PMG Chapter 2401-05

Chapter 2401: Incomprehensible Test

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Lin Feng looked at the old ox and said, “Master, what is the last exam?”

“A test created by the old ox, it’s impossible to pass,” said the supreme cultivator next to Lin Feng.

“You’re just incompetent, so don’t blame the exam for your lack of skills. I did create all the tests myself; however, the rules of the last part of the exam have been determined by my master, I can’t change them. If you can’t pass the last part, then you can’t go inside the palace,” the old ox to the supreme cultivation detachedly.

“Old friends, together?” asked the strong cultivator to the three other cultivators.

Their eyes glittered, but the old ox just grunted coldly. “I suggest you think carefully before violating the rules.”

“I don’t think you alone can fight against the four of us,” said the supreme cultivator.

Lin Feng’s forehead was covered with sweat. These supreme cultivator’s tempers were incredible. Since they couldn’t pass the exam, they wanted to attack the ox and go into the palace… Lin Feng was startled, but he could understand them. These people were peerless Saints, they were at the top of the cultivation world, and they had lived for a very long time. They wanted to become gods, and now an old ox was prevent them from passing so they couldn’t complete the exam, so of course they lost patience!

“Try and you’ll see,” said the old ox calmly. He had everything under control, he was extremely composed. The supreme cultivators could only wonder how strong the ox was. He had traveled with the god, after all. They really wanted to know how strong he was…

“Little boy, come here, see if you can pass the exam. If you do, it’ll piss them off. But I don’t think you can pass,” said the old, ox glancing at Lin Feng.

“Is it really possible to pass the exam, or not?” asked a supreme cultivator next to Lin Feng. Lin Feng was even more curious.

“So many years have passed and nobody has ever passed the exam,” sighed the old ox. He felt hopeless. He couldn’t wait to see someone pass the exam and enter the palace, either.

Since the ancient times, many people had come here, but nobody had passed the exam.

“I’ll try, Master,” said Lin Feng, “I’m not as strong as those supreme cultivators though, so the difficulty of the exam probably depends on the cultivator’s strength, right?”

“You’re wrong. The reason why everybody arrives here in the end is that the last part of the exam doesn’t depend on strength. The end of the exam is the same for everybody.”

“Alright,” said Lin Feng nodding.

“Sit down!”

Lin Feng sat down.

“From now, you’re not allowed to talk. You’re not allowed to move. If you talk or move, you fail,” said the old ox. Lin Feng’s face stiffened. He couldn’t talk or move? How was he supposed to pass the exam?

The old ox also stopped talking, he was just standing there facing Lin Feng and looking at him. Lin Feng remained silent, too.

One hour passed, two hours passed… Lin Feng frowned. The old ox was still facing him.

“That’s the test?” Lin Feng realized something. The test was so strange, though, he could neither talk nor move?

However, even though Lin Feng was perplexed, he remained determined. One day, two days… the old ox didn’t move either, he didn’t even blink. Lin Feng was losing patience, though.

“How boring. So boring!” The four supreme cultivators were speechless, they had also taken the exam in the past. Like Lin Feng, they couldn’t talk or move, but in the end they had failed.

“Old woodcutter, the four of us are very patient, we waited for a year, we didn’t move, we said nothing, and in the end we failed. What kind of exam is that?” said the Earth area’s supreme cultivator, looking at the man on the right, who looked like a woodcutter.

He shook his head and said, “I’m too stupid. I didn’t understand it, either.”

“The exam is extremely annoying. Little boy, you’re determined too, I think that old ox is making fun of us.”

Lin Feng ignored them, and remained motionless. This place was extraordinary, a godly place, Lin Feng didn’t think the ox would be making fun of them. The exam had to be real. They just had to understand something.

Time passed. A month passed. The four supreme cultivators looked at him in a strange way.

“How calm. That little boy has already been more patient than you the first time,” said the Earth area’s supreme cultivator to a man in black clothes. He was wearing a black robe, his face pale as a corpse. He looked calm and aloof.

“You did about as good as me the first time,” replied that cultivator indifferently.

“Let’s see how long that little boy will wait, he’s funny,” one of them smiled. He sat down and looked at Lin Feng.

“Old buddy, it’s funny when you watch someone do it.”

The four supreme cultivators were chatting, Lin Feng heard them. He finally smiled wryly and said, “Master, let’s say I lost this time. But could you tell me more about the exam? If I just sit, remain motionless and remain silent, I…” he trailed off.

He didn’t know what to say. He was speechless. That was the exam?

“You have to understand yourself, you can sit the exam again anytime, one person, or several at the same time, anything works,” replied the old ox indifferently.

