PMG Chapter 2406-11

Chapter 2406: Holy City

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Strife had started in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds and then had spilled over to the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Dark Clouds was no exception.

These days, there was a terrifying vortex in Dark Clouds’ sky. It was a passage, connecting the Imperial Court and Dark Clouds.

Dark Clouds wasn’t the only region so afflicted; the other nine regions of the Continent of the Nine Clouds were in the same boat. They all had a passage in the sky which led to the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. When the sky was broken, such passages appeared. However, according to legends, only great emperors could cross such passages without being destroyed by the destructive energies inside. Other people died instantly.

The Holy City was the center of Dark Clouds. After Lin Feng had destroyed some clans in the past, Champion University had become the First University of the city. They had many very talented students. At the same time, Tiantai had also been rising, and they also had incredibly talented disciples. Tiantai had many great emperors, which made many people sigh. What was going on in the world? In the past, great emperors were extremely rare, even in the biggest influential groups.

After all, people needed a very long time to become great emperors, and they had to be very talented. But in Tiantai, it was common. It was the case everywhere in the Holy City, actually.

The world was changing. After Champion University and Tiantai started rising, the Great Imperial Palace also continued rising. The Canaan Buddhist Clan also became stronger and stronger. Some people had managed to get to the top of the Supreme Buddhist mountain and had obtained the Buddhist Sutra. Buddhist cultivators became stronger and stronger. Some incredibly strong Buddhist monks had appeared.

The atmosphere in the Holy City became a bit wild. Many groups were competing, and the four universities also got involved.

However, things started and finished in the strongest group, the Celestial Martial Dynasty. The Celestial Martial Dynasty hadn’t existed for a long time, but they were rising at a terrifying speed. They hadn’t raised their cultivators, though, they had recruited them. In such a short time, they had become the strongest group in the Holy City, and could oppress the four universities. That was possible because of one single reason: the Celestial Martial Dynasty had Saints.

If the Buddhist clan hadn’t been powerful and prosperous, the Celestial Martial Dynasty would have taken control over the entire Holy City. But the Buddhist clan had created the Canaan Dynasty. They were positioned in the south and north.

With time, the Holy City had completely changed. Two powerful groups controlled the Holy City: the Celestial Martial Dynasty, and the Canaan Dynasty.

In the lower world, Saints were usually hermits. People never saw them, there were just legends about them. However, these days, Saints had showed up in the Holy City. That’s why the Celestial Martial Dynasty and the mysterious Canaan Dynasty rose so quickly.

The other groups weakened. People were well aware of that, but what could they do? The Celestial Martial Dynasty was unstoppable. Even the four universities thought so. They even made their students go to the Celestial Martial Dynasty. They hoped some of their students would become Saints’ disciples.

The situation which was initially unstable in the Holy City calmed down thanks to those two groups when they took control of the city.

Tiantai was in the Holy City. They were also powerful, but these days, many of Tiantai’s disciples left to join the Celestial Martial Dynasty.


Lin Feng appeared outside of Tiantai. After realizing he was in Dark Clouds, he had decided to go to Tiantai. He had heard about the situation, he hadn’t thought things would change so quickly in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Only a few dozens of years had passed, and so many things had changed.

Lin Feng was wearing a simple robe as he stood outside of Tiantai, it was a bit cold. “I wonder if my teachers and friends are in Tiantai.”

Lin Feng released his godly awareness which surrounded Tiantai, he could see everything apart from a few mysterious places.

My friends are all gone, only my teachers are here. My friends must all be traveling the world, thought Lin Feng. He looked inside a temple, Mu Chen and Emperor Yu were there. Apart from them, there was also Yun Qing Yan and Qin Wu. They were talking about something.

Xiao Chen is there too, he’s a great emperor now. I didn’t fulfil my obligations as a teacher!, thought Lin Feng. He felt guilty.

In the palace, Mu Chen looked at Ye Chen and said, “Xiao Chen, this time, the Celestial Martial Dynasty is organizing this ceremony to prove how strong they are. It will be extremely dangerous. After all, you’re Little Lin Feng’s only disciple, and he’s never here. We weren’t able to teach you anything, either. You can only rely on yourself. We hope nothing will happen to you.”

“Teacher, how can a cultivator fear anything? My teacher is busy, he’s going to become a peerless cultivator someday, I have to honor him and his reputation. Everybody knows why the Celestial Martial Dynasty organized the great ceremony. However, nobody can avoid going, all the powerful groups of the Holy City will participate, including the four universities. How could I flinch? Let me go,” said Ye Chen, bowing before Mu Chen.

Mu Chen and Emperor Yu glanced at each other and nodded. “Since you’re determined, we’re happy. If your enemy is too strong though, don’t take risks.”

“I understand,” replied Ye Chen with a smile.

“Little Chen, good luck!” said Yun Qing Yan before adding, “Now, all your teacher’s friends are traveling the world, otherwise, nobody would have dared act arrogantly in front of us. Your teacher, that bastard, hasn’t come back for so many years. I wonder if he’s a Saint now. If he’s a Saint, he’ll destroy the Celestial Martial Dynasty and make them shut up, those bastards always put on an air of extreme arrogance, now they’ll stop.”

“Saints are legendary cultivators. Little Lin Feng is talented and I am sure he is at the top of the Sheng Di layer, but becoming a Saint is extremely difficult,” said Mu Chen, smiling wryly. “But Little Lin Feng left some puppet with me back in the days, he’s quite strong. I’ve never used it, but he can protect Tiantai without any problem.”

“Alright, everybody can disperse. The grand ceremony is tomorrow. The competition between the Celestial Martial Dynasty and the Canaan Dynasty will be scary. Xiao Chen, you should get ready too. We’ll talk to Champion University, too,” said Emperor Yu. Everybody nodded and left.

