PMG chapter 2430-40

Chapter 2430: Lost Country

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The Holy Spirit Dynasty was the same as before. The previous time Lin Feng had been there, the Fire Shrine’s members had sent some people to attack Lin Qiong Sheng. Luckily, Lin Feng had arrived and had pretended to be a strong cultivator from the Fortune Shrine. Now, Lin Feng didn’t know where his son Lin Qiong Sheng was, or what had become of him.

At the same time, because of the particular status of the Holy Spirit Dynasty, the other Dynasties didn’t like it. They wanted to destroy it, but as long as Lin Feng was alive, nobody would be able to destroy them, including the Animal District. There were many strong cultivators in the region since the lower and higher worlds were now connected, but the Holy Spirit Dynasty was the same as before, it hadn’t changed. Lin Feng was famous, and that was probably one of the reasons why people feared him.


Lin Feng and Duan Feng arrived. Holy Emperor Ling came out to greet Lin Feng personally, because he liked him a lot. He was the father of their future Holy Emperor! Lin Feng had transmitted his blood to their descendants, so they were connected now.

“Lin Feng.” Many strong cultivators came out to greet him. They looked at him and didn’t notice anything about him particularly, but they didn’t doubt that he had become much stronger. Dozens of years had passed; it wasn’t a long time, but they could see that Lin Feng had changed.

“Holy Emperor!” Lin Feng replied. “Is Qiong Sheng here?”

Holy Emperor Ling shook his head and said, “I don’t know where he is. I haven’t heard anything from him since. He never contacted me.”

“He’s a bit too hands-off,” said Lin Feng, smiling wryly.

“Lin Feng, who’s this?” asked Holy Emperor Ling, looking at Duan Feng. His Qi looked extraordinary.

“My friend, Duan Feng.”

“Lin Feng, Duan Feng, let’s go inside to talk,” said Holy Emperor Ling. They all entered the Dynasty’s territory.

“Holy Emperor Ling, so many years have passed. Has Qi Tian Holy Town changed a lot?” asked Lin Feng.

“Of course, there have been great changes. All the Dynasties have changed. The Holy Spirit Dynasty is the Dynasty which has changed the least, especially since many strong cultivators from the higher world come here. There are many battles and so on, changes are normal and expected. The reason why not so many things changed here in the Holy Spirit Dynasty is that we’re half stuck.”

“Half stuck?” asked Lin Feng.

“Yes, you know there are conflicts between the other Dynasties and the Holy Spirit Dynasty. They don’t want us to rise. We can’t do anything without being watched. They just don’t dare attack us directly, that’s all,” said Holy Emperor Ling.

Lin Feng nodded and said, “It’s going to stop.”

“Holy Emperor, send some people to the most powerful groups and have them convey a message from me: tell them I want all their leaders to come to the Holy Spirit Dynasty,” Lin Feng said calmly. Even though he sounded calm, it made Holy Emperor Ling and the other strong cultivators of the Holy Spirit Dynasty tremble. How crazy! Have all the Dynasties’ leaders come?!

“I don’t think they’ll come…” replied Holy Emperor Ling.

“Just transmit my message. If they don’t come, it’s their choice,” said Lin Feng.

Holy Emperor Ling smiled and nodded, “Alright, we’ll see if they come. It’s their decision.”

The first thing Holy Emperor Ling wanted to do didn’t surprise Lin Feng; he organized a huge banquet for him! But Lin Feng didn’t want one, so he said, “I’m just going back to where I was before. You can let the other Dynasties’ leaders stay in those great and magnificent places.”

“Alright, I’ll be waiting for you here,” said Holy Emperor Ling. He knew how Lin Feng was. He smiled as Lin Feng and Duan Feng left. Lin Feng went back to the place he used to share with Tang You You, and they watched the sunset.


“Duan Feng, where is your teacher?” asked Lin Feng out of curiosity. Feng Mo was a mysterious and legendary cultivator. Where had he created his group? “Of course, if it’s a secret, you don’t need to tell me,” Lin Feng added quickly.

“It’s alright. It’s not a secret for everybody. I would guess most of the Shrines’ Saints know where he established his sect.”

“Why have I never read anything about him, then?” asked Lin Feng. He didn’t understand.

“Because even if you had read about it, you wouldn’t necessarily be able to go there, so writing about it would be useless,” said Duan Feng with a smile. “My teacher’s sect is in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, in a place called Sealed Imprint Mountain. Brother Lin Feng, do you know where Sealed Imprint Mountain is in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds?”

“How could I guess?” He shook his head. Duan Feng was creating suspense.

“The Lost Country,” Duan Feng stated calmly.

Lin Feng was astonished. The Lost Country? He had heard that name before, of course.

“Sealed Imprint Mountain is situated in the Lost Country?” whispered Lin Feng.

“Indeed, one of the seven forbidden territories, the Lost Country,” said Duan Feng, bursting into laughter when he saw Lin Feng’s flabbergasted face. Apart from Sealed Imprint Mountain, other people couldn’t go there unless someone gave them directions.

“How do you go there?” asked Lin Feng. He was really curious now. The Lost Country was one of the seven forbidden territories, a famous place. According to legends, the Lost Country used to be an incredible country with many strong cultivators. There used to be many demon and ghost cultivators there. One day, they faced a catastrophe, the gods abandoned them, and their nation had turned into ruins and desolation. Now many incredible cultivators were sealed in there, and many people had died there.

Of course, it was a legend, which didn’t prove anything, and going inside could be deadly. Few people dared go there. Yet now Duan Feng was telling Lin Feng that Sealed Imprint Mountain was in the Lost Country.

“We have a special way to avoid danger, we can go straight to the sect. The sect is in a sealed area. It’s not a really a mountain, it’s a world created by my teacher.”

“I see. I’m curious, I wish I could meet your teacher,” murmured Lin Feng.

“I’ll take you there some time. Even though his world can’t be as big as the Continent of the Nine Clouds, it’s still amazing there.”

“Your teacher doesn’t allow people to come and go as they wish, right?” Lin Feng smiled.

“Correct, most people don’t know about the world, only some people who practice in Sealed Imprint Mountain know about it and can go there. You can only go with prior authorization.”

“I understand,” Lin Feng nodded.


Outside of the Holy Spirit Dynasty, an incredible Qi filled the air. A group of strong cultivators arrived and entered the Holy Spirit Dynasty. One of the guards stopped them and smiled, “Please stop here.”

“Is this a joke? The Holy Spirit Dynasty invited us, and this is how you treat your guests?! Have Holy Emperor Ling come here!” shouted the leader of the group icily.

“Don’t prevent Holy Emperor Tianci from entering!” shouted a voice in the distance. The guards suddenly understood; these people were from the Tianci Dynasty, and Holy Emperor Ling came out personally to greet them.

“Holy Emperor Ling, I trust you have been doing well since we last met,” said Holy Emperor Tianci, entering the Holy Spirit Dynasty’s territory.

“I’m alright. And guards, don’t stop anyone who comes here! Many Dynasties’ leaders are coming to pay us a visit. Greet them warmly,” said Holy Emperor Ling.

“Yes sir, Holy Emperor!” replied the guards. They thought of Lin Feng; he had come back and now something big was going to happen. He had invited all the leaders of the Dynasties here!

“Where is Lin Feng?” asked Holy Emperor Tianci. He arrived in a great hall where a banquet had been prepared.

“He’s here. He’ll come soon, I guess,” Holy Emperor Ling smiled. He was convinced Lin Feng knew what was going on.

“We came because he invited us, why isn’t he here? What’s that supposed to mean?” asked Holy Emperor Tianci. He sounded unhappy.

“You can ask him when he arrives,” Holy Emperor Ling smiled. Lin Feng could take care of everything.

More and more people arrived outside. All the leaders were arriving!

Chapter 2431: Waiting

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The atmosphere in the Holy Spirit Dynasty was getting lively. The Holy Spirit Dynasty had dispatched some people to invite these guests over. Even though the Dynasties’ leaders were all furious, they were also a bit frightened. Why did Lin Feng dare act so arrogantly? He had sent people to invite them to come to the Holy Spirit Dynasty, it felt more like an order to come than anything else: I, Lin Feng, summon you, the Dynasties’ leaders!

That was precisely why they were a bit worried, and that was also the reason why they had all come, they wanted to see what was happening. Now that they were here, they didn’t need to be very polite because having come was already polite. Lin Feng didn’t give them face, so they needed to show they were proud and dignified.

“Holy Emperor Ling, what does Lin Feng want?” asked the Holy Emperor of the Qin Dynasty icily.

However, Holy Emperor Ling just looked unmoved. He glanced around at all the strong cultivators, smiling calmly. Lin Feng was right, they had all come. Of course, it was due to the fact that Lin Feng was famous abroad.

“Holy Emperor Qin, don’t worry. You’re not the first one to ask me that. Everybody, please sit down and enjoy the banquet. Why are you all so nervous?” Holy Emperor Ling smiled. Lin Feng hadn’t appeared, yet so all the leaders were worried about what he was planning…

“How insolent!” said someone icily. He looked at Holy Emperor Ling and said, “I haven’t left the university for years! I was invited today, so I came, and now you keep us waiting?”

Holy Emperor Ling looked at the speaker; it was an old man, an elder from Goblin Spirit University. People respected him because many geniuses studied at Goblin Spirit University, but Lin Feng kept him waiting.

“Lin Feng invited all of you, he also said you could choose not to come if you didn’t want to. Now he’s not here, he must have his reasons. If you want to wait, wait; if you don’t feel like it you can leave, nobody is forcing you to stay,” replied Holy Emperor Ling calmly. The old man pulled a long face, but he said nothing. They could stay and wait, or just leave. As they wished!

Holy Emperor Ling sounded a bit haughty. How could those people not be furious? They were all extraordinary people. Nobody burst out into anger though, they just tried to put pressure on the Holy Spirit Dynasty. If Lin Feng showed up and wasn’t strong enough to keep them in control, then they wouldn’t hesitate anymore.

“The banquet is for everybody, so help yourself,” said Holy Emperor Ling smiling. Servants kept bringing fine liquor and food, but it didn’t suffice to make those people happy.

They waited for a while, and it became dark outside, the crowd grew more and more furious. Even though they all chatted, they looked dark and gloomy. Many strong cultivators just drank silently.

Holy Emperor Ling was a bit surprised. What was Lin Feng doing? Was he trying to infuriate these people?

“Excuse me, everybody,” said Holy Emperor Ling. He suddenly stood up and left. The crowd guessed he was going to go and look for Lin Feng; they couldn’t do much but wait now.

