PMG Chapter 2418-2424

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Chapter 2418: I Won’t See Anyone!

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The crowd was even more astonished than when the gigantic golden ape had killed Qiong Lin, a high-level Saint. Lin Feng had disappeared dozens of years. When he had left, he was still a cultivator of the Huang Qi layer! He had dazzled during the Pathfinder Day of the Imperial Ranking List, then he had finished first at the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds. He had come back and destroyed some Ancient Holy Clans, but the crowd mainly remembered Lin Feng as a cultivator of the Huang Qi layer, and later as a great emperor.

A few decades was nothing to become a Saint. Saints were legendary cultivators, and especially a level two Saint. The inhabitants of the Holy City didn’t even dare imagine that, but Lin Feng had done it. Lin Feng had just killed a low-level Saint in front of them, not to mention a Saint who was at the top of a powerful group in the Holy City, the Celestial Martial Dynasty!

The Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty was dead, so the Celestial Martial Dynasty would probably collapse at some point. The crowd looked at Lin Feng and at the members of Tiantai.

Tiantai was going to continue rising.

When a man attains the Tao, even his pets ascend to Heaven. Lin Feng had attained enlightenment, so Tiantai rode on his success, too.

The golden ape was surprised, he hadn’t thought that Lin Feng was so strong. This guy had managed to become the new leader of the Star World, he didn’t have an undeserved reputation…

Mu Chen, Emperor Yu, and the others were stunned, gaping at Lin Feng. They had never thought Lin Feng would be so talented, he had changed so quickly…

“Little Lin Feng, I’m really surprised…” said Mu Chen, taking a deep breath.

“Indeed, I still remember everything we went through: the Qi Tian Peak, the meeting of the emperors. Back then he made a great show of your talents, and then we came to the great world, and continued being oppressed. However, Little Lin Feng continued rising, he became stronger and stronger. Back then, I still didn’t think he’d become a Saint so quickly. I hadn’t thought a Saint would appear in Tiantai, to be honest.” Emperor Yu was astonished. His disciple was a Saint? It was like a dream!

“I want to be like my teacher,” said Ye Chen, clenching his fists. He felt so weak.

“Uncle Lin Feng is so strong!” Lang Yan was astonished and pleasantly surprised. Tiantai was so lucky!

The crowd forgot all about the Celestial Martial Dynasty and their grand ceremony.

I never thought Lin Feng would already be so strong, sighed Dou Zhan Seng. He was proud and talented, but he felt like an insect in front of Lin Feng.

Lin Feng turned around and looked at the members of the Celestial Martial Dynasty. He said calmly, “I don’t care about the Celestial Martial Dynasty. However, I will destroy all those who betrayed Tiantai.”

All the members of the Celestial Martial Dynasty shook. They felt ridiculous, insignificant, and ashamed.

“Teachers, let’s go back,” said Lin Feng, smiling at Emperor Yu and Mu Chen.

“Go, back to Tiantai,” said Emperor Yu smiling. “Unfortunately, your fellow disciples are not here, otherwise, we would have a big party.”

“Yes, we’ll have other opportunities, though. We must do something together,” Lin Feng smiled. He looked at Ancestor Shi Tian, “Ancestor, come to Tiantai with us.”

“Alright,” said Ancestor Shi Tian, smiling and nodding along. Lin Feng’s social status was different now, he had become a king. He could now be more informal with the Ancestors. In the cultivation world, strength set the base for politeness and respect, not age. Of course, Lin Feng was usually polite, but he didn’t feel awkward or embarrassed, either.

Some people were embarrassed and felt awkward at that moment, though, such as Ancestor Zhu Tian…


The atmosphere in Tiantai was great and lively. Mu Chen, Emperor Yu, Lin Feng, Tantai, Yun Qing Yan, Qin Wu, Ye Chen, Lang Yan, and many others were all together at the heart of Tiantai. Ancestor Xuan Tian, Ancestor Shi Tian, and the others didn’t have assigned seats, so they sat wherever they wanted. Everybody was chatting happily.

“Lin Feng, how did you practice cultivation and become a Saint?” asked Yun Qing Yan. Her eyes were twinkling. She was curious.

“Just like that,” said Lin Feng, shrugging and laughing.

“Tell us about Saints then. We’ve never met Saints before, we’ve never properly chatted with one. We don’t even know what kind of strength Saints control,” said Yun Qing Yan.

“Yes, Lin Feng, please tell us about Saints. We’ve been Saint Emperors for so long, and we’re not able to transcend worldliness and attain holiness. Maybe the only person of Champion University who became a Saint was the founder. He didn’t write anything about it, though,” said Ancestor Shi Tian. He was curious, too.

“Alright,” Lin Feng agreed. “You all know what it’s like to be a great emperor. However, to become a Saint, you must understand what Celestial Dao is. That kind of strength can’t be studied formally, you must transcend worldliness to understand. When you understand it, you have the impression you have returned to your true self, you are one with nature, and your body becomes nature. Then, when you fuse strength together with Celestial Dao, it creates a Saint’s technique. That way, you create your own Saint’s techniques. That’s when you become a proper Half-Saint, and when you transcend worldliness and attain holiness.

“When you’re a Half-Saint and want to become a low-level Saint, you need to understand one sort of original strength: gold, wood, water, fire, earth, death, soundwave, and so forth. Anything is possible. Cosmic energy and Dao are original strengths, and Celestial Dao is a more advanced version of those. You understand when you have an advanced comprehension and knowledge of energies. Heavy strength and oppressive strength and earth strength all belong to the same category, earth original strength. Ice strength, frost strength, and rain strength all belong to the same category as well: water original strength. When you understand one type, you can carry out terrifying attacks, you can fuse original strength together with Celestial Dao. When you manage to do that, you become a low-level Saint.

“The Saint of the Celestial Martial Dynasty understood a water-type original strength, ice and frost strength. He fused it together with Celestial Dao and that’s how he created the ice throne. He could have easily killed a Half-Saint, but it was far from enough for him to become a high-level Saint. For that, your original strength must reach the maximum level. For example, you’d need to understand every earth-type strength to make your earth original strength reach the maximum level: heavy strength, oppressive strength, earth defense strength, and so on. Then, when you understand properly, your original strength reaches the maximum level. I haven’t been able to do it yet.

“Regarding peerless Saints, it’s even more complicated. Many high-level Saints understand many types of original strengths at the maximum level and don’t become peerless Saints like the golden ape. To become a peerless Saint, you must fuse special kinds of original strength together.”

Everybody was carefully listening to Lin Feng. It was fascinating, he was telling them about legendary Saints. Making one type of original strength reach its maximum level sounded like something extremely difficult. Saints were not from the same world as them anymore.

“Teacher, when you made me dream and practice cultivation, was that intent original strength?” asked Lang Yan.

“Indeed,” Lin Feng confirmed.

“No wonder. I could sense that my Dao had broken through, but I also knew that kind of strength in the dream was unreachable for me at the moment. I need to practice cultivation more. I hope I’ll become as strong as you someday, Teacher.”

