PMG Chapter 2412-17

Chapter 2412: Saint

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Someone dared suddenly kill people ruthlessly. The crowd was astonished, took a deep breath, and continued watching. Three figures were floating in the air. One of them was a strong cultivator with dark wings and sharp eyes. It was a great roc. Bestial Qi kept emerging from his body.

“That’s a great imperial beast, a great roc! He controls wind and death strength! His speed was incredible. He killed the referee instantly!” thought the crowd. He was actually a Celestial Emperor!

“He’s from Tiantai” since when does Tiantai dare act recklessly and audaciously like that? How could they kill a member of the Celestial Martial Dynasty like that? They’re insane.” Many people were looking at the members of Tiantai. In the Holy City, most people who had lived there for a long time knew Lin Feng, and when they noticed Lin Feng between Emperor Yu and Mu Chen, they were stunned. They hadn’t paid attention to the members of Tiantai a moment before, so they hadn’t seen him!

“He’s back. No wonder!” Lin Feng had destroyed many Ancient Holy Clans in the past, there was nothing he didn’t dare do. Killing the Celestial Martial Dynasty’s referee wasn’t a problem for him, either. The crowd knew that Lin Feng was supported by some Saints.

“Lin Feng is back. The battles are going to be fun. The Celestial Martial Dynasty, the Canaan Dynasty, and now Lin Feng, will Lin Feng become the third pillar of the Holy City?” wondered many people. Lin Feng was supported by Saints behind the scenes, and by Champion University and Tiantai officially. He had power and influence!

“Lin Feng.” At that moment, on the side of the Canaan Dynasty, a Buddhist monk looked at Lin Feng and smiled. Lin Feng remembered him, he had dazzled during the Pathfinder Day of the Imperial Ranking List: it was Dou Zhan Seng. Decades had passed, and he had become a cultivator of the Sheng Di Layer. He was outstanding.

“Brother Lin Feng, they’re all staring at you,” whispered Ling. Lin Feng smiled indifferently. Even though he wasn’t on the battle stage today, people still paid attention to him, but he didn’t care. It wasn’t important to him.

On the side of the Celestial Martial Dynasty, a group of people rose up into the air. They all looked furious as they flew towards the battle stage.

“Those who dare cause trouble here must die!” shouted one of them icily. He released a wave of overwhelming energies. The Celestial Martial Dynasty had organized the grand ceremony, how could they let anyone ruin the event?

“The Celestial Martial Dynasty organized this event, but only to cause trouble. The referee dared commit all kinds of outrages. The grand ceremony is completely unfair. From now on, Tiantai is in charge of the grand ceremony, not the Celestial Martial Dynasty,” said someone next to Lin Feng.

Instantly, the atmosphere became silent.

“Besides, Shi Xuan and Lang Yan’s battle isn’t over. Nobody can get involved, it’s a battle to the death, which will end only when one of them wins,” said that person, as if Tiantai had already taken control of the grand ceremony.

Three people surrounded the battle stage. They didn’t kill Shi Xuan, they surrounded Shi Xuan and Lang Yan so that they could finish their battle.

What could the Celestial Martial Dynasty say about that?

Shi Xuan pulled a long face. He hadn’t thought he would lose against Lang Yan. He hadn’t thought Tiantai could oppress the Celestial Martial Dynasty.

On the battle stage, someone stood up. Around him, many people other people stood up. They looked calm and composed, or at least they tried, from their eyes, one could see a terrifying chill. Who dared act so arrogantly and recklessly?

“Elder, that guy’s name is Lin Feng. He’s a genius of Champion University. He’s supported by Saints and back in the days, he destroyed a few Ancient Holy Clans. He’s very strong,” said someone telepathically.

The person in the middle frowned, and said calmly, “Those who dare cause trouble here must die!”

“We obey!” People started moving in all directions. Their Qi was ominous – they were all Celestial Emperors.

At the same time, a strong wind containing death strength started blowing. A group of people appeared behind the battle stage. The atmosphere became eerily silent and oppressive. The strong cultivators of the Celestial Martial Dynasty all stopped moving.

“Eh?” the elder frowned and looked at the newcomers. They were determined to confront them now?

“How do you want to solve the issue? Be straightforward,” said the middle-aged man to Lin Feng.

“Have your Saints come out to talk to me! You’re not qualified to talk to me,” said Lin Feng indifferently. The middle-aged man’s face stiffened. Saints? To talk to him?

How insolent…? Many people were astonished. How insane… or was… Lin Feng… a Saint?

They immediately excluded the idea. Even though they couldn’t see Lin Feng’s cultivation level, he was probably just using a very powerful cloaking technique. Only a few decades had passed, maybe he was a Saint Emperor, or even a Saint Emperor of the top of the Sheng Di Layer, but he couldn’t be a Saint. Saints had transcended worldliness and attained holiness, and in the past, they never saw Saints in Dark Clouds. Saints were also usually very old. Lin Feng was much too young to be a Saint. Only a few decades had passed, how could he be a cultivator of the Sheng Layer?

Lin Feng was probably confident because he was backed up by Saints. Many people had heard that he had become a Fortune Shrine disciple after ranking first at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds back then. It explained why he was arrogant and asked them to send Saints to talk to him.

The elder looked at Lin Feng icily. He said he wasn’t qualified to talk to him…

“Even if you’re a member of the Fortune Shrine, you’re not qualified to talk to Saints, either. And even if you’re talented, you can die anytime,” said the elder, smiling icily. Lin Feng was startled, that guy knew he was a member of the Fortune Shrine?

“Fortune Shrine? That’s Lin Feng!” Shi Xuan was astonished. No wonder he found him familiar. But why did Lin Feng look so ordinary? Why didn’t anyone notice him? He had no Qi, he didn’t look proud and sharp, like his statue.