Holy Emperor Ling indeed went to look for Lin Feng. Lin Feng and Duan Feng were laying in the grass in a courtyard and chatting as if the outside world had nothing to do with them. They had even sealed the area with Qi in order not to get disturbed by people’s godly awareness. They looked completely at ease. They obviously didn’t know that some of the leaders were already furious.

“Lin Feng.” shouted Holy Emperor Ling in the courtyard.

“Holy Emperor Ling, come in,” said Lin Feng smiling. When he saw Lin Feng lying in the grass, he was annoyed and asked, “All the leaders are here, aren’t you going to see them?”

“No rush. It’s still early,” said Lin Feng smiling.

“It’s still early?” Holy Emperor Ling’s face stiffened, and he replied, “Those guys are all furious. If you keep making them wait, I’m afraid they will…”

“Don’t worry. Nothing will happen. Even if they get furious, then what? If they want to leave, they can leave,” said Lin Feng smiled. He was calm, all pale clouds and light breezes, as if it wasn’t a problem at all. Holy Emperor Ling didn’t understand.

“Lin Feng, could you please tell me what you intend to do?” asked Holy Emperor Ling, smiling wryly.

“Holy Emperor.” Lin Feng sat up. He asked, “Do you remember what happened last time when I came back?”

“Yes, there was an envoy from a Shrine, and some Dynasties also got involved, they wanted to attack Qiong Sheng. Luckily, you came back at the perfect time and solved the issue. I was astonished.”

“Indeed. Nowadays, the Continent of the Nine Clouds is in a state of chaos. Nobody can escape it anywhere. If they weren’t afraid of me, they could have joined hands and destroyed the Holy Spirit Dynasty, what do you think?” asked Lin Feng.

“That’s a fact,” said Holy Emperor Ling, nodding agreement.

“Do you think we can accept a compromise, or coexist peacefully with them?” asked Lin Feng.


“Therefore, this time, I want to teach them a good lesson. I want to show everyone in Qi Tian Holy Town that nobody can treat me or my family like that, I want them to remember it forever,” said Lin Feng indifferently.

Holy Emperor Ling smiled and nodded, “Alright, but some Dynasties aren’t our enemies, what will you do if they are furious or leave?”

“Even if they’re angry, so what? Nobody will dare attack in the Holy Spirit Dynasty. If they leave, I’ll invite them again,” Lin Feng smiled. “Including those we have tensions with.”

“Since you have a plan, I’m not going to ask again,” said Holy Emperor Ling, leaving quietly.


At dawn, the atmosphere was oppressive. Lin Feng hadn’t shown up at all, the leaders had been waiting the entire evening and nobody could give them an explanation. How infuriating!

“Holy Emperor Ling, are you humiliating us on purpose?” asked Holy Emperor Qin icily.

“I’ve also been waiting here. I told you, if you want, you can leave!” said Holy Emperor Ling calmly.

Holy Emperor Qin punched the table in front of him, and it exploded. Alcohol fell onto the ground. He looked dark and gloomy. “Everybody, should we go?”

People were surprised and glanced at one another.

“Everybody, you must have noticed that many people are watching us from outside. People must already be talking about the fact that we’ve been waiting here the whole time. Do you really intend to stay here and wait?” asked Holy Emperor Qin. The crowd was surprised. They had also released their godly awareness, and noticed that some people had been watching. All the leaders of the Dynasties had gathered there, how could there not be anyone outside?

“I agree. Let’s leave,” said the Holy Emperor of the Great Desert Dynasty.

“Since you want to leave, just leave. Nobody is forcing you to stay. Why talk so much?” said someone with a smile. It was the celestial being of the Ancient Jade Dynasty. The two Holy Emperors looked furious.

“Hmph! You’re patient then, celestial being!” said Holy Emperor Qin icily. He rose up in the air and flew away.

Outside, many people saw Holy Emperor Qin leave, and whispered. He was out, he didn’t want to wait anymore. Back in the days, there had been conflicts between him and Lin Feng, and now he had just been badly humiliated.

“Everybody, enjoy yourself. I’m off,” said Holy Emperor Qin, rolling up his sleeves. Then he left, also furious.

After Holy Emperor Qin, Holy Emperor Tianci also left. Three days later, everybody left. The hall was just empty. Holy Emperor Ling was annoyed. What was Lin Feng thinking? Even people outside who had come to watch were annoyed. What was going on?

When everybody calmed down, on the fourth day, a terrifying beast landed in the Qin Dynasty. It was dozens of meters tall. It could crush people with one foot. It went through the Qin Dynasty and destroyed all their buildings, but it didn’t kill anyone. Many people were panic-stricken. The Qin Dynasty used their full strength to attack that beast by surprise, but nobody could compete with it. Each time the beast punched someone, they died.

The beast looked for Holy Emperor Qin, and it stared at him with its gigantic eyes, it looked excited.

“Master, what do you want from the Qin Dynasty?” asked Holy Emperor Qin when he realized how terrifying that beast was.

The gigantic beast didn’t reply. Holy Emperor Qin felt pressured. The gigantic beast then threw his hand at Holy Emperor Qin. He wanted to dodge but he had no time; he coughed up blood, his eyes rolled and he fell onto the ground.


Chapter 2432: Rolling Up His Sleeves and Leaving

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“Master, why? Why are you doing this?” asked Holy Emperor Qin, crawling back up. He didn’t understand why that beast had attacked the Qin Dynasty.

The gigantic beast spat out Qi, but didn’t say anything. He raised his hand and threw it out again. Holy Emperor Qin wanted to dodge, but he couldn’t move because of the oppressive strength. Rumbling sounds spread in the air, and he crashed onto the ground hard, forming a crater. Blood splashed. The beast continued attacking.

Boom boom boom...

The beast continued punching him. All the members of the Dynasty didn’t understand, why was that beast attacking their Holy Emperor?

The Qin Holy Emperor had never felt so humiliated.

He was still coughing up blood. He suddenly flew away, trying to leave the Dynasty. He quickly realized that the beast was attacking him and nobody else.

“Why?” asked Holy Emperor Qin. His bones were all broken. He wanted to escape, but the beast was much faster than him. The beast continued punching him or squashing him with his feet. How humiliating. Holy Emperor Qin had never felt this way before. He was going insane. Had he offended a terrifying cultivator?

“Lin Feng?” Holy Emperor Qin was frightened. Was this happening because he hadn’t waited for Lin Feng? But Lin Feng had done that on purpose, what was he supposed to do? Wait forever?

“The Tianci Dynasty is there.” Holy Emperor Qin turned around and saw two people in the distance, a big one and a small one. When he saw them clearly, his face paled, those two figures were: Holy Emperor Tianci and a gigantic beast.

He wasn’t the only one who was going through this.

“Holy Emperor Qin!…” shouted Holy Emperor Tianci. His face was deathly pale. When he saw that Holy Emperor Qin was going through the same thing as him, he was stunned.

“Go, let’s go to the Holy Spirit Dynasty. Only they can save us.” shouted Holy Emperor Qin to Holy Emperor Tianci suddenly.

“Yes, let’s go to the Holy Spirit Dynasty. What a humiliation for us, two Dynasties’ leaders,” agreed Holy Emperor Tianci. He felt wretched and miserable.

“I feel the same, damn!” said Holy Emperor Qin. He even had tears in his eyes. How miserable for two Dynasties’ leaders!

They flew towards the Holy Spirit Dynasty as fast as they culd, but on the way, the beasts continued humiliating them, and hitting them. Their clothes were torn apart. They both had a running nose and sniffled, with tears in their eyes.

On the way, some people saw them, they were astonished. Those two people were Dynasties’ leaders, and those two beasts were making them cry. They looked truly miserable. Many people even had compassion for them. Poor leaders!

“Holy Spirit Dynasty, we’re there.” Holy Emperor Qin looked like he had hope again when he saw the Holy Spirit Dynasty. Were the beasts finally going to stop humiliating them? Those beasts had even put their dirty feet on their faces. Their noses were even broken!

Boom! Holy Emperor Tianci and Holy Emperor Qin wanted to enter the Holy Spirit Dynasty, but they collided with a light curtain. Their faces became even paler. Thunder rumbled behind him. The gigantic beasts drew closer.

“It’s a seal.” Holy Emperor Qin’s face was deathly pale. Behind the light curtain was Holy Emperor Ling. Holy Emperor Qin said, “Holy Emperor Ling, let us come in!”

“I thought you didn’t want to stay here, Holy Emperor Qin? Why did you come back?” asked Holy Emperor Ling indifferently.

“I want to keep the appointment, I want to keep the appointment!” said Holy Emperor Qin, forcing himself to smile. But when he said that, he raised his head and saw a gigantic stinky foot move towards his face again. He wanted to dodge, but heavy strength oppressed him and squashed his face.

The beast wiped his foot on his face. Holy Emperor Qin’s pale face turned red. He looked at Holy Emperor Ling and said, “Holy Emperor Ling, I was wrong, I offended you, I’m so sorry, I want to keep the appointment, please let me back in.”

“After you left, we canceled the banquet, we’re not receiving guests anymore. Sorry,” said Holy Emperor Ling indifferently. Holy Emperor Qin’s face paled again.

The gigantic beast squashed Holy Emperor Qin’s face again. Holy Emperor Qin crashed onto the ground and crawled back up on his knees.

“Holy Emperor Qin, what are you doing? You’re a Holy Emperor, I can’t stand seeing you like this. If you really insist, I’ll go and see Lin Feng,” said Holy Emperor Ling sighed. Holy Emperor Qin wanted to kill Lin Feng so bad, so he was the one who had sent those evil creatures.

“Thank you so much,” said Holy Emperor Qin standing up. However, Holy Emperor Ling didn’t move. He just giggled and looked at him. Holy Emperor Qin’s face turned even paler. He realized something.

What banquet? Lin Feng had done this on purpose.

If I don’t kneel down, the beast will squash my face again, thought Holy Emperor Qin realizing what was going on. He felt so miserable and pathetic, but it was the truth, the sad and cruel truth. He had joined hands with a Shrine hoping they would kill Lin Qiong Sheng, and now Lin Feng was back and he wanted to get his revenge. And now, even if Lin Feng destroyed his Dynasty, he wouldn’t be able to do much about it. How tragic, how humiliating!

“Lin Feng, I will definitely see you die someday!” shouted Holy Emperor Qin inside. He knew he couldn’t surpass Lin Feng, but he hoped he would die, and then it would be the Holy Spirit Dynasty’s judgement day.

“Boom boom!”

When the Tianci Dynasty’s Holy Emperor saw that Holy Emperor Qin was kneeling down, he did the same. He had also had conflicts with Lin Feng back in the days. Lin Feng hadn’t destroyed their Dynasties entirely, he had just humiliated them.


