from a pitiful part of the family, I’m sure you’ve never even seen the god! Unlike me, who followed him for a long time at war,” said the beast proudly. He was comparing himself with Ju Shen Yan.

“Ridiculous! We’re not the only ones who took the exam. Before that, we were still Half-Saints and now we broke through. You’re just a low-level Saint. If I’m not mistaken, the examinees who were low-level Saints before are now fighting against high-level beasts who are much stronger creatures than you,” shouted Ju Shen Yan coldly.

“Insolent!” shouted the beast, howling furiously, “Come here, I’ll crush you!”

“You’re shamed into anger?” retorted Ju Shen Yan, smiling coldly. He said to Lin Feng, “Mu Feng, they can only move out there in the front. Therefore, when you try, if you can’t fight against them, you can come back immediately, they can’t touch us here.”

“You have to defeat the nine beasts to pass the exam?” asked Lin Feng, staring at the beasts. They looked too strong.

“No, the path we’re on is our territory. If you can get past us, then you pass, but I’m warning you, we’ll do all we can to kill you, so be very careful,” said a beast coldly. The beast was wearing a white robe while in his human form, he looked extremely evil.

“You can’t teleport here, it’s forbidden, so be very careful,” said Xiao Yin to Lin Feng.

“Yes, you can’t, even though the goal is only to get through, it’s extremely difficult. We tried a myriad of times, we almost died. Those beasts are arrogant, but they are really incredible strong,” said Ju Shen Yan to Lin Feng telepathically. He used telepathy because he didn’t want the beasts to think he was too weak.

“I’ll try,” said Lin Feng. He slowly walked forwards. How strong were these beasts?

“The wolf’s first attack is the most terrifying one, he controls wind strength, he’s very fast. Don’t let him reach you,” said Ju Shen Yan.

“Alright!” replied Lin Feng. He flashed forwards and released Qi which filled the air. He also understood wind strength, so he fused it together with Celestial Dao. At that moment, Lin Feng had the impression he was a part of nature, he was the Celestial Dao itself.

The wolf howled, staring at Lin Feng. He looked fearsome and evil.

“I’m warning you, don’t use Saint’s Weapons, or you will suffer even more,” said the figure in white clothes.

Lin Feng was surprised but nodded. Saint’s Weapons? Those beasts belonged to an incredible god, didn’t they have weapons?

Lin Feng remained vigilant. Ju Shen Yan was extremely strong, especially since he had become a low-level Saint, but these beasts had nearly killed him.

“You’re still not attacking?” said Lin Feng, slowly walking forwards. The beasts were staring at him, especially the wolf. Lin Feng guessed that that wolf would be merciless.

Finally, the wolf moved, so fast it was even difficult to follow him with one’s eyes. He controlled wind, which was a fundamental energy, and he was a low-level Saint, so his wind strength had fused together with Celestial Dao.

The wolf was extremely fast thanks to his wind strength. It was difficult to imagine.

Lin Feng also condensed wind strength. His figure streaked across the sky. His trajectory was circular, trying to avoid the wolf.

Oh no, he wants to avoid them and break free like that!, thought Ju Shen Yan. Mu Feng was insane. It was impossible to escape from those beasts! It was necessary, in his opinion, to study them carefully, and then move.

As expected, Lin Feng moved past, and the wolf followed him.

“Bury!” shouted an old beast. Earth covered Lin Feng. The beasts controlled the most basic kinds of strength, and were all extremely strong. They were experts in one kind of strength. The one who controlled earth strength could use the earth as he wished.

It was difficult to master one kind of strength to perfection, though!

The ground exploded. Lin Feng was bathing in sword lights, it seemed like he could cut through anything.

The wolf moved his claws towards Lin Feng’s head. He was so fast, it was incredible.

“Slow!” said Lin Feng. Instantly, everything around him became slower.