“You just now guessed it was my teacher’s fellow disciple, Shi Xuan? He just taught me. That’s how my Dao broke through. He’s a peerless genius. He finished first at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, and he’s a disciple of the Fortune Shrine! You’ll never be as successful. You cannot imagine how strong he is,” said Lang Yan icily. He could sense how terrifyingly strong Lin Feng was, he had been taught incredible things in only a few minutes. He had the impression that Lin Feng could kill anyone in a few seconds.

Shi Xuan’s face froze. He knew Lin Feng, Lin Feng was famous in the Holy City. In only a few years, he had become the most dazzling young cultivator of the city. Just now, Lin Feng had taught Lang Yan a few things. That’s how Lang Yan had become stronger than him!…

“Continue the battle,” said Lin Feng indifferently. He ignored the elder, and took control over the grand ceremony.

Lang Yan released his Qi.

The face of the Celestial Martial Dynasty’s elder stiffened. Lin Feng disdained him?

“Shi Xuan, you betrayed Tiantai! Today, you’re going to die,” said Lang Yan. His speed exploded. A terrifying heavy Dao strength oppressed Shi Xuan.

Shi Xuan released sharp sword strength.

“Slow!” said Lang Yan, closing his eyes. He felt more confident, he had instantly become stronger after Lin Feng’s teaching. Now, he knew he could defeat Shi Xuan!

Everything around him became slower. It was Dao, it was intent, it was a sensation.

Anything could become a deadly weapon at extremely high speeds, even a leaf could become sharp at high speed. Lang Yan performed the same attack he had seen in the dream. His finger could become the sharpest sword.

Metal clashed, Shi Xuan’s sword lights and Lang Yan’s finger collided. Surprisingly, the sword lights dispersed instantly.

“Impossible.” Shi Xuan couldn’t believe it. Lang Yan’s attack didn’t look extraordinary, it wasn’t dazzling, how come it was so powerful?

Lang Yan continued moving his finger towards Shi Xuan’s third eye. Lang Yan shouted furiously, “Die!”

“Why!?” shouted Shi Xuan. That was his last word. He was a genius of the Huang Qi layer, he was first on the Imperial Ranking List, he had become a member of the Celestial Martial Dynasty,  and they had organized the grand ceremony. It was supposed to be a wonderful day for him.

But Shi Xuan, a Saint’s disciple, was now dead!

“This time, Tiantai is taking big risks. They’re messing around with Saints now!” A terrifying Saint’s strength filled the air and surrounded the whole crowd. People’s hearts started pounding violently. Was a Saint going to show up?

A figure appeared in the sky, wearing a white robe. He looked ordinary, but when the members of the Celestial Martial Dynasty saw him, they were astonished and amazed. They looked at him with true admiration, as this was a Saint!


Chapter 2413: Troubles lie Ahead

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The Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty appeared and looked down at the crowd. Many people were wondering how the Celestial Martial Dynasty was going to deal with Tiantai.

“Greeting, Your Holiness of the Celestial Martial Dynasty,” said people from many different groups, standing up and bowing before the Saint. In the past, Saints were considered legendary cultivators, and now they had a Saint in front of them!

“Is that a Saint? I’ve heard that the difference between a Saint and a great emperor was incredible, they aren’t even comparable. Saints can easily kill entire armies of great emperors!” whispered someone, looking at the Saint admiringly.

Before the Celestial Martial Dynasty and the Canaan Dynasty had settled in the Holy City, people had heard that Lin Feng was backed up by Saints.

A moment before, Tiantai had killed a Saint’s disciple.

Lang Yan watched the Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty nervously. However, he trusted Lin Feng, he was an incredible cultivator. He probably knew how to solve the issue.

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the Saint. He was surprised, because the Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty was a low-level Saint, surprisingly. Such a cultivator had come to the Holy City to create the Celestial Martial Dynasty, that was very surprising.

But a low-level Saint didn’t scare Lin Feng.

“Brother Lin, you disappeared for so many years, and now you’re back in the lower world. You’re even interested in the grand ceremony. I’m surprised,” said the Saint to Lin Feng, just when everyone thought he’d be furious. He even smiled calmly. However, the crowd trembled, even more than if he had killed Lin Feng immediately.

They were astonished because the Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty called Lin Feng “Brother Lin”, he didn’t address disrespectfully.

“Brother” was a friendly way of addressing someone, but the most terrifying part was that it also proved one thing: the Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty considered Lin Feng someone of the same level. Otherwise, he wouldn’t possibly have called him “Brother Lin.”

How strong was Lin Feng, then?

Many people’s hearts were pounding furiously. Lin Feng had disappeared for decades, was he now a Saint? People couldn’t believe it.

“I am from the Holy City, and a member of Tiantai, so of course I come back sometimes. Since you organized the grand ceremony, it should be a fun event, and not a way to oppress everybody else. I don’t mind destroying the Celestial Martial Dynasty immediately, you know,” said Lin Feng calmly.

The crowd was astounded. He… didn’t mind destroying the Celestial Martial Dynasty?

The Celestial Martial Dynasty had risen in the Holy City, and apart from the Canaan Dynasty, nobody could resist them. Even though the Celestial Martial Dynasty was powerful, they didn’t destroy all the other groups of the Holy City, as the four universities still existed. Many of their students even betrayed them to become members of the Celestial Martial Dynasty. Nobody minded actually; many groups were willing to let their disciples become members of the Celestial Martial Dynasty. The Celestial Martial Dynasty didn’t force them outright. Many strong groups of the Holy City wanted to rise along with the Celestial Martial Dynasty. Many people even thought it was an opportunity.

However, if they decided to oppress other people, Lin Feng didn’t mind teaching them a good lesson.

“I see. Since it’s that way, I’ll respect your opinion, Brother Lin. Today, we don’t need referees anymore. People of the same level can fight against each other, I won’t get involved. What do you think?” asked the Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty calmly. He didn’t seem angry.