On that day, the atmosphere outside of the Holy Spirit Dynasty got very busy. Leaders of universities and other powerful groups came and begged to see Lin Feng. All those strong cultivators gathered there, but Lin Feng didn’t show up.

Holy Emperor Ling went to Lin Feng’s courtyard, raised his head and heard Lin Feng’s voice, “Holy Emperor, I’m leaving those Bestial Saints here, they will protect the Holy Spirit Dynasty. If anything happens, you can give them orders. I’m off.”

He just heard Lin Feng, but didn’t see him.

“You’re free and unrestrained. A group of strong cultivators is waiting outside and you’re leaving it to me,” said Holy Emperor Ling, shaking his head and smiling wryly. Lin Feng didn’t feel like wasting his time with those people. If he wanted, he could kill them in a flash, but he didn’t, he just wanted everybody in Qi Tian Holy Town to remember him and to know that the Holy Spirit Dynasty was powerful.

And he didn’t even show up.

“Lin Feng, I’m sure people will remember you for a very, very long time in the Continent of the Nine Clouds,” replied Holy Emperor Ling, before turning around and slowly walking away. He arrived outside, where the sealing strength had already disappeared. The beasts looked at the sky; they were half-Bestial Saints from the Starry Sky World, their leader had asked them to protect the Holy Spirit Dynasty.

“Lin Feng said he didn’t want to see you. Please leave,” said Holy Emperor Ling, waving his hand.

Those people’s faces paled, they were terrified. The leader of the university who had burst into anger the previous time shuddered with fear, “Holy Emperor Ling, please help us and tell him we wish we could see him.”

“Yes, please, Holy Emperor Ling!” said Holy Emperor Qin. He had the impression the beast would squash his face anytime again with his dirty feet.

“Eh…” Holy Emperor Ling had cold sweats. He looked at the gigantic beasts and said, “Masters, please come back in.”

“Yes, we have received orders from our Master,” the beasts replied. They shrank down and entered the Holy Spirit Dynasty.

“Alright, everybody, please go back,” said Holy Emperor Ling.

Those people glanced at one another and asked Holy Emperor Ling, “Really?”

“Really,” Holy Emperor Ling nodded.

“Thank you very much,” said Holy Emperor Qin and the others, standing up. They turned around and left as fast as they could. They felt so humiliated. When they left, flames of fury appeared in their eyes. Holy Emperor Ling understood that, but he didn’t care anymore. Those beasts could protect the Holy Spirit Dynasty. It was difficult to imagine how strong Lin Feng would become within a thousand or even ten thousand years!


Chapter 2433: Treasure Hall

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In the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, in the Fortune Shrine…

There were gigantic mountains and waterfalls coming from the sky. They were magnificent and grandiose.

Lin Feng was walking in the Fortune Shrine. Many people looked at him in surprise. They smiled and said, “Brother Lin Feng!”

Lin Feng also replied and smiled back. Even though many things had happened in the Fortune Shrine because of him, he rarely spent time with the others. He only spent time with the Diviner.

“Lin Feng, you’re back!” said an old man walking past Lin Feng, and smiling.

“Yes, I’m back,” Lin Feng smiled. He didn’t recognize anyone, but they all recognized him. Lin Feng slowly walked towards a waterfall. At the top of the waterfall, there was a figure, graceful and elegant. She smiled broadly when she saw him.

“Meng Qing!” said Lin Feng. He flew up in the air and landed next to Meng Qing. He stretched his arms and caressed her wan and sallow face. He smiled gently and said, “Silly girl.”

Meng Qing laughed and said nothing. She put her head on Lin Feng’s shoulder and her eyes turned red.

“You left for so long, don’t do that again,” whispered Meng Qing. Lin Feng felt guilty.

He nodded and said, “I will always take you with me in the future.”

“You said it,” said Meng Qing raising her head and smiled softly.

“Indeed,” Lin Feng nodded. They both sat down on a gigantic stone and gazed into the distance. The landscapes were incredible here.

“Any news from Zhe Tian?” asked Lin Feng.

“No. I don’t know where he is. He has the same personality as you back in the days.”

“Like father, like son,” Lin Feng grinned.

“But while you were away all those years, many things happened to the Fortune Shrine. The Continent of the Nine Clouds is now in a state of chaos. More and more Shrines want to fight against the Fortune Shrine, and the Shrines are also starting to fight for supremacy.”

“During times of prosperity, people don’t really fight over territories that much. But now that the world is in a state of chaos, resources are scarce and influential groups start fighting over territories. All the influential groups want to gain some mysterious worlds or places where there are precious things. They want to use resources for geniuses, so the competition is even more fierce.”

Lin Feng understood that. If the Fortune Shrine controlled a city, it meant that the resources in that city also belonged to the Fortune Shrine, and whenever new geniuses appeared in that city, then the Fortune Shrine could also recruit them. When the world was in a state of chaos, it lasted for thousands and thousands of years. The situation couldn’t be solved from one day to another, so the Shrines had to do their best.

“So anyway, what I wanted to say is, seven years ago, the Fortune Shrine decided to recruit core disciples every ten years. The core disciples can then all compete, no matter what their cultivation level is. Your friends, Hou Qing Lin, Jun Mo Xi, and someone else came back, they want to try and become core disciples in the Fortune Shrine.”

Lin Feng smiled, “You saw Brother Hou and Jun Mo Xi?”

“Yes, they came to see you, but then they found out you weren’t here,” said Meng Qing nodding.

“How are they doing?” asked Lin Feng.

“Very good. In three years, you’ll be able to see them,” said Meng Qing smiling.

“Great, in three years then,” Lin Feng nodded. He grabbed Meng Qing’s hand and said, “Come, I want to take you somewhere.”

Meng Qing was curious. They walked towards an ancient palace. They both entered the cultivation room, Lin Feng waved his hand and a praying mat appeared.

“Let’s go in.” Lin Feng and Meng Qing stepped onto the praying mat, lights flashed and they both disappeared, quickly reappearing in the Starry Sky World, Meng Qing was stupefied when she saw the landscapes. This wasn’t Lin Feng’s world…

“Where are we?” asked Meng Qing.

“A god’s world,” Lin Feng smiled. “Meng Qing, I disappeared for a few years because I was stuck in a forbidden territory. You probably know about that. Then, I found the Godly Grave’s god’s historical remains, this Starry Sky World. This world was created by a god.”

“The news that many people came out of the historical remains quickly spread. There are also many strong cultivators from other worlds. Everybody knows about that now. I would never have thought it all happened because you obtained the god’s world,” answered Meng Qing, smiling sweetly. It meant that the god had chosen Lin Feng as an heir!

“Let’s go. There are many places here. I don’t even know what to do with all these places,” said Lin Feng. Their figures flickered, and they went to a few ancient star palaces. Lin Feng and Meng Qing entered one of them. Dazzling lights surrounded Meng Qing, which made her shiver.

“There are Saint’s Weapons everywhere?”

Meng Qing was stunned. There were Saint’s Weapons everywhere: blades, spears, swords, halberds, axes, bows and arrows, whips, armors, gourds, rainbow cups… it was incredible, the palace was filled with treasures.

“Those are Saint’s Weapons the god obtained back in the days. He practiced cultivation for a very long time, and obtained many Saint’s Weapons. The Saint’s Weapons in this palace are all the best low-level Saint’s Weapons you can find. In the other rooms, you can find medium-level Saint’s Weapons, high-level Saint’s Weapons, peerless Saint’s Weapons, but I can only enter two rooms. I’ll take you to the second one,” Lin Feng told Meng Qing.

He took her to another room. An incredible energy filled the air there. There were even more Saint’s Weapons, all of them dazzling. In the outside world, people would go insane for them, he could only tell Meng Qing about them. He didn’t even tell his teachers about them. People were envious; he had given his teachers many things, but not as incredible as these things because he didn’t want enemies to kill his teachers to steal their weapons!

“Meng Qing, choose a weapon you want,” said Lin Feng, smiling at her. Everything he had in life, he wanted to share with Meng Qing.

Meng Qing and his friends were strong enough, he wanted to help them all become stronger.

“I can’t use Saint’s Weapons, I’m too weak, so I’ll choose one for defense so that you don’t need to worry about me,” she agreed.

“Alright, choose something to protect your physical body and soul. When you become a Saint, you’ll choose some for attacks,” he told her. He didn’t need Meng Qing to become incredibly strong and reach the clouds, he just wanted her to be safe. He could do the rest himself.

Meng Qing chose a soft armor and a Saint’s soul sword. The sword could protect her when someone attacked her soul, so even if a Saint attacked her by surprise, she wouldn’t die.

“Don’t spoil just me. Give some to the others, too. They’re all in your small world, aren’t they?” she prodded him.

“I will go and see them; my world is becoming more and more perfect. They like calm and tranquility. This world is dangerous, so I will ask them,” said Lin Feng smiling.

“Yes, respect is the most important thing,” Meng Qing agreed.

“Let’s go. I’ll take you to a place perfect to practice cultivation!” said Lin Feng, dragging her along. They soon arrived in a cultivation palace.

“Meng Qing, this place is perfect to study Celestial Dao strength. It’s perfect to try and break through to the Sheng Layer. You should practice here for a while,” he said to her.

“Alright, but don’t worry if I don’t manage to break through to the Sheng Layer,” said Meng Qing. They both smiled. She started meditating and Lin Feng went to another room. It was good to practice cultivation too, but it was also suitable to practice special Saint’s spells, as it helped Saints improve their fighting abilities.

Lin Feng controlled several types of original strength. He wanted to become stronger and increase his fighting abilities. He was a low-level Saint now, and he wanted to have no enemy at the same cultivation level!


Chapter 2434: Together

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Lin Feng entered the palace and some intent surrounded him. It was a mysterious world.

The place was dark, and Lin Feng couldn’t see much, even with his godly awareness. However, at that moment, some light appeared and illuminated the space around him.

After that, a second light appeared, and a third one. The lights kept twinkling on. Millions of lights appeared, the space around him turned into a starlit sky. The stars were dazzling.

“Some kind of intent?” Lin Feng was surprised, all the stars seemed to be changing every second. It was an incredible sight.

However, at that moment, all the stars disappeared, and the space became dark again. It made Lin Feng feel uncomfortable, as it lasted for a while.

Lin Feng sat down cross-legged patiently. Since that palace aimed at improving cultivators’ fighting abilities, he didn’t mind being patient and staying there for a while.

Suddenly, the lights appeared again, Lin Feng had the impression those lights were as sharp as blades in his eyes, so he closed them. It was very difficult to describe how he felt.