“What a powerful little boy!” The beasts were stupefied when they saw that. Lin Feng controlled three original types of strength which had returned to their source: wind, sword, and slowing. Three original kind of strength, and Lin Feng was just a low-level Saint!

The beasts found Lin Feng really strong. Such a feat wasn’t easy at all. Otherwise, not so many people would be stuck as Half-Saints. It was even more difficult to achieve with several types of strength.

It got more and more complicated with time, especially for those who wanted to master a type of strength to the extreme. When they achieved that, they became high-level Saints! Such cultivators were really terrifying because when a cultivator managed to understand one type of strength to its maximum level, their attacks became really powerful. Those who understood several types of strength were even more terrifying!

The reason why Lin Feng understood several types of original strengths was his particular body, his God Dao, and his own world. Therefore, it wasn’t that difficult for him to understand several types of strength. However, reaching their full level would be difficult.

A type of original strength was completely different from abstruse energies or Dao. They could use original strength to create Saint’s techniques!

The wolf was slowed down and looked at Lin Feng coldly.

He spat out sharp blades at Lin Feng, each blade contained a terrifying wind strength. The air hummed as he managed to break some of the slow strength.

However, Lin Feng didn’t want to fight against him. He continued moving forwards. He released even more wind strength and turned into a beam of light.

“Where are you going?” Suddenly, Lin Feng had the impression a terrifyingly heavy strength was crashing onto him. His heart twitched. It was pure earth strength! At that cultivation level, it was better not to offend anyone!


Chapter 2398: Difficult to Break Out

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Original strength fused together with Celestial Dao, it was almost invisible and intangible. Lin Feng sensed how terrifying the energy was.

He felt heavy.

Whistling sounds spread in the air. The wolf moved towards him, he had managed to break free from Lin Feng’s slow strength. If Lin Feng hadn’t controlled slow strength, he wouldn’t have been able to compete with the wolf.

A strong wind was blowing. Some wind blades moved towards Lin Feng, the wind turned into a hurricane.

Lin Feng released a terrifying sword energy which sliced through the atmosphere around him.

“Break!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. His God’s Sword struck out at everything around, fissures appeared. However, a heavier strength oppressed him as an ape ran towards him. Each time the ape took a step, Lin Feng felt even more under pressure. If he had been an ordinary cultivator, he would have exploded!

A gigantic hand which blotted out the sky appeared above Lin Feng and descended, containing an awesome heavy strength. Lin Feng had the impression he was carrying the world on his shoulders. If that hand reached him, he’d be crushed into mush.

“Slow!” Lin Feng released slow strength. He fused it together with the Celestial Dao of the outside world, and his energies became even more powerful. Everything around him became slower.

“Back!” Lin Feng moved back. He turned into a beam of light. He retreated to where he was just before. The wolf’s attack had almost reached him.

“Those beasts are so strong. Besides, only three of them attacked. The others didn’t even try anything. Only the wolf tried to kill me, the others didn’t try anything, they must think I’m too weak to even pass the exam, so they just watched from the side!”

If they had attacked Lin Feng together, things would have been different, even more dangerous. Lin Feng looked at them, he was amazed. Only three beasts had attacked him and he felt so much pressure. How terrifying would it have been if the others had attacked him, too?

“Mu Feng, what do you think?” asked Ju Shen Yan to Lin Feng.

“They’re strong. Those beasts are very strong. Passing this exam will be very difficult!” whispered Lin Feng.

“They didn’t say we had to take the exam one at a time. We might be able to join hands,” said Ju Shen Yan.

Lin Feng was surprised, join hands?

It was a good solution. The only problem was… if the three of them joined hands, they would have an opportunity to get through, but probably not all of them.

“Xiao Yin, what do you think?” asked Ju Shen Yan to Xiao Yin.

“We can join hands. But only one of us will get through. Who, though?” said Xiao Yin. She looked nervous.

If one of them managed to get through, it would mean they passed the exam. They were three, who would be willing to let anyone else get through?