After everybody left, Emperor Yu and Mu Chen sighed.

“Unfortunately, we’re powerless. Our disciples have to endure the pressure,” said Mu Chen, shaking his head.

Lin Feng saw and heard everything. He felt sad for his two teachers, they’d had to take care of everything because his fellow disciples were all traveling.

“I understand. I’ll go and see the grand ceremony tomorrow,” whispered Lin Feng. He closed his eyes and after that, a group of strong cultivators appeared on the ground. Their Qi was terrifying and contained death intent. Some of them looked bestial.

“You guys go to Tiantai and become Tiantai’s disciples, no matter what they tell you, listen to them, and never betray them,” said Lin Feng to those people.

“Yes sir!” said the group of people automatically.

“Go. Don’t talk about me. I’ll show up tomorrow,” said Lin Feng. His figure flickered and he left. He didn’t gather with his teachers immediately, he went to honor his promise. He had to give back the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree within a hundred years. This time, he was in Dark Clouds, so it was a good time to give it back to the Godly Wood Valley!


Chapter 2407: Destruction

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The Godly Wood Valley was situated in a forest in the mountains. It was a hidden land of peace and prosperity, an earthly paradise. Ordinary people couldn’t go there easily to look around, and even less to practice cultivation.

However, many people were in the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree forest looking for trees. They were very excited, because the cosmic energies were thick and rich there.

“Who would have thought there would be such nice places in the lower world, too? I would have come a long time if I had known this before,” said a young man, smiling when he sensed the cosmic energies. They were from the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. After the passage between the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds and the lower word had formed, they had decided to go and travel, and they had found this great place.

“The Continent of the Nine Clouds is so big. The Imperial Court is also boundless. There are nine regions in the lower world, so of course there are great places, too. Our clan, the Blood Sea Clan, found this place by accident in a lucky coincidence,” replied another one, smiling. Indeed, they had been lucky to find this place, which was perfect for young people to practice cultivation.

“I think the effects on our blood vitality will be great,” said another young man smiling. Then, he stretched his hand out and ate a full Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree, smiling.

“Stop.” shouted someone furiously at that moment. Someone looked at him furiously and said, “Heavenly Grace Ancient Trees are extremely rare. Even if you invaded this place and now control it, what makes you think you can act like disrespectful bastards?”

The young man looked at that old man icily. His eyes were bloodshot.

“Stop farting here, old dude. How dare you talk to me that way? Your granddaughter is stunning, what would you say if I fucked her tonight?” said the young man icily. The old man’s face stiffened and he started shaking.

“Asshole, asshole!” shouted the old man on the inside, but he didn’t dare say it for real. The Blood Sea Clan was terrifyingly powerful. They had Saints. After finding the Godly Wood Valley, they had decided to invade it and make it their young people’s cultivation paradise. Even though they didn’t kill the inhabitants of the Godly Wood Valley, they treated them like slaves.

At that moment, in the Godly Wood Valley, a young man was walking slowly. When he arrived, he frowned. He released his godly awareness and realized there was something wrong. The Continent of the Nine Clouds had grown unstable and there were problems everywhere, including in the Godly Wood Valley.

Lin Feng rose up in the air looked at the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree’s area.

The guard of the area turned around and looked at Lin Feng.

“It’s him.” When the old man saw Lin Feng, he remembered him instantly because a special tree had chosen to follow him. He had even said, ‘In a hundred years, I’ll be a king in Dark Clouds.’

“Venerable old man!” shouted Lin Feng. The old man was stupefied. Lin Feng’s Qi was ordinary. He didn’t look like a cultivator at all. And he didn’t call him Mister, he called him Venerable old man.

“What’s going on?” asked Lin Feng.

“Who are you?” asked a young man on the ground, glancing at Lin Feng icily. Most of those young people were cultivators of the Huang Qi layer. The Forest was useful to cultivators of the Huang Qi layer after all.

Lin Feng ignored him and looked at the old man.

“Hm… the Continent of the Nine Clouds has become unstable. The Godly Wood Valley wasn’t lucky. They found our place and invaded it. People who go against them get killed. I want to protect the Heavenly Grace Ancient Trees, so I submitted to the Blood Sea Clan,” said the old man to Lin Feng telepathically, “You must be here to give the tree back. Keep that tree and leave.”

“Blood Sea Clan?” Lin Feng frowned. There were many, many groups in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and they all had Saints. No wonder the Godly Wood Valley couldn’t resist them.

“Everybody, piss off!” said someone aggressively at that moment, that voice made the ground shake violently.

People who were practicing using the strength of the Sky Blue Godly Wood raised their heads and gazed into the distance. Many people looked at Lin Feng icily. The old man was stupefied. This little boy was insane.

“You shouldn’t stay here! Leave, hurry!” said the old man to Lin Feng telepathically. Even though he thought highly of Lin Feng, Lin Feng hadn’t practiced long enough, he probably couldn’t compete with them.

“You want to die?!” a young man said to Lin Feng icily.

Lin Feng glanced at him and the young man’s body became golden, exploded and completely disappeared. All that happened instantly.

The crowd gulped when they saw that. How… strong!

“You all want to die!?” shouted Lin Feng icily. Death strength suddenly surrounded the whole area. If Lin Feng wanted, he could destroy everything there in the blink of an eye.

In the distance, the air shrieked furiously. A few great emperors arrived and looked at Lin Feng icily. Their eyes were filled with murder.

“It seems that you really want to die,” said Lin Feng. He turned around and looked at the people who had just arrived, and suddenly they were terrified. Their bodies turned grey, they instantly died, collapsed, and fell from the sky.