“The first kind of strength is accumulation, the second type is explosiveness. The goal is to accumulate strength until it becomes explosive, like the God’s Sword,” murmured Lin Feng. The intent in the space around him changed again as it attracted star original strength. Finally, Lin Feng saw the intent invade the space around him, as a kind of finger attack.

One finger seemed like it could move through space and time. It contained an endless number of dazzling lights, and also contained destructive strength. Only that finger was left in the space around. Some explosive strength made the space look even darker. It absorbed all the dazzling lights around, the stars condensed into that finger, it was impossible to escape from it.

Lin Feng had the impression he was hallucinating. That attack pierced through him; even if his eyes were closed, he still had the impression the attack had pierced through his brain. It gave him chills.

“That one finger uses star original strength, similar to light and space original strength. That attack is so powerful!” Even though the Ruler’s Sword attack was powerful, it didn’t use original strength in such a perfect way.

“That kind of finger technique can improve my Ruler’s Sword attack!” He was meditating calmly. He started using his Ruler’s Sword. He made it condense again, trying to make it as explosive as possible.

After Lin Feng finished studying, he went to another room. They each contained different sorts of intent. He visualized different sorts of Saint’s techniques. Lin Feng had the impression he was becoming much more erudite quickly. He was amazed by the power of original strength. He was focused and enjoyed learning.


Three years passed extremely quickly, it felt like minutes for Lin Feng. He went to see Meng Qing and they left the Star World.

“How do you feel?” asked Lin Feng to Meng Qing.

“I learned so much, I think I could become a Saint soon,” replied Meng Qing happily. “You? You must have progressed a lot during those three years, right?”

“Yes, I studied several things. I understand original strength even better. I understand what I have to do to increase my own Saint’s techniques now,” he replied. During those three years, he had indeed progressed a lot.

“The god’s Saint’s techniques must be incredible.”

“Yes, I saw a technique where he just stretched his arm out and he could pick up the sun, the moon, and the stars. Nothing could stop him. It was incredible,” Lin Feng sighed. He had seen such an attack in the past: the two strong cultivators of the Giant Gods Clan had such an attack, but it was much weaker than the god’s own.

“Lin Feng, you’re back!” said someone at that moment.

Lin Feng was startled and smiled at Meng Qing and told her, “I’ll go and see the Diviner.”

“Alright,” she assented.

Lin Feng sped off, and quickly arrived in another ancient palace, it was also a Starry Sky World.

“Master!” Lin Feng said to the Diviner.

“You went to the Godly Grave and a few decades later, you came out and you were a low-level Saint already. Your cultivation speed is astonishing,” said the Diviner, smiling at Lin Feng gently. “But don’t be too proud. The world is in a state of chaos. Many terrifyingly strong people travel the world. I found some people whose cultivation speeds were terrifying as well, and I recruited them.”

“I understand. At my cultivation level, cultivation speed is not the most important thing. We have to see how strong someone can get in the end,” said Lin Feng calmly.

“No, you’re wrong. If the world wasn’t in a state of chaos, you would be right. But now the world is different, speed is extremely important. You might be more talented than someone else, but if they reach a higher cultivation level than yours more quickly, then you’re doomed. If the Fortune Shrine doesn’t raise geniuses quickly enough, we’ll be doomed,” said the Diviner.

Lin Feng’s heart twitched. “Who is stronger these days?” asked Lin Feng.

“The situation is too chaotic, we can’t be sure. Anyway, everybody is very nervous and every day, every year, everything changes. But all of this has nothing to do with you. Lin Feng, I hope that you will become a high-level Saint as soon as possible. Of course, I also hope you’ll become a peerless Saint someday. Before that happens, you don’t need to fight against the other Shrines directly.”

“Only high-level Saints can help?” asked Lin Feng, smiling wryly.

“Indeed. Great emperors represent the lower strata. High-level Saints are the pillars because they are the only ones who can keep the situation under control. Regarding battles to death, peerless Saints control the whole situation, and we haven’t reached that point yet. The Star Priest of the Fortune Shrine, a peerless Saint, has already started recruiting disciples. Do you know what that means?”

“It means that the situation of the Continent of the Nine Clouds will change thoroughly. Maybe another great war like long ago will take place.”

“Yes, people in the future will maybe consider our war to be like the war of the ancient days. Usually, our peerless Star Priest practices cultivation to try and become a god, but now, he’s recruiting disciples. The peerless Saints of the others Shrines are doing the same.”

Lin Feng nodded. The situation was becoming serious.

“Anyway, don’t worry about those things. Right now, you can’t battle, or at least, you can’t participate as Lin Feng. You can use another face and Qi to participate. Your fate is more important than the fate of a hundred people. You need to become a high-level Saint as quickly as possible so that we can use you in battles.”

“I understand,” Lin Feng said firmly.

“I won’t put pressure on you. You know what to do. Go to Fortune City. Your friends are back,” said the Diviner, smiling at him.

“My friends are back?!” Lin Feng looked surprised. “Do you think they have the potential to become core disciples?”

“Yes,” said the Diviner agreeably. Lin Feng was pleasantly surprised, so he left immediately.


He left the palace and descended from the sky, releasing his godly awareness to inspect the area. Many people raised their heads in Fortune City, sensing something.

Hou Qing Lin and Jun Mo Xi sensed it, too. They raised their heads, and Hou Qing Lin said, “What a terrifying godly awareness strength. That’s someone from the Shrine.”

“Eh… people in Fortune City are all members of the Fortune Shrine,” Jun Mo Xi laughed.

“Half,” said Hou Qing Lin smiling.

At that moment, a voice said to them telepathically, “Brother Hou, Jun Mo Xi!”

“Lin Feng.” Hou Qing Lin was astonishing. He raised his head and saw Lin Feng descending from the sky, grinning broadly.

“How come you’re together?” asked Lin Feng smiling at the two of them. He landed on the ground next to them. Hou Qing Lin’s Qi was strange; when looking at his eyes, one had the impression one could drown in space and time. Jun Mo Xi’s Qi was ice-cold, one didn’t dare get close to him.

“We bumped into each other while traveling, I almost died, Jun Mo Xi saved me,” Hou Qing Lin smiled.

“Nah, it’s not true. I almost died, but anyway, we were lucky to find one another. If we hadn’t, we would not have today’s cultivation level,” said Jun Mo Xi smiled.

“You both became Saints in such a short time. Good!” said Lin Feng happily.

“Good? There’s still a huge difference between us and you. Back in the days, during the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, we were at the same level, now we’re too weak to stand next to you,” protested Jun Mo Xi. He had just sensed Lin Feng’s terrifying godly awareness. He was still happy for him, though.


Chapter 2435: Reincarnation Priest

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Lin Feng looked at Jun Mo Xi and shook his head with a grin. “I was lucky. You came to Fortune City to become core disciples, I heard. What kind of exam do you have to take?”

“The Continent of the Nine Clouds is in a state of chaos, so the exam will be a bit different. Every ten years, there will be a round and the Fortune Shrine will recruit core disciples. People of all cultivation levels will have the opportunity to participate, and the exam will be different depending on the different cultivation levels. In any case, it will be extremely difficult. We will do our best. I hope we’ll have the opportunity to become core disciples like you,” Jun Mo Xi smiled. During the Meeting of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, they had failed. Such opportunities were rare.

“Yes, it’s difficult to understand the Shrines if you don’t become core disciples. This time, I hope we will succeed,” said Hou Qing Lin solemnly.

“When is the exam going to take place?” asked Lin Feng.

“In seventy days,” replied Hou Qing Lin.

“Alright, I’ll take you somewhere first, then. I think it’ll help you become stronger,” said Lin Feng, smiling at his two friends.


Hou Qing Lin and Jun Mo Xi were curious when they arrived in a secret cultivation room. It was isolated from the world. Lin Feng took Jun Mo Xi and Hou Qing Lin out to the Star World. Jun Mo Xi and Hou Qing Lin were some of his best friends, Lin Feng wanted to help them become stronger. He also wanted to give them some medium-level Saint’s Weapons. They were already Saints, so they could use medium-level Saint’s Weapons even if they couldn’t make the most out them.

Before the exam started, Hou Qing Lin and Jun Mo Xi left the Star World, arriving in front of an illusory castle. It was similar to Fortune City when Lin Feng had gone there from the small world. Someone took Hou Qing Lin and Jun Mo Xi into the castle while Lin Feng and the Diviner stood aside. They were at the top of a mountain range and could see everything.

“Master, that’s…?” Lin Feng glanced at a mountain. A waterfall coming from the sky flowed onto it. There were some old people there, their eyes closed. There were many people seated next to them, all looking down at the castle.

“People who organized the exam choose core disciples. Lin Feng, if you wish, you can also choose disciples,” the Diviner told him.

“That’d only harm the younger generation,” said Lin Feng shaking his head. He preferred focusing on cultivation, he didn’t feel like teaching.

“The exam is starting,” whispered the Diviner. Lin Feng was staring at Hou Qing Lin and Jun Mo Xi. They were in the same place as some other Saints who had entered the castle with them. It was a vast hilly place, many ordinary disciples of the Fortune Shrine were hiding there. They were guarding, the examinees had to break through them to move on to the next round.

“They’re all disciples who have just become Saints. So many people are hiding, breaking through must be difficult,” murmured Lin Feng.

“Becoming a core disciple is indeed not easy,” said the Diviner softly.

Hou Qing Lin, Jun Mo Xi, and the others started moving forwards. The hills and hiding places were not real, they were made of Saint’s strength and breaking them was impossible, so resorting to trickery was impossible, too.

“They have to break through and then cross a tunnel. They all have to go through eight blockades,” said the Diviner.

Very quickly, Hou Qing Lin arrived in front of his first opponent, their battle was explosive. Hou Qing Lin’s reincarnation strength was incredible. He kept moving forwards with an indomitable will, flinching wasn’t part of his vocabulary. Even if his opponent was extremely strong, Hou Qing Lin’s reincarnation strength could defeat them.

“Your friend is an insane fighter,” the Diviner observed.

“Back then, when we hadn’t broken through to the Huang Qi layer yet, he said being insane was a necessity to become an emperor. Even though he has an exceptional talent and a distinguished appearance, his fighting method has never changed, he’s always been crazy,” laughed Lin Feng. Hou Qing Lin’s fighting abilities were indeed impressive. Even if Hou Qing Lin was injured, he wanted to make his opponents drown in reincarnation strength. Nobody dared risk their life against him. Very quickly, he defeated his first opponent.

Jun Mo Xi also faced his first opponent; their fight was straightforward and explosive. They had a close combat.