“Mu Feng is stronger than me. I can let him go, especially since he controls fast strength, he has more chances to succeed,” said Ju Shen Yan. “I don’t stand any chance alone, anyway. If I can help one or two people, why not? Xiao Yin, if you think you can, no problem. I can let you pass too.”

Xiao Yin was surprised. Ju Shen Yan was truly generous, he was willing to let them pass?

“Alright, since you are willing to help, one of us can try once, and we do our best to help each other. We’ll see who’s lucky,” said Xiao Yin.

Ju Shen Yan didn’t mind. “Alright!”

“One person, one try. That way, Ju Shen Yan can try too. One person, one round, the two others help. If anyone succeeds, we help them to the end,” said Lin Feng. Ju Shen Yan was willing to help them and sacrifice himself. Lin Feng wasn’t selfish, and Ju Shen Yan was strong too. If he could help him break through, he would be happy to do so!.

“Good. I’ll try first then,” said Xiao Yin, slowly walking forwards.

She’s determined, no wonder she made it so far in life, especially as a woman!, thought Lin Feng. He admired Xiao Yin, she was very determined.

Lin Feng and Ju Shen Yan stayed at her side.

“You think it’ll be easier if you join hands?” said the wolf, his eyes glittering. He looked at them coldly, then he said to the beasts behind him, “Dear friends, if you don’t do anything this time, those humans will get away, that’d be humiliating. How could we let a few tiny little insects get away?”

The beasts looked at Lin Feng and the others. Three people joining hands, so what?

“I’ll use fast strength on you,” Lin Feng told Xiao Yin telepathically. Suddenly, she became much faster.

“Mu Feng is really strong. He understands both fast and slow strength. Later, when he becomes a high-level Saint, if he makes the two energies fuse together, he’ll directly become a peerless Saint. And when fast and slow strength perfectly fuse together, you can also influence time.” She had heard that when slow and fast strength reached perfection, it became time.

During these seven years, Lin Feng had done more than her.

“Seal!” said Xiao Yin suddenly. Suddenly, the atmosphere was sealed by ice energies around her.

“Let’s go!” shouted Xiao Yin extremely loudly. She was prepared and moved as fast as lightning. Lin Feng and Ju Shen Yan followed her closely.

“Kacha!” The ice broke loudly. Xiao Yin opened her mouth and released terrifying soundwave energies. She was also a genius. She understood more than one original energy, too!

“Fast!” Lin Feng and the two others accelerated.

“Stop!” shouted someone. Water surrounded them.

“Water Constriction!” Xiao Yin was stupefied, she felt as if she were underwater, she couldn’t move as quickly anymore. She flashed forwards and released fire energies. Suddenly, she was bathing in flames.

“What a strong baby girl. Surprisingly, she understands water, fire, and soundwave strength, three original types of strength, and she made them all fuse together with Celestial Dao to become a low-level Saint,” said the beast in white clothes. He was surprised. Xiao Yin was really extraordinary.

A gigantic hand moved towards Xiao Yin.

“Seal!” Xiao Yin wanted to seal the atmosphere, but it was useless. No matter what she did, she couldn’t escape.

“I’m coming!” said Lin Feng, flashing towards her. A terrifying destructive strength pressed forwards with indomitable will. The gigantic hand exploded. Xiao Yin benefited from the opportunity and moved forwards.

“You can’t get out!” shouted a beast. Qi surrounded Xiao Yin, and the beast in white clothes released a howling hurricane which moved towards Xiao Yin and pushed her back violently.

“We failed, back!” Lin Feng and Ju Shen Yan moved backwards.

“How strong. I didn’t have a single chance. We’ve just become low-level Saints, those beasts have been low-level Saints for many years. We don’t stand a single chance. They’re just playing with us. They can even kill us if they want,” said Xiao Yin. She felt dispirited. It was so difficult.

“Yes, apart from that wolf, the others are merciful,” said Lin Feng. He had noticed that. The other beasts were terrifyingly strong, but they didn’t try to kill them, and they were much stronger.