“That’s…” The crowd was stunned, the old man was stunned too. Lin Feng could kill great emperors instantly?

A few dozens of years have passed, I hadn’t thought things would change like this, thought Lin Feng sighing. His death strength surged out and surged over everything.

“Venerable old man, are there any people from your clan in the area?” Lin Feng asked the old man. The old man was stupefied.

“No,” said the old man shaking his head. He was trembling while looking at Lin Feng.

“Alright, good, die!” Lin Feng killed everyone in the area. They all turned grey and collapsed.

When the old man saw that, his heart pounded extremely violently, he could barely breathe. How strong had this young man become? What was his cultivation level?

“I can’t do that.” Lin Feng could do that, which meant he was far stronger than him. His heart pounded even faster.

“Are there people from your clan over there?” asked Lin Feng, pointing to the distance.

“There are.” replied the old man hastily, afraid that Lin Feng would kill them all instantly. He was too strong.

“Alright,” said Lin Feng nodding. Then, he shook his hand and a tree descended from the sky. It was the Heavenly Grace Godly Wood.

“I promised I’d bring the Heavenly Grace Ancient Tree back,” said Lin Feng to the old man.

“You said you’d become the king of Dark Clouds a hundred years later, but you did it in less than a hundred years. You’re the first Saint I’ve seen in my life,” said the old man, taking a deep breath, “But the Blood Sea Clan is very powerful, they have Saints, too. Last time, an ancient Saint came here and caused chaos, he immediately killed everybody who disagreed with him atrociously.”

“In a chaotic world, the only solution is to slaughter your enemies,” said Lin Feng calmly, but very aggressive. The old man shivered. No wonder this little boy had succeeded so fast, his temper was scary.

“Back then, you were kind to me and you gave me the Godly Wood. Now I’m back, and I’ll help you, too. Come with me,” said Lin Feng evenly. The old man and Lin Feng flew away.

When Lin Feng saw people attacking them, he instantly killed them. Nobody could compete with him.

Very quickly, Lin Feng finished killing all the members of the Blood Sea Clan. None of them were left. The strong cultivators of the Godly Wood Clan gathered and looked at Lin Feng in astonishment. Emperors and great emperors were all like tiny little insects in front of him, how incredible!

“Master Ox, I have things to do. Can you send some Saints here to help me kill the members of the Blood Sea Clan when they come?” Lin Feng  asked the old ox of the Star World.

“Alright, they can do what you can do, anyway,” replied the old ox. After a short time, nine Bestial Saints appeared there in the sky, all of them low-level Saints.

A terrifying Qi surrounded Lin Feng, it was the beast Lin Feng had injured.

Lin Feng glanced at him indifferently and smiled, “I know you don’t want to submit. Just help me protect the area for some time. Then, someday, I’ll release you.”

The beasts shivered. Release them? Freedom?

“Really?” asked a beast.

“Of course, I am the new master. But I need you to help me with a few things first,” said Lin Feng. He said to the old man, “Venerable old man, they will protect the area. I’m off.”

Then, he left and disappeared. The old man was stunned. His heart kept racing!


Chapter 2408: Lin Feng Is Back

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Many strong cultivators had gathered in the Holy City.

The Celestial Martial Dynasty organized a grand ceremony and invited everybody in the Holy City to compare their young cultivators’ strength.

The Celestial Martial Dynasty made it look like it was a grand ceremony for the Holy City, but actually the crowd understood that the Celestial Martial Dynasty wanted to show everybody they had control over the whole town.

The Celestial Martial Dynasty’s Saint had said that if anyone stood out, they’d have the opportunity to become a Saint’s disciple. That was something incredible and inconceivable for many people, a dream. Many clans wanted their young people to become members of the Celestial Martial Dynasty, or to become Saint’s disciples.

There was a gigantic battle stage set up. In the northern part of the battle stage were the strong cultivators of the Dynasty, sitting in bleachers. In the southern part, there was a group of Buddhist monks, they looked solemn and respectful. The Canaan Dynasty was the only group who could compete with the Celestial Martial Dynasty.

The other groups were still around. There were people from the Great Imperial Palace and the four universities, they still had some power in the Holy City. The four universities had weakened a lot, but they still had some strong cultivators.

Ancient Holy Clans had fewer and fewer people though. The Yin Clan still had some trump cards. Years past, after Lin Feng had destroyed some Ancient Holy Clans, some new ones had started rising, but they couldn’t possibly have a position as high as the four universities in the Holy City.

At the foot of the bleachers, there were even more people. Many of them were ordinary people from the Holy City who had come to watch. In only a few dozens of years, so many things had changed. In the past, the four universities used to be the strongest, but now they weren’t anymore.

The eight Ancestors of Champion University came personally. They rarely appeared other times. After the Continent of the Nine Clouds had become chaotic, they had come back from abroad. Things had changed, and now, the Celestial Martial Dynasty was the group who organized grand ceremonies. People had to give them face.

Tiantai’s people were with the members of Champion University. Champion University and Tiantai were very close, thanks to Lin Feng.

Mu Chen and Emperor Yu were with the eight Ancestors of the university, on the very left of the group. Ancestor Xuan Tian and Ancestor Shi Tian, who were very close to Lin Feng, were next to them.

“Mu Chen, the direct disciples of Tiantai haven’t come back?” Ancestor Shi Tian asked Mu Chen. Even though Mu Chen and Emperor Yu weren’t very strong, they had raised incredible disciples. Lin Feng was terrifying, and Hou Qing Lin, Ruo Xie, Tian Chi were all strong.

“No. The Continent of the Nine Clouds is chaotic. I don’t know how they are these days,” replied Mu Chen. He missed them.