“Imperial immortal body, he looks like a king of Hell,” the Diviner observed. “At the same cultivation level, even if someone can defeat him, it’s almost impossible to kill him unless the enemy has some sort of special power.”

“The guards aren’t strong enough, otherwise it would be difficult for them to move on,” noted Lin Feng.

“Haha, you mean we should have sent core disciples who were low-level Saints? That would have been extremely difficult and unfair. After all, they aren’t core disciples yet. We can’t only test their fighting abilities, we also need to test their intent.”

Hou Qing Lin and Jun Mo Xi made great efforts and passed the test of the first round.

“Brother Hou is on the right path to create a perfect Saint’s technique. When he succeeds, his attacks will be even more terrifying,” Lin Feng pointed out.

“You noticed that too? Indeed, that kind of Saint’s technique is great,” agreed the Diviner. Among the people who had just become Saints, there were twenty-eight contestants. The majority of them were people from Fortune City. At lower cultivation levels, among people who weren’t Saints yet, there were many, many contestants, yet only twelve people passed the first exam.

Jun Mo Xi and Hou Qing Lin continued on, arriving in an illusory place. Lin Feng didn’t understand what kind of exam it was.

“After this, their obsessiveness will be tested. It will be extremely difficult. During this part, some people will be badly injured, some of them will even die.”

“That scary?” Lin Feng’s face stiffened.

“Yes, we will see how determined they are. Many people are talented and good at fighting. However, intent is rare and crucial,” replied the Diviner grimly. The examinees continued walking in the illusion, nothing happened, but Lin Feng knew it was going to be difficult.

An hour passed and someone suddenly groaned with pain and coughed up blood, his face deathly pale. Lin Feng’s heart twitched, noting that person was injured…

Very quickly, a second person was injured. He moved back and left, giving up.

Half a day passed, and of the twelve people, seven people were injured or gave up. Only five persevered.

“As expected, it’s very difficult.” Lin Feng’s face stiffened. Hou Qing Lin continued moving forwards, bathing in reincarnation lights. Many shadows appeared around him.

“What’s that?” Lin Feng was astonished. Worlds of reincarnation appeared around Hou Qing Lin.

“Good little boy. He’s very determined. He can even improve his own natural abilities like that,” said the Diviner. His eyes twinkled.

An old man at the foot of the waterfall suddenly opened his eyes and looked at Hou Qing Lin, “I want that one to become my disciple.”

The other old men nodded. They didn’t try to steal him away. The Diviner looked happy and said, “Lin Feng, your friend is definitely going to become a core disciple, and he’s extremely lucky.”

“Who’s that Master?” asked Lin Feng.

“A senior official of the Fortune Shrine who hasn’t shown up for tens of thousands of years. He is the Reincarnation Priest. Tens of thousands of years ago, he was already a peerless Saint. Then, the Continent of the Nine Clouds became chaotic and our leader had him come back. Hou Qing Lin is going to become his disciple, that’s an extraordinary opportunity for him,” the Diviner beamed. “You know what peerless means?”

“The Reincarnation Priest has made several sorts of special original strengths fuse together to become a peerless Saint?” asked Lin Feng.

“He became peerless thanks to the Six Great Karma Wheel Divisions,” the Diviner beamed. Lin Feng was impressed. His fellow disciple was going to have an incredible opportunity, indeed!

“The second round is about transcending worldliness, getting rid of the self. The third round is going to be easy for him. Everything will happen naturally,” said the Diviner. Hou Qing Lin, as expected, left the castle easily. He looked around at the crowd, seemingly surprised.

“Fellow disciple, congratulations!” said Lin Feng to Hou Qing Lin telepathically. At that moment, Hou Qing Lin didn’t understand. His facial expression was funny.

“Come here,” the Reincarnation Priest said to Hou Qing Lin.

Hou Qing Lin looked at him, Lin Feng said to him telepathically, “Brother, he’s a peerless Saint of the Fortune Shrine. Go!”

Hou Qing Lin was surprised and slowly walked towards the old man. He bowed and said, “Greetings, Master.”

“Would you like to become my disciple?” asked the old man, smiling at Hou Qing Lin.

Hou Qing Lin was stupefied. He said, “I have two teachers, they’re like fathers to me. I can’t have another teacher.”

Lin Feng was astonished, but then smiled. Brother Hou was the same old Brother Hou, he hadn’t changed.

“Alright, you refuse to forget your former teachers even when facing someone like me. Come with me, I won’t force you,” said the Reincarnation Priest. He was a bit annoyed when Hou Qing Lin had refused. But he also admired and appreciated such people. Hou Qing Lin was a good person.

“Thank you very much, Master,” said Hou Qing Lin, bowing deeply. He glanced at Lin Feng and then entered the Fortune Shrine with the Reincarnation Priest.


Chapter 2436: Support Needed in Da Yu City

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Only three people passed the exam at the level of new Saints. After Hou Qing Lin, Jun Mo Xi also passed, he was extremely determined. The Diviner thought highly of both of them. They had very different personalities. Hou Qing Lin was crazy, while Jun Mo Xi was determined.

Teachers noticed them other two, but they weren’t as lucky as Hou Qing Lin. No peerless Saint wanted to recruit them as disciples, so they left with high-level Saints. The difference between Saints of different levels was incredible; the difference between someone who had just become a Saint and a high-level Saint was gigantic. Therefore, they were happy anyway.

“There are so many great emperors, their exam lasts much longer. But ten people at most will become core disciples,” murmured the Diviner, looking over the great emperors.

“The majority of them are geniuses from Fortune City and the passing rate is still so low. Ten disciples in a year, the exam is so difficult,” whispered Lin Feng.

“At the scale of the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, ten years are nothing. Even a hundred years are nothing. It’s a great opportunity for many people,” the Diviner smiled. Lin Feng nodded. At his cultivation level, ten years were really short, sometimes he could practice cultivation and meditate in seclusion for a few years, and it felt as if a few days had passed. Some old members of the Fortune Shrine sometimes practiced cultivation for tens of thousands of years.

“Lin Feng, in the Imperial Court of the Continent of the Nine Clouds, the Fire Shrine and the Empty Space Shrine keep oppressing us. They want to steal Da Yu City from us. We’ve already sent three high-level Saints to protect it. However, the two Shrines are determined too, they sent four high-level Saints, eighteen low-level Saints, thirty-six Half-Saints, and an army of great emperors.”

“They sent such a terrifying army for a city?” Lin Feng was astonished. When two Shrines joined hands, things became even scarier. The Shrines weren’t fighting in one city only. There were explosive battles everywhere. The Shrines had probably asked all their Saints to come back for battles. They were getting ready for a great war.

“Indeed, the battles aren’t happening in the shadows, the battles are now in the open and they’re growing in size. For example, in the past, we used to try and keep Fortune City under control. Of course we were interested in surrounding cities, especially big ones, but now all the Shrines are trying to conquer new cities, especially those in which there are influential groups.”

“Da Yu City is an extraordinary city. It’s situated in the middle of the Fortune Shrine, the Fire Shrine and the Empty Space Shrine. Many geniuses come from that city. Many of them have become powerful and influential, many Shrines’ disciples are from Da Yu City. Some influential groups in Da Yu City are extremely powerful. Therefore, I hope we won’t lose it,” said the Diviner grimly.

Lin Feng understood. They needed to fight on all fronts. The battles were going to last for a long time, and they needed much energy. At the same time, they needed to be resistant, they needed to be able to survive until the end.

“Master, how may I help?” said Lin Feng.

“We don’t have enough fighters. Apart from the strong cultivators who are in the Fortune Shrine most of the time, we also called all our strong cultivators back. We had never done that before. But even like that, we don’t have enough fighters,” the Diviner said to Lin Feng, “Last time, I told you, peerless Saints would only get involved in the end. When they fight, it will be the end of the chaotic era. Now, we’re competing slowly, and high-level Saints are at the core of the battles. Therefore, I hope you can become a high-level Saint as soon as possible.”

“At the level of high-level Saints, our fighters have the advantage in Da Yu City. But our Half-Saints and low-level Saints are facing difficulties. I need you to use another identity and go to Da Yu City to help. But first, let’s wait for the three new recruits to become strong enough, then you’ll take them there. ”

“No problem. But how long will my fellow disciple and Jun Mo Xi need before being able to go to Da Yu City?” replied Lin Feng.

“Don’t worry about that, the battles over the big cities will not end in a few years. Besides, I already told the fighters I dispatched not to fight. They can waste some time like that, we won’t lose quickly that way. However, it also means that our enemies will send more and more strong cultivators there, they will have the advantage, and when you go there, things will be even more difficult. But at that moment, if we send people who can compete with all of them, we won’t let any of them escape. Quality is better than quantity. That’s why we’re not afraid of waiting.”

“I understand.” Lin Feng nodded. At the level of Saints, even if some people lost, it didn’t necessarily meant their enemies could kill them unless there was a huge level difference between them.

“You go back. When they’re ready, I’ll tell you.”

“Alright,” Lin Feng agreed. He left and headed to his own palace.

The Diviner was in charge of establishing the military strategies of the Fortune Shrine, the peerless Saints didn’t seem to be doing anything. Lin Feng was wondering just how strong the leader of the Fortune Shrine was. And even though he was the leader, could he compete with the other peerless Saints of the Fortune Shrine? He didn’t know yet.


Lin Feng didn’t go far. He practiced cultivation calmly. He wanted to reach the next step of his God level. A year quickly passed, and the Diviner came to him and told him to change his face. He took him to meet Jun Mo Xi and Hou Qing Lin.

“They’re coming, too?” asked Lin Feng. There were great emperors around, they had also passed the previous exam.

“Yes, they are core disciples now, take them to Da Yu City. After that, let Saint Qing Ye organize everything,” said the Diviner.

“Alright.” Lin Feng nodded and said to Hou Qing Lin and Jun Mo Xi telepathically, “Fellow disciple, Mo Xi, it’s me, I need to hide my real identity. Call me Mu Lin now. ”

The two were surprised, but then they understood that if the Shrines knew he was Lin Feng, they would encircle him and kill him.

“I transmitted you the location and map of Da Yu City. You can go,” said the Diviner patiently.

“Alright.” Lin Feng waved, and an ancient boat appeared. It was a medium-level Saint’s Weapon, and its speed was incredible. It was perfect for the occasion.

“Let’s go!” said Lin Feng. The group of people jumped into the boat and rapidly left. The Diviner watched them leave and smiled, “Qing Ye, that’s all I can do for you. I hope you’ll claim Da Yu City.”


Da Yu City was gigantic, and there were many incredible Clans there. One of them was the Ye Clan. However, the Ye Clan had been completely destroyed, only ruins were left.