After that, Lin Feng and Ju Shen Yan also tried but they all failed. Lin Feng had managed to go much farther than Ju Shen Yan and Xiao Yin, but he had failed too in the end.

Of course, Lin Feng didn’t use his full strength, it wasn’t the right time. He wanted the beasts to evaluate his strength first based on what he was doing, he wanted them to get used to it, and then he’d use his full strength.


Time passed, two years went by. They continued trying for two years, and none of them managed to break through. During those two years, someone else arrived: Liao Feng, the archer. The four of them joined hands over and over again, but they failed each time.


Chapter 2399: Breaking Out

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“Pfew…” Liao Feng looked at the beasts angrily. He said, “Those beasts are so strong. Even though they’re low-level Saints like us, our attacks can’t injure them, so we can’t pose a threat to them. Therefore, if we want to break out, we have to resort to trickery. However, those Saints have some incredible spells, so resorting to trickery is difficult, too.”

“This exam is too difficult. We’re only four people, if we were nine, it’d be much better,” said Xiao Yin. They had spent two years trying already. For such strong cultivators, two years was nothing, but they had been constantly fighting for two years and had naturally become much stronger.

“There’s someone.” Suddenly, a strong wind started blowing from behind them. Lin Feng and the others turned around and saw someone. He looked like a Buddha, bathing in Buddha lights. Lin Feng was surprised.

“Nine years, I finally came out.” Kong Ming slowly arrived, he floated up next to Lin Feng and glanced at him as if he had was trying to see through him.

“Eh?” Lin Feng was surprised.

Kong Ming said to Lin Feng telepathically, “Back then, during the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, Chu Chun Qiu, you, and I were the best. I knew that you’d all reach the clouds someday, however, I did not think that the first one would remain the first the whole time. Now, you’re still first, you also became a low-level Saint before us.”

“Kong Ming recognized me.” Lin Feng was startled. Chu Chun Qiu could recognize him, Kong Ming could recognize him too, how? Those guys were incredible.

“I’d heard that the Fortune Shrine had taken you to the Buddha Shrine. After the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, I was lucky, I met the right people and found the right things. That’s how I became so strong. But you’re extremely strong too, we still have the same cultivation level,” replied Lin Feng, also telepathically. Kong Ming and Chu Chun Qiu were both incredible cultivators. Where was Zhou Rong Man? What was he doing those days?

“You were lucky in a way, I was lucky in my own way, too. It’s not because you have a forbidden Body that you can practice faster than me it seems,” said Kong Ming. These days, his body had become gigantic, his Qi and strength had become gigantically powerful, too.

“Ancient monk, those nine beasts used to be gods’ beasts, they’re extremely strong. The four of us have tried to break out, but we failed. Now, we’re five. Let’s see if that works,” Ju Shen Yan said to Kong Ming. He even called Kong Ming ‘ancient monk’.

“Bestial Saints.” Kong Ming looked at them and smiled. “I know the Great Vajra Bodhi Mantra Saint’s skill. It’s useful against beasts.”

“Great Vajra Bodhi Mantra?” The others were surprised. Buddhist monks researched the six great divisions in the wheel of karma, they knew many mantras. The Buddha Shrine was one of the three most powerful Shrines, enigmatic and unfathomable. They had existed since the ancient times. Back in the days, they were called the Countless Shrine.

“Great monk, attack!” Xiao Yin smiled. Kong Ming put his palms together, while he was floating in the air. Golden lights illuminated the space around them. A gigantic Bodhi appeared, a hundred zhang tall. He was chanting mantras in a magnificent Brahma voice. The Buddha’s halos shone down on the nine beasts.

The beasts suddenly opened their eyes and looked at him coldly. The wolf looked furious and said, “That monk should die!”

The golden Bodhi continued chanting, the soundwaves of the mantra enveloped the beasts. Illusory golden Buddhas appeared behind them.