Lin Feng smiled wryly and stood up. He walked over to the four supreme cultivators and said, “Do you have any ideas?”

“Nothing at all,” said the Earth Area’ supreme cultivator, shaking his head.

“Don’t look at me, I don’t understand this exam,” said another one, shaking his head. They just stood there.

“That old woodcutter is more patient than me. I remember hundreds of thousands of years ago, I was fishing in Tian Mu Mountain, I fished for a hundred years, but it wasn’t as boring as here,” said the old woodcutter, who was also a fisherman. He didn’t understand the exam at all.

“If it were a battle, it’d be great, but this exam is boring,” said another one. Apart from Lin Feng, only the four supreme cultivators were there. They had probably broken through during a different part of the exam. They were now supreme cultivators who had sat different exams.

“We should fight him,” said the Earth Area’s supreme cultivator. He was bored and talked a lot. Lin Feng didn’t imagine a supreme cultivator like that. They looked absolutely ordinary, were calm and polite, not arrogant at all. Only people who had gone through all this in life could be like that.

“Go and fight him. I will support you,” said another one to the Earth Area’s supreme cultivator.

“Piss off!” said the Earth Area’s supreme cultivator.

“We should take the exam together again and see who the most patient one is,” said the woodcutter.

“Good. Maybe we’ll be even more patient. I’m sure I can be more patient than him,” said another one, looking at the Earth Area’s supreme cultivator.

“Is that so? Let’s try then.” The four supreme cultivators then sat down cross-legged in front of the old ox, the old ox split apart into five cultivators, each one of them sitting down in front of the five.

“Small trick,” said the Earth Area’s supreme cultivator, twitching his mouth.

I wonder what kind of original strengths these four supreme cultivators know, thought Lin Feng. Peerless Saints understood several sorts of original strengths, and there were special combinations.

“Start,” said the old ox indifferently. They couldn’t move and couldn’t talk.


Time passed. Those people were incredible. The other four cultivators had lived for over five hundred thousand years, and perceived time differently. The problem was that they were bored.

One year passed and Lin Feng heard someone talk to him telepathically, “Little boy, you’re probably bored to death, you should stop.”

“Eh…” Lin Feng was surprised, as the old ox in front of the Earth Area’s supreme cultivator moved and said, “You failed.”

“I didn’t say anything, I didn’t even move,” said the Earth Area’s supreme cultivator, extremely annoyed.

“Hmph!” the old ox grunted coldly and glanced at Lin Feng. “You just talked to him!”

The Earth Area’s supreme cultivator was stunned. He thought, No wonder he was a god’s beast, he even knows what I say when I use telepathy… I wonder what the exam is about. How to pass?

He was convinced the exam was real, but he didn’t want to fail, he wanted to pass. But he understood nothing at all. How humiliating! He kept saying the old ox was making fun of him because he felt ashamed.

That boring exam continued for ten years, Lin Feng and the others didn’t understand anything, and Lin Feng had already spent nine years in that world before the beginning of the last exam, so he had been in there for nineteen years already. During those nineteen years, the Continent of the Nine Clouds had already started changing, and it had started changing because of Lin Feng. The Fire Shrine and the Fortune Shrine had started fighting. The whole Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds was affected, and the Continent of the Nine Clouds was also affected.


Chapter 2402: Understanding

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In the Fire Shrine…

Deep inside a tower, someone was seated cross-legged and meditating as if the outside world had nothing to do with them.

At that moment, a ray of light entered the tower, and a woman came in. She looked elegant and noble, and looked at Lin Feng coldly as she said, “When will your real body come out of the forbidden territory?”

“I have no idea,” replied Lin Feng’s clone indifferently. His eyes were closed.

“You don’t know or your real body actually died?” said the woman icily, staring at Lin Feng. “The situation is chaotic in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, the Supreme Ancient Pit of Hell went chaotic, the Godly Grave is closed, you probably died,” said the woman coldly.

“If my real body dies, I will definitely kill Qiong Yu. So don’t hope I die,” said Lin Feng, opening his eyes and looking back at the woman coldly.

She looked at him and remained silent. Then, she laughed and said, “Lin Feng, you don’t know how to differentiate good from bad. Because of you, two Shrines started fighting. The situation in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds has become chaotic. The Continent of the Nine Clouds was affected, too, and you don’t seem to care.

“You think I don’t know much about you? You started rising in the Vast Celestial Ancient City, then you went to the Holy City and you joined Champion University. Then, you created Tiantai. You have two teachers, two emperors of the Huang Qi layer: Mu Chen and Emperor Yu. You have many friends, including Lang Ye, Jun Mo Xi, Hou Qing Lin, and so on, they’re quite talented.”