“That’s the Ye Clan?” When the group of people flew above the Ye Clan in the boat, they were startled, as they only saw ruins.

“Yes. This is the place the Diviner marked on the map. Something must have happened,” murmured Lin Feng.

A figure came out of the ruins and challenged them, “Where do you come from?”

“Who are you?” challenged Lin Feng sharply.

“You recognize this?” asked the person. His third eye twinkled, it looked like a Fortune Star. Lin Feng and the others recognized it, a Fortune Shrine’s disciple.

Lin Feng and the others’ third eyes also twinkled, that person nodded and said, “You came to help, right? The Ye Clan was attacked by surprise, come with me. ”

“Alright,” said Lin Feng and the others. Lin Feng asked, “How bad are the losses?”

“The battles here are direct. They know we’re everywhere here, so they don’t try and hide, they attack directly, mostly relying on strength. We suffered severe losses. Three of our Saints died. We also lost many great emperors. It’s a tragedy. The Ye Clan is completely destroyed. ”

Lin Feng and the others took a deep breath. The Ye Clan had been completely destroyed, that was a tragedy indeed.

“How is the Fortune Shrine’s disciple who’s also from the Ye Clan?”

“He escaped. He feels desperate, he wants to kill the enemies. They destroyed the Ye Clan because they didn’t want us to have a place to stay here.”

They destroyed the Ye Clan as an example to others, thought Lin Feng. How tragic. They had directly destroyed the Ye Clan.


Chapter 2437: Counterattack

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The strong cultivators of the Fortune Shrine used the Ye Clan as a headquarters because a member of the Ye Clan was also a core disciple of the Fortune Shrine. The Fire Shrine and the Empty Space Shrine had decided to destroy the Ye Clan to show all other Clans that they better cut off ties with the Fortune Shrine.

When the Ye Clan was destroyed, Lin Feng and the others were already on their way. The strong cultivators of the Fortune Shrine knew that so they had one disciple hide in the ruins to receive them. The disciple took them to an ordinary yet large courtyard. It looked ordinary from the outside and didn’t attract people’s attention.

Lin Feng sighed, the situation was difficult for the Fortune Shrine…

A group of figures arrived. When they saw Lin Feng and the others, their eyes twinkled. But they looked desperate, a middle-aged man said, “You’re the only ones who came?”

Lin Feng was shocked. They were indeed only four Saints. Three of them were Half-Saints. No wonder the man was devastated and disappointed. These people wouldn’t be able to change anything.

“Yes, you know that the Fortune Shrine is under pressure. Only the four of us could come,” replied Lin Feng.

“Never mind. Let’s go and see Officer Qing Ye,” said that person turning around. During wartime, they called high-level Saints Officer. Saint Qing Ye was thus an Officer.

The middle-aged man brought Lin Feng and the others to a building in the depths of the courtyard to talk. A few people were standing there, the leader of the group was a clean and elegant middle-aged man. He looked at Lin Feng and the others and asked, “Mu Lin?”

“Greetings, Officer Qing Ye,” Lin Feng replied.

“Mu Zhen, go and and tell them their tasks,” Qing Ye told the middle-aged man, pointing at the great emperors.

“Alright.” Mu Zhen nodded and left to assign different tasks to the great emperors.

“You saw what happened to the Ye Clan. We don’t have the advantage here. If they manage to kill us, they’ll take control over Da Yu City,” said Qing Ye to Lin Feng, “I’m touched and impressed you came at such a moment, but you have to be prepared psychologically, this war is very dangerous.”

“I understand,” said Lin Feng. It was a battle to death! “Officer Qing Ye, how many Saints are left on our side here?”

“Three high-level Saints, they aren’t injured. Seven low-level Saints. Seventeen Half-Saints, and that’s including you guys,” said Qing Ye to Lin Feng.

“Our enemies have joined hands. They have four high-level Saints, eighteen low-level Saints, and thirty-six Half-Saints, has anything changed?”

“Yes, they now control a few Clans, who have already submitted. They also took some of their strong cultivators to make them participate in the battles,” said Qing Ye. The enemies didn’t have fewer fighters, they had even more!

“I understand,” said Lin Feng.

“Why did the Diviner only send four people? It would have been better not to send anyone at all,” spoke up the woman next to Qing Ye. She looked heroic and valiant in her armor, but also annoyed. She was initially very happy, she had thought the Fortune Shrine would send many strong cultivators. In the end, they had sent only four Saints.

“Mo Yu, you know perfectly well how the situation of the Fortune Shrine is. Don’t be angry, you’re too old for that. Tell Mu Lin and the others more about the situation of the Shrine,” Qing Ye ordered the woman. Mo Yu nodded. Even though she was annoyed, she knew things were complicated for the Shrine.

“Come with me,” Mo Yu told Lin Feng and the others. They moved over in front of a golden map. It was a map of Da Yu City.

“Mu Lin, we’re here now,” said Mo Yu, pointing at place on the map. Lin Feng’s heart twitched; they were stuck in a corner.

“This territory is already occupied by the Fire Shrine and the Empty Space Shrine; here, it’s the Hong Clan, here the Leng Clan. They are present in those nine places. They have probably dispatched great emperors everywhere in Da Yu City, first to see what’s going everywhere, and second because they are about to take control over the whole city.”

“This map is small, so it’s as if they had already taken over the whole city, but Da Yu City is gigantic, they’re still not altogether in one place,” said Lin Feng.

“The nine places they occupy already have teleportation portals. They can teleport themselves everywhere in the twinkling of an eye. They also have many empty space deployment talismans. Therefore, they dispersed in nine different places because they know they can easily meet anywhere. So attacking them is useless, as they will directly converge and attack us,” said Mo Yu.

“No wonder with the Empty Space Shrine,” said Jun Mo Xi. It didn’t look good for them.

“We can do the same. Give me some time and I’ll make some teleportation deployment talismans,” said Lin Feng.

“You can make teleportation talismans?” asked Mo Yu.

“Yes, I can,” said Lin Feng nodded. Making talismans was easy for him at his cultivation level, and he also controlled empty space type original strength. Therefore, his teleportation talismans were definitely going to be good.

“Good news then. If you can make teleportation talismans, even if they encircle us, if we use the talismans before they seal the area around us, we’ll be fine. If we want to seal the area around them, they’ll also use teleportation talismans immediately.”

No wonder. We didn’t have the advantage from the beginning, thought Lin Feng.

Mo Yu showed them where they could stay. Lin Feng made some talismans for a few days. He gave them to everybody, relieving them greatly. They hadn’t felt so assured for a while, but still, they couldn’t gain the advantage.

“Mo Yu, come with me,” Lin Feng said to Mo Yu.

Her eyes twinkling, she followed Lin Feng, as they arrived in front of the golden map, Lin Feng showed her the Hong Clan and said, “They have eighteen low-level Saints, they occupy nine places, therefore, each of their places has around two low-level Saints. Let’s go and destroy one of their territories. ”

“We can only attack once by surprise, and if we do, they’ll be very vigilant, they might even chase us. It’s a bad choice,” said Mo Yu shaking her head.

“Don’t exaggerate. The five of us can go, that’s more than enough,” said Lin Feng. Mo Yu was stupefied, “The five of us?”

She glanced at Jun Mo Xi and Hou Qing Lin. If the five of them went, it’d be extremely dangerous, and they would definitely not be able to defeat their opponents.

“Indeed, the five of us, you don’t trust me?” said Lin Feng to Mo Yu.

“It’s not that, but we’re such a small force, we can’t do anything,” said Mo Yu frowning.

“Let’s try and see. Don’t forget, we also have very powerful deployment talismans. You tried one, we can use them and leave instantly,” said Lin Feng smiled. “Don’t worry. I am not going to put my life at stake recklessly. ”

Mo Yu was surprised, she looked at him and said, “Alright, Mu Lin. What kind of strength do you control? ”

“It’s quite complex to explain. You?” asked Lin Feng.

“Empty space sealing strength and world creation.” replied Mo Yu.

Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled as Mo Yu continued talking, “But it’s not very useful. We don’t have many people, so our enemies won’t let us escape. And if we aren’t able to destroy them quickly, even if they’re weaker than us, they’ll call their friends and they’ll be there instantly, and then we’ll be in danger. ”

“I know what to do. So just tell me: will you help or not?” asked Lin Feng, staring at Mo Yu. Mo Yu’s eyes glittered, and she nodded, “I’ll try and help you.”

“Alright, let’s go to the Leng Clan first,” said Lin Feng. He turned around and started walking away.

Mo Yu hadn’t thought Lin Feng would be so determined. She followed him and asked, “Why the Leng Clan?”

“There can never be too much subterfuge in war,” said Lin Feng calmly. He left the building and they flew into the air. After they left, three people appeared in the building, one of them Saint Qing Ye.

He watched them leave and smiled. “That’s the boy all the Shrines want. I wonder if he can prove himself on the battlefield of Da Yu City.”

“Mara-Deva had him come to Da Yu City, he has something in mind. Maybe that it’s to pave the way for him.” whispered the person next to him. They knew that Mu Lin was Lin Feng!


Chapter 2438: Illusion Finger

Edited by RED


The Leng Clan was a Clan in Da Yu City. They were very strong.

Two people in the Leng Clan were seated under a pavilion in the garden, playing chess. Some people were standing next to them and watching.

“How long do you think we’ll need to take over Da Yu City?” asked a middle-aged man wearing a fire robe, while putting down his piece.

“I’m sure it’s feasible within three years, if they don’t hide the whole time,” replied his opponent. He was wearing fine golden clothes, and was also a middle-aged man. They were strong cultivators from the Empty Space Shrine and the Fire Shrine. The Leng Clan was one of the territories they had taken over.

“I bet we’ll need less than three years,” said the Fire Shrine’s Saint. “Last time, we already taught them a good lesson. If we have another opportunity to do the same a second time, they’ll leave of their own free will.”

“I would prefer it if they stayed here forever,” laughed the Empty Space Shrine’s strong cultivator laughing. He suddenly frowned and said, “There’s sword Qi.”

The Fire Shrine’s strong cultivator also sensed it. His eyes glittered as he heard a sound in the distance. Sword lights flew past his shoulder, breaking and snapping sounds spread in the air. The ancient palace next to them crackled, a fissure appeared, and with a loud roar, the palace exploded. A huge trail appeared on the ground leading right through it.

“Everybody, get ready to fight, inform the other military bases, and activate the teleportation portals,” said someone coldly. They released their godly awareness as they rose up into the air.