“Why didn’t you contact them?” asked Ancestor Shi Tian, smiling wryly.

“I don’t want to disturb them, they’re busy,” said Mu Chen shaking his head, “Ancestor, do you have news from Lin Feng?”

“No. He disappeared a long time ago,” said Ancestor Shi Tian.

“I’ve heard that all the Shrines are looking for him, to kill him,” said Ancestor Zhu Tian evenly. Emperor Yu and Mu Chen’s hearts twitched nervously.

“Ancestor?” Mu Chen looked confused.

“You didn’t know? All the Shrines are looking for him, they are ready to do anything to kill him. I’m afraid…,” said Ancestor Zhu Tian patiently. Emperor Yu and Mu Chen grew even more nervous. Their stomachs burned.

All their direct disciples were like their children. They loved them. They didn’t want anything to happen to them.

“I’m afraid he might be dead,” admitted Ancestor Zhu Tian calmly.

“Enough!” said Ancestor Shi Tian angrily, “Lin Feng is protected by the Fortune Shrine. He’s probably fine.”

“Mu Chen, if your direct disciples are not here, who can participate today?” asked Ancestor Zhu Tian indifferently and disdainfully.

“One of them. I hope he won’t disappoint me,” said Mu Chen. Ancestor Zhu Tian’s tone of speech was starting to irritate him. He knew that these people were Ancestors, and that they would never have sat at the same level as him if Lin Feng didn’t exist.

“I’ve heard that many of Tiantai’s disciples have abandoned Tiantai these days. Can you compete with other groups now?” asked Ancestor Zhu Tian.

“We still have many talented disciples,” said Mu Chen. He didn’t like arguing with people, but he was losing patience. He sounded angry.

“We’ll see,” said Ancestor Zhu Tian, smiling. He didn’t say anything else after that. Ancestor Shi Tian was startled, he hadn’t thought Ancestor Zhu Tian would be angry because of trivial matters which had happened in the past. Everybody had forgotten about those small things, but not him. When Lin Feng had become famous, he hadn’t shown his feelings, but now things had changed…

At that moment, members of the crowd looked at Ancestor Zhu Tian angrily. He was surprised. They were looking at him.

“Those people are so strong, are they from Tiantai?” thought Ancestor Zhu Tian. He asked, “Mu Chen, who are those people?”

“Tiantai’s people,” said Mu Chen icily. Ancestor Zhu Tian was startled, and smiled coldly. He said, “So you have friends.”

At that moment, clouds rolled in the sky. A young man was flying above them. He looked furious. What was wrong with that Zhu Tian?

Lin Feng and those people belonged to a different world. He could see everything that was happening in the Holy City. He had also heard Ancestor Zhu Tian and Mu Chen’s conversation.

I haven’t seen my teachers for such a long time. I’ll be happy to talk to him, thought Lin Feng with a smile. Then he disappeared from there.

Mu Chen and Emperor Yu didn’t know that Lin Feng had arrived. They watched the members of the Celestial Martial Dynasty. A group of people wearing imperial robes were on a flight of stairs. They looked imposing and awe-inspiring. Behind them were some young people, some of them were from Tiantai before and had betrayed Tiantai.

That bunch of bastards, thought Mu Chen angrily. Nobody prevented their young people from joining the Celestial Martial Dynasty in the Holy City these days, but doing it without their elder’s approval was a betrayal.

“Teacher, how come you get angry so easily?” asked a familiar voice. Mu Chen’s face stiffened. What a familiar voice…

Mu Chen’s heart twitched, he turned around and saw a young man smiling.

Mu Chen shivered. He was worried about Lin Feng just a moment before, and now he was there in front of him.

Emperor Yu also turned around and shivered. Lin Feng was back!

Lin Feng had a huge smile on his face and said, “Is there anything on my face, teachers?”

“Pfew…” Mu Chen and Emperor Yu took a deep breath. Mu Chen also smiled broadly. He looked much younger all of a sudden. His best disciple, his most talented disciple, was back!

He remembered when all his disciples had helped him and his wife Jing Xiao Yue. He would never forget that. He had the impression he had led a worthy life only because of that.

He remembered those enthusiastic disciples.

Mu Chen is my teacher!

Ancestor Shi Tian was stupefied, but smiled. Lin Feng was there, how could anything happen to him?

Ancestor Zhu Tian pulled a long face, shocked at this turn of events!


Chapter 2409: Ling

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“You’re back, great!” said Mu Chen several times. It was difficult to calm down. Mu Chen and Emperor Yu moved aside and left a place between them, “Little Lin Feng, come here and sit.”

“Alright,” said Lin Feng smiling. Then, he sat down between them. He nodded at Ancestor Xuan Tian and Ancestor Shi Tian and said, “Hello Ancestors, how are you?”

“We’re alright. We’re happy to see you!” Ancestor Shi Tian smiled. “You left for a few dozens of years, such a long time!”

“Because some things require time… I just came back, sorted out a few things and immediately came here to see you,” replied Lin Feng.

“You came for your teachers, not for us old men,” said Ancestor Shi Tian laughed. Of course, Lin Feng had gone through so much with Emperor Yu and Mu Chen. It was incomparable.

“Little Lin Feng, how have you been?” Emperor Yu asked Lin Feng.

“I’ve been alright. No major problems. Don’t I look fine?” said Lin Feng breezily. “And you, teachers, you must be exhausted managing Tiantai.”

Lin Feng had seen that his teachers looked tired when arriving, especially because of Ancestor Zhu Tian. After he arrived, Ancestor Zhu Tian shut right up though.

“Father!” Lin Feng saw a teenage girl arrive in front of Mu Chen. She looked at Lin Feng in a strange way.

