PMG Chapter 474: Sword Intent!

Chapter 474: Sword Intent!


“Everybody, why the long faces! Being able to sit and drink together is rare. Let’s make new friends and be merry!” Said one of the ambassadors while smiling when he saw that the atmosphere was tense.


“I forgot to tell everyone my name, my name is Ruo Lan Shan.” Said the ambassador while raising his glass and then continued: “Being able to meet the eminent people from your two countries is an honour for me! Cheers!” 


Ruo Lan Shan raised his glass and everybody, out of respect, did the same. 


“On my left is an elder of the Cosmic Pavilion, his name is Yao Tian Shu, the one to my right is an outstanding young cultivator from the empire, his name is Jian Chen. You should speak with them and exchange your thoughts and ideas about cultivation.” 


Yao Tian Shu and Jian Chen slightly nodded at the people in the pavilion. 


“Alright, Wu Ya, you should bring the zither players and dancers back. It’s good to enjoy the arts.” Said Ruo Lan Shan while smiling. Duan Wu Ya slightly nodded and waved at some servants in the distance. A short moment after, another group of dancers arrived with another woman to play the zither.


Unfortunately, many people didn’t feel like enjoying the show. At that moment, every person from Xue Yue and Tian Feng looked tense. 


Yun Fei Yang grabbed his glass and walked towards where Lin Feng was seated. He then raised his glass in front of Lin Feng without saying anything, he just continued smiling. 


“Last time, I forgot to say thanks. Let’s drink together.” Said Lin Feng respectfully. He then immediately downed his glass. Yun Fei Yang smiled and did the same.


“It’s nothing, don’t mention it. You have offended quite a lot of people and must have things to do so I won’t waste your time.” Said Yun Fei Yang while laughing and then went back to his seat.


Yun Fei Yang had just started walking away when Feng Chen arrived by Lin Feng’s side, he passed by Yun Fei Yang but didn’t say a word. 


“Today, I am able to see a genius whose talent is extremely rare. You killed my seventh envoy, congratulations.” Said Feng Chen while smiling towards Lin Feng. He was saying nice things but in reality, his words were empty. He wasn’t showing his real face, he was actually furious on the inside. He was very good at hiding his emotions which made Lin Feng sigh with exasperation. People who were born into nobility with a silver spoon in their mouths were extremely exhausting to understand. 


Feng Chen actually wanted to kill Lin Feng, but he hid it behind a gentle smile, which made Lin Feng look at him with new eyes.


“The seventh envoy was foul, his mouth only spewed shit. That kind of person is a humiliation for you and your country, fortunately, I killed him so your country doesn’t need to worry about him losing your face.” Said Lin Feng while smiling as if he had done him a favour by killing the seventh envoy.


“Oh, we should be grateful to you then?” Said the third and fifth envoys while walking towards him. Their voices were cold. Besides, they released a faintly discernible deadly energy which pricked at the skin. 


When Lin Feng sensed the energies against his body, he smiled coldly and also released some deadly energy which pierced back towards them. 


“Kacha, Kacha!”.


The glasses of the third and fifth envoys broke in their hands and the alcohol splashed all over them. They slightly closed their eyes when their glasses broke, as alcohol splashed over their faces.


They were shocked and remained motionless, like statues. At the same time, they stretched their hands up and wiped the alcohol from their faces and then glared at Lin Feng. 


“Drink! Why be so serious? The glasses couldn’t handle our immense power.” Said the third envoy. The crowd looked at them, it seemed like their glasses were broken because they gripped with too much power. However, they released an oppressive energy which targeted Lin Feng and he counterattacked, which was why the glasses broke, they were actually surprised Lin Feng targeted their glasses. 


“Lin Feng doesn’t even intend on being polite.” They thought.


Lin Feng had immediately shattered their glasses and made them lose face, they were covered in alcohol, like a drunkard. He was too aggressive. The third and fifth envoys hadn’t thought Lin Feng would be so aggressive.


Of course, they had provoked Lin Feng first. Lin Feng wasn’t being arrogant, he was only responding to their provocation. He wasn’t going to let such detestable people bully him. Those two had secretly released their energy which attacked him, which was clear provocation. Besides, his counter was brilliant! 