“You will have opportunities,” Lin Feng smiled. He looked at Mu Chen and Emperor Yu. “Teachers, Tiantai went through a lot this time. Please select some of Tiantai’s disciples, people who are motivated, talented, loyal to Tiantai, and even if they’re not very talented, some who are very determined, wise, and kind. I want to give give them a lecture. I want to help them.”

Mu Chen was surprised, but nodded approvingly, “Alright, it’ll definitely help them. Can we also attend your lecture?”

“You’re flattering me, Teacher,” said Lin Feng, smiling wryly. He definitely wanted to help his two teachers, but not by giving them a lecture. Even though his teachers were willing to attend, Lin Feng couldn’t accept, he had the impression it was disrespectful.

“Lin Feng, we also want to attend your class,” Ancestor Shi Tian said to Lin Feng.

“No problem, Ancestors,” Lin Feng agreed.

“Lin Feng, Zhu Tian wants to come and apologize,” said Ancestor Shi Tian.

“He did it once already, but he’s petty and miserable. I am a student of Champion University, but I can’t tolerate seeing petty people at the top of the hierarchy in Champion University,” replied Lin Feng calmly.

The Ancestors were surprised, but not much. They nodded, “We understand.”

“I want to report something,” said someone at that moment. That person was standing at the gate.

“Speak!” replied Mu Chen.

“The new leader of the Celestial Martial Dynasty, as well as some founding members, are here with some people who betrayed Tiantai. They’re here to apologize,” said that person.

The crowd understood how the Celestial Martial Dynasty felt. They were afraid of Lin Feng. They even came to apologize!

They all looked at Lin Feng, and Lin Feng said, “I’m not seeing them. Just tell them three words: conduct yourselves well!”

“Yes!” replied the disciple. The crowd shuddered. Those who had betrayed Tiantai were probably going to go through hardships…

“Also, I heard that the Canaan Dynasty’s Saint wanted to come to pay you a visit,” said the disciple. The crowd shook again. A Saint wanted to come to pay them a visit?

“Tell them that I won’t receive guests for seven days. They can come in seven days and after,” said Lin Feng. The disciple bowed and left.

People were astonished. A Saint wanted to come and pay Lin Feng a visit, and Lin Feng just said he wouldn’t see anyone for seven days. How incredible!

The Ancestors of Champion University were astonished, too. If they hadn’t met Lin Feng when he was much weaker, they would have never met him!


Chapter 2419: Lecture

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In the central part of Tiantai was a field. Many disciples gathered there, they standing in two gigantic lines. Between them were praying mats. They all looked at a young man with admiration. He was wearing white clothes, he looked clean, calm, and composed.

However, everybody knew that that young man could kill low-level Saints easily. He had destroyed some Shrines’ members, too. He had also refused to see a Saint because he was busy. He was a living legend. Now he was going to teach them some concepts, how incredible! One could well imagine how happy the crowd was.

I’ve heard that Brother Lang Yan received some knowledge from him, that’s how he defeated Shi Xuan. He progressed a lot after receiving Teacher Lin Feng’s transmissions. In a few seconds, he can probably make you progress more than you would in ten years by practicing really hard!, thought someone. Such opportunities were extremely rare.

“Sit down,” said Lin Feng, smiling patiently. He didn’t sound stuffy at all, rather amiable and casual, but the disciples were nervous. They all sat down on the praying mats and looked at Lin Feng.

“You all have different cultivation levels. You all practice different types of cultivation. I can’t make a uniform lecture for you. However, I want to say a few things.

“When I started practicing cultivation, my cultivation level was much lower than yours. I started at the Qi layer. Back in the days, I admired cultivators. For me, cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer and the Tian Qi layer were extraordinary cultivators. Such levels were out of reach for me. If I hadn’t thought that way, I don’t think I would have progressed at all. I would have never become a Tian level cultivator. But now I’m a Saint, what is the Tian Qi layer to me?” Lin Feng began calmly.

People were shaking. Indeed, they couldn’t forget that Lin Feng used to be extremely weak back in the days. He had admired other people, too. Now he was much powerful than the people of the Tian Qi layer whom he had admired once.

“Don’t think that you can’t surpass me even if you are slow-witted. Never give up, grand talents mature slowly. Many people are slow-witted, but they still have good aptitudes, they practice slowly, but they can also become very strong. Talent is helpful until a certain point, that’s all. Talent cannot determine which cultivation level you’ll reach in your life, what does is your heart,” said Lin Feng. Many people felt extremely determined.

“Your heart, that’s your intent. Your intent makes you unbreakable. You can bend, but not break. But you also need to be realistic, cultivation is something you do step by step. You must be determined to become better each day. Someday, you’ll reach the end.”

“Pfew…” People were extremely excited, they all breathed quickly. Their hearts were pounding: reach the end!?

“Alright, I just wanted to tell you those things. If you have any question, you can ask me,” smiled Lin Feng. “Don’t feel ill at ease, ask me anything.”

“Teacher!” said a bald young man standing up quickly. Everybody looked at him, he looked nervous and kept scratching his head, “Teacher, I’m so nervous, sorry. I am now a high-level emperor, I understand earth cosmic energy. However, I can’t understand Dao, how do I understand Dao and how do I know which Dao is mine?”

Most people understood Dao when they were great emperors, but some talented and outstanding young people understood Dao when they were still emperors, like Lin Feng, Chu Chun Qiu, and Ji Chang had back in the days.

“Come here and use your best strength to attack me. Let me sense your cosmic energies,” said Lin Feng to that young man.

He was surprised and nodded, “Teacher, I don’t want to be disrespectful.”

He bowed before Lin Feng and attacked him.

A powerful heavy strength moved towards Lin Feng. The bald young man’s fist became as heavy as a mountain, his strength was oppressive like an avalanche.

Of course, it couldn’t do anything to Lin Feng.

Lin Feng stood up and the bald young man sensed an oppressive strength surround him. It was painful.

His strength is a billion times more powerful than mine, it’s also a type of cosmic energy, thought the bald young man. Lin Feng moved towards him, surrounding him with the force of a landslide and the power of a tidal wave. It was as if the earth had oppressed him.

“Dao is an accumulation. To understand Dao, you must accumulate enough strength. You can’t just study and learn Dao like this. I first understood Life and Death Dao. I remember, when I understood Dao, I was on the battlefield of the Celestial Country. I killed many, many strong cultivators before understanding Dao. There were mountains of corpses around me. Other people can only give you pieces of advice regarding Dao, but they can’t help you find your Dao.”

Everybody listened to Lin Feng. As Lin Feng walked towards the young man, the strength became too oppressive, and he fell down on his butt. When the strength disappeared, he closed his eyes and visualized the strength Lin Feng had just used, the pure earth intent he had released.

“You’re worth teaching,” smiled Lin Feng. He walked back to his original seat. He had helped the bald young man sense the strength he studied, so now he had to study it on his own, Lin Feng couldn’t study for him.