When Lin Feng heard her, he was furious, fury invaded his eyes.

“Hmph! You’re angry! You’re a Half-Saint, even if you can defeat my son with a Saint’s Weapon, you think you’re qualified to be angry in front of me? I came to tell you that I can easily crush those people,” said the woman icily. She threatened him, then rolled up her sleeves and left.

“If the Fire Shrine does anything to them, I will torture Qiong Yu, he will die in atrocious conditions,” said Lin Feng icily.

“If you do anything to my son, you cannot imagine what I will do to your close ones,” replied the woman, before she disappeared.

Lin Feng was furious. Nineteen years had passed, and he was still in the starry world. So many things had changed during those nineteen years in the outside world. Even though his clone was stuck inside, they kept his clone until he released Qiong Yu. Even though he was imprisoned, he knew some things about the outside world.

The battles between the Fire Shrine and the Fortune Shrine were fierce and violent. Surprisingly, the Ice and Snow Shrine had also decided to get involved, and helped the Fire Shrine. The other Shrines watched, benefiting from those Shrines’ disputes. Everybody was surprised that the Ice and Snow Shrine had gotten involved. After they did, the Dazzling Gold Shrine decided to seize an opportunity to get involved too, and so the atmosphere in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds became chaotic.

The Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds was in an uproar. The lower world, the Continent of the Nine Clouds, was also affected. The battles brought people misery and suffering. Many strong cultivators had died. Mara-Deva was even surrounded by some cultivators, but he escaped with injuries.

Three Shrines surrounded the Fortune Shrine, the balance of power was changing. When the situation looked really bad for the Fortune Shrine, the Buddha Shrine got involved. More and more Shrines joined hands with the Fortune Shrine. Just like in the ancient days, the situation was in flux.


A rumor spread in the Fortune Shrine and outside, that millions of small worlds had been destroyed. The situation had rarely been like that in the world, many groups vying for supremacy.

The situation was getting wilder and worse, like the ancient times. Most groups were in danger now…

Lin Feng was in the Godly Grave. He was focused. He had to pass the last exam.

Among the five cultivators, nobody had said anything for six years, nobody moved, they were all focused. But nothing happened. They understood nothing. How to pass the exam?

“Time is not very important to me but I hate wasting time,” said the Earth Area’s supreme cultivator, opening his eyes and looking at the old ox.

“You failed again,” said the old ox indifferently, as if it were normal for the Earth Area’s supreme cultivator to fail.

“We’ve been through so much in life. Thirty years, fifty years, and we can’t pass?!” said the Earth Area’s supreme cultivator coldly.

“Thirty years, fifty years?” the old ox shook his head, “One more year and this place will disappear. You won’t be able to try again. The next time might be in more than a hundred thousand years, or even longer. Then I will come back and everything will start again, until someone finally passes the exam and enters the palace behind me.”

“Last year?” The Earth Area’s supreme cultivator looked astonished. He had the impression he had wasted his time.

“Dear friends, did you hear that? It’s the last year, are we going to be stuck in here without being able to leave?” said the Earth Area’s supreme cultivator. He was a supreme cultivator, a peerless Saint. There weren’t that many peerless Saints in the Godly Grave. Even if he could kill all the peerless Saints in the Godly Grave, there weren’t enough peerless Saints to kill to get enough points to leave. How horrible! He shouldn’t have come in at all. How horrible, this place wasn’t good for peerless Saints.

Their only chance was to pass the old ox’s exam.

“One more year? Staying here like that for one more year won’t change anything,” said another supreme cultivator. He gave up, too. They felt so sad, they had the impression they were going to be stuck in there forever. It was a great tragedy for a saint.

That supreme cultivator sighed.

“Don’t sigh. We made it here, not like the five others who were teleported away. And apart from this little boy and us, nobody else made it here, that’s not bad already,” said the old woodcutter.

“Old woodcutter, imagine that in one year, we’ll be stuck here for a very, very long time. I want to see my disciples, descendants… maybe some them have become Saints,” said one of the supreme cultivators.

“So what? We’re alone in life, especially at our cultivation levels, we live much longer than other people.”

“Hmph! You’re ignorant like a frog in a well,” said the old ox. He grunted icily, “You four haven’t been here for as long as me, you think I don’t want to find someone who will be able to go into the palace behind me? You think I like being here alone? I feel lonely too!”

The four supreme cultivators were surprised that old ox was alone.

“Why don’t you make the exam easier? Why don’t you give us hints?” asked the Earth Area’s supreme cultivator.

“My master created the exam, I can’t change the rules, even if I have to stay here forever,” said the old ox calmly.