“That’s…?” Lin Feng was astonished, and looked at Mu Chen.

“Lin Feng, that’s Ling, our daughter,” said Mu Chen smiling proudly.

“Ling, that’s the Little Lin Feng I tell you about all the time. It’s the first time you’ve seen him,” said Mu Chen, caressing her head. When Lin Feng heard that, his eyes twinkled, and he smiled. His teacher finally had a daughter, he was very happy.

“Brother Lin Feng!” said Ling. She looked like her mother, she was very beautiful.

“Ling, come here,” said Lin Feng smiling. Ling looked at her father, and then walked over to Lin Feng, then she stuck out her tongue teasingly and said, “My dad always says you’re his most talented disciple. What’s your cultivation level?”

“Probably stronger than you,” said Lin Feng, caressing her head. Then he dragged her to him, pinched her cheeks, and said to Mu Chen, “Teacher, how come you didn’t contact me? This is something very important.”

“I didn’t want to bother you while you were traveling,” Mu Chen smiled.

“That’s not something trivial, though. It’s important!” said Lin Feng. He was speechless. He was annoyed and asked, “Ling, how old are you?”

Ling looked at him and said, “I’m fifteen. I have the impression you consider me a little child.”

“Well, you are a little one, aren’t you?” Lin Feng laughed.

“Everybody, silence,” said someone in the distance. Instantly, everybody stopped talking and turned around. They all looked at the strong cultivators of the Celestial Martial Dynasty. Someone waved his hands to make everybody stop talking.

“Everybody, today, the Celestial Martial Dynasty has invited everyone for the grand ceremony. We want to make the city more powerful. Back in the days, people fought to be on the Imperial Ranking List and the Great Imperial Ranking List. From now on, they don’t exist anymore. We’ll organize the Celestial Martial Dynasty Grand Ceremony, it will replace the Pathfinder Day of the Imperial Ranking List and Great Imperial Ranking List. People who do well will join the Celestial Martial Dynasty and some people will have the possibility to become Saint’s disciples,” said that person proudly. Many young people looked enthusiastic at his words.

Saints were legendary cultivators. Being a Saint’s disciple would be amazing!

“Regarding the different levels, people have to be at least emperors to participate. They will be divided into low-level emperors, medium-level emperors, high-level emperors, and great emperors. Now, send your low-level emperors to the battle stage, all the groups must have participants,” said that person.

After he said that, Lin Feng said to Emperor Yu, “Teacher, will Tiantai send six people as well?”

They had to send one person for each cultivation level, that was six people.

“Yes, no choice unless a group has absolutely nobody at that cultivation level. Tiantai must participate too,” replied Emperor Yu.

“I understand,” said Lin Feng nodding, “How strong is Tiantai now?”

Emperor Yu shook his head. He didn’t seem satisfied as he said to Lin Feng, “Back then, when you left, Tiantai and Champion University were thriving. However, after that, things became chaotic. The Great Imperial Palace rose. The Celestial Martial Dynasty appeared, and then the Canaan Buddhist Clan appeared. Geniuses started leaving Tiantai to go to the Canaan Buddhist Clan and the Celestial Martial Dynasty. Champion University and Tiantai lost some incredibly talented disciples who betrayed us and went to the Celestial Martial Dynasty. Some of them will get on the battle stage, you’ll see.”

“When Tiantai was thriving, we could recruit talented people, but it didn’t mean they were good,” said Lin Feng to Emperor Yu.

“Yes, Mu Chen and I won’t be able to have great direct disciples like in the past,” Emperor Yu sighed. He would be proud of his direct disciples his entire life.

“Uncle Emperor Yu, you have a group of great direct disciples, that’s already great,” said Ling, smiling at Emperor Yu.

“Yes, that’s enough, and now we have Little Ling,” said Emperor Yu smiling at Ling, in Lin Feng’s arms.

“By the way, Little Lin Feng, you’re the one who sent those people yesterday, right?” said Emperor Yu suddenly.

Lin Feng nodded, “Indeed, they can fight with great emperors.”

“Alright, at least, Tiantai won’t lose face too much that way,” said Emperor Yu.

“Where are our fighters?” asked Lin Feng.

“They’re down there getting ready to fight, but it would be great if we could change some fighters,” said Emperor Yu, pointing at a group of people in the crowd. There was a low-level emperor, he looked up at Mu Chen and Emperor Yu.

“Ji Liao, do your best, if you can’t win, give up, but don’t take risks,” Emperor Yu said to the young man.

“Alright,” replied the young man. “I’ll use my full strength.”

“Ji Liao,” said Lin Feng at that moment. Ji Liao looked at Lin Feng. He looked perplexed. He didn’t recognize Lin Feng. He looked young, and was seated between Emperor Yu and Mu Chen, and Miss Ling was in his arms. He had an extraordinary position.

“Do your best,” said Lin Feng. Lights emerged from Lin Feng’s eyes and surrounded him.

Ji Liao was stupefied and asked, “Master, that’s…”

“Go. If you lose, you’ll understand,” Lin Feng smiled. Ji Liao bowed before Lin Feng and left.

“Little Lin Feng, did you do anything to him?” asked Emperor Yu.

“I gave him an extra layer of protection to prevent him from dying,” said Lin Feng. There were hundreds of fighters. Apart from strong cultivators from influential groups, there were also some individual cultivators. Those people belonged to no group, they were talented and wanted to become a Saint’s disciple.

The first round was a free-for-all. Everybody was on the battle stage and fought to death or surrender. Many young people died. In the end, only sixteen remained and were qualified.

“Ji Liao is quite strong. He’ll finish in the top sixteen,” said Lin Feng.