Teacher Lin Feng is teaching us personally, we have to seize this opportunity. It’s extremely rare, realized many disciples.

“Teacher, I’m a low-level emperor, and I’ve been stuck at this level for a very long time. I can’t break through. What to do?” asked someone, standing up.

“How long haven’t you gone traveling?” asked Lin Feng.

“Two years.”

“During those two years, you only practiced and meditated alone, and you haven’t broken through?” asked Lin Feng.

“Indeed, I can’t break through. I can sense my cosmic energies are powerful enough, though.”

“Come here,” said Lin Feng casually.

That student walked towards Lin Feng. Suddenly, Lin Feng moved like the wind; a terrifying strength surrounded that cultivator and corroded his intent. He had the impression he was going to die.

He didn’t have time to react, but it was an opportunity too. If he were slightly stronger, he would able to dodge!

“No…” shouted that student, furiously. Then, he moved with the wind, changing his position and releasing humming sword lights all around himself. But he still felt danger closing on him.

Another wave of Qi rolled towards him. It descended from the sky and moved towards his shoulders as fast as lightning.

“Wind!” That cultivator released wind strength and moved as fast as he could, but as soon as he dodged, more strength moved towards him. It didn’t stop, strength kept attacking him. At the same time, he looked at Lin Feng, who was already seated on a praying mat.

“That’s…” The crowd was astonished. That disciple was fighting against nothing in a frenzy. He looked crazy.

“He has the impression he’s going to die.”

“It’s definitely an illusion, the goal is to unleash his full potential as if he were about to die.”

“The teacher is oppressing him, he has to dodge; if he doesn’t he will die.”

The crowd understood. The teacher wanted to see how long he would persevere. At that moment, the air hummed, and a stronger Qi rolled out. The crowd frowned.

“I… broke through.”

The illusion disappeared, and the disciple stopped awkwardly. His cosmic energies hummed around him. He was astonished as he understood what was happening to him. He bowed before Lin Feng and said, “Thank you very much, Teacher.”

“You understand now? asked Lin Feng.

“I understand. You oppressed me, but it wasn’t real. It just made me think I was going to die. I had only two options: surpass myself and break through, or die.”

“Indeed. Die, or break through. But to achieve that, you must have reached a certain level too, your cosmic energies had to be at the top already. This time, you only needed a little bit of pressure. To achieve that, you need to go out and travel. That’s why cultivators travel all the time, you need to fight against enemies to become stronger. Risking your life is often part of the game. That’s how you unleash your full potential, when your enemies oppress you.”

Everybody listened carefully. Lin Feng taught new things to everyone.

That lecture last for three days. However, for them, it felt as if they had saved thirty years. Everybody was in awe of Lin Feng. It was incredible to spend time with a legendary cultivator. They would always respect him, they would never betray Tiantai, they owed Tiantai for this chance!


Chapter 2420: Flying to the Top!

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After the lecture, Lin Feng gave his teachers many spells, skills, techniques, and weapons. He only gave them great ones. He even gave them some Saint’s Weapons he had obtained after killing people.

“Little Lin Feng, those things are good because you’re in Tiantai, but if you’re not here, people will annihilate us for those items. Like when you gave Lang Yan a Saint’s Weapon in front of everybody, that was scary. Do you really think it’s a good thing for Lang Yan to have a Saint’s Weapon?” asked Mu Chen, easily seeing the problem.

“Teacher, I understand what you mean. I also thought about that, that’s why I gave Lang Yan a protective Saint’s Weapon. He can’t use it to attack, he can only use to protect himself. Most cultivators can’t do anything to him. When I’m traveling, I will leave nine low-level Bestial Saints here to protect Tiantai. They will become Tiantai’s protectors. I’m sure they’ll be able to protect Tiantai for thousands of years, no matter what happens. High-level Saints are unlikely to come to the lower world.”

“Nine Bestial Saints as protectors!” Mu Chen and Emperor Yu were astonished, “Alright, indeed, nobody can do anything to Tiantai with such cultivators, unless Shrines come personally.”

“The Fire Shrine is the Shrine with which I have the most problems. I kidnapped a descendant of the Fire Shrine, that’s why they don’t dare try anything too risky. They will probably not try anything for the time being. In the future, if my relations with the Fire Shrine worsen, I will take care of Tiantai.”

“Alright, sounds like a plan,” said Mu Chen, smiling and nodding. “In less than a hundred years, Tiantai will become one of the strongest groups, I think.”

“Teacher, do you have any news from my fellow disciples?” asked Lin Feng.

Mu Chen and Emperor Yu remained silent. Lin Feng looked at their expressions and asked, “What is going on, and what are you hiding from me, Teachers? Tell me. ”

“Little Lin Feng, Tian Chi is… hmm…” Mu Chen sighed.

Lin Feng’s face stiffened, “What’s wrong with him?!”

“There’s a Buddhist mountain in the Holy City, the legend says you need to climb up 99,999 steps to achieve enlightenment as a Buddhist cultivator. You’ve heard of that legend, right?”

“Indeed?” Lin Feng nodded. The first time he had arrived in the Holy City, Huang Fu Long and Tantai had told him about it. It was said that those who had needed the least time to get to the top had done it in three years, it was impossible to do it by flying. The cultivators who tried died. There was also another legend which said that there was a peerless Buddha at the top, but that many people who managed to get to the top became peerless demons.

Tian Chi had tried to climb up that mountain many times, he had also failed repeatedly.

“Tian Chi managed to get to the top. He didn’t become a Buddha, he became a demon. He came back once, kowtowed three times banging his head on the ground, then he said he had nothing to do with his teachers and fellow disciples anymore,” said Mu Chen. It was horrible for him to think about. Tian Chi was one of his direct disciples, like a son to him. Tian Chi used to be gentle and soft, and now he had become a demon, so he had decided to break off all ties.

“When did that happen?” Lin Feng asked grimly.

“Just before the Canaan Dynasty started rising. It is said that the rising of the Canaan Dynasty has something to do with the Buddhist Mountain,” said Mu Chen.

“Where is Tian Chi?” asked Lin Feng.

“I don’t know. I haven’t heard anything from him since he left. ”

Lin Feng frowned. He gazed into the distance and suddenly shouted, “Canaan Dynasty’s leader, hurry up and come to Tiantai to see me!”

Everybody in the Holy City heard his voice. The ground trembled at his words.

“Canaan Dynasty’s leader, hurry up and come to Tiantai to see me…”

His voice echoed for a long time. Many people raised their heads and shuddered in fear. That was probably Lin Feng’s voice, he was the only one who could shout so loudly and especially make the leader of the Canaan Dynasty come to Tiantai. Many people sighed; at that cultivation level, people seemed to belong to another world. Nothing could stop them.

As expected, after a short time, a group of people from the Canaan Dynasty arrived and stopped outside of Tiantai.