Lin Feng shivered, as if something had happened.

Why did they have to remain motionless and silent?

Lonely, lonely for a very long time, forever…

Forever, immortal!

Suddenly, Lin Feng opened his eyes. He looked at the ox in front of him, who was motionless too. They could stay that way one year, two years, or forever…

“I understand, immortality,” said Lin Feng. Then, he released intent which filled the air, and the old ox’s eyes twinkled. Then, his eyes opened wide.

“Little boy, you failed. You lost patience and you talked. You understood nothing,” said the Earth Area’s supreme cultivator.

“No…” said Lin Feng, shaking his head. He smiled and said, “Master, I understand.”

“Eh?” The Earth Area’s supreme cultivator was astonished. “You really understood?”

Lin Feng nodded.

The five oxen merged into one again. He looked at Lin Feng nervously, “You understood?”

“Yes, it’s immortality!”

Lin Feng’s hand streaked across the sky, he drew a bird in the sky, it looked extremely lifelike.

“Life!” said Lin Feng. The bird started moving. it was very weak, but it existed.

“It didn’t disappear?” The supreme cultivators were stunned as they started at the bird, they weren’t able to do what Lin Feng had done.

“Haha, finally, I’m done waiting!” The old ox looked excited and was staring at Lin Feng.

“He guessed right?” The Earth Area’s supreme cultivator’s heart was pounding. That little boy had guessed right?

“He didn’t guess, he understood,” said the old ox. “You don’t understand.”

“Eh…” A supreme cultivator, a peerless Saint, didn’t understand?

“Good little boy, he surprisingly understood,” said the woodcutter. He was stupefied, “I thought of it, but I didn’t understand. I’m too old, maybe.”

“Maybe I was just lucky,” said Lin Feng smiling.

“You will always remain peerless Saints if you can’t understand,” said the old ox indifferently.

“What?” An old supreme cultivator looked at him.

“That’s all I have to say,” said the old ox. Then, he looked at Lin Feng, “Don’t be too satisfied, you already have immortality, but it won’t bring you anything in terms of strength.”

“I understand, Master,” Lin Feng nodded. Understanding something was incredible, it was so strange, so mysterious!


Chapter 2403: New Era in the Continent of the Nine Clouds

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“Immortality,” the old woodcutter whispered, “We want to become gods, and gods can create world which are immortal. Since we can’t understand what immortality is, we will never become gods, is that what you meant, old ox?”

The other three supreme cultivators were astonished. They were all incredible, peerless Saints, and extremely talented. They all stared at the old ox.

“I’ve already told you. I won’t repeat myself,” replied the old ox.

“Brother Ox, I offended you in the past, but thank you for your teachings,” said the Earth Area’s supreme cultivator, smiling at the old ox.

The old ox glanced at him indifferently, not surprised. Then, he turned to Lin Feng.

“I never thought he’d understand, and we wouldn’t,” sighed the Earth Area’s supreme cultivator, shaking his head. He said to Lin Feng, “Little boy, what’s your name?”

“Lin Feng, Master,” said Lin Feng respectfully. His real face reappeared.

“Haha, awesome, I knew you were using an incredible technique to hide your real face, but you probably have your reasons, so I didn’t ask,” said the Earth Area’s supreme cultivator.

Lin Feng was surprised, “How did you know, Master?”

“Even if you change your face, nothing can hide ice-cold eyes,” said the Earth Area’s supreme cultivator with a smile. “But you’re honest, and you showed us your real face now. You have incredible comprehensive abilities, we should be friends.”

“How could I refuse?” Lin Feng smiled. These people were supreme cultivators!

“Don’t say Master anymore, call me Ordinary, and you know the three others: Sa Leng, Old Ghost, and Woodcutter. You’re much, much younger than us, so consider us older brothers,” said the Earth Area’s supreme cultivator. When smiling naturally, he looked extraordinary.

“Brother Ordinary,” Lin Feng smiled. He liked to adhere strictly to formalities, too.

“By the way, Lin Feng, how long have you been practicing cultivation?” asked Old Ghost.

“Less than a hundred years,” Lin Feng replied with a grin. The supreme cultivators were astonished, and gasped with amazement. Lin Feng was already a low-level Saint, how impressive! He really was an incredible genius!

“The younger generations will surpass us in time,” Woodcutter sighed. “I’ve never heard of such a terrifying cultivator.”

“Master, there are two cultivators in here whose cultivation speed was faster than mine,” said Lin Feng. The cultivators were stupefied. One was already incredible, but several was even more unbelievable.

“We’ve been stuck inside for so long, the world changes,” said Old Ghost. The others sighed.

