PMG Last Week’s Chapters

Translator: Workaholic
Edited by: Odd Man Out
5/5 of last week’s!

NotSane has decided to bring back the donation system, the Patreon is absolutely still encouraged! NotSane promises to get sponsored chapters out each Saturday, but would like to remind anyone who does sponsor that she has to wait for paypal to confirm your donation before postings. So, patience is appreciated! (Sponsored chapters will add to the max of the week and all Patreon levels will receive their respective extra chapter(s) on Saturday as well)
Sorry for no chapters last week, I’ve attached all 5 here! I’ll be adding the next/previous links as well. Seeing how I’m posting the chapters for this week and next, expect them to come out regularly and on time again!

If you would like to see more weekly chapters or would enjoy early access to new chapters, please support us on Patreon.

Chapter 772
Chapter 773

Chapter 774
Chapter 775
Chapter 776
Chapter 777


  1. Phantom   •  

    Nice surprise and thanks for the hard work!

  2. Lewis Wallace-Ryan   •  

    is there no 772?

    • OddManOut   •     Author

      Y’all can’t handle 772!

  3. José   •  

    Thanks ??

  4. kenken   •  

    Thnx for the chaps

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