“Alright,” Lin Feng agreed. On the inside, he smiled coldly. He had studied the Celestial Dao Destiny Technique, and even though the Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty was extremely polite, Lin Feng could sense he was furious and wanted to kill him. He had a good intuition now, his perceptions were acute and precise. The Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty didn’t look angry, but Lin Feng could guess he was.

Lin Feng was now convinced that prophecies and predictions could be true.

“Back, everybody!” said the Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty, waving his hand. All the strong cultivators of the Celestial Martial Dynasty withdrew. Lin Feng nodded and his people went back as well. Only Lang Yan was left on the battle stage.

“Lang Yan, you killed a traitor who betrayed Tiantai, and you’re now first on the ranking list. I would like to grant you a Saint’s Weapon for your achievement. Great emperors won’t be able to kill you. However, you can’t use a Saint’s Weapon unless you’re in imminent danger of dying. When you become strong enough, I will offer you other precious items,” Lin Feng said calmly.

He waved and a Saint’s armor appeared, glowing softly. It flew towards Lang Yan and stopped in front of him.

“A Saint’s Weapon.” People’s hearts were pounding violently. Only Saints could have Saint’s weapons, and Lin Feng was giving one to Lang Yan, that…

Lang Yan was astonished, too. He was speechless, and dumbstruck… a Saint’s Weapon? He didn’t… his teacher’s fellow disciple was offering him a Saint’s weapon?

“What are you looking at? Take it,” said Mu Chen, smiling at him.

Lang Yan was stupefied and he took the armor numbly. “Thank you very much, Teacher.”

“Brother Ruo Xie is very busy traveling. He doesn’t have time to teach you. I’ll also offer you some skills, techniques, and spells,” continued Lin Feng.

Lang Yan’s heart twitched. Lin Feng had just offered him a Saint’s Weapon, so what kind of techniques would he give him?

Some of the disciples of the Celestial Martial Dynasty were members of Tiantai in the past. At that moment, their hearts were pounding in astonishment. They had the impression they had made a mistake. They had missed something great!

“Disciples who respect Tiantai, who never betrayed Tiantai, have a very important position in my heart. No matter how strong they are, no matter how talented, they will all be rewarded,” said Lin Feng calmly. The members of Tiantai all looked happy, and clenched their fists in joy. They felt even more determined for remaining loyal.

Lin Feng was back and finally, Tiantai was going to change again. Lin Feng could talk to a Saint as an equal. Everything changed. He even dared say he could destroy the Celestial Martial Dynasty!

To Lin Feng, a Saint’s Weapon wasn’t much anymore. However, he hoped that Tiantai would become extremely powerful. He had great affection for the other direct disciples of Tiantai, as well. He hoped Tiantai would have no more problems in the future. He wanted to show everyone that Tiantai couldn’t be offended, and he wanted to help all his friends rise.

“Brother Lin Feng, I’m a member of Tiantai too, do you have a gift for me?” Ling asked Lin Feng. Her eyes were twinkling.

“When we go back, you can choose something,” Lin Feng agreed.

“Awesome!” Ling grinned.

“Alright, it’s the great emperors’ competition now,” said the Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty indifferently. All the great emperors walked up to the stage. A young man appeared at the foot of the stage. He raised his head and looked at Lin Feng, smiling broadly.

“Teacher,” said Ye Chen with a smile. He looked very happy to see his teacher.

“Xiao Chen, do your best. But stay safe, don’t risk your life,” said Lin Feng smiled. He waved and some strength surrounded Ye Chen, “Go now.”

“I will do my best,” Ye Chen nodded. He didn’t feel relaxed at all. His teacher was there, he felt even more pressured. He wanted to finish among the best cultivators, otherwise, it would be a humiliation for his teacher. He was very nervous.

“Because you’re here, Xiao Chen will be even more worried, he will be nervous because of the rankings,” said Mu Chen to Lin Feng, understanding what was going on.

“He must listen to his heart,” replied Lin Feng calmly.


The Fire Shrine…

A woman was standing in front of a stone stage. In front of her were a few Saints. Since there were many problems in the continent, many groups had called their Saints come back. Shrines had many Saints, even if people seldom saw them.

“I’ve got news. Lin Feng is in Dark Clouds in the Holy City. He’s sly. Even if the Fortune Shrine supports him, he must die. I have some people watching him, we know where he usually goes. He won’t be able to escape this time,” said the woman calmly. All the Saints understood why she made such great efforts to find Lin Feng: because of Qiong Yu!

“Lin Feng’s real body is not weak, and could even be called strong. He’s a low-level Saint, but he’s soon going to become a medium-level Saint. I’m not sure you can easily kill him. All of you are heroes of the Qiong Clan. This time, I need people who can go to the lower world to kill Lin Feng,” said the woman, glancing at the Saints. These people were all heroes of the Fire Shrine, and high-level Saints. She couldn’t give orders to people stronger than that even if her social position was very high.

The Qiong Clan was a powerful clan of the Fire Shrine, and they had many contacts. These Saints were from her clan.

“I don’t want the Fire Shrine to send people straightforwardly to kill Lin Feng, because we have to make sure Qiong Yu is safe,” said the woman. Other people from the Fire Shrine might killed Lin Feng straight off, without caring about Qiong Yu.

“I’ll go. Tian Ruo Jian and the others aren’t there this time. Killing Lin Feng should be easy,” said Qiong Lin icily. He was the one who had captured Zhe Tian the previous time.

“Alright, I’ll leave it to you then,” said the woman, smiling at Qiong Lin. “Thank you!”

Qiong Lin nodded. His task was to get Qiong Yu back alive, safe and sound!


Chapter 2414: Bestial Saints’ Help

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Lin Feng was in the bleachers, watching the young people battle. He felt enthusiastic. It reminded him of his youth. Back in the days, he was also on battle stages quite often. Now, things had changed, and he would never be on a battle stage to compare his strength with other people again.

“As expected, Xiao Chen is having a hard time, but he’s ready to risk his life,” sighed Mu Chen.