“There are new geniuses all the time. Everything changes, of course. When there are many strong cultivators in the world, everything becomes chaotic,” whispered Woodcutter.

“You’re right, the outside world has already become chaotic,” said the old ox indifferently. Lin Feng was startled. These people were really strong, they knew all the details, was something terrible really going to happen in the Continent of the Nine Clouds?

“Lin Feng has been here for twenty years and has passed all the exams. He’s very lucky. From now on, the Starlit Area will never return,” said the old ox indifferently. Lin Feng was stunned: the Starlit Area of the Godly Grave was going to disappear forever?

Many years had passed, and the Starlit Area had always existed in the Godly Grave. Was it truly going to disappear forever? It was one of the nine areas, wasn’t that place a god’s grave?

“Lin Feng, go in,” the old ox told Lin Feng. Lin Feng looked at the palace; what was he going to find inside?

The supreme cultivators were excited for Lin Feng, but unfortunately, they had failed so they couldn’t follow him.

“Brother Ox, can’t you show us a little bit?” asked the Earth Area’s supreme cultivator with a smile.

“Impossible,” said the old ox firmly.

Lin Feng looked at them and said, “I’m off, brothers.”

“Go. The old ox is not nice to us,” said Ordinary, somewhat annoyed.

Lin Feng walked towards the palace. Suddenly, stars emerged and turned into an ancient path. The  ancient path was brilliant and shone over everybody.

“Everyone, you can take that path to leave the Godly Grave. If you don’t leave, you’ll be teleported back to the place where you were in the Godly Grave. You have three days. Think carefully,” said a voice in the sky. Everybody was astonished: we can leave this place?

I’m not done with the exam, how could there only be three days left?, thought someone who was taking the exam in the distance.

“Hahaha, finally, we’ll be able to leave!” Someone burst into frantic laughter. Finally, they were going to be able to leave!

“I’m finally going to leave the Godly Grave in which I’ve spent so much time.” Someone started walking on the starry path, and disappeared.

Everybody could see the path. Some people frowned and looked at the starry path, “I came from there, I recognize that road.”

They quickly left

It was the first time in a hundred thousand years that people had seen a path to leave. There were different roads, actually, leading to different worlds.

The four supreme cultivators had mixed feelings.

“We’re all going to leave this time,” said Ordinary indifferently. They had been stuck in the Godly Grave for such a long time, and now they were finally going to leave. However, they felt a bit sad to leave too.

“Now we can all leave, even if we didn’t have enough points. People who are not Saints usually want to leave as soon as they’re in the Godly Grave. When Saints come, they want to take the exam, but now everybody is probably going to leave.”

“Of course. And after having spent such a long time in the Godly Grave, seeing the outside world must be incredible, it will be incredible outside,” said Ordinary with a grin.

“Ordinary, you and me, as well as Old Ghost all come from the Continent of the Nine Clouds, where all twelve Shrines are, right?” asked Woodcutter. One of the roads seemed familiar, it was the one which led to the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

“Yes, Sa Leng comes from somewhere else,” said Old Ghost nodding. They all looked at Sa Leng.

“The nine of us have fought a lot in this world, but we had no serious battles. Do you remember what we guessed?” Sa Leng asked the crowd, “I think we were right.”

“Yes, gods create worlds. They haven’t created only one world, every god must have their own world. The worlds are not connected, they’re independent, just like small and great worlds. I think that there must be ways to travel between them, but that we just don’t know about them, or where the passages are,” said Woodcutter.

“The Continent of the Nine Clouds is the most complete world and the vastest. Maybe it’s the main world. I’ll come to the Continent of the Nine Clouds to see this time,” said Sa Leng.

The other cultivators were surprised and asked, “You want to come with us to the Continent of the Nine Clouds?”

“Yes,” replied Sa Leng.

“Haha, awesome, we won’t be lonely with you. So many years have passed, nobody must remember us in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Let’s go,” said Ordinary, flying up.

“Let’s go.” The cultivators rose up in the air, one after another.

“Old friends, how come you’re not waiting for us?” asked someone, as six more people appeared.

“Are you going to the Continent of the Nine Clouds?” asked Ordinary. He was surprised.

“Yes, the Continent of the Nine Clouds.”

“Hahaha, if we all go, it’s going to be the beginning of a new great era in the Continent of the Nine Clouds!” said Ordinary, laughing loudly. Then, they all started walking on the path which led to the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and disappeared.

Everybody had heard them clearly. Many people from other worlds were stupefied, was the Continent of the Nine Clouds really the main world? Many people wanted to go and explore the Continent of the Nine Clouds now.