They didn’t land, someone directly said icily, “What is the Canaan Dynasty’s relationship with the Buddhist Mountain?”

Those people looked at Lin Feng in surprise. The leader of the group was the Saint, he was startled too. He had watched Lin Feng had directly kill the Celestial Martial Dynasty’s Saint during the grand ceremony, so he didn’t want to offend him.

“At the beginning, the Canaan Dynasty was the Canaan Buddhist Clan, then a disciple climbed up the mountain and obtained a Sutra. Then, he practiced really hard, and that’s what happened,” someone said to Lin Feng.

“You want to die!” shouted Lin Feng icily. A strong wind blew past and beheaded that person. Blood splashed, and he died instantly. The others’ faces turned deathly pale.

“If you continue lying, I’ll kill you all,” said Lin Feng icily. He said to the Saint, “Speak!”

The Saint tried to keep calm. He said to Lin Feng, “I’m the cultivator of the Buddhist Mountain he meant, then I came down, I went to the Canaan Buddhist Clan and I granted them many techniques. Then I changed their name.”

“You’re a Buddhist monk, you’re not a demon cultivator?” asked Lin Feng icily.

He looked startled and said, “Buddhism is demon cultivation.”

“Go. Bring me to the Buddhist Mountain,” said Lin Feng coldly.

The Saint said, “You want to walk up the mountain?”

“I want to fly straight to the top!” replied Lin Feng.

“You don’t respect the big Buddha,” said that person, smiling coldly.

“If Buddhism is demon cultivation, Buddhists need respect? Besides, if I’m strong enough, what is Buddha in front of me?” said Lin Feng aggressively. The crowd was trembling around them. Buddhism was demon cultivation? If I’m strong enough, what is Buddha in front of me?

“Since it’s that way, you and me will get to the top.” He rose up in the air and flew away. Lin Feng glanced at the members of the Canaan Dynasty icily and turned into a beam of light.

According to legends, to achieve Buddhist enlightenment, it was necessary to climb up the stairs. People who flew and landed at the top died. However, Lin Feng considered himself strong enough to fly straight to the top. He could kill low-level Saints easily, but what about the peerless Buddha of the legends?

Lin Feng didn’t care about legends?

In the Holy City, many people’s figures flickered. They flew towards the Buddhist Mountain; was Lin Feng going to land at the top of the mountain?

The Buddhist Mountain was surrounded by water. People usually arrived by boat. At that moment, two figures were flying high up in the sky. The leader of the Canaan Dynasty stopped and said to Lin Feng, “I must stop here. If you can pass, I’ll follow you. ”

“Let’s see who’s purposely making a mystery of a simple thing and terrifying the inhabitants of the Holy City,” said Lin Feng, rolling up his sleeves. He didn’t believe in Buddha and demons, he just believed in strength. If a Buddha wasn’t strong, who would believe in them? At the top of the mountain, there had to be a strong cultivator. Lin Feng didn’t care about him, but this time his friend had a problem, so he had to help. His friend had even decided to break off ties with his friends and teachers, that was too strange…

A powerful energy filled the air and surrounded Lin Feng. Lin Feng was not surprised. As expected, Saint’s strength. No wonder nobody could fly to the top.

But now he had decided to break the rule.

Lin Feng continued walking slowly. The atmosphere was oppressive. Then, Buddha lights rolled out and Lin Feng heard someone chant a mantra in a magnificent Brahma voice. A peerless golden Buddha appeared. He kept chanting endlessly.

Many people raised their heads; as expected, there was a peerless Buddha protecting the mountain. Nobody had ever dared fly straight to the top, but Lin Feng dared!


Chapter 2421: Situation

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Lin Feng raised his head and heard the Buddhist cultivator shout loudly. The atmosphere trembled. He had the impression his soul was going to explode. However, Lin Feng shouted out too, and the force of his voice dashed to the skies and collided with the Buddhist cultivator’s loud shout.

However, it was just the beginning. After that, a gigantic ancient golden Buddha descended from the sky and oppressed everything. His hand blotted out the sky and bore down on Lin Feng. It felt like the earth and the sky were on the verge of collapse. What a domineering attack!

“Hmph!” Lin Feng grunted icily. He released sword strength, which streaked across the sky and destroyed the Buddhist hand imprint instantly.

The Brahma voice’s sound waves continued rolling out in waves. Suddenly, Lin Feng was alone in an empty space and could only hear the Brahma voice. A hundred and eight Sakyamunis appeared and chanted mantras unceasingly. They wanted him to give up everything and die happily.

Lin Feng was disgusted by this kind of technique. Buddhist cultivators tried to kill people by making them give up, it was a horrible feeling.

Lin Feng disappeared. The hundred and eight Sakyamunis shot towards Lin Feng. He raised his hands.

“Slow!” said Lin Feng. Everything around him slowed down. At the same time, he released a terrifying sword intent which contained God strength, his manifesting speed was incredible. It was like he was merely releasing dazzling beam of lights. The ancient Buddhas exploded one after another.

They turned into a golden ocean, which rolled in waves towards Lin Feng, the roar of the waves threatening to drown earth and sky. The mantra soundwave continued floating all around him.

Eh? Could it be that there’s no peerless Buddha here? It seems like only the attacks of a peerless Buddha are left, but an actual person, thought Lin Feng. He didn’t see his opponent at all. The attacks had definitely been created by a very strong cultivator, probably a high-level Buddha Saint, or the attacks he had left wouldn’t have been so powerful.

Sword lights kept flashing around Lin Feng. He jumped into the golden ocean and continued walking.

Only Buddhist enlightenment could allow one to escape from the boundless sea of bitterness, but Lin Feng wasn’t interested.

His figure flickered. The sea of bitterness was boundless, there were dazzling golden lights everywhere, corroding away. People from the outside couldn’t see the top of the Buddhist mountain at all. Lin Feng and the ancient Buddha disappeared together.

Lin Feng traveled for days. He didn’t turn around. He ended up in many illusions, but Lin Feng overcame every obstacle.


Lin Feng was still walking slowly. Finally, the sea of bitterness disappeared, and he finally landed at the top of the mountain.

“This the Buddhist mountain?” Lin Feng looked around, he was surprised.

He smiled icily; this was a Holy Place for Buddhist cultivators?

Bullshit! It was an evil and demonic place!

On the top of the mountain were several buildings. Some people came out of a building, all of them Buddhist monks. However, Lin Feng smiled icily when he saw them. They were wearing Buddhist clothes, but their demon Qi rolled in waves around them.

“I would have never thought that this place would be a sink of inequity,” said Lin Feng calmly. “Where is Tian Chi?”

“I wouldn’t have thought someone would arrive by air. Unfortunately, you’re not a Buddhist cultivator,” sighed those people. “Your Excellency, please go back, you shouldn’t be here.”

“Who should come here, then?” asked Lin Feng.

“People who want to achieve Buddhist enlightenment.” replied that person.

“Why do people who want to achieve Buddhist enlightenment turn into demons?” asked Lin Feng.