“Little Lin Feng is back, so that little boy doesn’t want to disgrace his teacher. That’s why he’s ready to take risks. I’m afraid he will deteriorate quickly,” said Emperor Yu. As expected, just as he finished talking, Ye Chen was struck hard. He was injured, hurled away, and blood splashed. He crashed to the ground.

“You lost. Go now,” said Ye Chen’s opponent. He knew Ye Chen was from Tiantai, so he didn’t dare act too arrogantly. He had seen Lin Feng a moment before. He wanted to give them face.

“I lost.” Ye Chen pulled a long face and came over to Lin Feng. He lowered his head and said, “Teacher, I’m sorry, I made you lose face.”

“Come here,” said Lin Feng, smiling. He didn’t care about those things.

Ye Chen walked over to Lin Feng, he didn’t dare look at him. He felt ashamed.

“Little boy, how could I say anything about that. So many years have passed, and I haven’t had time to teach you. I feel guilty,” said Lin Feng. He released life Qi, which surrounded Ye Chen and quickly healed him.

Very quickly, Ye Chen felt rejuvenated. He raised his head and said, “Teacher, don’t say that, I’m the one who’s useless.”

“Don’t feel bad. Come here, sit in front of me and watch the battles. Learn from them,” said Lin Feng smiled. Ye Chen understood that Lin Feng truly didn’t mind, but that made him feel even more guilty.


The battles continued. Lin Feng sensed something approaching. He raised his head, his eyes narrowing.

Danger is approaching, he thought. He had practiced the Celestial Dao Destiny Technique for a while already, and he could sense and predict things. It was a very strange sensation. It wasn’t like when he had talked to the Saint of the Celestial Dao Destiny Technique. This time, a terrifying danger lurked.

If I sense danger, it means there’s a high-level Saint. Their original strength has already reached the maximum level, so I can’t compete with them. I’ll need to borrow the strength of the Star World again, he thought. He considered several things. The Shrines wanted him to die, especially the Fire Shrine…

Lin Feng suddenly remembered the woman, Qiong Yu’s mother. She had mentioned the Holy City in the past, Qi Tian Holy Town, his friends… so was the Celestial Martial Dynasty a group which had been created by the woman to settle in the Holy City?

It was absolutely possible. A low-level Saint had appeared in the Holy City. For the lower world, that was very surprising. They had started watching everything in the city, very strange behavior…

“Ling, go back to your father,” said Lin Feng. He was still holding her in his arms. He nodded and went back to Mu Chen.

“Teachers, I need to leave my body for a few minutes, don’t let anyone disturb me,” Lin Feng told Mu Chen and Emperor Yu telepathically.

They were both surprised, but nodded and replied, “Alright.”

Lin Feng closed his eyes, and after a few seconds, he appeared in the star world.

“Master Ox!” he called out. He disappeared and reappeared in front of the old Ox.

“What’s going on?” the old Ox asked Lin Feng.

“Master Ox, I think some high-level Saints are coming for me, I need some help,” said Lin Feng.

The ox said to Lin Feng, “At your cultivation level, you cannot compete with high-level Saints, indeed. However, I told you, I can’t help you in the outside world. You need to ask those beasts if they are willing to help you. One is enough. Try and convince one of them.”

“One is enough?!” Lin Feng was astonished. The old Ox sounded very confident. He knew the beasts were incredibly strong.

Lin Feng had seen how strong the nine low-level bestial Saints were. They were just medium-level Saints. The high-level bestial Saints were even more terrifying. They were the god’s beasts, but they were proud, too. Convincing them to help would be very complicated.

“I’ll try,” said Lin Feng. He disappeared and reappeared in front of an ocean of stars. The nine high-level bestial Saints were there.

“Everybody!” shouted Lin Feng. The beasts ignored him. Their eyes were closed, as if he didn’t exist.

“I know that you’ve been imprisoned in this world for a very long time, and that the god is not here. I know you don’t want to submit to anyone, especially me, the new master of this world, and I’m very weak in comparison with you. I know all this,” said Lin Feng calmly. “Now, I will give you an opportunity, if anyone agrees to help me, when I become a high-level Saint, I’ll give you the opportunity to challenge me. If you win, I’ll release you and you’ll be free.”

When Lin Feng said that, they suddenly opened their eyes and looked at Lin Feng. He sensed a terrifying bestial Qi fill the air.

“Really?” asked one of the bestial Saints. Lin Feng was proud. When I become a high-level Saint, I’ll give you the opportunity to challenge me. That was an opportunity? Wasn’t he just trying to get them to react?

“Master Ox can tell you I am a man of my word,” replied Lin Feng indifferently.

“Are you sure you want to do that?” the old Ox asked Lin Feng telepathically.

“Yes,” Lin Feng nodded. He asked, “Master Ox, which one is the weakest one of them?”

“You made up your mind. Even if you choose the weakest one, it’s indeed enough. But let me warn you, in the future, when you become a high-level Saint, even the weakest one will easily be able to defeat you, if not kill you,” said the old Ox.

“I already made up my mind,” said Lin Feng.

“The gigantic one, he’s an ancient golden ape. You can choose him,” said the old Ox telepathically.

“Thank you very much, Master,” replied Lin Feng nodded.

The nine beasts said, at the same time, “I agree to help you this one time, and then I’ll challenge you when you become a high-level Saint!”

“Thank you very much, everybody,” Lin Feng smiled. He looked at the gigantic golden ape and said, “Master, please help me this time.”

“Alright, only once,” said the gigantic golden ape. He shrank down in size, only as tall as Lin Feng. His Qi now looked ordinary. “Take me out.”

“Yes,” Lin Feng agreed.

In the outside world, Lin Feng opened his eyes. Mu Chen and Emperor Yu were startled when someone appeared behind Lin Feng. He looked composed, but also unfathomable and enigmatic.

“Little Lin Feng?” Emperor Yu inquired warily.