A few sword lights descended from the sky and moved in different directions, more fissures appeared on the ground. The Saints in the sky looked furious; the Fortune Shrine was there to get their revenge?

“Only one person is attacking,” said the Fire Shrine’s Saint.

“Watch out and remain vigilant. Wait for the others to teleport here and then we’ll act together,” said another cultivator. Very quickly, the deployment portals twinkled and figures appeared. Saint’s strength filled the air. They moved forwards, but paused when they saw a figure in the sky.

He was smiling icily as he said, “Scoundrels, members of the Leng Clan, listen to me. The Fire Shrine and the Empty Space Shrine decided to completely destroy the Clan where the disciples of the Fortune Shrine were; they are cruel and decided to act with utter disregard for principles. We will definitely get our revenge. From now on, if you continue cooperating with them, we’ll have no choice but to destroy you.”

Another sword light streaked across the sky, and a valley appeared through the very middle of the Leng Clan. The crowd was astonished. What a disaster for them! The Shrines were almost better off than those Clans!

“Capture him!” some people flickered. They broke their deployment talismans, and appeared around Lin Feng. However, at the same time, Lin Feng disappeared, all that remained was some pale undulating energy.

“Deployment talisman?” The group of strong cultivators frowned in astonishment. One of them said, “Follow the empty space strength and chase him. He’s alone. I don’t think he disappeared. ”

The one who had just talked also disappeared, following Lin Feng. He reappeared somewhere else in the sky, but then frowned. The undulating strength seemed to be even farther, which meant Lin Feng was even farther away.

He broke another deployment talisman. The group of people chased Lin Feng as fast as they could, but in the end, they still didn’t find him.

“Inform the other bases and tell them to be careful, the Fortune Shrine is attacking us by surprise. Tell them the members of the Fortune Shrine also have teleportation deployment talismans,” said a strong cultivator. Everybody started contacting other people. Even though they hadn’t lost any cultivators, it made them feel very nervous, especially since the enemy had tried to scare the Clans of Da Yu City by saying they would destroy them if they collaborated with the Fire Shrine and the Empty Space Shrine.

Very quickly, the Saints of the Fire Shrine and the Empty Space Shrine received messages about what had happened in the Leng Clan. They had been attacked by surprise, so they had to be careful.

The sky of Da Yu City turned rosy red, it was a beautiful sight.


Outside of the Hong Clan, a group was walking in the direction of the Hong Clan. Some people were staring at them. Threads of godly awareness appeared in front of them as they asked the group icily, “Who are you?”

“Fortune Shrine’s members,” said Lin Feng smiled. The person who had just asked him that looked shocked, but then threads of death intent pierced through his body and he collapsed.

More threads of godly awareness appeared, but Lin Feng also released his godly awareness, covering the sky of the Hong Clan.

“I’ll be right back,” said Lin Feng, breaking a deployment talisman. He reappeared somewhere else in the sky. Underneath him was a shimmering teleportation portal.

A terrifying sword Qi descended from the sky. Sword strength condensed all around him and slashed through the teleportation portal.

“Stop him!” A group of people moved towards Lin Feng.

“Break!” shouted Lin Feng icily. He moved towards the teleportation portal, sword lights showering down. There was a loud explosion as the portal was blown apart.

“What a powerful attack!” The guards were astonished. The teleportation portal was extremely resilient. Low-level Saints couldn’t break it but he had, how scary.

“World!” said a voice icily. A gigantic light curtain appeared in the sky and surrounded the area. It was a sealing world strength.

“Five people, two low-level Saints.” The group of strong cultivators glanced at the intruders and finally saw them clearly. They didn’t use any deployment talismans. They used deployment talismans only when they faced enemies stronger than them. Since Lin Feng and the others weren’t stronger, they didn’t elect to escape.

“Hong Dong Liu, you and I fight against him. You guys fight against the others,” said an Empty Space Shrine’s low-level Saint, staring at Lin Feng. That guy’s sword attacks were powerful, two low-level Saints had to join hands to fight against him. Hee let the Fire Shrine’s low-level Saints fight against the woman. In total, there were three low-level Saints and six Half-Saints there.

“Finish them as quickly as you can!” said Lin Feng. Even though he had destroyed the teleportation portal, enemies could also come quickly, they had to fight and solve the issue fast.

Lin Feng looked at Hong Dong Liu; that guy was probably a Saint of the Hong Clan, which meant that he was unlikely to be very strong.

Lin Feng shot towards Hong Dong Liu, faster than the other would really believe.

“Illusion!” said Lin Feng. Hong Dong Liu was astonished. Illusion?! Illusion strength filled the air, but he didn’t feel like he was appearing in an illusion. Nothing happened?

The low-level Saint of the Empty Space Shrine threw a golden hand at Lin Feng, trying to grab him directly.

Lin Feng slapped the air in front of him, and energies rolled out towards the golden hand. The space around them shook violently. It contained earth strength and it was becoming more and more powerful. When it collided with the hand, the gigantic empty space hand exploded into pieces.

“Hong Dong Liu, die!” said Lin Feng, pointing at Hong Dong Liu. Hong Dong Liu withdrew, but sensed that he was slowing down. Lin Feng had released slow strength onto him and condensed fast strength in his finger. Hong Dong Liu looked a bit surprised.

“Die!” said Lin Feng. Hong Dong Liu was astonished. Lin Feng hadn’t even gotten close to him and he was already attacking?

“Be careful!” Hong Dong Liu heard. He was stunned, something was ripping through his brain. His face paled as he stared at Lin Feng. He couldn’t believe it. “How is that possible?”

His brain exploded and he fell from from the sky. He didn’t even know how he had died.

It was an attack Lin Feng had practiced for years. He created an illusion, but the enemy didn’t know he was in an illusion, it was as if nothing changed around them, and then suddenly, Lin Feng was in front of them.

Now Lin Feng had improved the attack because he had condensed even more sorts of original strength in his finger. The attack was shapeless, invisible, and intangible.

The strong cultivators of the Empty Space Shrine were astonished. How could a low-level Saint have been so careless? Lin Feng had definitely used a terrifying attack!

“Break free from this territory and disperse!” said the low-level Saint of the Empty Space Shrine. They had to act promptly. They wanted to give up, he didn’t feel like fighting against Lin Feng even if he was holding a Saint’s Weapon!


Chapter 2439: Destroying a Stationary Point

Edited by RED


After the strong cultivator of the Empty Space Shrine said that, their group moved back and dispersed.

The one who initially wanted to fight against Lin Feng was holding a halberd with three blades. Strength emerged from it. It was a Space Lacerating Halberd, it could cut apart space. Against people, it was quite efficient too, it could chop them up quickly.

The cultivator attacked Mo Yu’s sealed world with the Space Lacerating Halberd. Fissures appeared and the world strength dispersed. But after that, the crowd sensed the space tremble, they had the impression they were going to explode.

Mo Yu was bathing in star lights, and suddenly the space turned into a star world, shattering the spatial ties. After the seal broke, dazzling stars appeared and surrounded everybody.

“Let’s end the battle quickly, otherwise their people will rush over!” said Mo Yu. She looked nervous. Lin Feng had destroyed their teleportation portal, but the enemies who weren’t there would realize it soon enough and then would rush over. Mo Yu and the others couldn’t waste time.

“I understand,” said Lin Feng. He then moved towards the Empty Space Shrine strong cultivator who was holding the Space Lacerating Halberd. At the same time, Hou Qing Lin and the others also charged towards their enemies.

Two people who had just become Saints moved towards Hou Qing Lin. Hou Qing Lin released reincarnation strength, startling them. Reincarnation strength was rare.

Reincarnation lights appeared as Hou Qing Lin released sword strength, six star-like lights appeared. The atmosphere was explosive, the reincarnation strength was corroding it.

“Six great divisions in the wheel of karma!” The two cultivator’s faces paled. That was the intent of the six great divisions in the wheel of karma! One of them raised his fist and threw a punch in Hou Qing Lin’s direction. The space turned into a gigantic fire giant, its gigantic hand shot towards Hou Qing Lin.

Hou Qing Lin raised his hand and reincarnation lights surrounded the giant and corroded its body away. At the same time, he grunted coldly, and raised both fists. The six great divisions in the wheel of karma surrounded the two cultivators, and they screamed, panic-stricken. One of them had half of his body stuck in the reincarnation strength, the upper half of his body still flailing outside.

“How could a Half-Saint be so strong? His Saint’s technique is already incredible. A really strong cultivator must have transmitted that Saint’s technique to him!” shouted one of them anxiously. Hou Qing Lin attacked again, six beam of lights intertwined in the space and attacked two enemies.

My Six Great Karma Wheel Divisions attack is a billionth of my teacher’s attack, thought Hou Qing Lin, sighing. After becoming a core disciple of the Fortune Shrine, he had left with the Reincarnation Priest, who had taught him a lot. In the end, Hou Qing Lin had acknowledged him as a teacher, not differently from his two teachers. His teacher had then taught him the Six Great Karma Wheel Divisions attack, but Hou Qing Lin’s attack was much weaker.

Hou Qing Lin had seen his teacher use the Six Great Karma Wheel Divisions. When his teacher used it, the earth and the sky emitted sad and plaintive cries. It could destroy entire populations, nobody could escape. Hou Qing Lin hadn’t even been able to see the intent inside because it was so complex.

Hou Qing Lin jumped forwards and killed him. At the same time, Lin Feng’s God’s Sword penetrated into the Empty Space Shrine’s low-level Saint’s forehead and killed him. The Fire Shrine’s low-level Saint against whom Mo Yu was fighting was the only one left, and that battle wasn’t difficult for Mo Yu.

At that moment, breaking sounds came from outside, alerting them.

“Oh no!” Mo Yu’s face changed drastically, “The others arrived, they’re attacking my sealed world!”

The Fire Shrine’s low-level Saint retreated, the others moved back to the edge of the sealed world. If the sealed world broke apart, they’d be able to leave safely. Then, they’d counterattack and surround them!

“Everybody, come, let’s get ready to disperse,” said Mo Yu. They gathered together. If the sealed world broke apart, they’d all leave together.

“It’s not that easy, they may have sealed the area outside,” said Lin Feng. Mo Yu looked worried. Those people were really fast.

“But even if they did, those people are, at most, those who were near the Hong Clan’s stationary base, so we don’t have anything to fear,” said Lin Feng. He took out a spear, a medium-level Saint’s Weapon. If he used his two other Saint’s Weapons, people would recognize him. He had to use a different kind of Saint’s Weapon.

The long spear shot towards the Fire Shrine’s low-level Saint, who glared at Lin Feng anxiously.