Emperor Yu nodded, “Even though our cultivators are not the most talented, Tiantai’s disciples are quite talented.”

“Yes, don’t hesitate and attach importance to these kids,” said Lin Feng indifferently. These days, what he said could change someone’s life. Back in the days, Lin Feng was down on the battle stage fighting for various groups, now he was at the top and watched the battles.

At that moment, some people from Celestial Godly University looked at the members of Tiantai. Someone frowned.

They didn’t pay much attention to Tiantai, so nobody had noticed Lin Feng at first, but at that moment someone recognized him.

“Lin Feng is back!” whispered that person. They were astonished. Back in the days, Lin Feng had shaken the Holy City. Was he really back?

Many people looked at Lin Feng, and were stunned. He was back for real!

“Now, the Holy City is chaotic, the Celestial Martial Dynasty and the Canaan Buddhist Dynasty control the town. Will he change things again?”

“I guess it’ll be difficult. The Celestial Martial Dynasty and the Canaan Buddhist Dynasty both have Saints. They don’t care about someone like Lin Feng.”

“Yes, you’re right, even Shi Jue can’t do much,” said several people. Lin Feng couldn’t change anything anymore, it seemed!


Chapter 2410: Lang Yan and Shi Xuan

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The battles were fierce and tragic. Ji Liao finished seventh. He was quite strong.

Lin Feng and his teachers continued chatting while watching the battles. It reminded Lin Feng of when he was younger.

“Lin Feng, how do you feel?” asked Mu Chen.

“The members of the Celestial Martial Dynasty and the Canaan Buddhist Dynasty aren’t very talented, they just know more things. Ji Liao has a good understanding of cosmic energies,” Lin Feng replied calmly.

“Brother Lin Feng, how powerful are your cosmic energies?” Ling asked Lin Feng.

Lin Feng laughed and said, “So-so!”

“Is that so? I hope we’ll exchange views on cultivation, you’re my father’s disciple so you’re my fellow disciple,” said Ling, glancing at Mu Chen.

“But Lin Feng is much, much stronger than your daddy now. He’d be a much better teacher than me. When Lin Feng was an emperor, he had an advanced knowledge and deep understanding of cosmic energies already,” Mu Chen laughed.

“Alright, I’ll teach you whatever you want to learn,” Lin Feng smiled. It was Mu Chen’s daughter, she was like his child. She called Lin Feng brother but to him, she was a baby, and he wanted to take care of her.

“That’s a promise then!” Ling grinned.

“Of course!”

“Lin Feng, the second round is starting, I don’t think we’ll be as lucky. I told him to give up if he was in danger,” said Emperor Yu.

Ji Liao walked over and said to Lin Feng, “Master, thank you very much.”

Lin Feng had told him to fight as hard as he could, he had done it fearlessly and had lost. But when that attack which should have been deadly reached him, a strange kind of strength protected him.

“No need to thank me. Continue practicing cultivation really hard. You have potential,” said Lin Feng encouragingly.

“Thank you very much, Master,” said Ji Liao. He could sense that Lin Feng was terrifyingly strong.

“Ji Liao, go and watch your big fellow disciple’s battle,” Emperor Yu told Ji Liao. He watched a young man battle. That young man was a high-level emperor. Such cultivators were strong enough to have a good ranking in town, a bit like those who were on the Imperial Ranking List back then.

“His Qi is stable. Not bad,” said Lin Feng, glancing at the young man.

“Lin Feng, he’s Ruo Xie’s disciple. His name is Lang Yan. He understands Speed Dao strength already. His Dao is already low-level. His comprehension abilities are not bad. He also understands Heaviness Dao. He could finish in the top five,” Emperor Yu told Lin Feng.

“Two sorts of Dao, low-level, how rare, indeed. He could be quite strong in the future,” agreed Lin Feng.

“But he can’t finish first, that’s for sure. Initially, he was the second most outstanding disciple, and the first one betrayed Tiantai back then to go to the Celestial Martial Dynasty. Back then, Qing Lin and the others taught him a lot. Nobody thought he’d betray Tiantai,” said Emperor Yu coldly, gazing into the distance.

“Eh?” Lin Feng was stupefied. Lang Yan controlled two sorts of Dao, and the other one was stronger than him back then? That traitor seemed extremely strong, indeed. Lin Feng’s fellow disciples had even taught him a lot. And still he had betrayed Tiantai…

“His name is Shi Xuan. He also understands two sorts of Dao, very powerful sorts of Dao: dark light Dao and Speed Dao. His attacks are explosive. Back then, Qing Lin and the others thought they weren’t suitable teachers for him, only Jian Mang was. But Jian Mang doesn’t want disciples, so he only helped him a couple of times, but that’s all. Shi Xuan was left alone a little,” explained Emperor Yu.

At the same time, Lin Feng noticed a young man in the group of people of the Celestial Martial Dynasty. Many great emperors were sitting next to him. He didn’t look proud, he looked sly and violently, wildly ambitious.

No wonder my teachers are angry. If you’re good to someone and they betray you, that’s pretty bad, thought Lin Feng. How ungrateful.

But many people were wildly ambitious, and hoped to rise quickly.

“That Shi Xuan is good at pretending. He looked good in the past, now he looks quite sinister,” said Emperor Yu calmly. Shi Xuan looked at them calmly, then at Lin Feng in a sharp way.

“Hmph!” Lin Feng grunted icily. Shi Xuan looked at him aggressively, Lin Feng looked back at him, and instantly Shi Xuan’s eyes felt horribly painful and he closed them.