“Teacher, continue watching the battles,” Lin Feng smiled. The Celestial Emperors were fighting at that moment. It was almost the end of the ceremony. After them, the Saint Emperors would fight.

“Little Lin Feng, for the Saint Emperors’ battles, most of the fighters will be patriarchs themselves,” said Mu Chen.

“Who will fight for Tiantai?” asked Lin Feng.

“An old friend of yours,” Mu Chen smiled. Lin Feng was surprised… an old friend of his?


Chapter 2415: Saint’s Arrival

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Lin Feng had convinced the golden ape, a high-level bestial Saint, to help him. He didn’t feel he was in danger. Since he could solve the issue easily, he continued watching the battles.

After that, the Celestial Martial Dynasty sent forth a fighter. Lin Feng was startled, he knew that fighter.

Back then, during the Pathfinder Day of the Imperial Ranking List, there was a giant: Shi Yun Feng! He was now a member of the Celestial Martial Dynasty.

Shi Yun Feng was a Saint Emperor now. He was very strong, having reached the very top of the Sheng Di Layer. If the Holy City hadn’t changed so much in the previous years, a Saint Emperor would have been considered a terrifying cultivator. The Pathfinder Day of the Imperial Ranking List hadn’t taken place too long ago, and Shi Yun Feng had already become really strong.

Back then, Lin Feng remembered everybody used to say that those who did well at the Pathfinder Day of the Imperial Ranking List were going to become great cultivators… and it was true. All those people were very talented and continued rising.

“Shi Yun Feng, back then, during the Pathfinder Day of the Imperial Ranking List, you weren’t as strong as me, and now you will still be weaker than me,” a voice proclaimed. A Buddhist monk walked forwards. It was Dou Zhan Seng, now a strong cultivator of the Canaan Buddhist Clan. He was also a Saint Emperor at the top of the Sheng Di Layer. Back in the days, at the Pathfinder Day of the Imperial Ranking List, he had ranked better than Shi Yun Feng.

“Lin Feng, it’s a pity that you’re not fighting today, I wonder how strong you are, and Chu Chun Qiu…” said Dou Zhan Seng, looking at the members of Tiantai. Those people were now so strong.

“Watching an old friend fight is a great opportunity, too,” Lin Feng smiled.

At that moment, someone shouted, “Lin Feng, old buddy! You came back, and you didn’t tell me!”

A strong cultivator arrived as a strong wind started blowing. He was topless. Lin Feng grinned, “Tantai, couldn’t you put on some clothes?”

“Hehe, I like being topless!” said Tantai. He looked straightforward and good-natured as usual. He landed on the battle stage. “Now that Lin Feng is not participating, I’ll finish first!”

“We’ll see if you’re strong enough!” said Dou Zhan Seng.

“Ancestor, how strong is the cultivator of Champion University?” Lin Feng asked Ancestor Shi Tian.

“Those guys are extraordinarily talented. They’re as strong as me. Some of them are even stronger than me. Champion University has some incredible geniuses; you killed Ji Chang, and now nobody can compete with those people,” Ancestor Shi Tian sighed. Some incredible people came from Champion University; some of them had died or joined the Celestial Martial Dynasty when the Holy City had become chaotic.

“Alright,” said Lin Feng nodding, “I owe Champion University, but some things must be changed in Champion University, too. Ancestor Zhu Tian, you’re very strong, why don’t you fight personally for the university?”

Ancestor Zhu Tian’s face stiffened, and he blushed. He hadn’t thought Lin Feng would come back. Since Lin Feng had come back, he had remained silent, saying absolutely nothing. But Lin Feng had heard him before arriving…

Some people were incredibly important in Lin Feng’s life: his wives, his teachers, his fellow disciples. In the past, Ancestor Zhu Tian was relatively respectful, but now, he had humiliated Lin Feng’s teachers, and was very impolite. Lin Feng couldn’t accept that. He didn’t want to do anything against Champion University, he owed them, but he had to do something about Ancestor Zhu Tian.

“Lin Feng, you’re a student of Champion University, why don’t you fight for it?” said Ancestor Zhu Tian. He felt embarrassed, but he was an elder. Lin Feng wasn’t being polite to him.

“Me?” Lin Feng smiled. Ancestor Zhu Tian looked at Lin Feng and suddenly, he had the impression everything around him had become darkness and death.

“You said me?” said a voice in his head.

Ancestor Zhu Tian shouted quickly, “No, let me off!”

Everything became normal again. Lin Feng was just looking at him and smiling indifferently. Ancestor Zhu Tian was covered with cold sweat, his face as white as a sheet of paper. He looked like he had almost died. Everybody was staring at him.

“What’s wrong, Ancestor?” asked Lin Feng. However, he sounded a bit cold.

Ancestor Zhu Tian lowered his head, he didn’t dare look at Lin Feng. How could Lin Feng be so strong?

A Saint. Lin Feng had to be a Saint. Ancestor Zhu Tian’s heart was pounding violently. A moment before, the Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty had talked to him as equals, he had hoped that he was talking that way because he was a disciple of the Fortune Shrine.

But now his hopes were ruined. Lin Feng was a Saint. He was as strong as the Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty. How could he go onto the battle stage?

“Ancestor, you shouldn’t bully people who are weaker than you,” said Lin Feng indifferently. He didn’t look at him anymore. The other Ancestors also noticed it, but they all remained silent. Lin Feng was back. Saints talked to him as equals, and Ancestor Zhu Tian had infuriated him. The other Ancestors decided to let nature take its course. After all, Lin Feng and Champion University’s relations were deep. They didn’t want that to change. They didn’t want Lin Feng to hold a grudge against Champion University, either.

The battles started. At that level, things were completely different. There was no group battle, only one on ones. It would have been too destructive otherwise.