At their cultivation level, going back to their own world was pointless, they wanted to explore!


Chapter 2404: Celestial Dao Destiny Technique

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Lin Feng entered the starry palace, but he could still see everything which was happening outside. He could see all the stars.

The old ox entered the palace too, and was standing next to Lin Feng.

“Master, those roads lead to different worlds, right?” said Lin Feng. He realized that the Continent of the Nine Clouds wasn’t the only great world.

“Yes, do you remember the Giant Gods Clan?” asked the old ox.

“Of course, Ju Shen Yan must be stuck at the previous exam,” said Lin Feng. “Master, why did you suddenly talk about the Giant Gods Clan?”

“My master went to many small worlds, and he also created some great worlds. The members of the Giant Gods Clan really are my master’s descendants. Of course, he doesn’t have only one bloodline. But the Giant Gods Clan evolved quite nicely. Ju Shen Kui Shan is extremely strong, for example,” replied the old ox.

“So what is the Continent of the Nine Clouds’ position in comparison with all the other worlds?” asked Lin Feng. Who had created the Continent of the Nine Clouds?

“My master created the Continent of the Nine Clouds,” said the old ox indifferently, “Go. For someone who passed all the exams within twenty years, you look indifferent and even talk about the outside world. You know those four supreme cultivators would have done anything to come here. They even tried to attack me to come here.”

Lin Feng was astonished, “They didn’t try anything like that, did they?”

“You’re too naive!” said the old ox indifferently, “You think peerless Saints would respect rules? At their cultivation level, they are ready to do anything to do what they want. They tried a few times, but they failed over and over again. So they gave up.”

Lin Feng was stupefied. He didn’t think they had tried to attack. He hadn’t seen it because he was too weak in comparison to them.

But as the old ox had said, peerless Saints were stubborn.

“Regarding what they told you, they said they wanted to be friends with you, don’t be too naive either. Your friend today could be your enemy tomorrow. If you hadn’t passed all the exams, you think they would have wanted to be friends with you? You passed all the exams within twenty years and they know what it implies. Their friends, some other supreme cultivators, didn’t even manage to reach the last exam, so don’t think that what you did wasn’t incredible,” said the ox to Lin Feng.

“I understand.” Lin Feng laughed. Even though he was much younger than those supreme cultivators, he had seen a lot in life. Peerless Saints weren’t friends with anyone, peerless Saints chose their friends depending on what they had to offer, and they also had to find someone strong enough to be friends with them. Lin Feng passed all the exams, so they acknowledged him. Lin Feng didn’t think it was strange. He didn’t think what he hadn’t done was incredible, either. He just felt indifferent.

Lin Feng continued walking through the palace. He saw a praying mat, in front of it was a statue. The statue didn’t depict someone incredibly aggressive, it just looked prosaic.

“Lin Feng, sit down. My master will manifest himself,” said the old ox to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng nodded and sat down cross-legged. He looked at the statue, and a beam of light shone down on Lin Feng. A strange strength surrounded him.

A god, a supreme, a paramount, a most lofty being, thought Lin Feng. He was a bit nervous. The statue glowed brightly, and suddenly, life strength appeared around it.

“Master,” said the old, ox trembling.

“Little Ox, you finally found an heir for me,” said the statue. The old ox was trembling, his eyes wide. They became wet with tears.

“Master, how many years, how long has it been since we have seen each other? I missed you,” said the old ox, crying now. He had now become peerless, but he would never forget the old times when he was weak and his master used to play with him. His master leaned against him on the grass and took naps.

Lin Feng’s mouth twitched. If that terrifying old ox was “Little Ox”, what was he? Tiny?

“I know you’re sad, but we were doomed to be separated. Don’t be sad, since you found an heir for me, teach him a lot,” said the silhouetted figure. He looked at Lin Feng on the praying mat and smiled.

“I don’t know what your cultivation level, I don’t know how talented you are, but since you made it here, it proves many things, and that’s enough. You must already be terrifyingly strong. I hope you’re not too strong, so that you can get rid of your previous abilities, so that you can use my strength. It would be perfect. But I won’t force you, either. After all, when you’re a Saint, you have even more aspirations than when you’re not.”

The figure smiled. Lin Feng had doubts. Maybe it wasn’t real, maybe that it was just a kind of hologram; otherwise, how wouldn’t he be able to tell what his cultivation level was?

Maybe the praying mat activated it, thought Lin Feng.

“The Star Temple is also the Star World. It’s my world. There are 100,008 stars here. In the palace, there are many Saint’s techniques, weapons, and so forth. They’re all yours. You can have a look at the techniques; some of them don’t require a specific type of original strength, which is better because it’s always better to use a technique with your own original strength.