“How strong!” Was that Bodhi strength an original kind of strength? Maybe the Buddha Shrine was extremely strong because of their original kind of strength. With Celestial Dao and the strength they studied in Buddhist scriptures, they were awesomely strong.

According to legends, the Buddha Shrine had incredible and mysterious Bodhi Saints’ scriptures. Buddhist cultivators had incredible resources.

“Let’s go,” said Lin Feng. The Buddhist lights changed, Lin Feng said, “I’ll stay in the front. Kong Ming, you stay in the middle; Xiao Yin, you stay on the left; Ju Shen Yan, you stay on the right; Liao Feng, you stay in the back.”

“Alright,” said everyone, slowly walking forwards. The five people made a small band, Kong Ming protected them in the middle with his Great Vajra Bodhi Mantra.

A terrifying heavy strength oppressed them. They had the impression they had a mountain on their body. It wasn’t pleasant at all.

“It’s useless!” A water cage appeared around them.

“Deployment!” retorted Lin Feng coldly. Suddenly, the group appeared in an illusion, the water was outside.

Empty space original strength. Even though we can’t teleport, it’s still very useful. Mu Feng understands so many sorts of original strength, thought Ju Shen Yan and Xiao Yin. First, cultivators understood Dao strength, then they modified it, then it became Celestial Dao, then they could make Saint’s techniques. Most people only managed to understand one or two sorts of original strength. But Lin Feng understood so many and he could fuse them all together with Celestial Dao, it was incredible.

The atmosphere crackled. The beasts easily destroyed Lin Feng’s empty space deployment spell.

“Illusion!” shouted Lin Feng coldly. The atmosphere went dark.

“He fused that illusion strength together with Celestial Dao too!!!” Xiao Yin was astonished, her heart pounding violently. Lin Feng’s understanding of those different sorts of original strength wasn’t deep enough, otherwise, he wouldn’t have needed the others at all, he could have passed the exam alone. The difference between someone who understood one kind of original strength and someone who understood three was huge. The only problem was that when understanding several, it was also important to understand one of them at a very high level. Kong Ming, for example, had reached an incredible level with his original strength.

“Eh?” The bestial Saints were stupefied. They were in an illusion and there were Lin Feng figures everywhere.

However, at that moment, one of the bestial Saints’ eyes suddenly flashed, the illusion was ready to break apart.

“What a powerful bestial Saint!” whispered Kong Ming. Surprisingly, his Great Vajra Bodhi Mantra wasn’t even very useful.

“Cross!” If they attacked the Saints directly, they didn’t stand a chance, but if they managed to get through, it’d be enough to pass the test.

Lin Feng and the others moved.

“Hmph!” someone groaned coldly. It felt like the sky had been about to collapse, it was trembling. A gigantic hand appeared and moved towards them, it could crush all five people at once.

“Those bestial Saints have a very deep understanding of Celestial Dao. How do we fight against them? They’re so strong. ”

The five cultivators realized that the atmosphere had become chaotic, it was difficult to break out. The bestial Saints hadn’t even used their full strength.

“I’ll take the risk!” said Ju Shen Yan. He was annoyed. He slowly moved forwards alone. He raised his gigantic hands and stars appeared all around. The bestial Saints looked amused. It was a Great Starlight Hand Imprint attack, not bad.

But it was useless.

“Over there!” he shouted explosively. The atmosphere became explosive. His Great Starlight Hand Imprint was suddenly stuck on one side of the space. When Ju Shen Yan saw that, his face turned pale. If his third uncle had been there, he would have been able to pierce through. That was the difference between people who perfectly understood original strength, and those who didn’t.

Lin Feng and the others also tried to break out. The four others moved in four different directions, convinced that the beasts wouldn’t be able to block everyone.

“Go back!” A gigantic hand moved towards Lin Feng, it contained an incredibly heavy strength.