“Shi Yun Feng understands stone Dao. His defense and attacks are terrifying. When he becomes a Saint, it will probably become earth original strength…” murmured Lin Feng, watching Shi Yun Feng fight. When becoming a Saint, a cultivator’s strengths all had to turn into original strength. Stone Dao became earth original strength. And to understand earth original strength, a cultivator had to understand several sorts of Dao intent of the same type, such as stone, mud, heavy, sand etc.

Dou Zhan Seng was also very strong. He was a Buddhist monk, and his attacks were terrifying. He was like Kong Ming, his defense and attacks were terrifying, too. He’s stronger than Shi Yun Feng, thought Lin Feng.

He could see everything. Finally, it was Tantai’s turn. Tantai’s tribe controlled one type of strength: explosion strength. Their strength became more and more explosive with time. It was a special kind of strength. Tantai also understood soundwave Dao now, and he had an advanced understanding of it.

Time passed, and the battles continued. The sun gradually set. The evening sun illuminated the battle stage, the atmosphere was different.

Tantai won against Shi Yun Feng, but he lost against Dou Zhan Seng. Dou Zhan Seng really reminded Lin Feng of Kong Ming.

Finally, the battles ended: Dou Zhan Seng finished first, Tantai finished second, Shi Yun Feng finished third.

“Brilliant,” said the Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty standing up and applauding. He said, “Alright, the battles are over. The top three cultivators can join the Celestial Martial Dynasty and become my disciples if they wish.”

When the Saint said that, many people were astonished. For the different leagues, most of the time there were members of the Celestial Martial Dynasty, the Canaan Dynasty, and Tiantai in the top three. Those people weren’t really going to leave their groups, especially since Lin Feng had come, so Tiantai was now at the same level as the Celestial Martial Dynasty.

“Nobody is willing to become my disciple?” said the Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty looking at Lang Yan and Tantai. “You two, you better become my disciples.”

“Eh?” The crowd was astonished, the Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty was provoking Tiantai even though Lin Feng was there.

Lin Feng didn’t find it strange, he found it very normal.

“Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty, you think you’re good enough to be my teacher?” said Tantai icily. The Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty was humiliating Tiantai.

“Good enough?” the Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty smiled. “You’re ignorant like a frog in a well. Don’t you know that Saints are also divided into different levels: Half-Saints, low-level Saints, high-level Saints, peerless Saints. Before we came, there wasn’t a single Saint in the Holy City. Becoming a Saint is extremely difficult. And me, I’m a low-level Saint, and you’re saying I’m not good enough to become your teacher?”

The crowd was astonished, he was a low-level Saint which meant he was a level two Saint!

“I’ll give you an opportunity now. If you refuse, you’ll fall with Tiantai if anything happens,” said the Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty indifferently. Everybody’s heart started pounding. Was Tiantai going to be destroyed?

“Nonsense,” said Lang Yan coldly.

“Nonsense?” The Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty smiled icily. Some Saint’s strength filled the air, and the atmosphere became oppressive. Everybody had the impression they were suffocating. Then, they saw a group of people in the sky. They were flying so high, they looked like gods.

“Saints, they’re all Saints!” The crowd was trembling in fear!


Chapter 2416: Killing

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To the inhabitants of the Holy City, a group of Saints was a terrifying and astonishing thing to see. Their hearts were racing.

“Lin Feng!” proclaimed a voice which sounded like thunder, and made people’s bodies shake even more.

“Lin Feng, they’re here for Lin Feng! It proves that the Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty knew that!” The people trembled even more. This group of Saints didn’t come in peace.

“Lin Feng, get ready to escape,” said Mu Chen and Emperor Yu. They were both grimacing. Even though they didn’t know how strong these people were, they could sense how terrifying they were, and they wanted to kill Lin Feng.

At that moment, Lin Feng raised his head, he looking completely unperturbed. He looked at the leader of the group: Qiong Lin, from the Fire Shrine. Back then, he had captured Zhe Tian and imprisoned him.

One high-level Saint, three low-level Saints, five Half-Saints, they really overestimated me, he thought. If the Fire Shrine had managed to get a high-level Saint to come for Lin Feng, it meant they took the issue extremely seriously. It was Dark Clouds, so even if Lin Feng contacted the Fortune Shrine or Tian Ruo Jian, they wouldn’t be able to arrive within a short time. The Fire Shrine couldn’t know that Lin Feng had obtained something great in the Godly Grave, though. He now possessed the star-studded sky world and the Star God had transmitted his knowledge to him.

Lin Feng turned around and looked at the Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty, asking, “You’re a member of the Fire Shrine?”

“Lin Feng, I’m not from the Fire Shrine, they just hired me to watch Tiantai and gather information about you. Regarding the Holy City, I’m happy here. The Qi is good. You can’t escape anymore, so my mission will soon be over,” said the Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty calmly. People around were astonished; so that’s how things were… the Shrines wanted to kill Lin Feng, and the Celestial Martial Dynasty was there to spy on him!

Why did the Shrines, who controlled the world, want to kill Lin Feng? What had he done to them?

The crowd looked at the group of Saints in the sky in awe and veneration. Not only were those people Saints, but they were also members of Shrines!

“If you release Qiong Yu, apart from you, we will not bear recriminations against other people,” Qiong Lin stated loudly. He looked imposing and awe-inspiring.

Lin Feng smiled coolly. “I see, so the Shrine wants to attack ordinary people again?”

“It all depends on you,” said Qiong Lin coldly.

“Is that so?” said Lin Feng. He had a knowing smile on the corner of his mouth. He waved and said, “Teachers, move away.”

“Little Lin Feng.” Mu Chen, Emperor Yu, and the others looked extremely worried. Lin Feng wanted to fight against a Shrine? How could he?

“Move away. I can solve the issue,” said Lin Feng calmly. Mu Chen and the others were astonished, but they nodded and moved away. Lin Feng said, “As long as I’m not dead, if you touch any of my friends, I’ll kill Qiong Yu atrociously.”