“The alcohol is quite strong…” Said the third envoy while licking his lips. His voice was husky. His face revealed a furious expression, he couldn’t hide his emotions well. Lin Feng had thoroughly humiliated him. 


The fifth envoy was fixedly staring at Lin Feng while releasing his Qi. 


“Haha” Duan Tian Lang walked over to Lin Feng, the third and the fifth envoy, and raised his glass. He then said while smiling: “Don’t be offended. The seventh and fifth envoys have been offended by Lin Feng killing the seventh, but Lin Feng cares about the princess, he needed to defend her honour. I hope that you can understand.” 


“Besides, Lin Feng killed the seventh envoy because his actions were rude and he humiliated the princess. If someone stronger than Lin Feng humiliated the princess, he would act the same way and attack them, that’s his temperament.”


When Lin Feng heard Duan Tian Lang speaking as if they were friends, he looked at him in an ice-cold way. 


“Since when are we friends?” Said Lin Feng indifferently. He then added: “Get lost!”


No one knew what to do, Lin Feng was not being courteous at all! 


Duan Tian Lang didn’t seem to care. His son was killed by Lin Feng, so losing face didn’t matter to him anymore. He had only one goal left; to kill Lin Feng at any cost.


“What a vicious and sly person.” Thought Lin Feng. He was fixedly staring at Duan Tian Lang.


Duan Tian Lang was just smiling naturally as if there was no enmity between them as he moved away. However, he had already said what he wanted and the third and fifth envoys had perfectly understood his meaning. 


Everything would come back to the princess.


If someone offended the princess, even if that person was much stronger than Lin Feng, Lin Feng would fight them. 


The third and fifth envoys smiled and moved back to their seats. Feng Chen then moved over to Duan Tian Lang and they started talking like they were old friends, which was extremely strange.


At that moment, another two people were walking towards Lin Feng which surprised him. One of them was Lan Jiao, the other one was surprisingly Jian Chen, the young man from the Dragon Mountain Empire. 


“You first.” Said Jian Chen to Lan Jiao politely. 


Lan Jiao was lacking in manners so she just moved in front of him without a word. She then raised her glass and said to Lin Feng: “You’re quite fast, one on the left, one on the right, you kiss one, you embrace the other.” 


Lin Feng was stupefied and then smiled wryly. Why was she saying such things? 


Jian Chen was stupefied as well. It seemed like Lan Jiao and Lin Feng knew each other. Besides, her words were a bit strange.


Lin Feng had two people by his side… That meant that apart from apart Duan Xin Ye, he had another woman? In that case, Lin Feng was probably very lucky with women. Besides, when Duan Xin Ye heard those words, she didn’t look surprised.


Lin Feng and Lan Jiao raised their glasses together but Lan Jiao didn’t drink, she smiled and said: “That toast was not for you.”


She then looked at Duan Xin Ye, nodded and said: “Princess, Your Highness, that guy is very lucky to have your heart.” 


“I am the one who’s lucky.” Replied Duan Xin Ye in a soft and gentle tone. She then toasted with Lan Jiao and took a sip from the glass. She saw that Lan Jiao looked a bit strange, she looked jealous.


Lan Jiao nodded at Duan Xin Ye and looked at Lin Feng again: “I wish you the best.”


Then, she turned and went back to her seat. After Lan Jiao left, Jian Chen sat down next to Lin Feng. He then said: “You’re also a sword cultivator?”


“No I’m not. I don’t have a sword spirit and I don’t practice sword cultivation, I only know a bit about swords, that’s all.” Said Lin Feng modestly. 


Jian Chen shook his head and said: “Your sword skills already contain sword intent… If you are not a sword cultivator, then who is?” 


“Intent?” Lin Feng was surprised. Even though he had already heard about sword intent, he didn’t really know what that meant. 


“Indeed, sword intent means that a sword seems to have a life of its own.” Said Jian Chen while nodding. He was very interested in Lin Feng. Lin Feng had only broken through to the third Xuan Qi layer but already had sword intent. It was clear to him that by relying on sword intent, Lin Feng could easily compete with cultivators of the fifth Xuan Qi layer. 

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