“They achieve supreme enlightenment.”

“After they achieve supreme enlightenment, they don’t become Buddhas, they become demons, how ridiculous! Where’s Tian Chi?” asked Lin Feng. He didn’t have time to talk about this.

“There hasn’t been any Saint in the Holy City for a very long time, but Buddhist monks who come to the Buddhist Mountain become great Demon Buddhas and become Saints. Isn’t that supreme enlightenment?” asked that person, ignoring Lin Feng. They were all strong, all low-level Saints. If Lin Feng hadn’t come personally, he would have never known there were such strong cultivators here.

“Buddha? Demon?” Lin Feng looked furious. He took out his Great Demon Halberd of Desolation, and demon strength suddenly rolled in waves. He suddenly looked like a peerless demon. He said icily, “If you continue making me waste my time, I’ll destroy the Buddhist Mountain!”

Those people were stupefied; this strong cultivator was a demon cultivator!

“Tian Chi is there,” said that person, pointing at a building. Lin Feng’s godly awareness rolled out, crackling sounds spread in the air. He entered the building and saw a cultivator with long black hair seated cross-legged.

The man suddenly opened his eyes and said, “Brother Lin Feng, what are you doing here?”

Lin Feng put his Great Demon Halberd of Desolation away and walked forwards. The ground under his feet shattered. He destroyed the building, and the demon cultivator appeared alone in front of Lin Feng. It was Tian Chi. He had completely changed, he looked like a demon now.

“Second fellow disciple.” Lin Feng was seething. Back in the days, Tian Chi used to smile all the time. Now, he had completely changed.

“You go back. I’m not your second fellow disciple anymore,” said Tian Chi indifferently. Lin Feng suddenly felt so sad to hear that. He was probably as sad as his teachers.

“Why?” asked Lin Feng.

“I don’t care about worldly affairs anymore. I only care about strength. In only a few dozens of years, I became a Saint. I’m becoming extremely strong,” said Tian Chi calmly.

“I will understand,” said Lin Feng, turning around. He landed in front of the flight of long stairs. There were ninety-nine thousand and nine hundred and ninety-nine steps on it.

Lin Feng moved like the wind and descended the flight of stairs. After a short time, he arrived at the foot of the flight of stairs. He looked up at the flight of stairs and started climbing it again. He wanted to see what people who went through that test experienced.

“Those who are not honest and serious can’t achieve enlightenment,” said a voice. Lin Feng didn’t care, he continued walking up. He could sense a strange strength, but the voice was right actually, without being completely honest, it was impossible to achieve enlightenment. However, Lin Feng was different, because he was stronger than the flight of stairs. Nothing could stop him.

Thirty-three thousand and three hundred and thirty-three steps. People who make it here must be very honest and have faith, they believe. Buddhist cultivators are usually very determined and honest, my second fellow disciple is that kind of person too, thought Lin Feng.

He continued walking up. There were several tests as he walked up the stairs, illusions which tested his ambition, intent, honesty etc. He had to pass all the tests to get top the top. It wasn’t an easy test, but Tian Chi had passed it long ago.

Lin Feng was on the sixty-six thousand and six hundred and sixty-sixth step. He was starting to experience Buddhist cultivators’ lives in illusions. Those lives were all about faith. The only way to continue walking up was faith. Lin Feng was surprised by some illusions, too.

For example, a Buddhist monk had practiced compassion everyday, he had become incredible, he had created great skills to help people become compassionate and so on. He had recruited many disciples. Then, one day, he realized that the disciples he trusted the most had betrayed him. They had killed his family members and stolen his skills and techniques. How could people like that be considered Buddhist cultivators? The Buddha delivers all living creatures from suffering and torment?

Those illusions looked extremely real, like the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts’ lives. if someone who tried to climb up the stairs had any doubt, they couldn’t get the top anymore. Lin Feng could imagine how hard the exam was.

Lin Feng’s heart was racing. He imagined how terrifying it was for people who got to the top and saw demon Qi: how devastated were they? Achieve supreme enlightenment? How cruel! How could people achieve supreme enlightenment like that?!


Chapter 2422: Buddhist Mountain’s Leader

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Lin Feng continued moving forwards. He saw all sorts of things. For Buddhist monks who had faith and who were determined, passing all those tests was a beautiful thing. But the one who had created that test wasn’t a real Buddhist cultivator, he wanted to crush people’s faith. That’s why it was so cruel!

If someone firmly believes until the last minute, it must be even more horrible, thought Lin Feng. He continued climbing up the stairs. Finally, he arrived at the top, after experiencing someone’s life. That life was a Buddhist monk’s life. He had experienced love and hatred, but he abandoned everything to achieve enlightenment and, in the end, he lost everybody he loved, they died, and in the end, he had a miserable life.

When Lin Feng reached the last step, he heard a voice say, “Do you still believe?”

Hearing such a thing was shocking. Lin Feng took another step and arrived at the very top of the mountain, he sensed the demon Qi and heard, “Being a Buddhist in this world is useful if you want to be strong, and it’s also the goal when you’re a demon cultivator, demon cultivation and Buddhism are the same. I am a Buddha.”

Then, Lin Feng saw a woman, Buddhist and demon energies intertwining around her. The two antagonistic energies were having a fierce battle.

“That’s the one who experienced the miserable and tragic life.” Lin Feng was grim, and took a deep breath. He understood why Tian Chi had no way to free himself. People who managed to pass the exam of the flight of stairs were extremely determined and motivated, and when they arrived at the top, their beliefs, their faith, were crushed, which also crushed them emotionally.

Lin Feng’s figure flickered. He arrived in front of Tian Chi again and said, “Brother, even if you passed the tragic and sad exam of the flight of stairs, you don’t need to be disappointed in everything. Our two teachers and all our fellow disciples love you as a brother and it’s not a lie, it’s true.”

Tian Chi shook his head, “If they’re honest, it’s great, and if it’s all a lie, it doesn’t matter, either. I already gave up. Leave now. Don’t disturb me while I practice cultivation. It’s my own decision, and it has nothing to do with you.”

“If you accept to reply to a few of my questions, I’ll leave,” said Lin Feng.

Tian Chi opened his eyes and looked at Lin Feng, “Go ahead.”

“Your faith has been crushed, you don’t believe in Buddhism anymore, why did you turn into a demon cultivator?” asked Lin Feng.

“Demon cultivation is merciless and emotionless. The only purpose is to become strong. You can see how strong I’ve become; do you think I had the ability to become that strong in the past?”

“Alright, you think you can only be strong that way, so you became emotionless and merciless to become strong. But then again, why do you want to become so strong?” asked Lin Feng.

“In this world, only strength matters. If you’re strong, you can control everything. If you’re strong, you can say you’re a Buddha, you can say you’re a demon, it all doesn’t matter. You can choose to be what you want to be.”

“What was the purpose of the one who made you become a demon?” asked Lin Feng.