Lin Feng didn’t stop, he accelerated, reaching an incredible speed.

“Slow!” he shouted furiously. The gigantic hand slowed down, Lin Feng released sword energy, rumbling and explosion sounds spread in the air. The gigantic earth hand exploded. Lin Feng pierced through and accelerated again.

“Interesting.” The beast looked amused. Surprisingly, Lin Feng had managed to pierce through his earth hand attack. He slowly moved towards Lin Feng, looking like a gigantic tower.

“Imprison!” said Lin Feng suddenly. The beast was suddenly imprisoned in a cage. Even though he was stuck inside for a second only, when he broke free, he sensed a strong wind pass next to him. Lin Feng flew past him.

“Moron!” Another Saint moved towards Lin Feng.

Only two Saints are left in front of me, if I fly past, I’ll be done!, thought Lin Feng. He condensed a powerful Celestial Dao.

“You can’t escape,” said a Saint coldly, sending Lin Feng into another illusion. Lin Feng pulled a long face; illusions were really convenient to imprison people.


Chapter 2400: Last Test

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Lin Feng had an advanced understanding of illusions. He had also studied illusions, but his illusions were more based on deployment spells and the Great Dream of Life strength. He didn’t use pure illusion strength, therefore, he couldn’t do like the beast and use illusion techniques directly.

In their simplest forms, illusions weren’t a direct attack, but more powerful illusion techniques did have deadly attacks.

Lin Feng sat down cross-legged and many clones appeared. At the same time, he closed his eyes. Wisdom Kings appeared around him, they looked alive, remaining as motionless as mountains.

“Eh?” At that moment, Lin Feng frowned, and his heart ached. He appeared in the Yun Hai Sect, in the former territory of the Yun Hai Sect, Yun Hai. The Chi Xie troops had surrounded the Yun Hai Sect and killed people.

Lin Feng was there, he couldn’t do anything. He was powerless.

“Patriarch!” Lin Feng saw Nan Gong Ling battle to the death.

“Mister Kong! ”

The autumn wind blew and leaves rustled. Lin Feng felt very cold.

The scenery changed, the imperial family of Xue Yue surrounded his father, Meng Qing was injured and turned into a beast again.

“No…” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He was crying. How painful! His heart ached.

“A Mara-robber of the mind!” Lin Feng ground his teeth, trying to leave the illusion. It was an illusion in an illusion, its purpose was to make him suffer mentally. The illusion was extremely powerful, and it also influenced his willpower.

“I need to get out.” Enemies moved towards him to kill him, and he felt extremely weak. In such illusions, cultivators felt so weak that it became easy to kill them.

“I have a Forbidden Body, I have my own world, I control god strength, I can control anything, including original strength! Now I’m a low-level Saint in the outside world, how could such an illusion stop me? I will reach up to Heaven and I’ll be able to destroy the world!” Lin Feng released god strength, which filled the air. It wasn’t restricted by outside strength.

Lin Feng went back into the initial illusion, he left the haunting one. His god strength surged out.

Lin Feng suddenly opened his eyes and rose up in the air, then he moved towards a gap. In front of him, a young man in white clothes appeared. He looked at Lin Feng sinisterly and said, “You can go, I won’t do anything to you.”

He moved away and opened the way for Lin Feng.

“Eh?” Lin Feng was surprised.

“Thank you very much,” said Lin Feng. The beast’s illusion skills were absolutely incredible. Ordinary low-level Saints couldn’t compete with him, they had no way to free themselves from his illusions. No wonder those beasts could follow gods.

The last beast smiled at Lin Feng, “He let you pass, but it won’t be that easy with me.”

He sounded cold, and looked dangerous.

Lin Feng didn’t say anything, he threw himself at him. The beast in black clothes was surprised. Lin Feng was amusing, but would he manage to escape from the last beast?

“You won’t get past me,” said the beast, smiling coldly. His eyes became pitch-black and vortexes appeared. The vortexes grew bigger and bigger, he wanted to absorb Lin Feng into them.