“Since you want to die so much, I will help you.” The Saints were in line. The crowd was terrified. One glance, and those people could kill all of them instantly.

“Let’s see how you intend to kill me,” Lin Feng said to Qiong Lin.

Qiong Lin flashed forwards. He was a high-level Saint, and fighting against Lin Feng was easy. The reason why he had brought the others was just to be sure, in case something unexpected happened.

A beam of light streaked across the sky, it looked like a shooting star. The sky started burning instantly. The ground under Lin Feng’s feet started crackling, turning into an ocean of magma and flames, and his enemy hadn’t even arrived yet.

Something shattered with a sharp and clear note. The person who was standing behind Lin Feng without saying anything finally moved. He grew to a gigantic size and turned into a golden beam of light. He roared furiously, his voice turned into a powerful soundwave strength which blew away any incoming energies.

The flames exploded and disappeared. The crowd saw a gigantic golden ape behind Lin Feng, dozens of zhang tall. The air thrummed with the presence of a supreme beast. The atmosphere crackled when he breathed!

Qiong Lin was extremely fast. He had landed in front of Lin Feng in the blink of an eye, but at that moment, he started shaking. A gigantic hand swept towards him. The five fingers looked like mountains!

The crowd was astonished. That cultivator was there to protect Lin Feng, and was horrifyingly strong.

All the bleachers and the fighting stage all exploded. Buildings hundreds of li away blew apart. Many strong cultivators exploded instantly, too. Their souls exploded, unable to stand the pressure.

When Saints fought, it was an apocalypse for normal people!

A terrifying metallic sound spread in the air, Qiong Lin was smashed backwards. The gigantic golden hand continued moving towards him.

“Who are you, Your Excellency?” shouted Qiong Lin desperately. He was afraid. A terrifying heavy strength oppressed him.

Nobody answered. The gigantic hand continued moving towards him. He felt powerless.

How strong!, thought the crowd on the ground. How could that ape be so strong? Qiong Lin was already incredibly strong, but that ape could force him back in the blink of an eye. How incredible! And even though Qiong Lin retreating desperately, the gigantic hand continued closing on him.

Qiong Lin released as much fire strength as he could. He was now bathing in flames, his fire original strength turned the atmosphere around him into an explosive ocean of flames.

“Break!” shouted Qiong Lin, releasing a sun to collide with the gigantic hand. An incredible explosion covered the sky.

And the gigantic golden ape’s hand grabbed Qiong Lin.

“What should I do with him?” the gigantic golden ape asked Lin Feng.

Lin Feng’s heart was pounding. No wonder the old Ox was so confident. Those beasts were much, much stronger than he had imagined. The golden ape controlled several sorts of original strength, all at the maximum level. He was a terrifying high-level Bestial Saint!

“Kill!” Lin Feng said firmly. The ape crushed Qiong Lin in his hand, crackling sounds spread out. He drew his hand back and looked at the arm sticking out of his closed hand. The ape growled ferociously.

“No!…” Qiong Lin shouted desperately. He was devastated. He released strength while shouting, but gradually, his voice grew more and more faint. When the ape opened his hand, only a few threads of fire Qi were left, Qiong Lin had disappeared.

“Pfew…” The crowd was astonished and took a deep breath. That was a truly terrifying Saint. He could kill a Saint without moving; he could shout and kill gigantic groups of people…

The strong cultivators of the Fire Shrine were astonished. Lin Feng had a protector who was a peerless Saint. Qiong Lin was a high-level Saint, and had been killed in the blink of an eye.

The members of the Celestial Martial Dynasty, Tiantai, and Champion University were astonished too.

At that moment, the gigantic figure shrank down again. The ape was now a mere three meters high, standing calmly behind Lin Feng. The crowd was just flabbergasted.

Lin Feng was back, and Saints could be killed?

Behind him was a terrifying Bestial Saint, Lin Feng had just said told him to kill, and his protector had killed that Saint from a Shrine!


Chapter 2417: Saint Lin Feng

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The atmosphere became eerily silent. Everybody had suddenly forgotten about the grand ceremony.

The members of the Fire Shrine were staring at the gigantic ape behind Lin Feng, trembling now. They knew how strong Lin Feng was, unrivaled in his cultivation. They also knew how strong any high-level Saint was, especially high-level Saints from Shrines, and they were from the Fire Shrine. A high-level Saint had at least one kind of original strength at the maximum level, and Qiong Lin had been killed in one strike.

One strike, and Qiong Lin had died.

“Piss off now. Tell that woman that we’ll settle accounts. Don’t cause trouble to anyone else, or she will receive Qiong Yu’s corpse,” said Lin Feng icily.

The members of the Fire Shrine all grimaced. Lin Feng was telling them to piss off and was threatening them. The woman had sent such a big army, convinced they would manage to kill Lin Feng. However, nobody had thought such a thing would happen. Qiong Lin, a high-level Saint, had been killed because a terrifying cultivator protected Lin Feng. Could they kill Lin Feng now? They could already consider themselves lucky for not dying here!

“Let’s go,” said one of them. They quickly turned around and left. They had come looking dignified and majestic, they left in abject fear.

Many people were astonished. Saints had come looking dignified and majestic, many people had looked at them as if they were gods, and their strongest cultivator had promptly been killed.

And now Lin Feng had told them to piss off.

Everybody turned and looked at Lin Feng. What had Lin Feng gone through in the previous decades? How had he changed so much? The crowd couldn’t believe it. And who was that terrifying cultivator protecting him?

“Celestial Martial Dynasty’s Saint,” said Lin Feng at that moment. He smiled icily. The Celestial Martial Dynasty’s Saint’s face froze unnaturally.

“Brother Lin, you’re extraordinary, as expected,” said the Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty, smiling awkwardly. He didn’t look as majestic as before. The golden ape behind Lin Feng could kill him effortlessly.