“Regarding Saint’s Weapons, I don’t want you to rely on them too much, but you can use some of them to study Celestial Dao and all sorts of strength. Little Ox will tell you more about them, then you can study them on your own,” said the figure to Lin Feng. “You can also study other abilities if you wish, but there’s one kind of strength you must pass on. I hope that someday you’ll master it: Celestial Dao Fortune.”

“Celestial Dao Fortune Technique.” Lin Feng’s heart twitched. That sounded amazing; was it similar to the Fortune Shrine’s Great Destiny Technique? Besides, this god was a star cultivator, he represented the Starlit Area, and the Fortune Shrine used to be the Starlit Sky Shrine in the past. What kind of relationship did this god have with the Fortune Shrine?

Was this god the creator of the Fortune Shrine?

Dazzling lights illuminated the atmosphere and turned into a beautiful star-studded sky.

“Master!” The ox trembled, taking a few steps forwards. So many years had passed; he hadn’t seen his master for such a long time, and now he had the opportunity to see him again. When he would he see him again?

“Little Ox, don’t be sad. Remember to be a good teacher to him. If he agrees to study my abilities, teach him. If he doesn’t, don’t force him,” said a dignified and majestic voice.

The old ox was surprised and nodded, “I understand, Master.”

Millions of stars moved towards Lin Feng’s head and penetrated into his brain. Saint’s techniques could only be taught directly, studying them from books wasn’t as efficient, clear, or precise. Gods’ abilities couldn’t be studied from books at all, they could only be transmitted directly!

Lin Feng had the impression his brain was going to explode. His mind didn’t have enough space for all that knowledge. Thunder began to roll around him. The Celestial Dao Destiny Technique was terrifying.

Lin Feng grit his teeth. However, it was so powerful, he lost consciousness. At the same time, the billions of stars of the star world condensed and moved towards him. They surrounded him, bathing him in starlight.

The old ox watched Lin Feng’s figure disappear, then sighed and whispered, “Little boy, if you aren’t able to travel through the Continent of the Nine Clouds unhindered, how will you honor my Master’s transmissions?”


Chapter 2405: Treasure House

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Lin Feng was sleeping. However, he also practiced cultivation while sleeping.

In his dream, there were billions of stars he could communicate with. They illuminated him and a strange strength surrounded him. He didn’t know what kind of strength it was.

“Celestial Dao Fortune Technique.” Lin Feng sensed the power of the stars. He could easily study the Saint’s techniques. He couldn’t bring them to the highest level, but it was still great, just like the Ancient Holy Technique back in the days. But this time, Lin Feng had the impression the Celestial Dao Destiny Technique was incredible and mysterious. It was also very complex, and he found it difficult to learn. It also made him understand that it was extremely powerful.


There was less and less spiritual energy in the star-studded sky. The crowd gradually left that place. Most people went to the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

Therefore, many strong cultivators suddenly started appearing in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. The majority of them were cultivators of the Sheng Di Layer, and were really strong. They went to all sorts of places in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. They couldn’t go to the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds.

Of course, there were Saints, too. Some of them had been in the Godly Grave for a very, very long time.

Many strong groups were destroyed, some others appeared and started rising.


In the tower of the Fire Shrine, Lin Feng’s clone was still imprisoned. The woman came back and looked at Lin Feng sinisterly.

“The Godly Grave is open now. Many strong cultivators have come out. From what I know, anyone can leave now. Where is your real body?” the woman asked Lin Feng icily. Why hadn’t Lin Feng come out yet? He still had her son, Qiong Yu!

Lin Feng’s clone slowly opened his eyes, and smiled at the woman indifferently. “I’m not in a rush even though I’m stuck here, why are you worried?”

The woman was surprised, and said icily, “Don’t forget what I told you last time.”

“Don’t forget Qiong Yu, either. His life is still in my hands,” replied Lin Feng evenly.

“I’ll give you three more years to bring Qiong Yu back, and I’ll release your clone. After that, I won’t be patient anymore,” said the woman as she left.

Lin Feng was angry. She was threatening him again!

“The world is now chaotic. The Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds is in chaos, but the lower world is too,” said the woman and then she disappeared from Lin Feng’s field of vision.

“Is it chaotic already?” whispered Lin Feng. The Continent of the Nine Clouds was becoming more and more unstable.

“Real body, when will you wake up?”

Lin Feng’s clone gazed into the distance. His real body was still studying the Celestial Dao Destiny Technique, it was very difficult to comprehend.