“He’s had a miserable and sad life, and then he achieved supreme enlightenment. He didn’t want other people to have the same life as him, so he decided to help others. He is an extraordinary being. If you can’t become a demon, then you can continue believing in Buddhism, it doesn’t matter anyway. Both can become peerless cultivators,” said Tian Chi slowly.

Lin Feng burst into frantic laughter, like a madman. Tian Chi asked, “What are you laughing at?”

“Second fellow disciple, I’m laughing because you seem so naive. Since he achieved supreme enlightenment and became a peerless demon, he’s supposed to be selfish and focus on his own strength, he’s supposed to practice with single-hearted devotion and without distracting thoughts.

“So, why would he help other people? I’m laughing because you think you achieved supreme enlightenment, you think you’re having a good life as a demon cultivator. You’re just a tool for him,” said Lin Feng, “Now, I will show you how to achieve supreme enlightenment again. If you still don’t believe me, then we’ll break off ties forever.

“You say that demon cultivation, merciless and emotionless are the best ways to become strong quickly. How, I’ve never changed, I love my closed ones, I hate my enemies. Back then, we were similarly strong, how strong am I now?” demanded Lin Feng. His robe started fluttering in the wind. He stepped forwards, and a terrifying energy filled the air. Tian Chi’s face changed drastically, and he jumped away.

“You think you can escape?” Lin Feng’s eyes became pitch-black, Tian Chi had the impression he was being absorbed into Hell. Lin Feng raised his hand and grabbed Tian Chi’s neck, “Maybe you did achieve supreme enlightenment, but you’re so-so now.”

He threw Tian Chi away, and the latter crashed into a wall. He pulled a long face and stared at Lin Feng, while releasing demon Qi in angry waves.

“You’re angry? You’re not qualified to be angry! Our teachers made great efforts to raise you and you decided to break off ties? You’re worthless!” said Lin Feng, walking forwards. He raised his fist again.

Tian Chi was angry. He released ancient imprints and shot them towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng destroyed them instantly. He grabbed Tian Chi again and threw him onto the ground violently. A crater appeared under Tian Chi, and he coughed up blood.

“That’s what you call ‘achieving supreme enlightenment’? You’ve become a tiny little insect! You’ve become weaker after achieving supreme enlightenment!  I can kill you in the blink of an eye!” Lin Feng looked at Tian Chi disdainfully and said, “Don’t tell me that you achieved supreme enlightenment and that it’s the best way to practice cultivation when I’m stronger than you!

“You say that strength is the most important thing, that Buddhism is demon cultivation, maybe! But in any case, the most important thing is to listen to your heart. I am strong, but I listen to myself, I have my own stories, I have my own life. There are people I love, there are people I hate. I think am quite free and unfettered, unlike you,” said Lin Feng.

Tian Chi shivered.

“And these people who live at the top of the mountain, are they enlightened beings?” snarled Lin Feng, glancing at the crowd icily. He glanced at them, and buildings exploded instantly. Qi rolled in waves towards Lin Feng. He flickered, pointed his fingers at someone, and that person instantly died.

“Killing you people who have achieved supreme enlightenment is a slight effort,” said Lin Feng, rolling up his sleeves. Then he landed in front of Tian Chi again and said, “Did you see that clearly? You really achieved supreme enlightenment?”

Tian Chi was trembling and staring at Lin Feng. His younger fellow disciple was crazy and honest; he had never changed, he loved his friends and hated his enemies. Why change?

“You passed the test of the flight of stairs and changed because you thought you had achieved supreme enlightenment. I’ve also gone through a lot, and I also experienced many lives, I’ll show you,” said Lin Feng. Suddenly, Tian Chi started dreaming, Lin Feng forced him to experience the different lives of the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts.

After a long time, the dream ended and Lin Feng said to Tian Chi, “I experienced more than you and I didn’t change, why did I manage to do that and you didn’t? Even if you don’t believe in Buddhism anymore, even if you don’t want to be a Buddhism monk anymore, why did you need to change your personality? Why do you exist? What is your purpose in life?”

Lin Feng was furious, Tian Chi thought he had achieved supreme enlightenment?

“You mean it’s a conspiracy?” asked Tian Chi.

“Of course, come with me!” said Lin Feng. Their figures flickered.

There was nothing where Lin Feng took Tian Chi, but he took out a sword and slashed it. “Break!”

Clear notes sounded as something unseen broke. Fissures appeared in the atmosphere. Tian Chi was stunned.

“Nothing that is invented can escape from my perceptions,” said Lin Feng. They continued moving forwards. There was a mountain there, and a figure at the top. There was a man there, half Buddha half demon, holding a woman in his arms.

“It’s him.” Tian Chi was astonished.

“Indeed, it’s him! He’s the one at the center of all this,” said Lin Feng, “You really think he’s helping you?”

“What is his goal?” asked Tian Chi.

“To become a peerless Saint,” replied Lin Feng firmly. Tian Chi was stupefied. Lin Feng said to that person, “You’re still alive, if I’m not mistaken.”

The person slowly turned around and looked at Lin Feng. His face was blurry, it was impossible to see his features. He was half demon, half Buddha.

“I think we know one another,” said Lin Feng.

“Lin Feng,” said that person. Lin Feng wasn’t surprised. He could sense that he did indeed know that person.

“Who are you?” asked Lin Feng.

“You’ll know in time. Now, take him away. He came voluntarily, I didn’t force him. There’s no need to disturb me,” said that person calmly.

“Alright, we’ll meet again,” replied Lin Feng easily. He left with Tian Chi.

“You know the difference between high-level Saints and peerless Saints?” asked Lin Feng to Tian Chi.

“I know,” said Tian Chi, nodding.

“What are conditions to become a peerless Saint?” asked Lin Feng.

“Two sorts of special original strength at the maximum level, then you must make them fuse together,” said Tian Chi slowly. Suddenly, he looked astonished as if he had just understood something. His heart started pounding.

“Indeed. That cultivator is a terrifying Buddhist monk, and he wants to become a peerless Saint, for that, he needs to understand the opposite original strength: demon original strength!”

“He used you guys to study!” said Lin Feng. Tian Chi was astonished and trembling.


Chapter 2423: True Self

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Lin Feng showed Tian Chi a lot, had he made a mistake?

Back then, he didn’t really care about the outside world. He was free, but he was also very determined on the path of Buddhism. Lin Feng knew that. Mu Chen and Emperor Yu also knew that.

But during the previous decades, he had focused on climbing the Buddhist Mountain because of his religion, his faith had been ruined, and his soul had been bruised all over. He had decided to focus on becoming stronger, he had decided to become a demon. In a few years, he had become a Saint, so he was convinced that it was due to his choice.

But now Lin Feng had used facts to show him he was wrong. He had been used by other people. He couldn’t withstand a single attack from Lin Feng. Lin Feng was the same as before, and he had become strong too, and he was still becoming stronger quickly. So why was Tian Chi becoming stronger quickly because he had decided to practice demon cultivation?