Lin Feng was startled for a moment. However, he continued moving forwards and entered the vortexes. He looked quite calm.

Lin Feng didn’t stop, he accelerated. He wanted to break free!

Lin Feng released a terrifying sword Qi and took out his God’s Sword. He moved forward quickly.

The vortex broke apart, Lin Feng penetrated into the depths of the vortex. Blood splashed, and the beast roared.

“How audacious!” shouted the beast angrily. Lin Feng continued moving forwards. A path appeared in front of him, and he landed at the end of the road.

“Bastard, stupid human! I told you you can’t use Saint’s Weapons!” shouted the beast in black clothes furiously. His eyes were bloodshot as he glared at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng smiled coldly and said, “I used one, though, so what? I’m already done. I passed the exam.”

“Haha! How awesome!” Ju Shen Yan burst into laughter when he saw Lin Feng had broken out. He was back at their initial position. He burst into laughter and said, “Mu Feng, I won’t be able to join you any time soon. I’ll leave the rest you.”

“Alright, I’ll go and see what is there first. I hope we can gather again soon,” Lin Feng said to Ju Shen Yan and the others. He turned around and continued on.


All the starry paths seemed to converge. A big road appeared.

“Do you have to defeat strong cultivators of the four cultivation levels to pass?” he wondered, continuing on. There were star patterns all around him. After a very long time, Lin Feng finally saw someone.

“Someone arrived before me!” thought Lin Feng. He was surprised. There were a few people in front of him, but those people were just standing there calmly. There was a beast in front of them, an ox.

Lin Feng was surprised. Was that the terrifyingly strong ox?

Someone turned around and glanced at Lin Feng. Lin Feng was astonished, the cultivator’s gaze was impressively strong.

Those people must be high-level Saints at least!, thought Lin Feng. Ju Shen Yan’s third uncle, Ju Shen Kui Shan, hadn’t even arrived yet.

“That little boy is here, not bad,” said someone. “Nine years passed and he’s now a low-level Saint, not bad.”

“Indeed, not bad,” said someone else.

Lin Feng arrived at the crowd. The ox looked at Lin Feng and said, “Congratulations, can you see the great palace behind me?”

“Yes,” Lin Feng nodded. He could see a sealed palace.

“The last exam is: you get past me, and you’ll be able to go into the great palace,” said the ox to Lin Feng.

“Master, what is in the palace?” asked Lin Feng.

“Something you can’t imagine,” said the ox indifferently, sounding quite calm and serene.

“Little boy, the four of us are some supreme beings of the Godly Grave. I am a supreme being of the Earth area, you can imagine how strong we are,” said someone next to Lin Feng. He was wearing worn-out clothes.

Four of the nine supreme beings? They must all be peerless Saints, cultivators at the very top!, thought Lin Feng astonished. Such cultivators were here?

“You probably understand what’s going on. We’re like you, we want to pass the exam and go in there, but we failed. What do you think there is inside?” asked that person, smiling. Lin Feng’s heart twitched. Peerless Saints were at the top of cultivation already, so what such cultivators wanted to achieve was obvious: they wanted to become gods, spiritual beings, divinities!

The only people who were stronger than them were divinities, gods!

“I’ve heard that if someone controlled two sorts of original strength and managed to make them fuse together, they could become peerless Saints. Masters, is that true?” asked Lin Feng.

“Naturally. But it’s not easy. Many people control five or six sorts of strength which reach their maximum level, but still, they fail to become peerless Saints,” that person smiled. Lin Feng’s heart twitched again. He understood the gaps between the different cultivation levels were immense at such levels.

“It’s not about how many types of original strength you control actually, it’s about their function. If they’re special, then you can become a peerless Saint! For example: life and death, fast and slow, water and fire!”

“I understand. Thank you very much, Master,” Lin Feng nodded. He could imagine how terrifying these four supreme cultivators were!

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