“Your Excellency, I vividly remember what you just said,” smiled Lin Feng. The Celestial Martial Dynasty’s Saint’s mouth twitched. He didn’t know what to say. He was furious at the Fire Shrine. They hadn’t been able to deal with Lin Feng. Of course, they hadn’t known Lin Feng would be backed up by such a terrifying cultivator…

“Lin Feng, I’ll tell you directly. If that Bestial Saint wants to kill me, I naturally can’t do anything against him. That’d be my destiny. Anyway, that being the case, the Celestial Martial Dynasty is in the Holy City, and it won’t change anything.”

The Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty remained calm and continued, “Anyway, if that terrifying Bestial Saint kills me, what can I do?”

“You think too highly of yourself,” said Lin Feng, smiling icily. He said calmly, “Since you say that, I’ll give you an opportunity. It’s the grand ceremony today, the younger disciples are all done fighting. You and me, let’s fight.”

“Eh?” The Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty was stunned. Lin Feng wanted to fight against him? He didn’t know much about Lin Feng. He only knew he was very talented and that the Shrines wanted to kill him. But in any case, the Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty had been a Saint for thousands of years. Even if he couldn’t defeat Lin Feng, he was convinced Lin Feng wouldn’t be able to kill him. Only that golden ape posed a threat to him.

“Really?” asked the Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty.

“Naturally,” said Lin Feng, flashing forwards. The crowd was astonished… Lin Feng wanted to challenge the Saint?

He was a low-level Saint. Lin Feng had disappeared for decades, he couldn’t be a low-level Saint… he was definitely a Half-Saint, right?

Everybody was curious. They thought that Lin Feng dared act like that because he was a member of the Fortune Shrine, and the Fortune Shrine protected him. They didn’t think that Lin Feng had become a Saint in just a few decades. But Lin Feng was challenging the Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty!

“Alright,” said the Saint, slowly walking forwards. It felt like the earth and the sky were on the verge of freezing.

“Let’s see how strong a genius of the Fortune Shrine is!” said the Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty, staring at Lin Feng. He sounded cold and detached. He flashed forwards as everything froze around him. A layer of ice appeared around Lin Feng’s body, and he felt his soul start to freeze. Ice strength was trying to prevent him from releasing his own strength.

The Celestial Martial Dynasty’s Saint turned into a beam of light. His robe was covered by a layer of ice, glittering in the light. He threw himself at Lin Feng.

“Die!” A gigantic ice cauldron moved towards Lin Feng. The ice on the cauldron turned into threads of original ice strength. Each thread seemed like it could freeze a cultivator’s soul.

“Slow!” Lin Feng released slow strength, and the threads of ice Qi slowed down, Lin Feng could see them more distinctly. He could also see the Saint’s movements more clearly.

Lin Feng moved too, raising his finger and releasing absorbing strength. A dragon which absorbed everything in his way moved towards the cauldron. The two sorts of original strengths collided and shattered.

Lin Feng was staring at his opponent. He looked enigmatic and unfathomable.

“Throne!” shouted the Celestial Martial Dynasty’s Saint loftily. An ice throne appeared and rotated around him. It contained king Qi.

“Go in,” said Lin Feng. The Celestial Martial Dynasty’s Saint sensed the world around him turn into an illusion. Everything around him turned into darkness.

“Celestial Life Peeling,” said Lin Feng coldly. The Celestial Martial Dynasty’s Saint was horrified as he sensed his life being peeled off.

“How is this possible? My King Dao Qi!” The Saint was astonished. He had a king-type body, he had a king life, his Qi was more powerful, he was extremely strong and talented. And yet, Lin Feng was peeling off his King Dao!

As expected, the Celestial Dao Destiny Technique is terrifying. Not only do I sense what might happen in the future, but I can also use it to kill people by destroying their destiny, thought Lin Feng. It was one of the last things he had studied, but it was also one of the things he had studied for the longest time, decades. He only understood the basics so far.

“I’m done playing with you,” said Lin Feng indifferently. He pointed at the Celestial Martial Dynasty’s Saint, and moved in a blur of motion. He condensed fast strength in his hand and accelerated, moving so fast it was impossible to follow him with the eye.

And the Celestial Martial Dynasty’s Saint was still affected by the slow strength.

Playing with me? The Celestial Martial Dynasty’s Saint pulled a long face. He had been a low-level Saint for so many years, and Lin Feng said he was playing with him?

A million death stamps turned into hell and surrounded him. The Celestial Martial Dynasty’s Saint shouted furiously, his throne of ice was behind him, he looked like an ice king.

A terrifying sword Qi moved towards him. It was Lin Feng’s Ruler’s Sword. The throne exploded, and the ice as well.

“Piss off!” shouted the Celestial Martial Dynasty’s Saint. He raised his hand and released ice original strength. He wanted to freeze Lin Feng.

“Absorb!” Lin Feng’s fist collided with his hand, turned into a vortex and absorbed his king Qi. The Celestial Martial Dynasty’s Saint’s face turned deathly pale as he stared at Lin Feng. He hadn’t thought he would feel so weak against Lin Feng.

“And you dared act arrogantly in front of me,” said Lin Feng icily. He looked at the Celestial Martial Dynasty’s Saint disdainfully. These days, Lin Feng released attacks with all his body parts, his eyes, his hands… It was difficult to defend against him. Lin Feng controlled so many sorts of original strength, he could attack without really probing. Attacking was natural for him.

The Celestial Martial Dynasty’s Saint was being attacked from all sides, and his Qi was being absorbed. He was being absorbed in Lin Feng’s vortex… and then he disappeared into it entirely.

“How is that possible?” The members of the Celestial Martial Dynasty were astonished and terrified. A Saint had just been absorbed?

Lin Feng rolled up his sleeves and slowly walked back to the members of Tiantai. He looked like a peerless and aggressive cultivator. The crowd realized that Lin Feng wasn’t a gentle young man anymore. He had become almost peerless. He had become a real king!

Lin Feng looked like a real king; he was Saint Lin Feng!