The Fire Shrine’s strong cultivator was desperate. Two low-level Saints had already been killed by Lin Feng, he was scared. He condensed fire original strength, and the space around him started burning as fire giants appeared all around him. At the same time, a fire god appeared around him, bathing him in flames. The earth and the sky started burning, too, turning everything glaring red.

“Die!” He shouted furiously, the fire giants stretched out their hands at Lin Feng. So many hands appeared all around Lin Feng.

A terrifying absorbing strength emerged from his spear, the fire turned into a beam of light and was drawn into the spear. The spear turned bright red.

“That Saint’s Weapon contains absorbing strength!” The Fire Shrine’s strong cultivator pulled a long face. A terrifying dragon appeared and absorbed the energies around him. The spear continued absorbing the fire strength, and the fire giants slowed down as Lin Feng released slow strength. Lin Feng turned into a beam of light, he threw his spear and condensed fast strength in it, it was impossible to follow it with the eye.

The Fire Shrine’s Saint screamed defiantly. The giant behind him threw out his hand.

“Die,” said Lin Feng. His spear shot towards the other’s third eye. The Fire Shrine’s strong cultivator was astonished, he couldn’t believe it his eyes. How was this possible?!

Flames invaded the space around him. He was bathing in flames, but he had no time to release his full strength. His attack vanished into nothing. Lin Feng’s slow and fast strengths were incredible, and when he used such attacks against Half-Saints, they couldn’t do anything at all. They just died instantly.

“How strong!” Mo Yu shivered when she saw Lin Feng. She had hopes again! Maybe this Mu Lin could really change things in Da Yu City.

At that moment, her sealed world broke apart, and a group of people appeared outside. When they saw that their allies had disappeared inside, they were shocked.

“Come with me,” said Lin Feng. He released fast strength which surrounded the whole group, and they shot away. Lin Feng released earth and empty space original strength and condensed it into his spear. He accelerated and reached his maximum speed.

“Let’s go.” Lin Feng and the others sensed a terrifying energy fill the air in the distance. They broke talismans and disappeared.

“As expected, they have deployment talismans.” The strong cultivators didn’t chase them, as the strongest cultivators of the Hong Clan had been killed.

Very quickly, even more people gathered and pulled long faces. One of their stationary bases had been destroyed by their enemy, and none of their soldiers were left!

“We need to inform the four other Officers that a strong cultivator has shown up. He can easily kill low-level Saints in a short time, and even destroy a stationary base,” said one of them. They had to think of ways to protect themselves. They couldn’t let the same thing happen again!


Chapter 2440: Trap!

Edited by RED


Lin Feng and Mo Yu arrived somewhere else. They had already used several deployment talismans. Once they were far enough away, they felt relieved. The enemies had four high-level Saints, after all. They couldn’t protect themselves against those terrifying cultivators.

“Pfew…” Mo Yu took a deep breath. She was still wearing her armor and looking graceful in it. She smiled and stared at Lin Feng.

“What?” asked Lin Feng, smiling.

“I want to get to know you,” said Mo Yu smiling. She put out her hand and smiled at Lin Feng.

Lin Feng smiled and shook her hand freely.

“At the level of low-level Saints, killing enemies is extremely difficult, even if the difference in strength is big. Usually, those who are defeated have the choice to escape. However, today, you proved me wrong. Your attacks looked ordinary, but you easily killed the enemy with them, even though they were at the same cultivation level as you. From now on, I’ll stay with you,” said Mo Yu. She knew that what Lin Feng had done was extraordinary.

She had also been amazed by Hou Qing Lin. He was just a Half-Saint, but his attacks were incredible, worthy of a legendary priest’s disciple. His identity was extraordinary. Hou Qing Lin had come with Lin Feng, and Lin Feng looked like the leader. She could imagine that Lin Feng had a particular status in the Fortune Shrine.

“Following me can be dangerous. If the high-level Saints had come a moment ago, it wouldn’t have been fun. It was the first time, next time will be difficult. We can’t use the same strategy again,” said Lin Feng. Mo Yu was impressed and nodded. Indeed, they had killed three low-level Saints at once, it was a splendid and glorious victory, but it wouldn’t happen again.

“So what do we do next?” asked Mo Yu. If they couldn’t attack by surprise anymore, what could they do?

“I don’t know. I need to think,” said Lin Feng.

“Yes, everyone should think,” said Hou Qing Lin nodding.

“What if we disappeared for some time and came back at some point?” asked Mo Yu. She was nervous.

“No,” said one of the cultivators with them, shaking his head.

“Yan Qing, what’s your idea?” asked Lin Feng. Yan Qing had passed the exam at the same time as Jun Mo Xi and Hou Qing Lin, he was also extremely strong.

“We should fish in troubled waters and reap benefit from confusion. The more confused the enemies are, the more chances we have to achieve what we want. If they are calm and serene, they will have time to set up a great defense strategy, and we won’t be able to do anything anymore,” said Yan Qing, shaking his head. “I have an idea, but it’s dangerous.”

“Tell us, then,” said Lin Feng.

“Master Mu Lin, you’re a low-level Saint, you kill strong cultivators of the same level quickly. Master Mo Yu and Hou Qing Lin can kill Half-Saints quickly. Jun Mo Xi and I can’t do that. Jun Mo Xi and I can become bait. We can feign an attack, then when someone discovers us, we escape. It’s a sensitive period, they definitely don’t have a great strategy yet, they must be badly organized right now. It’s an opportunity for you, but that strategy requires lots of deployment talismans to escape, and it’s also very dangerous,” said Yan Qing.

Lin Feng and the others looked thoughtful.

“I don’t think it’s that dangerous, it’s only dangerous for those who get attacked by surprise,” said Jun Mo Xi. After attacking, they could leave immediately.

“You can do that, I’ll attack alone,” said Lin Feng to the people.

“No. If there are many people, we can all disperse and move in different directions, which would be good to distract them. If you’re alone, they might set a trap and catch you. There are many Saints from the Empty Space Shrine among our enemies. They are experts at controlling empty space energy. They can seal the area anytime,” said Hou Qing Lin, shaking his head. He didn’t want to let Lin Feng take risks alone.

“It’s precisely the reason why I think it’s the best if I attack alone. The more people we are, the more dangerous it gets for us,” said Lin Feng. “Don’t worry. My goal is only to kill a low-level Saint. We can slowly kill their low-level Saints and then at some point, they’ll have as many low-level Saints as us. Then, we won’t be in a weak position anymore. ”

“Are you worried about me?” said Lin Feng smiling, “Let’s do it like that.”

“Alright, I agree,” said Mo Yu. “What do you want me to do? Feign an attack? Or attack? I’ll just listen to you. My life is your hands. ”

“Alright, I’ll protect you then,” said Lin Feng, smiling and nodding. Since they had already attacked by surprise once, they couldn’t attack a second time by surprise, so Lin Feng hoped the strategy would work. He hoped he’d manage to kill a low-level Saint, and two would be even better.

“Where do we act?” asked Yan Qing.

“The Leng Clan. Last time, we went there, but didn’t take anything from them. This time, it has to change,” Lin Feng grinned nastily. The others nodded.

“Alright,” said Yan Qing. They were all extraordinary people, otherwise, they wouldn’t have passed. They admired Lin Feng though, he could make deployment talismans, he had incredible fighting abilities, even Mo Yu admired and respected him.

“Alright, let’s do it then, dear friends,” said Lin Feng smiling, “We’re done with the details I think, should we go?”

“Alright,” everybody agreed. They wanted to help Lin Feng kill a low-level Saint, at least one, and if they succeeded, the Fortune Shrine would feel less pressured.


It was dawn in Da Yu City. After what had happened on the previous evening, the Fire Shrine and the Empty Space Shrine were extremely nervous, and even the Leng Clan was nervous. They had been attacked on the day before, but luckily, they hadn’t lost any Saint, just some face. But the Leng Clan didn’t know what to do; they were occupied by Shrines, what could they do? They couldn’t say anything. Even if they hoped the Shrines would change their stationary base, they couldn’t say anything.

The Continent of the Nine Clouds was in a state of chaos, all the Clans had their own ideas and none wanted to be destroyed. The relations they had with other groups was complex.

A few li away from the gate of the Leng Clan, someone appeared, walking slowly. That person was wearing ordinary clothes, a hat, and looked like a tourist. It was Lin Feng, about to attack the Leng Clan. He had gotten prepared. Mo Yu and the others were going to attack the Leng Clan by surprise, and then Lin Feng would attack once the situation was chaotic and try to kill a low-level Saint. That was his plan.

But as Lin Feng got closer to the Leng Clan, he didn’t feel safe. The sensation was becoming more and more intense.

That kind of feeling, it’s the intuition I get because of the Celestial Dao Destiny Technique. It could be dangerous, thought Lin Feng, frowning. He didn’t feel relaxed at all, and acted promptly. He took out a talisman and said, “Plan canceled. Disperse! ”

“We’re about to attack, how could we give up?” replied Mo Yu. At that moment, an attack descended from the sky and attacked the Leng Clan.

“Disperse, Jun Mo Xi, fellow disciple, Yan Qing, disperse!” said Lin Feng, contacting everyone personally. Lin Feng realized that the ground under his feet was golden. Lights surrounded his body. Those lights surrounded everybody li away, including the members of the Leng Clan.

What a powerful attack. The atmosphere is becoming chaotic. Only a high-level Saint could do that!, thought Lin Feng. He was petrified. He took out a deployment talisman and broke it. However, he didn’t disappear. The atmosphere around him was in chaos, he couldn’t control anything. Lin Feng pulled a long face… this deployment spell could constrict deployment talismans!

Mo Yu realized that, too. Mo Yu was stupefied. This time, they hadn’t destroyed the teleportation portal, the situation was extremely dangerous.

“Officer Qing Ye, we’re in the Leng Clan and we’re in danger. Help us!” Mo Yu sensed danger and immediately contacted Qing Ye. The Leng Clan’s teleportation portal kept flashing. Qi filled the air. Mo Yu saw strong cultivators moving towards them.

“Go!” shouted Mo Yu urgently. Jun Mo Xi, Hou Qing Lin, and Qing Lin dispersed.

“Come here!” A dazzling light streaked across the sky, it was Lin Feng, riding a Saint’s Weapon.

Mo Yu was stupefied and said, “Moron! Who told you to show yourself!”

Lin Feng smiled at the angry Mo Yu and said, “You’re the moron, I told you I’d protect you.”

He shot towards Hou Qing Lin and said, “Come here!”

Hou Qing Lin, Jun Mo Xi, and Yan Qing weren’t very strong. If they stayed alone, they would be in danger, especially if they couldn’t use deployment talismans. They wouldn’t be able to escape!



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