Shi Xuan reopened his eyes, and didn’t dare look at Lin Feng again. He thought, That guy is strong! He’s stronger than Emperor Yu. He’s even stronger than Hou Qing Lin! I wonder who he is? He didn’t injure me though, he’s too proud. He doesn’t want to fight against me because I’m a junior.

“Lang Yan.” shouted Lin Feng at that moment. Lang Yan raised his head. “Come here,” said Lin Feng.

Lang Yan looked at Emperor Yu and Mu Chen, they nodded. He went over to Lin Feng.

“How may I call you, Master?” asked Lang Yan to Lin Feng. He was seated between the two teachers, so he was probably very strong. It was best to be very polite.

“Show me your Dao, attack me,” said Lin Feng, ignoring Lang Yan’s question. He was interested in Dao, and put Ling aside.

Lang Yan was surprised, but he nodded. He stretched out his hand, pointed at Lin Feng, and attacked. His attack was very quick.

“Slow!” said Lin Feng. Suddenly, Lang Yan had the impression he had become as slow as a snail. It felt like his hands were extremely far from Lin Feng.

“How strong!” Lang Yan was shaking. He saw Lin Feng’s finger point at him, and knew that if Lin Feng attacked him, he would be killed easily.

Lang Yan was being pushed backwards. He nearly fell down, covered with cold sweat. He looked at Lin Feng, Lin Feng was still seated and remained motionless.

His slow and fast strengths are extremely efficient, much better than mine, thought Lang Yan. He was astonished. He didn’t understand how strong Lin Feng was.

“Please teach me, Master,” said Lang Yan, bowing before Lin Feng. He knew Lin Feng was extraordinary.

“Study the details,” said Lin Feng calmly. Suddenly, Lang Yan sensed something and fell asleep. He started dreaming.

He saw a leaf move towards him extremely slowly. However, it also seemed fast at the same time. He moved back, but it was useless. The leaf flew past his head.

“Pfew…” Lang Yan took a deep breath. He had thought he was going to die.

“I’m still alive,” thought Lang Yan, shaking. “Where am I?”

Another leaf moved towards him but this time, it was fast, and contained a hidden slowing. How strong.

Lang Yan studied for a long while, the dream seemed to last forever.

When Lang Yan came out, the second round was over already. He bowed before Lin Feng and said, “Thank you very much for your lesson, Master.”

“He’s your teacher’s fellow disciple,” Emperor Yu said to Lang Yan.

“My teacher’s fellow disciple?” Lang Yan was astonished. One of Tiantai’s direct disciples, which one?

“How strong. Could it be…” Lang Yan was staring at Lin Feng, bowed deeply and said, “Thank you very much, Uncle Lin!”

“Haha, little boy, you’re smart!” said Emperor Yu.

“It wasn’t difficult, he’s so strong,” Lang Yan smiled.

“Alright, go and fight,” said Lin Feng, waving. Lights surrounded him and Lin Feng said, “Do your best. If you defeat Shi Xuan, you’ll be rewarded.”

“I’ll fight to the death!”

“Yes, if you can kill him, help yourself! No need to be polite,” Lin Feng said to Lang Yan.

Lang Yan was astonished. Then, Mu Chen and Emperor Yu looked at Lin Feng and said, “They can’t, Lin Feng. Shi Xuan’s social position is extraordinary.”

“So what? If he can kill him, then he should!” replied Lin Feng naturally. People around were shaking. Lang Yan’s heart was pounding. Uncle Lin Feng was really like in the legends, aggressive and strong!


Chapter 2411: You Want To Die

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Lang Yan jumped onto the battle stage. This round was for high-level emperors. The strong cultivator of the Celestial Martial Dynasty had created a layer of protection around the battle stage to protect people outside.

“High-level emperors’ battles mainly consist of comparing themselves in terms of Dao strength. I wonder if Lang Yan understood anything a moment ago,” said Emperor Yu, looking at the fighters. They were already quite strong. Before the Holy City became unsettled, high-level emperors were already considered very strong.

“The Imperial Ranking List is really about Dao strength,” agreed Ancestor Shi Tian.

“He probably understood something,” said Lin Feng. He had created a dream for Lang Yan. He had realized the boy was very talented. In a dream, time passed differently than in the outside world. Even though Lang Yan hadn’t been able to spend much time in the dream, it had probably been very beneficial to him.

More than a hundred people were present, their Qi dashing to the skies. Shi Xuan was standing there, nobody dared offend him. People usually knew about the strongest cultivators of their generation. Back in the days, Lin Feng also knew how strong other famous people were. Shi Xuan was extremely strong, so nobody dared offend him. He was first on the Imperial Ranking List.

But at that moment, he frowned and then smiled indifferently, “Lang Yan, you think you’re strong enough to fight against me now?”

“Shi Xuan, you betrayed Tiantai. A battle is inevitable,” replied Lang Yan icily.

“Is that so?” said Shi Xuan, looking at him in a disdainful way and adding, “A moment ago, that guy next to Emperor Yu taught you something? He looked familiar. But who do you think he is? You think he can teach you a few things quickly, and that you’re now strong enough to defeat me? Do you know who my teacher is? These days, my teacher taught many things. ”

“We’ll see when we fight,” said Lang Yan, closing his eyes. They didn’t start fighting immediately. After all, Lang Yan was a high-level emperor too, very strong, third on the Imperial Ranking List. Nobody wanted to offend him, either. They both remained motionless.

After that, Lang Yan won all his battles.

Lin Feng smiled when he saw that. Emperor Yu said, “Lang Yan didn’t use speed Dao? He only relied on Heaviness Dao? He wants to use his trump cards in the end then, I guess…”

“The battles at the top of the Imperial Ranking List are going to start. Lang Yan is lucky, he’s going to fight against fourth place,” said Mu Chen. Shi Xuan was going to fight against second place.