Time never stopped to wait for anyone, and Lin Feng couldn’t make time stop, either. Time passed quickly, another seven years went by. On that day, Lin Feng’s real body finally stopped practicing cultivation. He opened his eyes.

He realized he was still on the praying mat. However, he wasn’t in the Star Temple, he was in a vast and desolate area, out in the wild. He raised his head and looked at the sky. “Where am I?”

“I took you out of the Godly Grave. We’re in the lower world, in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. The Godly Grave hasn’t changed much, the Starlit Area is now missing, that’s all,” a voice said to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng was startled and looked at the praying mat, “That’s…”

Lin Feng disappeared into the praying mat. He arrived in the Star Temple. He was still on the praying mat, the old ox was there.

“That praying mat is the Star World?” said Lin Feng.

“Yes, my master modified it for you. He modified the whole world. You didn’t sense it?” asked the old ox. Lin Feng was thoughtful. As expected, he could sense that many things had appeared in his mind. He disappeared from there and appeared where he had taken the exam. The nine beasts were still stuck there.

The old ox also appeared at Lin Feng’s side. Lin Feng didn’t know how he could do that.

The Star World’s master helped me modify the whole Star World, so I can move around freely, surprisingly, the old ox even follows me, thought Lin Feng. He was surprised. The beasts there looked at Lin Feng, and their eyes glittered.

“Saint Ox, that little boy is the one who passed the exam?” asked the beast who Lin Feng had attacked with his Saint’s Weapon, his eyes icy.

“You should call him Master,” said the Ox firmly. The beasts were stunned. That despicable little boy was the one who had passed their master’s exam back then?!

How lucky. He’s the Master’s heir!, thought that beast. He was jealous. He knew that their Master’s world was a powerful world. Obtaining it was his dream, but now Lin Feng had it.

“Eh?” Lin Feng looked at him, he could sense that that beast wasn’t happy. It was a strange sensation because his perceptions seemed more real.

That’s the power of the Celestial Dao Destiny Technique?, thought Lin Feng suddenly. It was as if he could see people’s luck, their destiny. It was a very strange feeling.

Lin Feng didn’t do anything to the beast. Even though he now controlled that world, he didn’t need to be petty. Lin Feng disappeared again, this time, he saw the nine other beasts. Their Qi was even more powerful.

“High-level Bestial Saints, nine of them.” Lin Feng was impressed; those nine beasts were mighty. There were peerless bestial Saints, too?

Lin Feng disappeared again, this time, he saw three figures, with human forms. There was a mountain in a constellation, the three people were at the top of it, meditating. When Lin Feng arrived, they looked at him.

One of them was surprised. A terrifying black vortex appeared in his eyes. Lin Feng had the impression he could drown in those eyes.

What a terrifying gaze!, thought Lin Feng, closing his eyes. The beast also closed his eyes again.

“You,” said the ox, landing next to Lin Feng.

“What?” said You indifferently. His eyes were still closed.

“This is our Master’s heir, Lin Feng,” the Ox said to the three people, but those three people ignored him.

“When he’s as strong as our Master, he can come back and we’ll call him Master,” said You indifferently. He looked calm and composed.

The old ox said to Lin Feng telepathically, “Lin Feng, those three beasts are peerless Saints. They’re proud. They despise me, too. If you’re strong enough someday, they’ll submit and acknowledge allegiance to you.”

“I understand,” he replied. Even the nine high-level Saints had ignored him. Even though he was their Master’s heir, strength was still the most important thing.

“Let’s leave,” said Lin Feng. He quickly appeared in front of the Star Temple.

“This place is where our Master used to practiced cultivation. There are all sorts of Celestial Dao inside. You can study some sorts of strength more easily inside. If you want to study our Master’s original strength, star strength, I’ll help you,” the old Ox said to him. He could easily follow Lin Feng anywhere.

“Alright, there are also Saint’s Weapons and Saint’s techniques. In the outside world, people would go insane because of those things,” whispered Lin Feng. They were in the star world, it was a gigantic world filled with treasures. The god had left many things here. How daunting…

Even if Lin Feng studied star strength, he would not keep it as his main kind of strength. He wanted to develop his god strength. It included every original strength in the world!

“Can you tell me about the gods?” asked Lin Feng.

“Gods? I don’t know how many lives my Master had. At such a cultivation level, people have many, many lives. When you become strong enough, you’ll be able to learn more about them, I guess,” said the old ox, shaking his head. “Are you going to practice cultivation and meditate in seclusion for a while?”

“I need to head to the outside world, some things are happening.” replied Lin Feng.

The old ox nodded, “Good. I won’t help you in the outside world, though.”

“I know,” said Lin Feng. He disappeared, and reappeared in the outside world!