Lin Feng looked at Tian Chi and said icily, “You became stronger, so what? Someone ruined your faith, your personality changed, and you convinced yourself you were happy that way? Don’t you feel ashamed, ridiculous, and miserable? Your fate was in someone else’s hands!”

Tian Chi took a deep breath and asked himself what he had done wrong. Someone had used him?

“Second fellow disciple,” said Lin Feng. Suddenly, he didn’t sound as cold, he sounded calm and serene. Tian Chi slowly turned his head to Lin Feng, and looked at him straight in the eyes.

“I came here to find some answers. Now, I told you all I wanted to tell you. I hope you’ll return to your true self, I can’t force you to change. I hope you’ll understand who you really are, and how to live your life. If you really want to stay like that, I’ll just leave immediately, and I will never come back to you,” said Lin Feng, staring at Tian Chi calmly.

Tian Chi also wondered who he really was.

He closed his eyes, he had to listen to his heart, he had achieved supreme enlightenment once, now he had to do with his heart. He had to forget about everything. He needed to understand his own emotions!

Tian Chi visualized many things, he visualized a young Buddhist monk at the top of a mountain meditating. He said to a middle-aged man, “Teacher, why do we practice cultivation?”

“Cultivating our mind and body is important to learn things, to become qualified. It helps you understand yourself, it helps you choose your path,” smiled the middle-aged man. He didn’t really understand, but the middle-aged man laughed and tapped his head.

The little Buddhist monk grew up. He practiced really hard, he traveled all around, he was tired, life was difficult. He went back to the mountain, the middle-aged man was still there, he clapped his shoulders and smiled, “Little Chi, little Chi, you traveled for two years.”

The Buddhist monk who had grown up smiled widely. “Teacher, I feel purer in my heart, I feel infinitely grateful.”

“I didn’t ask you to leave for so long, though,” another middle-aged man smiled. The Buddhist monk lowered his head and grinned.

Tears appeared in his eyes and flowed along his cheeks. He suddenly felt so sad.

He understood. He finally understood.

He suddenly opened his eyes. He cut his long black hair, and after a few seconds, he was completely bald again. He looked at Lin Feng, he was still crying, but he still smiled broadly. He felt sad and happy at the same time. He had returned to his true self. Nobody could use him anymore!

“Lin Feng, thank you,” said Tian Chi. Lin Feng smiled broadly too. He knew that the Tian Chi he knew had come back to his true self.

“Second fellow disciple,” said Lin Feng. They hugged.

“Let’s go back, Lin Feng. I want to see our teachers,” said Tian Chi suddenly. He was impatient.

“Alright, let’s go back,” said Lin Feng smiling. They both left.

At that moment, there were still many strong cultivators at the top of the mountain. Tian Chi wasn’t the only one who had been influenced by Lin Feng, the others were, too. They were also struggling in their hearts.

But all of that had nothing to do with Lin Feng anymore.


In Tiantai, Mu Chen and Emperor Yu gazed into the distance. They were waiting. Lin Feng had left for a few days already and he hadn’t come back, so they were worried.

Even though Lin Feng was strong, the Buddhist Mountain was mysterious, and they had heard that Lin Feng had tried to fly straight to the top of the mountain. There had been a terrifying battle and after that Lin Feng had disappeared.

In the distance, a beam of light appeared and shot in their direction. They couldn’t see anything, but they heard sonic booms. They landed on the ground, a gigantic crater appeared as dust rose up in the air. Then, someone appeared in front of them, and didn’t dare look at them.

“That’s…” the two were stupefied. Then they saw Lin Feng land there, too.

“Little Chi!” said Mu Chen. He was stupefied. Tian Chi was on his knees in front of them.

“Teachers, I am a bad disciple,” said Tian Chi. He sounded extremely sad and guilty. He banged his head on the ground, dust continued rising around him.

“Pfew…” Emperor Yu and Mu Chen glanced at each other and smiled. Little Chi was back!

“Stand up.”

“Little Chi, you’re back, we’re happy.”

They walked up to him and dragged him up, or at least they tried to, he didn’t stand up.

“Teachers, let me kowtow here,” said Tian Chi, raising his head. He looked at them, he could see they weren’t angry at him, but he still felt so guilty, so sad. He imagined how sad his teachers had been because of him. He felt like a horrible person.

“Little Chi, you made a mistake, but we don’t blame you,” said Mu Chen, pulling on Tian Chi.

“Mu Chen is right. Little Chi, you’re back, let bygones be bygones,” said Emperor Yu. Tian Chi looked at the two teachers, he felt so guilty…

“Second fellow disciple, stand up. You’re making our teachers sad like this. Let bygones be bygones,” said Lin Feng, walking towards Tian Chi.

Tian Chi looked at Lin Feng and then at his teachers. He kowtowed again and said, “Your teachings are etched firmly into my mind.”

Tian Chi stood up, Emperor Yu and Mu Chen were touched and really happy.

“Little Lin Feng, thank you for having brought Little Chi back,” said Mu Chen to Lin Feng. He hadn’t thought Lin Feng would succeed.

“Teacher, we can’t blame my second fellow disciple. The leader of the Buddhist Mountain is too strong. He’s using people who are determined; he makes them lose faith and turns them into pawns,” said Lin Feng. He could talk from personal experience now.

“I understand. I also know what kind of person Little Chi is. I never thought the legendary cultivator of the Buddhist mountain would make people change so much,” Mu Chen sighed. “Lin Feng, what did you find there?”

“A strong and terrifying cultivator; he practices both Buddhist and demon cultivation. He’s a high-level Saint who’s stuck at that cultivation level, he’s trying to make both original strengths reach their maximum level to become a peerless Saint. He controls the Buddhist Mountain and studies the cultivators who go there to progress, that’s why he turns them into demons. He studied demon cultivation using them!”

“How strong!” Mu Chen was astonished. He had never thought the cultivator there would be a high-level Saint who wanted to become a peerless Saint, how incredible!

“Yes, we know each other, but I’m not sure who he is,” said Lin Feng. He didn’t remember whom he knew who practiced both demon and Buddhist cultivation.

“I’ll tell all the disciples of Tiantai that nobody should go there, ever,” said Mu Chen slowly. They had to be very careful!


Chapter 2424: Shrines’ Changes

Edited by RED


In the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, on a public field of the Fire Shrine…

There were flames all around a sacrificial altar. In front of the altar was a strong cultivator wearing a fire robe. He looked dignified and majestic. There were incredibly strong cultivators gathered around. Qiong Yu’s mother was in the crowd.

“Fierce battles have started, it’s at the point of no return now, the situation is really chaotic. What do you think?” asked the presiding man calmly.

“Everything is going to change now,” said someone.

“Of course. We can read lots of things about the situation back in the days when it was chaotic, there were great changes. Some Shrines were destroyed, and some others rose.”

“Of course. Things change all the time. People have different destinies. Many geniuses rise. Many people break through suddenly. Of course, even more people fall behind and get killed.”