“How strong. Lang Yan easily defeated his opponent, even though he was extremely fast,” said Emperor Yu a moment later. They turned around and were startled; Shi Xuan instantly killed his opponent, sword lights streaking across the sky and cutting him apart.

“That guy is even slyer than Jian Mang,” said Lin Feng, looking at Shi Xuan. That guy harbored evil intentions. Tiantai had raised him, and he had betrayed them. He was even becoming a problem for Tiantai.

“Lang Yan, the next one to die will be you!” said Shi Xuan, pointing at Lang Yan. He slowly turned around and looked at Emperor Yu, smiling icily. “Emperor Yu and Emperor Shi, you’re weaker than me now. You’re not qualified to be leaders. If I became the leader of Tiantai, maybe I’d manage to make it shine again.”

“Bastard!” shouted Emperor Yu icily, “You shameless traitor!”

“Strength is the most important thing in the world. You’re weaklings, and you couldn’t teach me anything, I had to find someone else to teach me. Why would I waste my time with weaklings?” said Shi Xuan. He was wildly ambitious, and arrogant, too.

“Shut the hell up!” shouted Lang Yan explosively, “Today, one of us is going to die!”

“I will fight against you!” Shi Xuan’s sword twinkled. He wasn’t as strong as a Canaan Buddhist monk, but the battle was going to be dazzling.

A dazzling sword shone out, people couldn’t open their eyes anymore.

“Intent.” Lang Yan closed his eyes and remembered the dream Lin Feng had created for him.

“How ridiculous.” When Shi Xuan saw that Lang Yan had closed his eyes, he looked at him icily.

“Slow!” said Lang Yan. Suddenly, everything became slower around him. It was his own intent, he had control over his surroundings.

“Eh?” Shi Xuan’s sword suddenly slowed down. Shi Xuan frowned. Lang Yan seemed to have an advanced understanding of Dao, but so what?

“Die!” A dozen dark swords appeared, and streaked across the sky.

“Slow down!” shouted Lang Yan. His eyes were still firmly closed. At the same time, he struck out with his hand, and thunder rolled. A gigantic heavy hand appeared in the air and shot out. It was faster than his opponent’s dark swords.

One of Shi Xuan’s swords pierced through the gigantic hand, startling everyone. Usually, Shi Xuan could kill people silently without anybody noticing, but this time he didn’t manage to kill Lang Yan.

Shi Xuan turned into a beam of light and he flew past Lang Yan in the sky.

“Where are you going?” shouted Lang Yan explosively. He released more slow energy. When cultivators became stronger, slow and fast strength could be really terrifying.

“Heavy strength!” shouted Lang Yan furiously. Shi Xuan was stupefied when he sensed Lang Yan’s Dao strength; it was already so powerful, and now it was high-level, not low-level anymore. How was that possible? How had Lang Yan done that?

Lang Yan disappeared, then reappeared close to Shi Xuan, pointing at Shi Xuan with his finger. At that moment, he remembered everything Lin Feng had shown him in the dream. He had seen one finger, it didn’t contain strength, but it was extremely fast.

When Shi Xuan saw that, his expression changed drastically. His sword descended from the sky. Sword lights flashed, but at the same time Lang Yan kept slowing him down.

Blood splashed. Lang Yan had stabbed Shi Xuan in the chest.

“Explode!” shouted Lang Yan explosively. Shi Xuan’s body crackled as he threw a sword at Lang Yan.

“Slow!” said Lang Yan when he saw that attack. He wanted to kill Shi Xuan, no matter what!

“Heavy strength.” Lang Yan’s Dao was now very powerful, his attacks brutal.

Shi Xuan was injured, and threw out his sword. The heavy strength coupled with slow strength gave him a hard time. He was starting to feel danger.

Lang Yan dodged the sword. Everybody was astonished. This duel had already exceeded all their expectations, and it was a very beautiful fight. The most surprising thing was that the cultivators were competing in terms of speed. They were both as fast as lightning.

“Enough!” shouted someone loudly. An overwhelming strength oppressed Lang Yan. He had the impression he was going to collapse. Shi Xuan flew up in the air.

“This battle is over,” said one of the organizers, glancing at Lang Yan. “You’re talented. You can join the Celestial Martial Dynasty and become a Saint’s disciple. ”

“Bullshit!” said Lang Yan furiously, “The Celestial Martial Dynasty is despicable! You got involved in our battle. You are pitiful and ridiculous! I would never become a member of the Celestial Martial Dynasty!”

“You’re humiliating the Celestial Martial Dynasty!? Die!” said that person icily. The crowd was stunned at the quick escalation. It was how the Celestial Martial Dynasty handled things. Lang Yan had refused to join the Celestial Martial Dynasty and had humiliated them, that was an excuse for them to kill him. Only the Canaan Dynasty could compete with them. If anyone else dared offend them, they died, no reason was needed.

“He wants to die. Go and kill him,” ordered Lin Feng. A group of people jumped forwards and released a terrifying death Qi.

The referee was stunned. He turned on them and shouted, “Insolent! You dare cause trouble during the grand ceremony?!”

“Die!” shouted someone in return. The referee sensed some terrifying death energies surround him. A strong wind blew past him. A great roc streaked across the sky, and blood sprayed. The referee was beheaded, his head flying away. His eyes were still open, and from the expression on his face, one could guess he couldn’t believe it. He had just gotten killed? He had just gotten killed during the grand ceremony of the Celestial Martial Dynasty?

Everybody was astonished. People who weren’t even members of the Canaan Dynasty dared cause trouble there? Even the members of the Canaan Dynasty wouldn’t have dared do such a thing there, right?

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