The leader smiled. “Indeed. Some of you will rise, too. Some of you will die. You all have different destinies.

“You’ve probably heard of what happened yesterday.”

“We know,” everybody nodded. “I hadn’t thought that the legends would be true. All the worlds the Shrines have created are connected, and the territories which connect two different worlds are sometimes forbidden territories. It’s incredible. These last few years, we’ve found a dozen worlds connected to the Continent of the Nine Clouds.”

“Yes, so there’s the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds which is something different, then there’s the Continent of the Nine Clouds and twelve worlds that are connected to it. In those other worlds, there are some incredible influential groups, but still, there is no world that is more complete than the Continent of the Nine Clouds. The Continent of the Nine Clouds is the best and main world.”

“The other worlds were created by gods. The Continent of the Celestial Stars was created by cultivators who control star strength. They might have close relations to the Fortune Shrine. We have already sent some cultivators to investigate that matter. We’ll see if we can find anything related to the Fortune Shrine, and to the god or gods who created that continent.”

“The World of the Celestial Stars isn’t the only one. We sent strong cultivators to all the other worlds to investigate. We’re not the only ones doing that, the other Shrines are also doing it. The relationships between all the Shrines are complex nowadays. We need to help the younger generations grow strong. From now on, the Fire Shrine’s gods’ picture scrolls should be made available for the core disciples.”

“Elder, I have something to report,” a woman said to the leader.

“What?” asked the elder.

“Maybe that Lin Feng who has a Forbidden Body is in the lower world. Can we send a peerless Saint to kill him?” asked the woman. Qiong Lin had been killed, so she understood that without a peerless Saint, they wouldn’t be able to kill Lin Feng.

The elder’s eyes glittered, and he said to the woman, “Last time, you told us about the situation. Back then, the Shrines even went to the Fortune Shrine to oppress some young people, but nothing was done to kill them quickly. Now, some of them have already become famous, the Shrines made a mistake of strategic importance.”

The elder said the Shrines had made a mistake without feeling ashamed. He continued, “But the Shrines’ leaders didn’t think that the world would become so chaotic later. We forgot or neglected what happened a thousand years ago; the Destiny Wheel is not a joke! The top cultivators of the last Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds were really talented, that’s why they became strong so quickly.

“And last time you acted alone; you sent people and you failed. You think the Fortune Shrine doesn’t know about that? They know! Lin Feng’s real body has a mysterious strength. Even if we send a peerless Saint, it might not work, either. Let’s forget about it for the time being,” said the elder.

The woman’s face stiffened. “Elder, Lin Feng is becoming strong extremely quickly. He probably has the Forbidden Body. If we let him become strong, he will overturn the Shrines,” said the woman.

However, the elder just glanced at her and retorted, “You think it’s so easy for a low-level Saint to become a peerless Saint? It’s already extremely hard to make one sort of original strength reach its maximum level, so imagine two sorts of special original strength, it’s even harder! In the history of the world, nobody has ever managed to do that in less than a thousand years! We still have time! We need to wait until it’s the right time. Just have some people spy on him, that’s enough.”

The woman wanted to say something else, but the elder said, “Enough! If Lin Feng has a Forbidden Body, we’ll see. The Fortune Shrine will also attach more importance to him. Don’t you understand these basic principles?”

When the woman heard the elder, she pulled a long face. How could she give up and let Lin Feng off?

“We’re not the only ones who want to kill Lin Feng, the other Shrines want to kill him, too. We shouldn’t stir up trouble,” said the elder icily. The woman shuddered as she understood something. Shrines could be destroyed in troubled times. Thus, all the Shrines wanted to protect themselves and their people, as their people were their assets. They couldn’t take risks and let their people die. The Fire Shrine didn’t want to take risks and then have other Shrines attack them in a moment of weakness.

“This time, I called everybody together because I want you to do some things. First, I want you to make efforts to teach our young people more things and help them become stronger. Second, I want you to recruit young geniuses. Third, I want everybody to get ready to battle. The world is chaotic, and it’ll be the same as in the past. It will be a very long fight. The fighting may last for one, five, or even ten thousand years. He who laughs last, laughs longest.”

“We understand,” everybody nodded. The worst times were also the best. Who was going to use the losers as stepping stones?


Those things had nothing to do with Lin Feng for the time being. As the Fire Shrine thought, there would be chaos for a very long time. No Shrine was stupid enough to attack another Shrine straightforwardly, and nobody was stupid enough to use their trump cards immediately, either. Also, nobody was stupid enough to send their strongest cultivators first and have them die. Therefore, they focused on raising their young geniuses, they needed to accumulate strength.

Lin Feng wasn’t strong enough to make the whole world change. He didn’t have such a power.

Those days, Lin Feng stayed in Tiantai with his teachers and his friends; he taught young people about cultivation. The Holy City calmed down again. Many people who wanted to become Tiantai’s disciples came, but Tiantai didn’t recruit disciples so easily. To become a member of Tiantai, the rule was now to become a student at Champion University first, then they had to become core students of Champion University. Only then did Tiantai consider their applications.

It also meant that Tiantai and Champion University belonged to the same group. Champion University used to be strong, and now they were even stronger. They had always been respected, so many students wanted to study there. Regarding Tiantai, people admired Tiantai because of Lin Feng.


Mu Chen, Emperor Yu and Tian Chi were gathered in a courtyard. Mu Chen asked Lin Feng, “Little Lin Feng, you really intend to go?”

“Yes. I’ve been in the Holy City for half a year. Tiantai is becoming stronger and more stable. I have left nine Bestial Saints here to protect Tiantai. They can protect Tiantai for a thousand years. They will do their best. I need to leave,” Lin Feng told Mu Chen. “But now the passage between the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds and the lower world is open. I can come back to see you anytime, anyway.”

Mu Chen nodded, “You stayed here for a while and you did so much for Tiantai, you should indeed leave and do your own things now. Little Chi, are you going to leave too?”

“Teacher, I won’t call you great fellow disciple or brother, you’re my teacher. Qing Lin is my great fellow disciple or brother. They all left for so many years, I was a demon for so many years, too. I should go and travel,” said Tian Chi, smiling calmly. He looked soft and kind, like in the past.

“Even though you were a demon for a while, your fellow disciples might not necessarily be as strong as you, you’re already a Saint. But you were lucky. This time, if you go and travel, be careful.”

“I understand,” Tian Chi nodded.

“Alright. Old buddy, let the kids leave the nest,” smiled Emperor Yu. However, he also looked sad; he didn’t want the young ones to leave, either.

“Haha, alright, go,” said Mu Chen, laughing wholeheartedly. “These little boys don’t want to leave, either. And Ling, she keeps following Little Lin Feng everywhere.”

“Tell them after we leave. Let’s go now.” Lin Feng and Tian Chi bowed before their teachers and flew up. Mu Chen and Emperor Yu watched them disappear in the distance. They turned around only when the two of them completely disappeared into the horizon.


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